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YouTube and England’s NHS join forces to tackle vaccine scepticism

England’s National Health Service (NHS) has joined forces with YouTube to launch a campaign to counteract vaccine hesitancy among younger generations. The UK has vaccinated more 36 million people (53% of population) with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to Our World in Data. The ‘Lets Not Go Back’ campaign aims to […]

Bank of England Considering Launching a Digital Currency

Britain’s Treasury and the Bank of England are weighing the potential creation of a central bank digital currency, reports Bloomberg. The government and central bank on Monday announced the creation of a task force to coordinate on the possibility of BOE-issued digital money for use by households and businesses.  If approved, the digital currency would “exist alongside […]

Richard II: The Tragic Life, Love and Death of the King of England

Taking the throne at the early age of ten, Richard II was a 14 th century King of England, whose life was shaped and manipulated by those surrounding him in their constant quest for power. Even his marriage to Anne of Bohemia was a political one. Although genuinely devoted to each other, the marriage forged […]

Catherine of Aragon: The Spanish Queen of England

Catherine of Aragon was the first wife of the infamous King Henry VIII. Known for her failure to produce a male heir, she was the mother of Mary, later Mary the Queen of Scots. Catherine would spend most of her life away from her family in Spain, only to be cruelly separated from her daughter […]

Prince Philip Who Lived Off Welfare Dies in England “I Want to Reincarnate as a Virus”

newsheadlinesPhilip: “I Want To Reincarnate As A Virus” A few months before the Queen’s German husband, Prince Philip, launched the World Wildlife Fund in 1961, he went on a tiger hunt with the Queen. A tiger was lured into range by tethered goats and shot dead by Philip who called himself a conservationist and environmentalist.On […]

Thousands Rally In England And Wales Over Police Legislation

LONDON (AP) — Hundreds of people marched Saturday through central London and other cities across England and Wales to protest the British government’s plan to hand the police new powers to tackle demonstrations. Protesters walked past Buckingham Palace towards Parliament Square, just outside the Houses of Parliament. A ring of officers positioned themselves around the […]

Extinction Rebellion Sprays Bank Of England With ‘Oil’

Above photo: Extinction Rebellion Sprays Bank of England with ‘oil.’ Protesters dressed as ‘Fossil Fools’ splattered the side of the Bank of England. City of London – Several people have been arrested as Extinction Rebellion’s ‘Fossil Fool’ protesters sprayed the Bank of England with fake oil to highlight the “societal collapse” the activist group say […]

Bombshell! Public Health England Admits it Cannot Scientifically Prove That COVID-19 is Contagious

At the start of this ‘pandemic’ I read about four separate experiments/ investigations carried out by the US Military during the Spanish Flu, all of which demonstrated that the Spanish Flu could not be passed from very sick to healthy persons, even by getting the healthy to drink the warm sputum of the sick. Image: […]

First Humans in New England May Have Met and Hunted Woolly Mammoths

Did humans and woolly mammoths share the same territory near the end of the last Ice Age in what is now the Northeastern United States? A  new study  from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, has given scientists reason to believe they might have, at least for a short time.  Dusting Off Woolly Mammoth Bone […]

The Age of the Giants in England

From Popular Romances of the West of Englandcollected and edited by Robert Hunt “Eald ents geweorcIdiu stodon.”–The Wanderer. Exeter Book. “The old works of giantsStood desolate.”–THOMAS WRIGHT. IN wandering over some of the uncultivated tracts which still maintain their wildness, austerely and sullenly, against the march of cultivation, we are certain of finding rude masses […]

ACH (1456) Paul English – The Limeys #7 – Welcome To England

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1456) Paul English – The Limeys #7 – Welcome To England Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share

British PM Boris Johnson to unveil England’s roadmap out of lockdown

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to lay out his roadmap for the easing of lockdown in England. Bars, restaurants, gyms, schools, hair salons and all non-essential shops were closed in England on January 5 as part of the country’s third lockdown to curb the spread of COVID infections. Johnson is to unveil his […]

Web search data and help from Israel mean England can catch COVID spikes early

An Israel-based epidemiologist has been helping English health officials to detect COVID-19 outbreaks some 17 days before they happen, by monitoring popular Google searches. The influential journal Nature Digital Medicine has revealed England’s success in getting advanced warnings on outbreaks using an algorithm that has been taught what terms people search for when they start […]

Yorkshire covered in snow as Storm Darcy hits England

The Yorkshire Dales in Northern England were covered in a thick layer of snow this week as Storm Darcy hit the UK. The storm brought snowfall and freezing temperatures to the eastern and southeastern parts of the country. The cold air is coming from Russia and eastern Europe. Snow and ice warnings are in effect […]

England’s Long Man Vandalized By Covid-19 Criminals

Police in England are hunting for two vandals who have wilfully defaced the historic English “long man” geo-glyph with a tasteless Covid-19 facemask. The “Long Man of Wilmington” is a giant chalk figure located on the slope of Windover Hill near Wilmington, East Sussex, in England. This scheduled and protected monument was designed to appear […]

Jews of England Arrested in ‘Coin-clipping’ Scandal

Jews of England Arrested in ‘Coin-clipping’ Scandal This Day in Jewish History | 1278: All Jews of England Arrested in ‘Coin-clipping’ Scandal Some 680 Jews detained in the Tower of London, with more than 300 subsequently executed, on suspicion of coin clipping. All Jews were eventually expelled from Britain in 1290. On November 17, 1278, […]

Anglo-Saxon Settlement And Cemetery Complex Excavated In England

A vast Anglo-Saxon settlement and cemetery complex has been discovered in England that is being called a “one of a kind” discovery. Not, however, because the site was found laden with gold and silver, but because the thousands of recovered artifacts speak of the day to day lives of people who have inhabited the region […]

Biblical Tradition Of Chalking The Door Reappears In England

The ancient Christian custom of “ chalking the door ” has Biblical origins, stemming from the Israelites tradition detailed in the Old Testament where they marked their doors with chalked symbols. Near the Epiphany feast, celebrating the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ, ancient Christians prayed for God’s blessing on their homes and they […]

Coronavirus: schools closed and exams scrapped as England enters third lockdown

“Online education can never be a substitute for face-to-face teaching,” according to Richard Bettsworth, from the Association of School and College Leaders. As England goes back into a nationwide lockdown that is set to last at least six weeks, he told Euronews that “schools and colleges are in a much better place now than they […]

England goes into new lockdown as COVID-19 variant rampages

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday ordered England into a new national lockdown to contain a surge in COVID-19 cases that threatens to overwhelm parts of the health system before a vaccine program reaches a critical mass.The announcement came just hours after the government hailed Britain’s success in becoming the first country to begin […]

Metal Detectorist Discovers Ultra-Rare Chinese Coin in England

An English metal detectorist hunting for treasure in Hampshire recently unearthed something rare and startling. While scouring a field near the bucolic village of Buriton, where medieval artifacts have been found in the past, the detectorist dug up a small round object decorated with Chinese figures on one side. After careful analysis, experts were able […]

Coronavirus: Demands for school closures in England as UK cases hit new record

The UK government was facing growing calls on Saturday to keep all schools in England closed for at least two weeks as a result of surging coronavirus cases following another sudden reversal of policy. The government, which oversees schools in England, has already decided to keep all schools in London closed next week to try […]

Christmas Rules Tightened In England As New Lockdown Introduced

Boris Johnson has announced strict coronavirus restrictions for England over Christmas, with London, the South-East and East also placed under a new tier 4. It comes amid fears a new variant of COVID-19 is spreading more rapidly across parts of the country. Speaking at a Downing Street press conference on Saturday, the prime minister said the variant […]

Boris Johnson To Hold Press Conference As Third England Lockdown Looms

Boris Johnson and top scientific advisers will hold a Downing Street press conference at 4pm on Saturday amid reports he will announce new stricter rules for Christmas in England. The prime minister is speaking to Cabinet ministers after the alarm was raised over a sharp spike in Covid infections, particularly in London and the south […]

Boris Johnson Refuses To Rule Out Third National Lockdown In England

Boris Johnson has refused to rule out imposing a third national lockdown on England in the new year, saying the reality is infections rates are rising. Northern Ireland will enter a tough six week lockdown beginning on Boxing Day in an attempt to suppress a surge in Covid-19 cases. Asked on Friday if England could […]

Tighter coronavirus restrictions for swathes of England as cases surge

Swathes of England have been moved into the strictest level of coronavirus restrictions as cases continue to surge in the UK. Health secretary Matt Hancock said cases in the south-east were up 46% in the last week, while in the east they were up by around 66%, with hospital admissions up by a half. Areas […]

England’s Jewish coronavirus death toll reaches seven-month high record

The Jewish death rate in England due to the coronavirus pandemic hit a seven-month-high, according to the latest figures collated by the Board of Deputies. Some 20 new deaths caused by COVID-19 among England’s Jewish community were reported last week, the first time this figure has been in double digits since May, Jewish News reported. […]

England Begins Mass Covid-19 Vaccination Genocide Program | FDA announces side effects including Death | Media ignores two deaths caused by Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine | FDA Approves anyway |Do Not Get The Suicide Shot!

December 09, 2020 Ethan Huff (Natural News) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that at least two people died after getting vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). And as to be expected, the American mainstream media is completely ignoring the inconvenient news and refusing to report on it. It took The Jerusalem Post from halfway around the world to […]

London’s National Gallery reopens its doors to the public as England’s lockdown is lifted

Cultural venues in England were able to finally reopen their doors after the country exited a month-long lockdown on Wednesday. Most of the country remains under restrictions as a new regional tiered system for cutting coronavirus infection rates kicked in. The four-week lockdown, which began in November, was imposed to stop surging rates of infection, […]

Coronavirus: 2.5 million of most vulnerable people in England to be sent vitamin D pills

Almost three million vulnerable people, including the sick and elderly, in England are to be given free vitamin D pills as part of the country’s efforts to combat COVID-19 this winter. The vitamin helps regulate nutrients that are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. While the body creates vitamin D from direct sunlight […]

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