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Brought To You By Pfizer- Sheffield United’s Killer Jabbed Maddy Cusack Dies “Suddenly & Unexpectedly”

‘Police not treating tragic Killer Jab death of Sheffield United’s Maddy Cusack as suspicious’ Police have confirmed that they are not treating the death of Sheffield United midfielder Maddy Cusack as suspicious. The club announced last week that the 27-year-old had tragically passed away. Cusack was the first player to reach 100 appearances for the […]

1998 Athlete Cardiac Arrests or Serious Issues, 1396 of Them Dead, Since Killer Jab

It is definitely not normal for so many mainly young athletes to suffer from cardiac arrests or to die while playing their sport, but this year it is happening. Many of these heart issues and deaths come shortly after they got a COVID vaccine. While it is possible this can happen to people who did […]

Serial Killer Billy Chemirmir ‘Killed by Cellmate’ in Texas Prison

Convicted murderer Billy Chemirmir, an illegal alien from Kenya suspected of being one of the most prolific serial killers in American history, was reportedly killed in prison on Tuesday morning by his cellmate. From WFAA, “Convicted North Texas killer Billy Chemirmir killed in prison, officials say”: Convicted North Texas killer Billy Chemirmir, who was suspected in […]

Escaped killer caught on camera in Pennsylvania, with new look: police

Danelo Cavalcante, a convicted murderer who escaped jail a week and a half ago, was spotted Saturday night donning a new appearance, state police said Sunday morning.  Pennsylvania State Police released new photos of Cavalcante, 34, taken Saturday night near Phoenixville in northern Chester County, and they described his new appearance as clean shaven, wearing a “yellow… […]

In U.S.-China AI contest, the race is on to deploy killer robots


The Serial Killer Hiding in Plain Sight

DOWNEY, Calif — For months, Toby watched the apartment complex in this quiet, working class Los Angeles suburb every chance he got. He came on his lunch break, after work, on the weekends between his daughter’s playdates. He could tell you the best place to park—by Jimmy's Burgers around the corner—and the nearest liquor store. […]

Illegal Alien Rapist-Killer of 11-Year-Old Girl Had Help Traveling into the Country: Biden Airlines

#MariaGonzalez Reporting that his former roommates speculated that he must have had “some help” to get to Louisiana after allegedly killing Maria Gonzalez because he did not own a vehicle, KHOU-11 reporter Mia Gradney in a “New Details Revealed” segment on the rape and murder of 11-year-old does not mention other “help” the suspect had. […]

McCarthy RINO GOP Silent After Biden Flew Alleged Rapist and Killer of 11-Year-Old Girl Into Interior of US

Public viewing service for Maria will be held on Wednesday, August 23. #MariaGonzalez The alleged rapist and killer of an 11-year-old girl in a suburb of Houston, who was captured in Louisiana over the weekend, is a beneficiary of Joe Biden’s “catch and release” open border policy, which releases illegal border crossers into the US […]

Whistling Past The Graveyards Full Of Killer Jabbed Dead

Read an article this morning which gave the facts of huge increases in deaths all over the world since 2021, but just can not seem to to stop whistling past the graveyards full of killer jabbed dead. “The actuarial reports can only speculate on the factors causing these deaths, including oft-cited delayed health care, drug […]

Trans Baby Killer To Receive Taxpayer-Funded Breast Implants At California Women’s Prison

A man who was convicted of beating two of his own young children to death is waiting to receive breast augmentation surgery because he now claims to be transgender. Jessica Marie Hann, born Jason Michael […] The post Trans Baby Killer To Receive Taxpayer-Funded Breast Implants At California Women’s Prison appeared first on The People's […]


Singer Tori Kelly is currently hospitalized and getting treatment for blood clots around her vital organs, with one source telling us the situation is “really serious.” Sources close to the Grammy-winning singer tell us she was at dinner in downtown L.A. Sunday night with friends when her heart started beating really fast. We’re told Tori […]

RFK Jr. Who Made Everyone Get Killer Jabbed To Attend A Birthday Party At His House & Loves IsraHell Holocausting Semitic Palestinians Blasts Public Health Agencies For Endorsing Mass Lockdowns

The HYPOCRITE political Whore who was supposably fighting mandatory killer jabs, blamed making everyone get Killer Jabbed to come to his house on his wife being the boss of their union. That’s what Americans really need for a president, a pussy who’s wife has a bigger set of balls than him. As for as sucking […]

KILLER JABBED 17-year-old Long Island high school football player Robert Bush on life support after collapsing on field: ‘Dealing with the end’-AS OF YET NO USA or New York POLITICIAN OR “HEALTH EXPERT” HAS BEEN ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH HIS MURDER

A high school football player from Long Island is on life support after reportedly collapsing during conditioning drills at Newfield High School earlier this week. Robert Bush, 17, of Selden, had only been on the field for about four minutes before he bent over, then passed out due to a “cardiac event” at about 5 […]

Ted Kaczynski Was a MKULTRA: Manufactured Killer Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Required For Assassination

Just a few blocks east of Harvard sits an unassuming three-story Victorian apartment house that to the casual observer is nothing of note. But in 1958, No. 8 Prescott Street’s most notorious tenant moved into a gloomy single room dormitory on the first floor. His name was Theodore ‘Ted’ Kaczynski, a  brilliant but timid 16-year-old math […]

Israel acquitted Eyad al-Hallaq’s killer. Then Ben-Gvir called his mom a terrorist.

An Israeli court has acquitted the Israeli border police officer that killed a Palestinian autistic man, three years after the shooting that caused international outrage.  The Jerusalem District court ruled on Thursday that the officer, who was initially charged with reckless manslaughter, acted in “self-defense” when he shot and killed 32-year-old Eyad al-Hallaq.  Al-Hallaq was […]

TV Doctor Who Was A Killer Jab Pimp “Vaccination Expert” Dr. Alfredo Victoria Dies Suddenly (CODE FOR THE KILLER JAB GOT HIS ASS) at 42

A popular Mexican TV doctor who regularly appeared on “Mexico Today” as a “vaccination expert” TO PIMP THE mRNA KILLER JABS alleged to be a “vaccine” for a non existent virus died suddenly from a myocardial infarction, according to reports. Dr. Alfredo Victoria Moreno was only 42 years old when he died in his sleep […]


The proof is now coming out the whole Scamdemic was a huge lie and scam to force humans to have death injected into them “in defense from” a non existent virus. 216 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever No Worries No Virus The […]

CANADIAN Political COMMIE “Apologizes” To the Un-KILLER JABBED – ‘You Were Right, We Were Wrong’-NOW YOU NEED TO HANG ME FOR MASS MURDER

Danielle Smith, the premier of Alberta, Canada, is the first major elected politician in the world to issue a “heartfelt” apology to the un-KILLER JABBED for a Killer Jab based on faked fear of a Non-Existant “virus” which has HOLOCAUSTED millions, for her crimes perpetrated against their human rights by the government and violating the […]

The Killer Jabs Were Meant To Kill You-There Is Not Now & Has Never Been A “Covid-19” Illness

216 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever No Worries No Virus No Worries No Virus How the Flu “disappeared” during the Covid era Now all that is left to do is Convene Nuremberg Common Law Tribunals, give all the Killer Jabbers Fair Trials […]

Cancer DeMystified: The Untold Perspective About the #2 Killer in the World

Originally Published on DailyClout “The current paradigm or current narrative [around cancer] is designed to make money because these drugs are really expensive. And oncologists actually are paid to give cancer drugs, so it’s a big industry. So, there’s no interest of oncologists to actually practice good medicine. It’s not in their financial interest to […]

People ‘Up To Date’ With COVID-19 Vaccines More Likely To Be Infected: Study – OR!!!!-The F##king Killer Jab IS the Disease You MSM/”government”/ medical “expert” Believing Dumb ASS

216 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever Source

Killer known as the Unabomber dies in prison at 81

Harvard-educated Ted Kaczynski, who ran a 17-year bombing campaign that terrorised the United States, has died aged 81. Source


THE SHEEPLE COMMITTED SUICIDE IN MASS The Sheeple committed suicide in mass-Bleating frantically to be injected in their sheep’s ass- The herd shook in fear of an imaginary foe-So that straight through the slaughterhouse door they did go- They delivered their lambs up for the slaughter to save themselves-Believing in a mythical “virus” same as […]

Killer Jabbed BA stewardess collapses during flight from Heathrow to Romania, forcing plane to divert for ‘medical emergency’

“-‘She was quite a young woman and was clearly very unwell and a medical emergency was declared. —— The airline has declined to reveal the identity of the sick woman as well as what caused her to collapse.-” You will never be able to bring to justice (hang the asses) of the killer jabbers until […]

Elizabeth Bathory: Was the ‘Blood Countess’ Serial Killer Misjudged?

Countess Elizabeth Báthory, noted as a prolific serial killer in the Guinness Book of Records, allegedly tortured and killed 80-650 young women between 1585-1610 AD. Read more Section:  News History Famous People Read Later  Source

Spotlight Again on World’s Most Widely Used Weed Killer, Defended as Always by the Chemical Companies

Clean Green NZ of course loves glyphosate. A well used Ag text book called Pasture Doctor advocates spraying the fields which stock will graze on. Try and tell NZ farmers it’s a likely carcinogen (as close as the authorities will get to describing it as dangerous) … they don’t want to know. Read our Glyphosate […]


USA whore lying to Americans to “justify” the war crime invasion of Iraq. It has all proved to be lies, and the American sheep love their lambs were slaughtered and holocausted Iraqi children based on lies. How many articles with scientific proof of mass murder via syringes loaded with a death dart which is not […]

Jerry Springer dies From Killer Jab Induced Cancer, No One Wants To Talk About That

Jerry Springer dies after months-long battle with pancreatic cancer. Springer was diagnosed with Killer Jabbed Induced cancer earlier in the year but ‘took a turn for the worse’ in the past week. Well, Springer ran a low moral show or low intelligence sheep and nothing he did in his life made this a better world, […]

Autistic Child In UK Holocausted With Killer Jab-“Journalist” Write Very Long Article Trying To Dance Around That Fact

‘Her death is being treated as unexplained but not suspicious and a file is being prepared for the coroner.’ “Unexplained but not suspicious” is the new code for we Holocausted their ass with the Killer Jab. The Ole Dog! Autistic Child In UK Holocausted With Killer Jab-“Journalist” Write Very Long Article Trying To Dance Around […]

KILLER JAB Injury Payouts Show the “Government” Won’t Protect You – Here is How You Can Protect Yourself


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