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WATCH! Escaped circus lion roams around Italian town before capture


Spanish Right-Wing Politician Shot In Face In Madrid, Shooter Escaped On Motorbike

Police said he was shot around 1:30 p.m. local time and was conscious when taken to a hospital. Source

Escaped killer caught on camera in Pennsylvania, with new look: police

Danelo Cavalcante, a convicted murderer who escaped jail a week and a half ago, was spotted Saturday night donning a new appearance, state police said Sunday morning.  Pennsylvania State Police released new photos of Cavalcante, 34, taken Saturday night near Phoenixville in northern Chester County, and they described his new appearance as clean shaven, wearing a “yellow… […]

ME FIRST!!! Ted Cruz Who Escaped to Sunny Cancun While Texican Children Froze to Death, Who’s Wife Is Pro Over Run Western World With 3ed World Illegal Invasion Terrorist, Blasts Fellow Political Whore Biden For Bailouts Of Corrupt Banks

ME FIRST ted Cruz who ran to sunny Cancun like the coward he is from the Killer Freeze in Texas a couple of years back AS THE Occupied Republic of Texas ship the TEXAS GOES DOWN, SCALAWAG SHIP’S OFFICER CRUZ TAKES THE FIRST LIFEBOAT FOR HIMSELF,HIS LUGGAGE AND PLENTY OF BLANKETS TO KEEP HIS CHAMPAGNE […]

Tempi train collision: “I’m ashamed to be alive,” says 19-year-old who escaped the dining carriage

A 19-year-old physiotherapy student who was traveling with her boyfriend on Intercity 62, the passenger train involved in the Tempi train collision, is evidently suffering. In an interview, she said, among other things, “I’m ashamed to be alive” and “I’m sorry I survived.” Vasiliki was in the restaurant carriage, the second carriage of the train… […]

The First Recorded Incident of an Escaped Slave

Today, slavery is seen as one of the worst atrocities mankind has ever committed, but once slavery was seen as just another part of everyday life. The Hellenistic world of ancient Greece was no stranger to slavery. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Africa History Famous People Read Later  Source

Lessons learned from the escaped Palestinian political prisoners

What are the lessons we, Palestinians, have learned from the successful prison break carried out by six political prisoners earlier this month? This prison break brought Israel’s “mythical” security system to its knees. All Palestinians, whether those living in the 1967 occupied areas, or Israel’s third-class citizens, or refugees living in miserable refugee camps and […]

Israeli forces capture last 2 escaped Palestinian prisoners in Jenin

Israeli forces have recaptured the last two escaped Palestinian prisoners following last week’s jailbreak from a high-security prison, Israeli police said on Saturday, reports Anadolu Agency. In a statement, the police said that the two Palestinians Iham Kamamji and Monadel Infiat were captured in the city of Jenin. Israel’s inevitable failure: how a old rusty […]

Unbelievable Photo Shows Hundreds Of Afghans Escaped Taliban Aboard U.S. C-17s

In the wake of Joe Biden being awoken from his slumber and forced to defend the complete lack of any plan to withdraw Americans from Afghanistan, one former CIA veteran says he was appalled by the lies that came out of Biden’s mouth, adding that “plan after plan” was sent to the government but “no […]

Who Said It: Joe Biden Or This Crazy Escaped Asylum Patient We Met Behind A 7-Eleven?

Who Said It: Joe Biden Or This Crazy Escaped Asylum Patient We Met Behind A 7-Eleven? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell a quote from the person who said it! This is especially true of Joe Biden, the most popular president of all time, whose presidential quotes are often mistaken for the ramblings of […]

‘You Just Don’t Understand Socialism Like I Do,’ Says College Freshman To Man Who Escaped Socialism On A Raft

‘You Just Don’t Understand Socialism Like I Do,’ Says College Freshman To Man Who Escaped Socialism On A Raft MIAMI, FL—While on his way to a summer sociology course at the University of Miami, local college freshman Eddard Pollyton noticed a Cuban American man sitting on a bench. He took the time to lecture the man, who […]

Man Bitten By Neighbor’s Escaped Python In Toilet In Austria

BERLIN (AP) — A man in Austria was bitten by a 1.6-meter (5 1/4-foot) python during an early-morning visit to the toilet at his home on Monday, police said. The reptile, which apparently escaped from a neighbor’s apartment and may have slithered through the drains, was cleaned and handed back to its owner. The 65-year-old […]

3 Leopards Escaped A Chinese Zoo. The Zoo Didn’t Tell Anyone For Weeks.

Officials at a safari park in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou have apologized after three leopards escaped late last month and no one notified the public. According to a statement by Hangzhou’s vice mayor, translated to English by NBC News, the leopards escaped on April 19. The zoo kept news of their disappearance quiet, […]

Former CDC Director Tells CNN Coronavirus Likely Escaped From Wuhan Lab

More than 2 weeks after the media predicted catastrophe due to Texas lifting its mask mandate and Joe Biden labeled the move “neanderthal thinking,” COVID cases in Texas have dropped to a record low while hospitalizations are at their lowest since October. Oh. Earlier this month, Texas governor Greg Abbott announced an end to mask […]

WHO Dismisses Theory That Virus Escaped From Lab As ‘Extremely Unlikely’

A group of World Health Organization researchers called the theory that the coronavirus pandemic is the result of a Chinese lab accident “extremely unlikely” following two weeks of fieldwork looking into the pandemic’s origins. That determination was made after “long, frank, open discussions with researchers and management” at the Wuhan Institute of Virology ― the lab […]

‘Very risky behavior’: Indonesian seaman who escaped South Korean quarantine through hole under fence gets suspended sentence

An Indonesian seaman who escaped from a South Korean Covid-19 quarantine center by digging a hole under a fence has received a suspended sentence after the judge said his behavior undermined the country’s coronavirus response. The unnamed 24-year-old man, who escaped from the center through a hole under a fence on his last day of […]

The Chess Master portraits that escaped the Holocaust

 The Netflix miniseries “Queen’s Gambit” inspired recollections of world-famous chess master portraits created roughly a century ago by my father, David Friedmann. It was exciting to hear some of the names he portrayed, including Capablanca, Bogoljubov, Grunfeld, Alekhine, and Réti. Chess, Art, Celebrity My father was a violinist and chess enthusiast. As a professional artist, […]

Report: North Korean Gymnast Escaped Country by Leaping over 10-Foot Fence

The South Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo reported on Tuesday that, according to a government source, the latest man to escape from North Korea was a professional gymnast and only managed to cross the highly guarded Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) by leaping over a ten-foot fence. North Korean refugees, typically referred to as “defectors” as the word more […]

Afro-Girl Shown Footage of Escaped Circus Monkeys

Racist nibba child gets called out. Sub my bitchute. Sub my Telegram. Help me out with some shekels.

Philly: Wild Escaped Sheboon Attacks White Woman in Church

Around sheboons, never relax, not even in church. These black animals continue to prove themselves to be the untermensch of the human race. This was completely random and unprovoked, anti-white racial aggression from a primitive black ape. The jew media has incited and normalized this kind of anti-white violence, and you’ll only see it get […]

Hitler Escaped to Argentina & Died Old Age

Hitler Escaped to Argentina & Died Old: Pictures of Him After the War, FBI Documents, DNA Analysis of Skull & Pictures of His House Conspiracy Daily Brian Hyland Jul 31, 2016 We all know who Hitler was and that our history books say that he died in 1945 in a suicide pact with his newlywed, […]

Big Cats That Escaped German Zoo Have Been Found

Drone discovers animals still inside zoo in flooded western town of Lunebach Two lions, two tigers and a jaguar that escaped from a German zoo on Friday afternoon have been found, local media reported. Residents have been warned to stay inside. — CBC News (@CBCNews) June 1, 2018 The animals escaped from a zoo […]

Radioactive isotopes of plutonium escaped demolition zone of bomb-making plant; workers test positive for exposure

(Natural News) News coverage regarding a recent Hanford incident wherein an extremely dangerous demolition job took place has been plentiful, but no workers that were on-site when it happened have come out to share any of their stories to the press. Until now, that is. For the first time, a Hanford worker […]

Florida School Shooting Survivor’s Father Escaped The Las Vegas Massacre

Mass shootings are depressingly familiar to the Freidkes family. Braden Freidkes, a freshman at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., cowered inside a classroom last week as a twisted teen gunman wielding an AR-15 assault rifle killed 17 people. Four months earlier, Braden’s father, John Freidkes, ran for his life along the Las Vegas […]

Syrian Commander: Thousands Of ISIS Terrorists Escaped Under Secret Pentagon Deal

A senior Syrian Commander has accused the US of allowing thousands of ISIS terrorists to escape Syria as part of a secret deal between the Pentagon and the Islamic State.  General Talal Silo, the former commander in the Syrian Democratic Forces told Reuters that the SDF took busloads of ISIS radicals out of Raqqa for […]

Ousted Caracas Mayor Ledezma escaped house arrest, arrived in Colombia

nsnbc : Antonio Ledezma, the ousted Caracas mayor, escaped from house arrest and fled from Venezuela to neighboring Colombia on Friday. Ledezma escaped despite […]


NAZIS ESCAPED TO SOUTH AMERICA WITH HELP FROM SWISS BANKSTERS & CATHOLICS & LIKELY INCLUDED HITLER! Rise of the Nazis on History Channel (see below) provides Key Events that show how and why South American countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Chile became safe havens for thousands of former Nazi party members and SS officers […]

Man Who Escaped Maximum Security Prison Using a Drone is Caught 😠😠😠😠😠😠

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 8, 2017 This is sad to me. I always root for the bad guy. Especially this bad guy – as he used a drone to escape! RT: A convicted kidnapper is back behind bars after escaping a maximum security prison using wire-cutters flown to him via drone, authorities […]

Medical Doctor Who Escaped Vietnam As A Child In The 1970s Explains Why He No Longer Vaccinates

The VAXXED film crew recently interviewed Dr. Anthony Phan in California. Dr. Phan escaped from Vietnam in the 1970s when he was 8 years old. He was separated from his parents and escaped on a fishing boat along with his 2 year old brother. Making it to the U.S. as a child refugee, Dr. Phan […]

Siblings who escaped ISIS in Mosul tortured to death by elite Iraqi army unit

     Successfully fleeing ISIS-held Mosul does not necessarily guarantee safety and an end to the misery for Iraqi civilians, especially for military-age males, according to a photographer who has witnessed and documented the brutal and sometimes deadly interrogation tactics of an elite unit. Excruciating sounds of pain piercing the walls of the elite Emergency Response […]

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