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Ontario, Canada To Enter Third COVID Lockdown Issuing A Stay At Home Order

The Facts: Known as the founding father of rocketry and astronautics, as well as modern day spaceflight, Hermann Oberth believed UFOs were extraterrestrial visitors observing Earth. Reflect On: Why were so many brilliant minds aware of the UFO phenomenon when the majority of society ridiculed them and placed them in the “conspiracy” bucket? Do we […]

Israel continues settlement boom, issuing 2,500 tenders for new settler homes just before Biden inauguration

Israel issued tenders for more than 2,500 new settlement housing units in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem a mere hours before US President Joe Biden was sworn into office, and just days after the government promoted the plans for 780 other settlement units.  According to settlement watchdog Peace Now, Israel’s Ministry of Housing and […]

Florida To Begin Issuing Pro-Zionist License Plates Emblazoned With The Star Of David

When it comes to Christianity, Jews have led the battle cry in the so-called “separation of church and state” across America — but apparently they have no problem emblazoning Jewish “religious” symbols on government-issued license plates in Florida: Floridians can now stand with Israel even while stuck in traffic. A graphic designer from Boca Raton […]

Joe Biden Promises to Push Elected Officials into Issuing Mask Mandates Nationwide

Former Vice President Joe Biden is promising that, if elected, he would urge state and local governments to issue mask mandates nationwide. The Democrat nominee, who has shifted on his support for a federal mask mandate, told supporters in Delaware on Friday that it was vital for the government to implement a “national strategy to […]

How They Do It–After issuing video, Sanders won’t say if he backs Palestinian ‘right of return’

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Israel stops issuing one-year visas to foreigners married to Palestinians

Residency / Restriction of movement Israel makes it increasingly difficult for Palestinians’ foreign spouses to stay in West Bank Haaretz 10 Sept by Amira Hass — Ever more frequent demands by the Israeli authorities in the West Bank are forcing these women to leave and reenter the territories. It’s to urge the families to emigrate, […]

Robots Deployed In China Capable Of Issuing Arrest Warrants

China have deployed thousands of robots tasked with issuing Chinese citizens arrest warrants. The three feet tall ‘legal robots’ are able to advise people on criminal legal issues, and can generate arrest warrants, according to prosecutors in the eastern province of Jiangsu. reports: Almost 15,000 legal cases have been reviewed by the robots since they […]

Hartford, CT, Issuing ID Cards to Invaders

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SOTT Exclusive: Is Washington serious about partnership with Moscow in Syria?

     Meetings between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov over a US proposal for military cooperation in Syria appear destined to fail. As they say, the path to ruin is paved with good intentions. In this instance, Russia has maintained good intentions throughout the war […]

Agricultural products of Iran’s Alborz to be exported to Russia

Karaj, Alborz Prov, IRNA – Head of Chamber of Commerce of Alborz said this northen Iranian province will export foodstuff and agricultural products to Russia. Rahim Bana Molaei said the products will be exported according to bilateral agreement. He made the remarks talking to IRNA over the phone on Tuesday. Molaei along with a 30-member […]

Turkey’s invasion of Syria? Moscow keeping an eye on Ankara’s moves

It is unlikely that the Erdogan government will succeed in provoking Moscow and Damascus into a direct confrontation with Ankara, US syndicated columnist Stephen Lendman notes, adding that the two capitals will not tolerate Turkey’s naked aggression either. Russia’s Ministry of Defense has voiced its growing concerns over Turkey’s potential preparations for an invasion of Syria. “Russian MoD registers […]

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