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CYBER: Iran’s AI-Powered Surveillance State

On January 31, a court in Iran handed out a combined sentence of 10 years to a couple who danced outside of Azadi Tower in Tehran, Iran. A film of the brief dance went viral on Instagram and Twitter. They’re 21 and 22 years old. The woman was not wearing a hijab. The long sentence […]

Stories of State-Sanctioned Abuse, Murder Highlight Importance of First Amendment

As Beijing staged a dazzling $100 million spectacle hosting the Winter Olympics last year, Ji Yunzhi lay dying up north in a Chinese hospital. She had a mere breath left after the rounds of torture inflicted on her, hoping to scare her into renouncing her faith. Iron ankle fetters and handcuffs chained her to the hospital […]

British Army is in a “dire state” and may not be able to defend the UK and its allies, experts warn

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Concerns are growing about the current state of the British Army following a warning by the chairman of the UK Defense Select Committee Tobias Ellwood.Ellwood, who is a former soldier, called on the UK government to reverse what he described as “swathing cuts†because “we are now at war in Europe.†He […]

When will the ‘NYT’ and other mainstream media report the death of the two-state solution?

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman recently said that the two-state solution in Israel/Palestine is, if not already dead, “in hospice.” Now it’s time for news reporters at his paper and other mainstream U.S. media, to look squarely at how and why two states is no longer possible. Instead, the two-state solution is supposedly still […]

Suspected Herdsmen Kill 12 Christians in Benue State, Nigeria 

Benue River in Makurdi, Benue state, Nigeria. (Bandele Femi, Ashinze, Creative Commons) ABUJA, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – After authorities in Nigeria ignored warnings that thousands of cattlemen were arriving in Benue state, suspected herdsmen on Saturday (Jan. 28) attacked two villages there and killed 12 Christians, sources said. The assailants… Source

Kremlin blocks the official US gov’t websites for the FBI, State Department & C.I.A. due to blatant propaganda and misinformation

Russian media watchdog takes on CIA website Roskomnadzor has blocked access to the webpage along with those of FBI and US State Department READ HERE: The official websites of US intelligence agencies have been blocked in Russia after state media watchdog Roskomnadzor put them on a blacklist on Friday for spreading misinformation and discrediting Russia’s […]

Adams outlines ‘Working People’s Agenda’ in State of the City speech

Adams outlines ‘Working People’s Agenda’ in State of the City speech lead image Source

‘Israel is an apartheid state,’ but keep the U.S. aid flowing — Rothkopf

The use of the word apartheid to describe Israel’s treatment of Palestinians just keeps growing. David Rothkopf, the former editor of Foreign Policy, baldly states that Israel is an apartheid state in a piece published by Haaretz last weekend. The “demise” of the two state solution has made it untenable not to talk about Israeli […]

A State for some of its citizens: Captured black soldier’s saga highlights racism in Israel

"For how long will I be in captivity? After so many years, where are the state and the people of Israel?" These were the words, uttered in Hebrew, of a person believed to be Avera Mengistu, an Israeli soldier of Ethiopian origin, who was captured and held in Gaza in 2014. Footage of Mengistu, looking […]

DEEP STATE: Unelected lifers in the federal agencies make the biggest decisions in American government, and crush anyone who tries to reign them in. In the process, our democracy becomes a joke. — Tucker Carlson (Video)

Unelected lifers in the federal agencies make the biggest decisions in American government, and crush anyone who tries to reign them in. In the process, our democracy becomes a joke. — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) January 20, 2023 Source

Governors to voters: The state of our nation is bleak, except under me

If you’d sat in the Wyoming statehouse as Gov. Mark Gordon issued his State of the State address last week, it may have seemed as if the end times were near. Not only had the “misguided” energy policies of the Biden administration “cost our nation dearly these past two years,” the Republican governor said, but […]

Hochul touts efforts to curb gun violence in State of the State speech

Hochul touts efforts to curb gun violence in State of the State speech lead image Source

‘California Is The State Of Freedom,’ Says Man Who Locked Everyone In Their Homes For 2 Years

SACRAMENTO, CA — In an inspiring speech intended to boost the pride of the state’s remaining residents, Governor Gavin Newsom declared California to be “the state of freedom,” despite the fact that he locked down businesses, churches, skate parks, paddleboarders, and pretty much everything else while locking everyone in their homes for 2 years. Source

State Power and Covid Crimes: Part 5

BY RAMESH THAKUR  JANUARY 6, 2023  HISTORY, LAW, PUBLIC HEALTH  6 MINUTE READ SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL State Power and Covid Crimes: Part 1 State Power and Covid Crimes: Part 2 State Power and Covid Crimes: Part 3 State Power and Covid Crimes: Part 4 State Power and Covid Crimes: Part 5 The ease with which the majority of people […]

NY Supreme Court rules Empire State’s gun control law UNCONSTITUTIONAL

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The Supreme Court of the State of New York ruled that a gun control law enabling firearms to be seized from people who have not committed any crime was unconstitutional.According to the Epoch Times, New York Supreme Court Judge Thomas Moran ruled on Dec. 22, 2022, that the Extreme Risk Protection Order […]

Jim Jordan Vows To Take Down ‘Deep State’; Chairs ‘Weaponization of Government’ Select Committee

Jim Jordan has vowed to take down the ‘Deep State’ and bring to justice those who abused their power within government to silence ordinary Americans on social media. The 118th House of Representatives will see […] The post Jim Jordan Vows To Take Down ‘Deep State’; Chairs ‘Weaponization of Government’ Select Committee appeared first on […]

State legislatures are coming back. These are the lawmakers to follow.

A Gen Z Florida Republican. A Virginia OB/GYN opposed to abortion. An Arizona progressive who defeated a Trump-aligned Republican. These state lawmakers are among thousands of Republicans, Democrats and independents gearing up for an energetic and contentious set of legislative sessions that start kicking off in dozens of capitals this month. Fueled by issues like […]

California’s Kounalakis Renamed State’s Top Foreign Trade Representative

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order Dec. 30 redesignating Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis as his top international trade representative. Kounalakis, a former U.S. ambassador, was sworn into office as lieutenant governor on Jan. 2, beginning her second term in the position. She has served as the governor’s representative for the Affairs and Trade […]

US State representative slams Israel’s policies as a mission of ‘genocide’

US State Representative of Massachusetts, Jamie Zahlaway Belsito, slammed Israel's harsh policies against Palestinians, condemning it as a "mission to kill Palestinians and steal their lands". Following the announcement of the Israeli government's plans to escalate expanding illegal Jewish settlements in the Occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, the politician took to Twitter criticising Israel as […]

Jewish supremacy is state policy, says Netanyahu

American Jewish leaders are right to be worried. As Benjamin Netanyahu peels away at the façade that has maintained support for the occupation state within liberal Jewish constituencies in the US and elsewhere, they are discovering that their democratic image of Israel is but a figment of their imagination. Any remaining doubt about Israel's identity […]

Bombshell: New evidence points to realization that Jan. 6 ‘riot’ was orchestrated with help of deep state plant Ray Epps

(Natural News) In the months following the Jan. 6 “riot” at the U.S. Capitol Building, the name of “Ray Epps” continued to surface as someone who likely had something to do with what took place. For a time, even the FBI had Epps on its ‘wanted’ list in relation to the incident before suddenly and… […]

She’s EXPOSING How The Deep State Mafia Controls All of Us — Redacted Conversation with Whitney Webb

Journalist Whitney Webb sits down with Redacted’s Clayton Morris for a dense conversation about her bombshell new book on Jeffrey Epstein’s deep connections to the world’s biggest power players. Source

Steve Bannon and China’s Deep State

“I consider Xi Jinping the most dangerous enemy of open societies in the world. –George Soros, 2021 “China has emerged as the greatest economic and national security threat the United States has ever faced” –Steve Bannon, 2019   How to Overthrow the Communist Party of China On June 4, 2020, purged billionaire deep state operative […]

COVID Technologies Feeding Into The Global Surveillance State

By Mike Maharrey In another frightening example of “mission creep,” governments around the world are using technologies developed during the COVID-19 Source

Zelenskyy Warns ‘Terrorist State’ Russia It Will Never Be Forgiven For Appalling Bombings

“They call themselves Christians … but they are following the devil,” the Ukrainian president said of Russian leaders and attackers. Source

Treason from the Deep State?

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) I have received a lot of emails asking why just five days after the New York Post revealed the Hunter Biden laptop story that went all the way to the top involving his father, now President Biden, the former CIA Director John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper announced on October 19th, 2020, … [Read More…] […]

BlackRock, State Street Admit Signing Net-Zero Pledges They Don’t Act On

Texas state senators struggled for more than six hours last week to get straight answers from Wall Street giants BlackRock and State Street, two of the world’s largest asset managers, regarding what they are doing to compel companies whose shares they own to get in line with the ESG movement. Source

Coalition Of Private Companies Release ‘Policy Blueprint’ For State Government Officials To Push For Digital ID

The manic drive to establish digital ID for everyone is now focussed on state and local entities, with preference to start by enhancing driver’s licenses. The globalist legal firm behind this consortium has a 100 year track record of promoting global governance Source

One Dead in Big Pileup on Chinese Bridge Shrouded in Fog: State Media

BEIJING—One person was killed on Wednesday when more than 200 vehicles were involved in a pile-up on a bridge in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou in heavy fog, rescuers and the CCTV state broadcaster reported. Cars and trucks could been seen crumpled and piled on top of each other on the Zhengxin Huanghe bridge in […]

Report: Illinois Abortionists See Rise in Out-of-State Patients 

Abortionists in Illinois say they are seeing a rise in out-of-state patients from more states than ever before. Source

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