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Jews Still Angry About That Time When The ‘Nazis’ Burned Their Gay Porn Stash in 1933

(Forward) Ninety years have passed since the National Socialist took steps to protect German society by burning “troves” of pornographic Jewish “scientific literature” which attempted to normalize sexual deviancy — including books on “pioneering” gender mutilation surgeries — yet Jews today remain clueless about why these books were burned — and why they themselves are […]

Biden’s Stash of Classified Documents Included Materials Marked Top Secret

President Joe Biden’s stash of classified documents at the Biden Penn Center included materials reportedly marked top secret. Source

Yet Another Stash Of Classified Documents Discovered During Biden’s Colonoscopy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The White House is on edge this morning after investigators revealed a fourth stash of classified documents from Biden’s tenure as Vice President was found deep in his colon. Source

Large Stash of Viking Silver Found in Central Norway

A rare collection of silver objects believed to be from the Viking Age (8th-11th century) has been discovered in central Norway’s Stjørdal, near Trondheim.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Smuggler Allegedly Forced Migrant to Shoot Porn in Texas Stash House

Federal authorities arrested an alleged human smuggler accused of kidnapping a Honduran female for six weeks to extort her family. The smuggler was in the U.S. illegally and has a deportation record.

Large Stash Of Previously Unreported Emails Between Staley And Epstein Emerges, Some Reference “Snow White”

Less than two weeks ago, former Barclays CEO Jes Staley resigned over his unsavory ties to Jeffrey Epstein – which in turn followed the departure of another Epstein pal, Leon Black – who left private equity giant Apollo following an internal uprising over the relationship. Jes Staley (far left), Larry Summers, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates We may now […]

Massive Stash of Iron Age Weapons Reveals Victory Rituals

A massive Iron Age weapons armory has been discovered in North Rhine-Westphalia at Wildenberg Castle, Germany, the biggest find of its kind ever. Archaeologists from the reputed Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe (LWL) in Lippstadt, who’ve been working on this site for more than 3 years, have dated most of the finds in the Iron Age […]

Stash of 7,000 Coins Found in Hungary, Revealing Story of National Trauma

A recent post from a Hungarian museum curator on  Facebook tells of the discovery of “rare treasures of magnitude,” relating to the Turkish devastation following the Battle of Mohács. The news referred to archaeologists excavating a site near Újlengyel in central  Hungary, who unearthed approximately 7,000 gold and silver coins.  Fought on 29 August 1526 AD, near […]

Archaeologists Discover a Huge Stash of Medieval Coins in Hungary

Ongoing excavations at a rural spot near the village of Újlengyel in central Hungary recently struck gold, both figuratively and literally. Archaeologists armed with powerful metal detectors found a buried treasure of approximately seven thousand silver and four medieval  gold coins  in Hungary, hidden centuries ago by unknown individuals. This is the largest collection of […]

Closing in on the Jacobite Gold? Jacobite Stash Unearthed in Scotland

On the 16th April 1746, the  Battle of Culloden was Charles Edward Stuart’s final stand in his Jacobite uprising of 1745. Pitted against British government forces led by William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, son of king George II of England, the carnage that unfolded that day on Drummossie Moor to the east of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands was […]

Authorities Confiscate Large Stash of Weapons and Munition Heading to Idlib

July 31, 2020 Arabi Souri The law enforcement authorities discovered and confiscated a large quantity of weapons and munition heading to the NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib. In its ongoing intensive work and thanks to the ever-vigilant Syrian security personnel and with the help of locals, the law enforcement units in Homs monitoring smuggling networks […]

Prepper 101: How to find the perfect stash spot on your property

(Natural News) If you’ve been collecting items for the sake of preparedness, you need to give some careful consideration to where you will store everything. You might have a basement full of tools, organic emergency survival food, and first aid kits, but this won’t do you much good if your home is destroyed in a […]

Victory! British Whites Vote To Leave European Union

Victory! British Media Declares Leave Has Won The EU Referendum From INFO STORMER White British men and women, today you have done a great deed that will echo throughout the ages, with your descendants hundreds of years into the future now fated to sing of your heroism in the face of Communist and Jewish aggression […]

Young Indian Maid Allegedly Tortured To Death In Saudi Arabia

A 25-year-old woman from Hyderabad, India, was allegedly tortured to death while working as a maid against her will in Saudi Arabia. Her Saudi employers kept her working as a maid illegally after her visa expired and against her wishes while allegedly torturing her physically and mentally. dna India reports: The family members of Asima Khatoon were […]

Huge explosion rocks waste treatment plant in Antwerp, Belgium (VIDEO PHOTOS)

The blast occurred in a storage bunker at an industrial waste treatment plant belonging to the Indaver company on Friday. Photos from social media networks show dark clouds of smoke curling upwards. About 60 firefighters have arrived at the site, the RTBF public broadcaster reports. The Antwerp fire service said on Twitter that neighboring Tijsmanstunnel […]

“The Life of Adam”… The New Sandy Hook Documentary

Here it’s!!! The long awaited Sandy Hook documentary “The Life of Adam”. Brought to you by Independent Media Solidarity (IMS), the same group who did “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” which came out last December and received millions of views. ~ Documentary These guys are TRUE patriots who poured themselves into this project, […]

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