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Joy Reid Posts Crazed Rant About Alabama IVF Case – Suggests The State Wants Slaves

Alabama’s Supreme Court has recently ruled on the designation of fertilized embryos held by vitro clinics in the state, giving the embryos legal status as living children.  The decision was made in response to lawsuits brought by three couples who were clients of one such clinic, where apparent negligence led to the destruction of embryos […]

LEGAL PROOF that the Zionist State of Israel is an illegitimate entity, rogue nation, apartheid regime, war criminal and serial perpetrator of countless crimes against humanity


Zionist State of Israel Breaking the Historic 1979 Camp David Peace Agreements by Invading Rafah and Forcing Out Palestinians

Why a ground operation in the border city would be a violation of the 1979 Camp David peace agreements READ HERE: The Last Stand: Israel is very close to breaking a key accord that defined the Middle East   Source

State Dept Tells Staffers To Avoid Using Gendered Language Like Mother Or Father

The State Department reportedly sent a memo to staffers telling them they should avoid using gendered phrases like “mother” or “father” becuase they may cause offense. In a Tuesday press briefing State Department spokesperson Matthew […] The post State Dept Tells Staffers To Avoid Using Gendered Language Like Mother Or Father appeared first on The […]

Trump Easily Defeats Haley In Her Home State Of South Carolina

Former President Donald Trump completely smoked Republican challenger Nikki Haley in her own state of South Carolina. The Associated Press called the primary for Trump shortly after polls closed at 7 p.m. ET, making Haley the first major-party candidate to loser her home state in the modern primary era, the Epoch Times reports. With an […]

Biden won’t let Israel’s rejection of a Palestinian state interfere with his delusions

In yet another clear sign from Israel, the Knesset overwhelmingly voted this week to reject any “unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state.” But this isn’t stopping the Biden administration from clinging to its two-state fantasy. Source

The Administrative State is Destroying our Country

It is clear to me that we are increasingly being governed by an “Administrative State” instead of by our chosen representatives. Indeed, we are more and more becoming a “Regulation Nation” which is a true threat to our Constitutional Republic. What do I mean by that? I mean that we are being governed by regulations and […]

Mike Benz: The National Security State Is the Main Driver of Censorship and Election Interference in the United States


Biden: Nine heads of state have said I’ve ‘got to win’ in November

President Biden on Wednesday said that several foreign leaders have told him he has to beat former President Trump, the likely GOP nominee, in November. “As I walk out of meetings, a head of state will find an excuse to come up close…and say ‘you’ve got to win,’” Biden recalled at a fundraiser in San… […]

Oklahoma State Sen. Dusty Deevers Is Taking His Christian Nationalism To Its Logical Conclusion

Oklahoma state Sen. Dusty Deevers is a far-right pastor and unabashed Christian nationalist who literally wants to see this nation taken back to the 1600s. Waging a crusade to abolish abortion, ban no-fault divorce, and outlaw pornography, Deevers is quite clear about his intent to turn biblical precepts into law. This was on full display […]

Oregon State Rep. E. Werner Reschke Is Reportedly Facing A ‘Formal Complaint’ Over Remarks First Reported By Right Wing Watch

In January, Republican state Rep. E. Werner Reschke appeared on Christian nationalist Jason Rapert’s “Save The Nation” program to discuss his role as the new Oregon state chair of Rapert’s National Association of Christian Lawmakers organization, a collection of right-wing state legislators and activists dedicated to electing “godly leaders in our nation at every level” […]


Feb 19 2024 TUCKER CARLSON: MIKE BENZ ON THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. “What I’m describing is military rule,” says Mike Benz. “It’s the inversion of democracy.” _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over If you are […]

State Department Threatens Congress Over Censorship Programs

State Department Threatens Congress Over Censorship Programs Source

The CIA attempts to invoke State Secrets Privilege

Feb 14 2024 The CIA attempts to invoke State Secrets Privilege in order to halt the case in which four Americans filed a lawsuit against the CIA for violating their 4th Amendment rights when visiting Mr. Assange in Ecuador’s embassy in London. “After careful consideration and review of the remaining claim in this case, the […]

State power grab over child health Part 1: Vaccination in schools

By Dr Elizabeth Evans February 9, 2024 AT THE UK Medical Freedom Alliance, we have grave concerns about the increasing medicalisation of schools, particularly the co-opting of schools by the NHS as vaccination venues, thus sidelining parents. We contend that school is primarily a place for delivering education to a child, not healthcare, and is not an appropriate place to administer vaccines, especially by medical staff who do not know the individual children and their […]

The Global Deep State: A Fascist World Order Funded by the American Taxpayer

This financial tyranny persists whether it’s a Democrat or Republican at the helm. Source

‘Why Can’t We Go Back?’ Christian Nationalist State Sen. Dusty Deevers Wants To Go Back To The 1600s

Dusty Deevers is a far-right pastor and unabashed Christian nationalist who was elected to a seat in the Oklahoma state senate last year. Since taking office, Deevers has attracted national attention for his efforts to, among other things, pass legislation that will abolish abortion, ban no-fault divorce, and outlaw pornography. On Friday, Deevers appeared on […]

New Media Sues the State Department Over Censorship

The State Department is censoring and limiting the circulation of disfavored press outlets. According to a new lawsuit filed in December on behalf of two media organizations, those being The Daily Wire and The Federalist, as well as the State of Texas and AG Ken Paxton versus the US Department of State (the State Department) […]

Israel faces cascading DEBT COLLAPSE as Jewish state hit with credit rating downgrade

(NaturalNews) If Israel’s war on Hamas and the Palestinian people in general continues to grow and expand to other fronts, the global credit rating agency S&P… Source

State AGs Pressure CBS To Not Run Temu’s 2024 Super Bowl Ad

Authored by Bill Pan via The Epoch Times, A group of six state attorneys general are asking CBS and its parent company, Paramount Global, not to run Super Bowl ads from Temu, a rapidly growing Chinese online shopping platform they claim is selling products of forced labor. This will be the second time Temu has […]

The Deep State is Very Real… It has Officially Turned on Joe Biden (VIDEO)

The Deep State is Very Real… It has Officially Turned on Joe Biden (VIDEO) Source

Renaming the Empire State Plaza towers?

With help from Shawn Ness One of the tallest buildings in Upstate New York might soon be named after the East River. Outside of the bizarre ovate structure, the first thing most observers of Albany’s skyline notice is the five towers jutting out of the Empire State Plaza. Each is among the 10 tallest buildings […]

Rosendale sets up messy GOP primary in a must-win state

Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-Mont.) launched a Senate bid on Friday and created a messy Republican primary in a must-win state — a move that Senate GOP leaders had been trying to prevent for months. Rosendale, a conservative hardliner who joined seven other Republicans to depose Kevin McCarthy last year, had told colleagues for months that […]

Massachusetts Cuts College Degree Requirements For 90% Of State Jobs

Massachusetts Cuts College Degree Requirements For 90% Of State Jobs By Austin Browne of Campus Reform Massachusetts will no longer require a college degree for a large majority of government jobs due to a new state executive order intended to make the commonwealth more “inclusive.” Governor Maura Healey signed the order, titled “Instituting Skill-Based Hiring […]


CRANDALL v. STATE OF NEVADA. Supreme Court 73 U.S. 35 18 L.Ed. 745 6 Wall. 35 CRANDALL v. STATE OF NEVADA. December Term, 1867 ERROR to the Supreme Court of Nevada. In 1865, the legislature of Nevada enacted that ‘there shall be levied and collected a capitation tax of one dollar upon every person leaving […]

The Illusion of Secession By the US Corporation’s Sub Corporation “State” “Governments” Would Leave The Slave Chains On & Power Held By The Same Evil F##kers Who Run US/DC

The ‘UNITED STATES’ is a Corporation owned and operated to Farm Americans like cattle for profit and use American children as cannon fodder in Rothschild pre-planned usury banker wars by the Rothschilds. Every single “state” “government” is a sub corporation of Rothschild’s US Corporation. The purpose of the “state” “governments” are to farm the Americans […]

Wisconsin Supreme Court rules Dean Phillips must be allowed on state’s primary ballot

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ordered election officials to include presidential hopeful Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) on the state’s Democratic primary ballot Friday. The unanimous ruling claimed Democrats on the bipartisan presidential selection committee should have held a discussion about including Phillips. The court’s decision means the long-shot candidate will appear on the April 2 primary… […]

133 “Seed War Giants” ft. Dustin Nemos, hidden history of man, deep state, nephilim, demons

In this interview: Please welcome the citizen journalist, reporter, researcher, historian & scholar Dustin Nemos the Archivist, who has spent his life following every rabbit hole, every conspiracy theory and connecting the dots – and every moment since 2017 exposing the deepest secrets of the deep state. Host of The Silent War at and […]

The State Of The World’s 7,168 Languages

The State Of The World’s 7,168 Languages What are the roots of a living language, and how many are at risk of extinction? This graphic via Visual Capitalist, from Stephen Jones, CEO of, shows the state of living languages around the world. Mapping Out Living Languages Across the 7,168 living languages today, 43% are at risk of […]

Two-way deals at the state Capitol?

With help from Shawn Ness The state Senate was poised to pass a package of health affordability bills late today that includes having the state enter into contracts with private manufacturers to produce generic drugs and one to let New Yorkers start importing medicine from Canada. The package is part of Albany Democrats’ focus on […]

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