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Anyone Giving Support For Rothschild’s Holocaust of The Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of Biblical Judians in Illegally Occupied Palestine, is a Soul-less Demonically Possessed Virus Host Animal, Not Human

Zionist woman from NY discusses plans to build Jewish settlements in Gaza after Israeli occupation forces ethnically cleanse Palestinians from it, while she takes part in blocking humanitarian aid convoys from entering the starved population of Gaza… — Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis (@DrLoupis) March 24, 2024 This soul killing virus must be eradicated so […]

Please, do NOT send this video to anyone who has been vaxxed or given a nasal swab PCR test because……

…most of the vaccinated people could not handle this highly radioactive truth, if they truly believed it. Submitted by A Long Covid Coach & Vaccine Injury Consultant SOTN Exclusive There are very good reasons why the naked truth about the lethally weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’ has not made its way into Big Media quite yet. The […]

Rothschild’s Bit#h Sen. Cotton Demands of Murdergon Why Anyone Not Willing To Holocaust Little Innocent Children & Die For IsraHELL is Allowed Into US Military

Mossad Jeffery ran a blackmail operation for Israel in which he provided children to rape to US politicians,. filmed the rapes so US politicians could be blackmailed to commit treason against Americans for the benefit of the politicians Rothschild Masters “COTTON STATEMENT ON ISRAEL FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Caroline Tabler or James Arnold (202) 224-2353 […]

ANYONE Supporting the Rothschild’s Private Fiefdom in Illegally Occupied Palestine is Demonically Possessed, Therefore a Soul-less Animal

In 0740 AD a kingdom in the steppes of modern day Ukraine and Russia peopled by a Turkmen Mongolian mongrel mix called the Khazarians mass infected with the Zionist Zombie Virus of the Babylonian Talmud inspired Pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult Virus. “This book traces the history of the ancient Khazar Empire, a major […]

Anyone Who Thinks The American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union the united States of America survived Lincoln & Existed After 1861 Probably Waits In the Pumpkin Patch With Linus

Any American Sheeple who are trying to save the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union the united States of America and the Constitution, both which Lincoln and his puritan yankee marxist killed in 1861, probably wait in the pumpkin patch with Linus on Halloween for the coming of the “Great Pumpkin”. The Ole Dog! Source

Anyone Still Pimping For Trump Is Too Stupid To Walk & Chew Gun At the Same Time, Or Took The 30 Shekels To Sell Humanity Out

If anyone out there is offended by my saying anyone still pimping for Trump is too stupid to walk and chew gum at the same time or has taken the 30 shekels to sell humanity out to the evil ones, allow me to rephrase that. Anyone still pimping for Trump is too stupid to pour […]

Revealed: plan to brand anyone ‘undermining’ UK as extremist

by tts-admin | Nov 6, 2023 | 9 comments Pictured above: a recent protest in London calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Some fear that the proposed new definition of extremism could include such protests, given that Hamas is classified as a “terrorist” organisation by UK authorities. Jon Ungoed-Thomas and Mark Townsend – The Guardian […]

10/7 — Much More Dangerous & Diabolical Than Anyone Knows

President Newsom, anyone?!

Mesquite, NV October 26, 2023 Newsom in China: It’s ALL Carefully Scripted!?! by Rich Scheck The body language of Gavin Newsom with China’s President Xi inBeijing yesterday tells you all you need to know about who is in charge here. I’m saying all these global events are co-ordinated, carefully scripted by those supporting the Davos […]

Canadian Govt Funds $5,000 Bonuses for Employers to Hire Anyone Other Than Straight White Men

By Chris Menahan A new Canadian government-funded program is offering $5,000 bonuses to British Columbia construction companies to Source

Despite Issuing Vaccine Mandate OSHA Head Says ‘We Didn’t Demand That Anyone Be Fired’

A senior Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) official was grilled on Capitol Hill this week During Wednesdays House hearing, Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Douglas Parker was questioned over his agency’s issuance of […] The post Despite Issuing Vaccine Mandate OSHA Head Says ‘We Didn’t Demand That Anyone Be Fired’ appeared first on […]

OSHA Head Now Says ‘We Didn’t Demand That Anyone Be Fired’ and Denied Issuing a Vaccine Mandate for 84 Million Americans

OSHA Head Now Says ‘We Didn’t Demand That Anyone Be Fired’ and Denied Issuing a Vaccine Mandate for 84 Million Americans Source

OSHA Head, Doug Parker, Now Says ‘We Didn’t Demand That Anyone Be Fired’ Despite Issuing a Vaccine Mandate for 84 Million Americans


Saudi Crown Prince on Khashoggi murder: ‘Anyone involved is serving jail time’

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in a recent interview insisted “anyone involved” with the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is “serving jail time,” a comment that comes ahead of the five-year anniversary of the murder.  When asked in a rare interview with Fox News’s Bret Baier about if any individuals are serving time for… […]

USAF – Has Anyone Seen Our Missing F35B ?

Yet another F35 bites the dust at taxpayers expense and the USAF issue a public request for help in finding the missing aircraft. History Repeats taxpayers ripped off by corrupt politicians and crooked arms manufacturers peddling second rate overpriced junk. For historical context – See Lockheed Starfighter aka The Widowmaker. F104-G  “G for Germany” LOL […]

GEOTERRORISM ALERT! Did anyone catch the geoengineered superstorm Hurricane Daniel that set up the Libyan dam collapse killing up to 20,000?!

The utter devastation wrought by Hurricane Daniel is completely without precedent for this part of Northern Africa. SOURCE: SOURCE:   Source

The Next Crisis Is Anyone’s Guess, But the Government Is Ready to Lockdown the Nation

In light of the government’s tendency to exploit crises (legitimate or manufactured) and capitalize on the nation’s heightened emotions, confusion and fear as a means of extending the reach of the police state, one has to wonder what so-called crisis it will declare next. Source

Anyone Who Complies with Illegal, Unconstitutional Edicts Like the One Just Announced by New Mexico’s Governor is Complicit in America’s Slide Into Totalitarianism

Anyone Who Complies with Illegal, Unconstitutional Edicts Like the One Just Announced by New Mexico’s Governor is Complicit in America’s Slide Into Totalitarianism Source

As Expected by ANYONE READING THE PFIZER Report on Deadly Vaccine Adverse Reactions

Cancer Surging in People Under the Age of 50 By infostormer  – September 7, 2023 5 There is a surge in cancer among people under the age of 50.   This happened after people were coerced into taking a deadly fake vaccine product for a totally fake pandemic. The BBC and other corporate Jew media […]

250 Hollywood Celebrities Sign Letter Demanding Big Tech Censor Anyone Who Opposes Trans Surgeries On Kids

Some 250 woke Hollywood celebrities from movies, TV and music have signed their names to an open letter urging big tech companies to crack down on anyone who doesn’t fall into line with the trans agenda, including advocating life changing gender surgeries on children. Source

Walensky Ludicrously Claims Anyone “Hit by a Truck” Would Count as a VAERS COVID Vaccine Death if it Followed Vaccination

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky makes up out of whole cloth that the VAERS is over-reported because, for example, “if you got hit by a truck after the vaccine,” that would count as an “adverse event” and “be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.” Walensky attempted to tell Congress that getting hit by a […]

Iran Unveils ‘Quantum’ Device That Anyone Can Buy for $589 on Amazon

Last week, Iran’s military unveiled what it called “the first product of the quantum processing algorithm” of the Imam Khomeini Naval University of Nowshahr. During a ceremony at the university, the Islamic Republic’s military revealed a bit of electronics sealed under glass. It appeared to be a common development board, available widely online for around […]

Gaslighting at its finest: Trudeau claims he DID NOT force anyone to get vaccinated

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has irked many by claiming that he never forced anyone in his country to get vaccinated.During an April 24 speech at the University of Ottawa, Trudeau said he merely incentivized people to get the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. “And that’s exactly what they did. We got … […]

Video: Legislator Switches To GOP, Says Democrats “Villainize Anyone Who Has Free Thought”

A North Carolina Democratic legislator handed a decisive victory to the Republican party Wednesday by defecting and ensuring a veto-proof majority. Announcing the switch, Tricia Cotham declared that “The modern-day Democratic Party has become unrecognizable to me and others across the state,” adding “I will not be controlled by anyone.” “If you don’t do exactly what the Democrats […]

Response to be swift if ‘Israel’ attacks anyone in Lebanon: Nasrallah

22 Mar 2023 Source: Agencies By Al Mayadeen English  Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah touches on numerous domestic, regional, and international issues, from the Israeli occupation to Palestine and Yemen. The incident that took place earlier in the month in Northern occupied Palestine caused confusion for the Israeli occupation, Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Wednesday. […]

Maryland Democrat’s Bill Will Block Anyone Under 25 From Being Charged With Felony Murder Due to ‘Frontal Lobes Not Being Fully Developed’

By Chris Menahan In the name of “racial justice,” Democrats in Maryland are pushing a new bill to prevent anyone under 25 from being charged with felony murder due to their “frontal lobes not being fully developed.” WATCH: [embedded content] From Fox Baltimore, “Proposed bill would prevent anyone under 25 with being charged with felony murder”: […]

Anyone Living Near or East of the Ohio Train Derailment Will Want to Hear This; How to Detox From America’s Toxic Ecocide

In this special interview, Dr. Henry Ealy lays out the necessary protocols to keep yourself healthy during America’s rising ecocide insanity. Reinette Senum Feb 24 2023 Anyone you know who is near the recent horrific East Palestine, Ohio derailment, including everyone east of the Mississippi River, will want to hear this interview. Dr. Henry Ealy […]

RIDICULOUS: German Ethics Council chair says anyone who advocates review of COVID-19 policy is an enemy of democracy

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) German Ethics Council (DE) Chair Alena Buyx said any plans to investigate the German government’s policy regarding the Wuhan coronavirus  (COVID-19) is “dangerous to democracy.” According to Buyx, anyone who advocates a fundamental review of COVID-19 policy and demands personal and legal consequences is an enemy of … [Read More…] Source

Housing Affordability Worsens As Homeownership Out Of Reach For Anyone Making Under $100k

The US housing affordability crisis continues to worsen as mortgage rates skyrocket to two-decade highs while the cost of an average home is still at bubbly levels. Financing costs are through the roof, and anyone earning less than $100,000 has been priced out of homeownership.  Source

Everyone, before you react to anyone out in public, please become aware of this increasingly common Covid ‘vaccine’ adverse effect!

COVID-19 pandemic triggers SURPRISING changes in personality, new study suggests by: Stephanie Woods NaturalHealth365 (NaturalHealth365)  It seems that there is yet another thing that we can blame on COVID-19: a bad attitude.  Or at least a worse one. If you’ve noticed that people aren’t quite as nice as they used to be pre-pandemic, you’re in […]

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