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4 ‘Neo-Nazis’ Arrested For ‘Hunting’ Jews During Soccer Match In France — ‘Arsenal’ Of Weapons Found

( French police discovered an arsenal of weapons including machine guns after arresting four men suspected of belonging to a neo-Nazi group in the eastern Alsace region, officials said Friday: Some 200 officers detained the men, aged 45 to 53, at their homes on Tuesday near Mulhouse after intelligence services determined the group’s members took […]

Why Israel is still helping Nazis in Ukraine

I spoke on the By Any Means Necessary radio show recently to talk about how Israel is still helping to arm the Azov Battalion (a Ukrainian Nazi group currently fighting Russia) with sophisticated anti-tank missiles. Subscribe now Share I talk to Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Luqman about the complex relations between the Israeli government and […]

WAPO Senior Editor Claims AR-15, Designed in Mid-1950s, Was Invented for Nazis

Washington Post senior editor Marc Fisher tweeted on Thursday that the AR-15 rifle was “invented for Nazi infantrymen.” 

Nazis Are Actually Fine Now, According to the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League

If you happened to be alive during the years of 2016 to 2020, you can probably recall the routine issuance of frantic bulletins that “Nazis” were suddenly on the march in the US. Not just that some ludicrous, ragtag group of self-identified Nazis could be occasionally spotted in the wild — which had always been […]

ADL Defends Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis: ‘They Don’t Attack Jews Or Jewish Institutions’

( The Jewish supremacist group — the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith — which runs a domestic spying network that monitors — and publicly condemns — even the most innocuous so-called “neo-nazi” activity in the U.S. — has decided to give Ukraine’s popular neo-Nazis a free pass — apparently because they support their Chabad puppet, […]

Ukrainian Nazis have Created a “No-Sailing Zone” on the Black Sea

As you must know, the “no-fly zone” (NFZ), also known as the air exclusion zone (AEZ), is an off-limits area established by military force. The criminal Kiev authorities have been actively, but unsuccessfully, trying in recent days to create a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine and involve the NATO countries in their confrontation with Moscow. Nevertheless, they managed to […]

Is this company censoring reports of Ukrainian Nazis on Twitter?

Logically’s “fact check” is in itself misleading. I was censored by Twitter on Thursday. They prevented me from posting a factual tweet about Ukrainian Nazis. The tweet was auto-hidden, and am locked out of my account (banned from posting new tweets) until I agree to click “delete” on the hidden tweet. Share Share Palestine is […]

Number of Extremists and Neo-Nazis in Europe will Increase at Ukraine’s Expense

Fleeing from wars, armed conflicts and various militant activities, migrants from Africa and Asia continue to make risky attempts to enter the EU by various means, often using risky and perilous routes. However, streams of refugees in Europe have increased in recent days amid the events in Ukraine. So, after the outright genocide of the Russian-speaking […]

Twitter is censoring reporting on Ukrainian Nazis on the pretext of “abusive behavior”

The photos I attached to my banned tweet. Twitter has locked me out of my account and has prevented me from posting the following tweet, which they claim is “abusive.” They are also threatening to suspend my account altogether if I post similar things in the future. Please share this post on Twitter to push […]

How the U.S. Has Empowered and Armed Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Ukraine’s far right Azov Battalion (Getty Images) Russian President Putin has claimed that he ordered the invasion of Ukraine to “denazify” its government, while Western officials, such as former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul, have called this pure propaganda, insisting, “There are no Nazis in Ukraine.” In the context of the Russian invasion, the […]

The Biden’s Helped Neo-Nazis Rise to Power in Ukraine

For the last decade, billionaire Oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky has funded the rise of neo-nazi’s in Ukraine in collusion with the Biden family, and helped install puppet President Volodymyr Zelensky to wage an unholy war against Putin’s Russia. The current Russia-Ukraine conflict is being presented by the elite and mainstream media as “Russian aggression” towards “innocent” […]

What to Know About the ’Neo-Nazis’?

النيأ العظيم === [embedded content] Islam and Muslims مفهوم الحرية واستعمال العنف [embedded content] الاسلام والمسلمون [embedded content] Islamic jurisprudence crisis أزمة الفقه الإسلامي [embedded content] Pillars of Islam and the pillars of faith أركان الإسلام وأركان الإيمان [embedded content] More here (1 to 44) The Qur’an, Morality and Critical Reason (PDF) Source

How Israel is arming Ukrainian Nazis – #40

Azov Battalion fighters in ideological training. Since just before Christmas, there’s been a lot of hype in the capitalist press about Russia supposedly planning an invasion of Ukraine. Shades of Tony Blair’s infamous lie that Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” could be deployed within 45 minutes. Hardly anyone seems to be buying the pretext […]

Mobile ‘Gas Vans’ Not Invented By ‘Nazis’ But By Communist Jew Isai Berg To Mass Murder Ukrainians During Holomodor

Only known photo of “Nazi” mobile gas van According to official Holocaust propagandists, the “Nazi” inspiration for the Gas Chambers™ at Auschwitz allegedly evolved from an earlier — and far more inefficient — mode of mass execution which involved cramming prisoners in the back of a truck, redirecting the exhaust pipe into the cargo compartment, […]


REAL NAZISM FROM THE REAL NAZIS Without a detailed study of the Old Testament, i, e. Torah, we can neither find the solution to those Jewish aspirations bent on capturing world power nor understand the events of the present day. Those who are not intimate with the first five books of the Old Testament, i.e., […]

New Normal – The Nazis Are Back

German leaders are siccing the police on people who appear in public without masks. Share this: Source

Antifascists Call For Mobilization In Chicago Against Neo-Nazis

The Neo-Nazi Group Behind Racist Attacks And Charlottesville Violence. Antifascists in Chicago have issued a call for a community mobilization against the neo-Nazi group, Patriot Front, who has stated that they plan to rally alongside the March for Life anti-choice demonstration on January 8th. Patriot Front is the same group that is behind a wave of racist and […]


[embedded content]… Auld Lang Syne [embedded content]… [embedded content]… [embedded content]… Parallel Worlds/Universes The 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), that President Biden signed on Monday, includes amendments that block him from taking steps to close the notorious prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Unknown commented – Despite widespread reporting of the Maxwell trial the MSM […]

The United States Is Using Nazis In Ukraine To Provoke War With Russia

If you listen to the corporate media in the United States, you may believe the lies that say Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine. In reality, it is the United States, led by then vice president Joe Biden, that conducted a coup to replace the elected president of Ukraine in 2014 and has been training […]

The Nazis won the War in many senses, ways and aspects – but it’s all outside the purview of mainstream historical thinking

The Nazis won the War in many senses, ways and aspects – but it’s all outside the purview of mainstream historical thinking / News Editors (Natural News) The Nazis won the War in many senses, ways and aspects – but it’s all outside the purview of mainstream historical thinking. You’ll have to dig deep […]

Hanukkah Holocaust Miracle — ‘Nazis’ Ran Out Of Zyklon-B Just As Naomi Yakobovich Was About To Be ‘Gassed’

(Jerusalem Post) During Hanukkah in December of 1943, at the height of the killing operations at Auschwitz when the “Nazis” were allegedly “liquidating” between six to ten thousand Jews per day — Naomi Yakobovich claims that right before she was supposed to enter the gas chamber, the “Nazis” ran out of Zyklon-B — and for […]


Israeli forces kill Palestinian boy in occupied West Bank Hamtramck City Council will be all Muslim, likely first in US [embedded content]… Indian Television Exposes How Pfizer Bullies and Blackmails … [embedded content]… According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency –  ‘During the public comment portion of a meeting of the Chandler Unified School District board, […]


London. Anonymous 5 November 2021 – Regarding ‘nazis’ and ‘fascists’ from the perspective of today’s youth. There have been so many obvious lies from governments and propagandists about so many things. Many young people now wonder if the tales of world war II are false; maybe these ‘nazis’ and ‘fascists’ were not so bad. Reportedly, the Cabal controls […]

‘YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF MY F-ING FACE!’ Elderly Grandma Slams Democrat Mask Nazis

And this, folks, is how you deal with far-left mask fanatics. The Democratic nazis picked the wrong grandma to bully: Source

‘Portuguese Schindler’ who saved thousands from Nazis is honoured in Lisbon

Portugal has paid official homage to a diplomat who helped save thousands of people from Nazi persecution during World War II. Aristides de Sousa Mendes — known as the “Portuguese Schindler” — was honoured at the country’s National Pantheon on Tuesday. Leading Portuguese politicians, public figures and the diplomat’s own descendants attended the formal televised […]


JEWISH NAZIS According to the official story –  ‘In January 1942, the Wannsee conference took place in a mansion on the shore of the Wannsee, a lake on the outskirts of Berlin. ‘The 15 men who met at Wannsee – most of them were qualified lawyers, and eight of them held academic doctorates. Reinhard Heydrich, […]

George Soros & Disney Smear U.S. Troops As “Neo-Nazis” on Day of Afghanistan Attack

George Soros and Disney both collectively decided to issue a scathing attack against U.S. troops on the very same day they were attacked in Afghanistan. On 26th August, the far-left outlet Vice issued the following vile tweet: Deleted but never forgotten, @VICE. May the shame of this follow you forever, end your disgusting outlet, and […]

Jews Claim Nazis Showed Grand Mufti How To Build ‘Gas Chambers’ So He Could Kill All The Jews In Palestine After The War

At the behest of Golda Meir, Jewish “historians” have been working feverishly for the last 50 years trying to concoct evidence that today’s Palestinians are crypto-Nazis who are ideologically tied through Amin al-Husseini, the former Grand Mufti of Palestine, to Adolf Hitler — with whom they allegedly planned to “gas” all the Jews in Palestine […]


Maxwell Knight. Maxwell Knight was a real British spy. So, naturally, he liked young boys, was a Satanist, and worked alongside the Kosher Nostra. At age 14, Maxwell Knight was in the navy, as a cadet on the training-ship Worcester. Having left the navy, in 1919, Maxwell Knight was employed as a prep school master, […]

MSNBC’s McCaffrey: Trump ‘Was Edging Towards a Coup’ Like 1930s Nazis

MSNBC military analyst Barry McCaffrey said Thursday on “Deadline” that while still in office, former President Donald Trump “was edging towards a coup” with strong parallels to the Nazis in 1930s Germany. Discussing recent books about Trump’s final days, anchor Nicolle Wallace, “Shocking to read that the ex-president had an affinity for Hitler, in some […]

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