March 8 – “We are Nowhere Close to Issuing a Digital Dollar” – Jerome Powell

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Are we paranoid or is this a diversion?

While speaking Thursday his second day of testimony regarding monetary policy, Powell said the Fed has not considered the release of a digital dollar anytime soon. 

“We’re nowhere near recommending – or let alone adopting – a central bank digital currency in any form,” Powell said. “People don’t need to worry about it.”

 He also addressed concerns that the potential future release of a digital dollar would give the Fed a direct line into tracking the spending habits of Americans, allowing the central bank to make politically motivated decisions to cut some people off if they behave in a manner that they don’t approve of. 

“If that were a government account, that the government would see all your transactions, that’s just something we would not stand for or do or propose here in the United States,” Powell said. He added that the Fed would enlist the banking system to manage people’s accounts, just as they do currently. 

He contrasted the Fed’s approach to what has been seen in China, where a social credit system that monitors citizen’s daily activities can result in them being banned from accessing certain services if they go against prescribed norms.  

 “If we were to ever to do something like [a CBDC] – and we’re very long way from even thinking about it – we would do this through the banking system,” Powell said. “The last thing we would want with the Federal Reserve would be to have individual accounts for all Americans, or any Americans for that matter.”

 While Powell and other officials have repeatedly pushed back against concerns around the creation of a digital dollar, the topic has become a point of focus for many on the Republican side of the aisle, including former President and current Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who vowed to “never allow” the Federal Reserve to create a central bank digital currency if he is re-elected. 

Watch: President Biden Delivers The “Darkest, Most Un-American Speech Given By A President”

Dark Brandon’s back and “…he lives in an alternative reality.”

“Having successfully raged, ranted, lied, and yelled through the State of The Union, President Biden can go back to his crypt now. Whatever ‘they’ gave Biden, every American man, woman, and the other should be allowed to take it – though it seems the cocktail brings out ‘dark Brandon’?

Tucker Carlson’s response sums it all up perfectly: “that was possibly the darkest, most un-American speech given by an American president. It wasn’t a speech, it was a rant…” Carlson continued: “The true measure of a nation’s greatness lies within its capacity to control borders, yet Bid refuses to do it.” “In a fair election, Joe Biden cannot win”

Watch RFKJr’s State of the Union Address- He is totally credible as President. Despite his support for Israel, I would support him. 

He would MAGA, unlike Trump who is false op. 

Fidelito moves to ban Christianity– If passed, people can be arrested for quoting the Bible on Canadian soil.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has passed numerous pieces of legislation prohibiting free speech in Canada, yet nothing has been as restrictive as Bill C-367, an amendment to the Criminal Code that will prohibit Canadians from expressing “an opinion based on a belief in a religious text. 

Women Looking For “HUSBANDS” In Coffee Shops | I Need A Husband Now| Women Hitting The Wall

Men–“They’ll do anything to find a husband except figure out how to be a good wife.

—- “An unmarried woman over 30 is like a pet looking for a home.”

–“What I gleaned from this was, in their words… “I want!” “I want!” “I want!” “I want!” “I want!” “I want!” “I want!” “I want!” “I want!” “I want!” “I want!”… but no mention of what they have to offer, no mention of what they can provide or supply, no mention of what they bring to the table…just “I want!”

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem signed two bills into law to reject a central bank digital currency (CBDC), removing it from the definition of money in the state and banning the state from accepting it as payment.

Freddie Mac reports “biggest surge in delinquencies a Decade”. Landlords abandoning properties.

(OPINION) Game-changing developments are happening right now in Israel concerning the Third Temple. Probably the most critical missing link preventing the rebuilding of the Temple, is set to fall into place within months with crucial help from Christians.

Meanwhile Hamas is watching the developments closely and have even claimed it to be a major part of their motivation for the heinous Oct. 7 terror attack. With tensions already at boiling point across the Middle East, will we shortly see Israel take bold steps towards rebuilding the Temple?

Eco-Arsonists calling themselves the Volcano Group left Tesla’s German factory without electricity on Tuesday, leading to damages the company claims could approach $1 billion.

More than 60,000 residents in Brandenburg and even parts of Berlin were also affected when a single high-voltage power mast near Tesla’s factory in Grünheide was set ablaze, raising broader questions over how to protect defenseless infrastructure critical to the economy from vandals, saboteurs and criminals.

“Everybody still thinks Trump is a good guy.”

The Goddess That Failed

On International Women’s Day, we should admit that the feminist movement has not been good for anyone–even its alleged beneficiaries.  by Janice Fiamengo

For International Women’s Day, let’s also consider feminism’s impact on women, and recognize that it’s been very bad there too.

Not just radical feminism. Not just the hateful or fringe variety. The whole thing, with its sob stories and sentimental celebrations, its exaggerations and cover-ups, its relentless focus on the demands and alleged needs of one half of humanity at the expense of the other, has been a monumental disaster.

For over 50 years, the movement has been mired in fraudulent claims, myopia, special pleading, double standards, abandonment of principles, manifold hypocrisies, and emotional incontinence.

It has continually misrepresented the situation of women and men, and has induced in its female adherents an unhealthy mix of wounded self-regard, festering resentment, and self-righteous indignation, often overlaid with an unfounded conviction of moral superiority and contempt for the unenlightened.

Pro-Beijing groups financially backed by two China-linked billionaires are pushing the radical transgender movement as a means of advancing a Marxist agenda in the United States, seven-time New York Times bestselling author Peter Schweizer reveals in his new book Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans.

Vaccinated politicians contracting cancer and dying 

Woman Sues National Park Service After Being Told She Can’t Use Cash to Pay Entry Fee

After a Pause, Jan. 6 Arrests Are Now Sharply Increasing

The FBI is making arrests and the DOJ is filing charges at the quickest pace in three years, pushing the expected total up to 2,150 arrests by 2026. This is political persecution and intimidation. Contrast their treatment with Leftists who invade legislatures. 

New Law Would Make COVID Vaccine Makers Liable for Injuries, Deaths

Children’s Health Defense is among the organizations that support a bill introduced Tuesday by Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) that would remove the liability shield for manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines and open the door for vaccine-injured Americans to sue companies like Pfizer and Moderna.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) on Tuesday introduced a bill that would allow Americans to sue the manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines for vaccine-related adverse events, including deaths by removing the vaccine makers’ liability shield.


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