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Regional war Netanyahu’s safety net, Amir-Abdollahian says: Exclusive

 February 27, 2024 Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English In an interview with Al Mayadeen, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian gives insight on regional and international issues, ranging from the Gaza genocide to the nuclear agreement. The performance of the United Nations is unfortunate, and Iran cannot leave space for recognition of the Israeli entity, because it does […]

Exclusive: Hamas Rep. in Lebanon says Paris draft leak part of US op

February 27, 2024 Source: Al Mayadeen English By Al Mayadeen English Hamas’ representative in Lebanon asserts that all leaks from the Paris talks are not serious, and that the Resistance remains firm in its stance. Ahmad Abdul Hadi, Hamas’ representative in Lebanon, informed Al Mayadeen that Reuters’ leaks regarding the negotiations to work out a ceasefire in Gaza are […]

Last Chance for Julian Assange: Exclusive Interview With His Father, John Shipton

Julian Assange is one of the greatest journalists of all time. He exposed inconvenient truths to the public and, in turn, threatened the interests of those in power. For that, he is treated like a criminal, instead of the hero that he is. In 2010, WikiLeaks published a secret cache of documents titled “Collateral Murder, […]

Exclusive: Resistance says no deal without permanent ceasefire

February 5, 2024 Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English Sources tell Al Mayadeen that the Palestinian Resistance has received a ceasefire proposal that does not go with its vision for ending the war and would enable “Israel” to continue its hostilities. Negotiations are taking place over a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and a […]

Exclusive-Hamas, PIJ: No one can force terms on Palestinian Resistance

 February 1, 2024 Source: Al Mayadeen Top representatives of Hamas and the PIJ disclose information regarding ongoing mediated talks for a ceasefire to Al Mayadeen in a live interview. By Al Mayadeen English Top officials from Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) spoke to Al Mayadeen in a live televised interview to address the latest development […]

Exclusive: IRGC behind attack on Israeli ships in Indian Ocean

17 Jan 2024  Source: Al Mayadeen Exclusive: IRGC behind attack on Israeli ships in Indian Ocean (Al Mayadeen Net) By Al Mayadeen English Al Mayadeen’s sources specify that the one of the ships was targeted off the coast of Maldives and the second was targeted off the coast of Veraval India. Informed sources revealed to Al […]


Raad: ‘Israel’ genocide major blow to bid for legitimacy – Exclusive

4 Dec 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English The Israeli occupation’s own acts of genocide, Lebanese MP Mohammad Raad told Al Mayadeen, are a major blow to its own efforts for legitimacy and normalization. The Israeli occupation’s genocide of women and children and its destruction of residential neighborhoods, schools, and hospitals without any […]

YCP – Nord Davis on the Exclusive Covenant Message

YAHWEH’S COVENANT PEOPLE YCP – Nord Davis on the Exclusive Covenant Message Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share Share this: Source

Exclusive| Prisoner Exchange: Resistance Holds Firm amid Israeli Delays

November 15, 2023 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jail (archive) Batoul Wehbi Amid ongoing discussions involving the United States, the Zionist entity, Arab nations, regional and international bodies concerning negotiations with Palestinian resistance, a persistent atmosphere of delay and obstruction has clouded the process. Despite efforts to forge a five-day truce and execute a prisoner exchange, […]

‘Palestinian state is unavoidable’ – Lavrov | RT Exclusive

‘Palestinian state is unavoidable’ – Lavrov | RT Exclusive  Wed 9:29 pm +01:00, 15 Nov 2023  1 posted by sovereigntea Lavrov names key factor for safety of Israel (WATCH IN FULL)RT ~2 minutes The top Russian diplomat discussed the root of the violence in the Middle East and other pressing issues in an exclusive […]

Exclusive – Hezbollah might explode in ‘Israel’s’ face: Officer

November 11, 2023  Source: Agencies An Islamic Resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah officer speaking to Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English A Hezbollah officer tells Al Mayadeen about the epics written through Operation Al-Aqsa Flood as the Lebanese Resistance seeks to support its Palestinian counterpart. Lebanese Resistance fighters are mobilized in two areas on the […]

Exclusive: Ramaswamy Eyes Enabling Access to Marijuana, DMT, MDMA for PTSD Treatment in Veterans Policy Plan

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s veteran policy platform includes taking “a holistic approach” to aid veterans during and after their time in service, including making marijuana, ayahuasca, and MDMA accessible for veterans as part of the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Source

Exclusive – World-Renowned Expert on Urban Combat: Hamas ‘Creating’ Civilian Deaths to Stir World Against IDF

Despite the “nightmare” of tunnel warfare, the mission being carried out by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) appears “very successful,” though Israel doesn’t have unlimited time, according to retired United States Army Major and urban warfare expert John Spencer, who deemed Hamas an “existential threat” whose strategy is to “create their own civilians’ deaths and […]

Exclusive — Trump Lawyer Alina Habba: NY Case Is ‘Sideshow’ for Letitia James’s Politics

Donald Trump’s New York civil fraud case is nothing more than a “sideshow” for NY AG Letitia James’s politics, his attorney Alina Habba said. Source

Liz Gunn from NZ joins Maria Zeee to discuss an exclusive Whistleblower report that is about to be released

CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR VIDEO Liz Gunn from New Zealand joins Maria Zeee to discuss an exclusive Whistleblower report that is about to be released, which will not only crush COVID crimes but enable us to finally begin to hold the criminals accountable. Source

EXCLUSIVE: Authorities in Maine Withholding the Drugs Authorized to Mass Murderer Robert Card and Who Made the Authorization (This is how the real perps protect their patsy mind control program)

EXCLUSIVE: Authorities in Maine Withholding List of Drugs Authorized to Mass Murderer Robert Card and Who Made the Authorization Source

Exclusive – Even Though He Is Hosting Fundraiser for Nikki Haley, Gary Cohn Has Not Turned Against Donald Trump

Gary Cohn, the former president of Goldman Sachs who served in former President Donald Trump’s White House, may be hosting a fundraiser for Trump rival Nikki Haley later this month — but he’s not turning against his old boss.  Source

Exclusive — ‘We Caught Them Red-Handed’: DOJ Spied on GOP Staffers Probing the Origins of the Russia Collusion Hoax

The DOJ obtained private communications and other personal records of GOP House and Senate staffers investigating the DOJ’s role in the origins of the Russia collusion hoax, Kash Patel said. Source

‘The Fight Is On’ With Christine Anderson: A Vigilant Fox Exclusive Interview

Originally Published on Vigilant News Christine Anderson has been a German member of the European Parliament and a representative of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party since 2019. She’s one of the few politicians in the world who stood up to the COVID nonsense, and I consider her to be one of the bravest people […]

Exclusive: National Security Agency Put on 24-Hour Watch as Israel Readies Ground Offensive

Large swaths of the National Security Agency, the agency in charge of collecting foreign signals intelligence for the Department of Defense, went from normal shifts to 24 hour watches earlier this month amid preparation for Israel’s ground offensive in Gaza, a source told Breitbart News. Source

Exclusive: D.C. Residents Fear Crime Surge Turning Area into U.S. War Zone

Many Washington, DC, residents cannot walk their dog, enjoy a local park, or pick up groceries without fear of being stabbed, robbed, or gunned down in the District, a 68 square mile area that local residents described as a “war zone” to Breitbart News. Source

Exclusive: At Least a Dozen Republicans Band Together in Growing Movement to Stop Tom Emmer from Taking Speakership

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-MN) will not receive the votes to become Speaker of the House, Breitbart News has learned. Source

EXCLUSIVE from “POLICE STATE” the Movie: Shocking Footage of FBI Smashing in Door of NY Senior for Attending J6 Rally – VIDEO

EXCLUSIVE from “POLICE STATE” the Movie: Shocking Footage of FBI Smashing in Door of NY Senior for Attending J6 Rally – VIDEO Source

Exclusive — Rep. Jim Banks: Kay Granger Should Lose Appropriations Gavel for Blocking Jim Jordan

House Appropriations Committee Chair Kay Granger (R-TX) should lose her gavel for voting against GOP nominee Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) for Speaker, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview. Source

Exclusive – Ryan Zinke: Biden Administration in ‘Intelligence Denial’ over Iran’s Role in Hamas Attacks

Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-MT), who served as a Navy SEAL commander, said in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News that the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel on Saturday appeared to be coordinated by America’s adversaries — led by Iran — and the Biden administration is in “intelligence denial.”  Source

Video| Exclusive Scenes from Hezbollah’s Op in Shebaa Farms

October 9, 2023 Al-Manar TV broadcasts an illustrative video showing the details of the Islamic resistance attack on three Israeli posts in occupied Shebaa Farms and other important data about the targeted sites. Hezbollah announced on Sunday it had targeted three Israeli posts in occupied Shebaa Farms, Radar, Zibdin and Ruweissat Al-Alam, in a clear message […]

Exclusive — Rep. Warren Davidson, Sen. Mike Lee Propose Bill to Define Ukraine ‘Proxy War’ Strategy to End ‘War Hawk Regime’s Latest Obsession’

Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) introduced legislation to define America’s strategy with Ukraine and avoid “endless war.” Source

Exclusive: Al Mayadeen airs footage from Sweida 2018 invasion by ISIS

Sep 28, 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English Al Mayadeen News Network broadcasts exclusive footage published for the first time about the ISIS terrorist attack on the Syrian province of Sweida and its countryside in 2018. In exclusive footage, Al Mayadeen News Network broadcast on Wednesday scenes coming out for the first time on the […]

Exclusive – Jim Banks: The Navy Should Apologize for Propping Up Ibram X. Kendi, Whose Antiracist Research Center Is Under Investigation

House Armed Services Military Personnel Subcommittee Chairman Jim Banks (R-IN) called on the Navy to apologize for propping up Ibram X. Kendi, the critical race theorist whose center  is now under investigation for financial mismanagement. Source

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