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Frozen Deutschland

November 18, 2021 A “perfect storm of Russian aggression during the coming winter months” is all but inevitable. Watch it on your screens while you properly freeze. By Pepe Escobar and extensively cross-posted As much as with “brain dead” NATO (copyright Emmanuel Macron) no one ever lost precious assets betting on the incompetence, narrow-mindedness and […]

Pure EVIL: FDA Purchased Baby Heads and Body Parts, Demanded “Fresh and Never Frozen”

China has been condemned for harvesting organs for profit. But it turns out that Beijing has nothing on our federal government, as records reveal that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was purchasing babies’ heads and other body parts for its “humanized mice” project. The gory details are found in hundreds of pages of records […]

Africa’s Uprising Is Frozen, Its Cry Swollen With Hope

Above Photo: Bertina Lopes (Mozambique), Dimensão (‘Dimension’), 1972. On 26 August, two deadly attacks on the perimeter of Kabul’s international airport killed over a hundred people, including a dozen US soldiers. The bombings struck people desperate to enter the airport and flee Afghanistan. Not long afterwards, the Islamic State of Khorasan (IS-K) took credit for […]

Iran’s frozen money in Seoul to pay off Korean exports: ambassador

TEHRAN – South Korea’s new Ambassador to Tehran Yun Kang-hyeon has said Iran’s frozen oil money in his country will be used to pay off Korean companies that had previously exported basic commodities to Iran. Speaking in a meeting with the Head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture Masoud Khansari, Yun noted […]

U.S. waivers Iranian oil trade, allowing access to frozen assets in S.Korea, Japan

U.S. waivers Iranian oil trade, allowing access to frozen assets in S.Korea, Japan – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – The U.S. State Department has waived sanctions on Iran’s oil trade allowing the Islamic republic to access its frozen funds in South Korea and Japan to use them for importing goods from the mentioned countries, the Washington Free […]

MEPs set to call for EU’s investment deal with China to be frozen

MEPs are expected to vote on Thursday for the EU’s controversial investment deal with China to be formally frozen. It was hoped the agreement — seven years in the making — would open up the Chinese market to European countries. But the deal, agreed in principle last December, has yet to receive the necessary endorsement […]

Continuing the Story of the Hijacked Tanker and Frozen Funds

In early 2021, we wrote about the Iranian seizure of a South Korean tanker and how this precedent actually demonstrates a number of unresolved problems, most notably the problem of Iranian assets in South Korean banks intended to pay for Iranian crude oil imports and frozen because of US sanctions. Recall:  Iran has repeatedly urged Seoul […]

S. Korea to release $1b of Iran’s frozen assets soon

TEHRAN – Head of Iran-South Korea Joint Chamber of Commerce has said that $1 billion of Iran’s frozen funds in South Korea will soon be transferred to an Iran-Switzerland financial channel to be paid for foodstuff, medicine, and medical equipment. According to Hossein Tanhaei, the medicine items that are set to be imported into the […]

‘At least $1bn’ of Iran’s frozen assets to be released by South Korea after Tehran meets with Seoul

Iran’s Central Bank says the country expects to receive at least $1 billion dollars of frozen Iranian assets being held by South Korea in accordance with US sanctions on Tehran, after Seoul agreed to release some of the funds. “In the meeting with the South Korean envoy, we stressed how Iran could use its resources,” […]

Iran, South Korea close to unlocking frozen assets

TEHRAN – After months of a bitter dispute over Iranian assets frozen in South Korean banks due to the United States sanctions, Tehran and Seoul seem to be inching towards an agreement on unblocking the assets. Iran has announced that it reached a deal with South Korea on how to release its assets blocked in […]

Surreal photos from Texas’ sub-zero weather: A frozen fish tank and icicles on a ceiling fan

A winter storm brought record breaking temperatures to Texas this week, with Sunday seeing thermometers drop to lows of 0F (-18C). As many as three million Texans were still without power or heating on Wednesday, due to the continued surge in demand — and ongoing power outages. Temperatures have not been so low in Texas […]

Rolling black outs across Texas – outages due to frozen wind turbines and solar panels

Sunday evening, Monday morning and Tuesday morning, rolling blackouts are likely to occur across the state of Texas. Should it happen, it could last an hour and could occur multiple times. Over the next few days, freezing temperatures across Texas are expected to create record-breaking electricity demand so energy companies are expecting folks to use […]

Iran discusses ways for using its frozen assets with Iraq

TEHRAN – The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Abdolnaser Hemmati met with the Chairman of Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) Salem Chalabi on Wednesday to discuss ways for using the country’s assets in the mentioned country. Iranian and Iraqi banking officials have repeatedly consulted in recent months on releasing Iranian assets in […]

Russians submerge in frozen waters to mark Epiphany

Many Russians plunge into ice-cold water to mark Epiphany every year and President Vladimir Putin is no exception, stepping out to complete the ritual on Tuesday. The ice-cold bathing ritual commemorates Christ’s baptism in the River Jordan on 19 January in accordance with the Russian Orthodox Church calendar. The temperature in Moscow had dropped to […]

Tehran in talks with Seoul over using frozen money to buy COVID-19 vaccines: Korean official

TEHRAN — Seoul and Tehran have been in talks over the use of Iran’s frozen money in South Korea under U.S. sanctions to purchase COVID-19 vaccines from a global procurement mechanism, a South Korean Foreign Ministry official said on Tuesday. According to Yonhap news agency, the official said the U.S. has given the green light […]

China ramps up testing frozen imports after finding COVID-19 on packaging

China has ramped up testing of frozen foods after saying it has repeatedly discovered the coronavirus on imported products and their packaging, triggering mass scale testing of food and related personnel, suspension of certain imports and disruptions to trade flows.China, which has suspended imports from 99 suppliers in 20 countries, argues these measures are needed […]

What a Frozen Alpine Goat Can Teach Us About Famous Ice Mummies

DNA is especially important now in understanding our ancestors and the past. However, there is a problem in that it can often be difficult to analyze and preserve. The discovery of a mummified chamois, a goat like animal that is indigenous to mountainous areas of Europe, is now helping experts to evaluate DNA without damaging […]

Skeleton Lake: Ancient Remains Frozen in Time in the Himalayas

Imagine a frozen lake which, upon melting each year, reveals the unnerving sight of the remains of more than 300 people. A small lake known as Roopkund Lake sits high in the Indian Himalayas, more than 16,000 feet (4,900 meters) above sea level. Covered in ice and surrounded by rocky glaciers, the lake appears to […]

These Six Banks Have Frozen $4.6 Billion Belonging To Venezuelans

Above photo: Charging Bull by Arturo Di Modica: “Wall Street icon” the symbol of aggressive financial optimism. Flickr/Sam Valadi. The looting, theft and hijacking of resources from Venezuela has been of great magnitude, six banks withhold under the excuse of US sanctions, around 4.6 billion dollars much needed by and belonging to the Venezuelans, currently […]

Why has the UN frozen their New World Order, ‘Happytalism’ website?

We posted this article in May after this website was launched (it’s had 43K shares) many thinking it was a hoax but no they were for real – Spiro Skouras researched this one, his links are in the article: “So now we have the UNITED NATIONS literally announcing right in PLAIN SIGHT, that they are […]

FROZEN: U.S. Funding for Terrorist-Linked White Helmets ‘Under Review’

A NARRATIVE IN TATTERS: Propaganda poster for the White Helmets, the Free Syrian Police and Aleppo Councils (Photo: Patrick Henningsen, May 2017, East Aleppo, Syria) The White Helmets, who operate mainly in ‘rebel’ and terrorist-held areas inside Syria, are no longer receiving any U.S. funding and their status according to the State Department is now […]

Disney Created ‘Frozen’ To Hide Search Results About Walt Disney Freezing Himself

Internet sleuths have uncovered evidence that Disney produced Frozen in 2013 as a means of hiding search results that discussed Walt Disney cryogenically freezing himself. According to a recent AskReddit thread – Disney produced 2013’s Frozen in a desperate attempt to hide the fact that its founder, Walt Disney, had his entire body cryogenically frozen, so that […]

Animals are frozen solid as temperatures drop to -56 Celsius in Kazakhstan

     Animals have been frozen solid after temperatures dropped to minus 56C in Kazakhstan. Videos show both a hare and a dog frozen to death amid bitter conditions sweeping across the vast Central Asian nation. The hare was trapped while climbing through a fence before dying in the arctic conditions and its body had to […]

Humanity Unwinding, Frozen Iguanas & BLM Whistleblower on Bundy Case – Boiler Room EP #142

Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another LIVE broadcast of ‘The Boiler Room’ tonight 6:00 PM PST | 8:00 PM CST | 9:00 PM EST for this special broadcast. Join us for uncensored, uninterruptible talk radio, custom-made for bar fly philosophers, misguided moralists, masochists, street corner evangelists, media-maniacs, savants, political animals […]

It’s a match: Dietitian claims health benefits are the same for fresh fish vs. frozen

(Natural News) While it is a common belief that fresh fish is a better option compared to frozen fish, a recent study has determined that they both offer the same health benefits. Fresh fish only lasts two or three days after it is caught, but frozen fish “can last four to six months in the […]

VIDEO: Cops Shoot Innocent Unarmed Therapist With Hands Up for Trying to Help Autistic Boy

An unarmed therapist, who had his hands in the air as he lay on his back on the ground attempting to calm an autistic patient in distress, was shot in the leg by a trigger-happy cop. Police in North Miami, Florida, responded to an emergency 911 call of a man with a […]

Slovenia to reopen embassy in Iran

Iranian Ambassador to Ljubljana Morteza Darzi met with Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec. “Time is ripe to develop ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran further, and the most important step is to reopen Slovenian embassy in Tehran,” Karl Erjavec said in the meeting. He said that his country has decided to reopen his embassy […]

Crisis Actor’s Fake Injury Proves Dallas Cop Shooting is a Psyops and a Hoax

Crisis Actor’s Fake Injury Proves Dallas Cop Shooting is a Psyops and a Hoax Through the Zionist-controlled Black Lives Matters clique the nature of the Dallas shooting is categorically proven: that of nothing other than a crisis actor-orchestrated hoax. What an evil plot it is to heap such hoax actors upon the world, causing the […]

Prosecutor General bemoans lack of Int’l support for Iran’s war on drugs

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s Prosecutor General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri lamented lack of international support for the country’s costly campaign against narcotics trafficking. Addressing a ceremony in Tehran on Tuesday, Montazeri said that while sharing border with Afghanistan, the world’s biggest producer of narcotics, has inflicted enormous costs on Iran, the country has not received any […]

FIVB Volleyball World League: Iran loses to Brazil

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran opened the FIVB Volleyball World League 2016 with a 3-0 (25-19, 25-16, 28-26) lose against Brazil on Thursday. Brazil used a service storm over Iran in this match which was held at the Arena Carioca 1. Brazilians Lucas Saatkamp, with 17 points, and Ricardo Lucarelli, with 16, were the top scorers […]

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