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New Oct 7 Footage Shows Israeli Tank Firing at Settler Homes in Kibbutz Be’eri

Israel Defense Forces tanks on Oct 7 shelled settler homes full of noncombatants in Kibbutz Be’eri while some 500 IDF soldiers “waited outside doing nothing,” new video obtained by Israel’s Channel 12 reveals. Source

US Blocks Transfer Of Over 20,000 Rifles To Israel Over Settler Violence

There’s been some serious mixed messaging and contradictory signals coming from the White House of late regarding Israel and the Gaza War. President Biden on Tuesday had for the first time offered criticism of Israel’s “indiscriminate bombing” of Gaza – even while keeping the massive defense aid flowing to Israel’s military on an unconditional basis. He […]

“White House to clamp down on Israeli settler violence”

What??? When??? When Pigs Fly??? The Ole Dog! Link to Bull Shit Propaganda Piece Trying To Covalence Americans US Is Not A Jew Dick Sucking Bitch Assisting The Holocaust of Semitic Palestinians: Share this: Source

Israeli settler violence has been surging across the West Bank since October 7

Since October 7, Israeli settlers and military have been terrorizing Palestinian communities across the West Bank. At least 10 villages in the South Hebron Hills have been displaced through violence, and over 120 Palestinians have been killed. Source

Israeli Settler Shoots And Kills Palestinian Harvester As Violence Surges In The West Bank

The deadly shooting took place amid a spike in settler violence since Hamas militants infiltrated Israel on Oct. 7. Source

The struggle against settler colonial affinities

The affinity between the West and Israel is due in part to an affinity with white settler life. Our task, in face of the ongoing Israeli onslaught in Gaza and the ongoing white settler attachment to it, is to struggle against this social order. Source

Source Of ‘Beheaded Babies’ Claim Is Israeli Settler Leader Who Wants To Wipe Out Palestinians

Biden, Netanyahu and the international media have been quick to report on dubious claims made by a radical Israeli settler leader who told a reporter that Palestinian militants had cut of the heads of babies. […] The post Source Of ‘Beheaded Babies’ Claim Is Israeli Settler Leader Who Wants To Wipe Out Palestinians appeared first […]

The humanitarian paradigm complements Israel’s settler-colonial violence

A late commemoration of World Humanitarian Day in Gaza marked not only that the international community considers Palestinians as an afterthought, but also how far removed diplomats are from the politics that created the perpetual humanitarian crisis in the enclave. Diplomats from Chile, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Norway, the UK and Australia went to the Gaza […]

This school year, students in Masafer Yatta brave settler and army harassment

With the start of the new school year, Palestinian children in Masafer Yatta defy Israeli army and settler harassment to go to class in tents, since Israel demolished their school last year. Source

Targeting Palestinian children is necessary for Israeli settler colonialism

Israeli settler colonialism and apartheid is based on the extermination of the indigenous population and the elimination of their hope of living freely. Palestinian children represent that hope. Source

Finding my hidden history in Israel’s colonial-settler past and present

Jason Sherman’s film “My Tree” follows his attempt to find the Jewish National Fund tree his parents planted for him in Israel and in process learning the role it played in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Source

Israel’s Military-Settler State: There are no Jewish ‘civilians’ in the West Bank

JUL 14, 2023 Israeli settler terrorism is a strategy employed by Israel to advance its territorial gains and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Robert Inlakesh US President Joe Biden recently called out Benjamin Netanyahu’s government as being the “most extreme” he’s seen, and pointed to members of the Israeli Prime Minister’s coalition as being “part […]

Why Israeli officials are suddenly labeling settler pogroms ‘terrorist’

The Israeli state sees violent settler mobs as challenging its monopoly over violence. This puts right-wing ministers like Itamar Ben-Gvir in a bind: settlers facilitate the settlement project, but the state wants to control it. Source

As Israeli Settler Terrorism Rises, The Palestinian Authority Nears Collapse

The latest string of settler terrorist acts against Palestinian communities, coupled with the advancements shown by the West Bank resistance forces, is leading towards a dramatic escalation inside of the occupied territory. As the current Palestinian political scene remains divided, with no sign of national elections in sight, the hunger for a unified leadership is […]

UN Rights Investigator aims to probe growing Israel settler violence

A member of an UN-mandated independent commission of inquiry said on Tuesday that increasing Jewish settler violence in the Occupied West Bank was a "major concern" and announced plans to investigate further, Reuters reports. The West Bank, among territories taken by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war and which Palestinians seek for a state, has seen an […]

Settler march to ‘Evyatar’: a show of power and promise for the future

Armed with assault rifles and other weapons, thousands of Israeli settlers took over the streets of the northern occupied West Bank this week to declare: this land belongs to us and we want all of it.  Source

These are the settler groups seeking to take over the Aqsa Mosque compound

Temple Movement activists are trying to enter the Aqsa compound to slaughter goats and challenge the Muslim presence in the holy site. Palestinian worshippers remaining in the mosque during Ramadan are resisting. Source

‘Palestinians are animals’ — Why many Jewish Israelis approve settler pogrom

Many in Israel approved of the settler “pogrom” against Huwwara because they regard Palestinians as “animals,” a leading Israeli reporter explained to American Jews last week. Source

Between army invasions and settler pogroms, the West Bank rises

Amid Israeli army assassinations and settler terror, Palestinians rally around armed resistance in a showing of spontaneous mass mobilization that has not been seen in decades. Source

West Bank violence: Israel beefs up troops after settler rampage in Palestinian town

One person died, hundreds were injured, homes burned and cars torched when settlers rampaged in Hawara after a Palestinian killed two Israelis. Source

‘Israel’ Plans to Build 18,000 More Settler Units in Occupied West Bank

January 26, 2023  By Staff, Agencies Zionist media sources reported that the current far-right administration in Tel Aviv is planning to take unprecedented steps to pave the way for further expansion of unlawful settlement construction in the occupied West Bank. According to ‘Israel’ Hayom newspaper, Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet has begun discussing measures […]

Hamas warns of settler intrusions into Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa to celebrate Hanukkah

Palestinian resistance group has warned of grave consequences from planned settler intrusions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex in occupied East Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, reports Anadolu Agency. Settler groups have called on supporters to force their way into the flashpoint site on Sunday to celebrate the 8-day holiday. In a Saturday […]

2022 was a record year for settler violence. Palestinians say next year will be even worse.

Israeli settler violence against Palestinians soared in 2022. Palestinians say the worrying trend will only worsen as right-wing extremists make their home in Israel’s new government. Source

Settler invasion of Ramallah exposes PA impotence

At approximately 9:00 a.m. on October 13, Israeli settlers stormed the Al-Tireh neighborhood in Ramallah, to conduct Talmudic prayers and ceremonies. This practice, among other strategies, has been commonly employed by religious settlers as a means of providing the Israeli Supreme Court with legal grounds to take over Palestinian land, suggesting that those lands hold […]

Settler stops car to open fire on Palestinian house

OPINION: The world allows Israel to act with impunity against everyone Source

’24 hours of hell’: Israeli settler gangs terrorize Palestinian town under army protection

Israeli settlers continued their attack on the Palestinian town of Huwwara in the northern occupied West Bank for the second day in a row on Friday, vandalizing several storefronts, vehicles, and homes, while Israeli forces fired live ammunition at Palestinians in the town.  At around 1 p.m., as Friday prayers were ongoing in the town, […]

Abbas condemns murder of Palestinian by Jewish settler

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has condemned the murder of a Palestinian man by an illegal Jewish settler in the occupied West Bank. PA Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh also condemned the killing of Ali Harb, 27, in the village of Iskaka, near Salfit. After he was stabbed, Israeli occupation soldiers in the area, who protect […]

Israeli Settler Invade Al-Aqsa With A Huge Response Expected

This Sunday, approximately 70,000 ultra-nationalist Israeli settlers attended their annual racist “flag march” during which Palestinians, their properties, and Holy sites came under attack in Jerusalem’s old city. In an unexpected twist, however, no violent reaction came as was threatened. So what can we now expect? An unprecedented attack against Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim identity […]

Jerusalem’s Heads of Churches protest settler takeover of hotel in Old City’s Christian quarter

On Sunday evening, March 27, radical members of an extremist settler group were accompanied by Israeli police as they took control of the Little Petra Hotel in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. Located near the Jaffa Gate in occupied East Jerusalem, the hotel is the subject of a years-long and as-yet […]

We ask Palestine’s friends in the U.S. to work to defund settler groups that push us out of our homes

Liberation leaders and protestors from all corners of Historic Palestine marched on the streets of occupied Hebron to commemorate the lives taken during the Ibrahimi mosque massacre. On February 25, 1994, the extremist settler Baruch Goldstein entered the sacred Ibrahimi mosque armed with an assault rifle and murdered 29 Palestinian worshipers, injuring another 125 before […]

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