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Swimmers near Lisbon brave traditional new year’s sea dip

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Exactly Which Dystopian Novel Are We Living In? Brave New World, 1984, Fahrenheit 451?

There’s a debate going on among the disaffected/ terrified over which dystopian novel we’re now living in. As John Rubino remarks, some point to social media addiction and designer drugs to suggest Brave New World. Others see mass surveillance and pandemic lockdowns as putting us squarely in 1984. Still others cite online censorship and cancel […]

Brave: Chris Wallace Comes Out Of Closet As Fake News Journalist

ATLANTA, GA—After being in the closet for over 18 years at Fox News, news anchor Chris Wallace has come out officially as a fake news journalist. After being turned down by The Babylon Bee, Wallace will make the move over to CNN’s new streaming service. “I attempted real news for a long time, but I […]

Brave Denver Police Officer Crippled by Mandated Vax, Breaks Down on TV ‘Can’t Carry My Kids to Bed’

In one of the latest of many thousands of examples of unparalleled cruelty unfolding in America over a virus with a 99.98% recovery rate for people under 50, which it is now all but agreed had man-made origins which may have been assisted by NIH funding approved by Anthony Fauci to a Chinese military bioweapons […]

The Last of our Human Freedoms – Covid-1984 meets the Brave New Normal

In an age of angst, animus and anomie, ‘controversy’ still rages on all things Covid. Yet many scientists, researchers, health-care providers and medical professionals—even former pharmaceutical executives and senior staffers—bravely stand fast against the toxic tide of this new tyranny. This alone is clear evidence something is decidedly wrong with the official narrative. My feature length […]

Omani Cavers Brave Descent into Yemen’s Famous “Well of Hell”

Popularly known as the Well of Hell, the Well of Barhout is a 98-foot (30-meter) wide and 367-foot (112-meter) deep sinkhole located in Yemen’s Al-Mahara province in the east of the country. The sinkhole has spawned many scary local myths and superstitions, but a team of 10 intrepid Omani cavers, from the Omani Caves Exploration […]

Brave Qantas Pilot of 53 years Speaks Out About the Covid Insanity in Australia

» 30-Year-Old Still Seeking Answers 6 Months After Developing Neurological Complications Following Pfizer VaccineToday at 1:09 am by PurpleSkyz » Google admits: We’re keeping Aussies in the darkToday at 1:02 am by PurpleSkyz »  Brave Qantas Pilot of 53 years Speaks Out About the Covid Insanity in AustraliaToday at 12:55 am by PurpleSkyz » Hateful Joe Rogan Is Spreading Misinformation and […]

‘The Great Reset’, Transitioning the Ruling Oligarch’s Into ‘Brave New’ Technocratic Plutocrat’s

TECHNOCRACY: ‘The Great Reset’, Transitioning the Ruling Oligarch’s Into ‘Brave New’ Technocratic Plutocrat’s The Smoking Man  Source – “…The aim of the Great Reset is to transition the ruling plutocratic oligarchy into a technocratic one. The basis of plutocracy is finance, and the introduction of AI and automation eliminates the basis for finance as […]

CT Scans Reveal Ceremonial Execution of Pharaoh ‘Seqenenre the Brave’

A professor of radiology from Cairo University has uncovered new and fascinating details about the death of the famed Egyptian Pharaoh Seqenenre-Taa-II (or Seqenenre the Brave), who ruled the southern region of a divided Egypt in the 16th century BC. Using an innovative technique known as paleoradiology, Dr. Sahar Saleem deployed computer tomography (CT) technology to […]

Brave Judge Rules Cops Must Return Cash Seized Under Civil Asset Forfeiture—Or Go to Jail

(Support Free Thought) – Iredell County, NC — In one of the most inspiring moves we’ve seen in a long time, a judge has ordered the Town of Mooresville and its police department to give back money they seized under civil asset forfeiture. But that is not all. Iredell District Court Judge Christine Underwood has […]

Stockholm roofers brave dizzying heights to sweep snow

Stockholm’s rooftop “sweepers” have been kept busy with snowfall since the beginning of the new year. The roofers brave dizzying heights to clear the city’s rooftops of piled-up snow and dangling ice. “In the beginning it was like scary all the work and not just the snow one, working on the roof was scary but […]

COVID-19 Agenda? – Brave Citizens Speaking Up, Standing Up and Investigating

COVID-19 Agenda? – Brave Citizens Speaking Up, Standing Up and Investigating Prepare For Change / sharibitsis Reposted from The New York Post Kansas nurses refuse to give COVID-19 vaccines By Paula Froelich January 16, 2021 | 5:45pm | Updated Department chief Lindsay Payer (pictured above) and her colleagues have refused to administer any Moderna COVID-19 […]

Watch several brave English policemen violently arrest a woman (traumatizing her children) for the crime of singing in her garden

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Biden’s Brave New America: Feds to Enforce Mask Order

Biden’s CDC has announced that it will deploy federal authorities to enforce its new mask mandate on public transportation. Under the draconian new order, people across America are required to wear masks while using public transport, including “awaiting, boarding, disembarking, or traveling on airplanes, ships, ferries, trains, subways, buses, taxis, and ride-shares as they are […]

Brave TV News Reporter Reveals Truth About “Covid” While On Air

January 10, 2021

WW3 update – news of the war for your planet | BRAVE DOCTORS ON THE GERMAN FRONT LAUNCH COUNTER-OFFENSIVE

The Liberty Beacon December 28, 2020 Steve Cook Kieron McFadden In August over 500 German doctors & scientists. signed up with  the CEPI Committee  (“Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee”) to investigate what’s happening on our planet with regards to COVID-19. This comes at a time when the narrative pushed by the Covid Terror Factions infiltrated into […]

The Magnificent 7: Brave States STAND UP Against 2020 Election Fraud by Sending TRUMP Electors

Historic resistance to obvious election fraud & BOMBSHELL audit in Michigan… by Kyle Becker The U.S. election will go down in the history books as one where Democrat swing states held unlawful elections that led to rampant fraud. A Judge in Michigan today ordered the release of an audit report that solidified my own conclusion […]

Spectators brave heavy rain to see solar eclipse in Chile

Braving heavy rain, people gathered on the shores of Lake Villarrica in Pucon, Chile, to see a solar eclipse, which plunged the surrounding area into darkness. There was a moment where the clouds opened up and allowed people to witness the eclipse, prompting shouts from the crowds, who had gathered in the Pucon region. South […]

Brave Judge Orders MI Officials to Stay the Hell Away From Dominion Machines Until Audit Complete

A brave Michigan judge has ordered officials in Antrim County to stay away from Dominion voting machines until President Trump’s legal team has completed their forensic audit. Circuit Judge Kevin Elsenheimer ordered election officials on Friday to preserve all election materials and refrain from operating any of the county’s Dominion Voting Systems machines. Antrim County […]

Brave New Normal … irrationally paranoid and authoritarian — The New (Pathologized) Totalitarianism – Consent Factory, Inc.

Lissa’s Humane Life CJ Hopkins writes: “The genius of pathologized totalitarianism is like that old joke about the Devil … his greatest trick was convincing us that he doesn’t exist. Pathologized totalitarianism appears to emanate from nowhere, and everywhere, simultaneously; thus, technically, it does not exist. It cannot exist, because no one is responsible for […]

We Will Meet Brave Heroic Propagandist David Dees in Valhalla – Jews Mock Death of Talented Revolutionary Artist

A beautiful collage by the dedicated National Socialist designer David Dees, showing his love for our immortal Führer, the eternal martyr Adolf Hitler. Wow! What a rich and diverse legacy he leaves behind. Through his hard work and clever labor, full of love and creativity, David Dees has truly become immortal due to his righteous […]

No medical journal “brave enough” to publish the first randomized, controlled study of masks as protection against COVID-19

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Rivlin lauds ‘brave leadership,’ formally invites UAE crown prince to Jerusalem

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved

2020 Future Prediction: Brave New World vs 1984 vs Homo Deus

July 26, 2020 By Roger James Hamilton What future are we headed towards? Are we heading towards Yuval Noah Harari’s Homo Deus, George Orwell’s 1984, or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World? Subscribe!… Roger James Hamilton is a futurist, social entrepreneur and New York Times Bestselling Author of the Millionaire Master Plan. He is the […]

Netanyahu ‘Appreciates’ Trumps ‘Brave’ Decision To Quit Iran Nuclear Deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed U.S. President Donald Trump’s “brave and correct” decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, vowing that Israel would respond to any subsequent aggression. In a televised address just moments after Trump announced his decision, Netanyahu said: “The Iranian deal was “a recipe for disaster, a disaster for our region, […]

How Brave and Successful People Think

March 24th, 2018 By Hilde Larsen Contributing writer for Wake Up World The word success has many connotations. Webster’s dictionary has several definitions; Getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame, and reaching the desired or correct result of an attempt. But there are probably as many thoughts and opinions on what constitutes success as there are people […]

Brave SWAT Cops Suspended For Refusing to Stand Down and Trying to Stop Parkland Shooter

March 10, 2018 By John Vibes In the aftermath of the recent Parkland school shooting, the cowardice of many of the police who responded to the shooting has created an ongoing conversation in the media about the role of individual officers in life-threatening situations. As we reported last month, 4 officers […]

Taxpayers Shell Out $175K for Brave Cop Fired by Dept. for Refusing to Kill a Man

By Matt Agorist Weirton, WV — As TFTP reported last year, former Weirton police officer Stephen Mader sued the city after he was fired for not killing a suicidal man who needed help. It was reported this week that Mader will be receiving $175,000 in a settlement as a result of his unnecessary […]

Brave Congressman Explains How US Keeps Afghan Heroin Trade Alive At Your Expense

.Brave Congressman Explains How US Keeps Afghan Heroin Trade Alive At Your Expense      This week, President Donald Trump, just like his predecessor Obama, promised to continue the utterly corrupt failure of a brutal occupation that is Afghanistan—despite running on a campaign to end it. For decades, the United States has been subsidizing—to the tune of […]

Palestinian leaders must be brave and bold

Instead of staying idle or working against political rival Hamas in Gaza, PLO leadership meeting in Ramallah on Sunday must take a brave step to deter the US measure on Jerusalem. Palestine’s leaders are gathering in Ramallah to thrash out a response to Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Trump made his announcement […]

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