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Brilliant analysis of earth’s current climate and ground state

Nothing to do with CO2.  It’s about pressure as we burn fuels.  The pressures expand and change temperatures in the mesosphere, the ionosphere and above.  We are expanding our envelope which is absorbing more energy from outside.  The ionosphere is 1500 degrees centigrade and getting hotter.  We are being blown up like a  big balloon. […]

The Brilliant Legal Mind of John Sauer

On July 20, our attorney John Sauer—a brilliant legal mind and a force of nature in the courtroom—testified before a Congressional hearing of the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Emma-Jo Morris, the journalist who originally broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, which was subsequently censored under pressure […]

Brilliant :) I was not expecting that :)

Mayhem’s Shorts Podcast – August 1st, 2023 Smile Credit to PoliticalSavage on TikTok Source

Brilliant Venus and Mercury Put on a Sky Show Just After Sunset – Venus and The Pleiades Conjunction

When the sun goes down tonight, step outside and look west. Venus and Mercury are shining through the twilight just above the horizon. Venus is brilliant and unmistakable; Mercury is dimmer and lower, but rising and brightening every night as it approaches greatest elongation from the sun on April 11th. The scene will improve every […]

An Iraqi writer’s brilliant book shows how the 2003 U.S. invasion detonated 20 years of awful violence

The wait is over for a brilliant, comprehensive account of the last two decades in Iraq. Ghaith Abdul-Ahad has written a masterpiece. Source

Absolutely Brilliant!!

THE GOYIM KNOW!!!!! Your future, as planned by the ZOG elite!   How Kikestan stole the atom bomb. for the most indepth CI study ever published: The Great Impersonation The post Absolutely Brilliant!! appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

‘Brilliant’ new documentary exposes how Big Pharma and gov’t teamed up to push the COVID vaccines


Steve Bannon on ‘War Room’: ‘My Son Hunter’ Is ‘Absolute Brilliant Film, Everybody’s Got to Watch This’

Steve Bannon, former Trump White House chief strategist and host of the popular “War Room” podcast, has seen My Son Hunter and his verdict is an unqualified rave, calling it an “absolute brilliant film” that “everybody’s got to watch.” “Absolutely brilliant film. Everybody’s got to watch this,” Bannon said during an interview Friday on his “War Room” podcast […]

12 Brilliant Ways Republicans Are Planning To Screw Up The Midterms

Brought to you by The Babylon Bee Guide to Democracy The midterm elections are fast approaching, which leaves only a few weeks for Republicans to do what they do best: screw it up! Here are 12 ways Republicans plan to completely erase their lead in the midterms. Get caught wearing masks: This is worse than […]

EPOCH TIMES ‘My Son Hunter’ Review: ‘Brilliant Biden Satire’ Reaches ‘Shakespearean-Level Tragicomedy’

The Epoch Times has delivered a rave review about the movie “My Son Hunter,” calling it a “brilliant Biden satire” that reaches “Shakespearean-level tragicomedy.” Special praise was given to actor Laurence Fox, who plays Hunter Biden, in what the outlet called a “career-defining performance.” The paper also praised director Robert Davi’s ability to balance outright […]

Brilliant: This Man Reads All The Spoilers Of Upcoming Marvel Movies And Now He Doesn’t Have To Watch Them

Brilliant: This Man Reads All The Spoilers Of Upcoming Marvel Movies And Now He Doesn’t Have To Watch Them CLOVIS, NM—Local movie buff Richard Jetherson is receiving praise for his brilliance when it comes to movies that are a part of the ultra-popular Marvel cinematic universe: he simply reads all the spoilers of upcoming Marvel […]

Brilliant! How Russians Crushed Moscow’s Vaccine Passports in Just 3 Weeks

About 40 state legislatures are now following Governor Ron DeSantis’ lead in Florida by moving to ban vaccine passports. But some states and cities are already implementing vaccine passports – and it looks like the puppet-masters running the Biden regime are going to try to force a federal vaccine passport on us very soon. They’ve […]

MIT Remembers Brilliant Greek Professor George Hatsopoulos

Greek inventor and professor George Hatsopoulos lecturing at MIT over the decades. Photo courtesy of the Hatsopoulos family. The life of the brilliant Greek-born inventor, entrepreneur and professor George Hatsopoulos was commemorated at an event held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he had served as a beloved teacher and mentor to generations of […]

Brilliant: Trump Begins Running 2024 Campaign Ads On Gas Pumps

U.S.—Well, it looks like the 2024 presidential race is kicking off, with former (and possibly future) President Donald Trump running his first set of ads on the television screens at gas pumps across the nation. The ads began running this week, and mostly feature the politician and real estate mogul asking people if they miss […]

A brilliant analysis of vaccination, by Richard Moskowitz, MD and homeopath

A brilliant analysis of vaccination, by Richard Moskowitz, MD and homeopath Jon Rappoport / Jon Rappoport by Jon Rappoport December 24, 2020 (To join our email list, click here.) In the age of COVID, vaccination looms large. As in mandatory. And of course, toxic. I’ve already covered two new vaccine technologies, one of which has […]

Over the past months, some of Trump’s followers have assumed his glorification of the coming vaxx was a brilliant strategy on his part. He had a secret “rescue” from the vaccine planned. | Well, here we are. I don’t see rescue. I see Trump selling the vaxx.

JON RAPPOPORT POSTED ON 13 DECEMBER 2020 Trump glorifies new COVID vaccine: what else did you expect? Note: In this climate, many people assume that if you say ANYTHING favorable about Trump, you support him all the way. If you say anything negative about him, you hate everything about him. I’ve never been in either camp. […]

Netanyahu’s ‘brilliant’ Mideast peace strategy has a big problem

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved

CCDH – The Centre For Cancel Culture And Digital Hypocrisy – Part 1 (Brilliant article exposing a very sinister web of coordinated Anglo-American censorship that has targeted David Icke and others)

The Center For Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) are a UK based organisation who have misspelled “centre” in their name. Perhaps they have opted for the U.S spelling in the hope of selling their peculiar brand of morally bankrupt censorship to the American propaganda market.The Anti-Vaxx Industry, is a propaganda leaflet with two main objectives. The first is to create […]

A Brilliant Animation Exposing The ‘Shadow Government’ That Controls Our Society (VIDEO)

The Facts: The Chakra system has been spoken about and used to help treat people from several ancient traditions all the way up to the present day. Reflect On: Have you explored your chakra system? There are chakra meditation you can explore to not only tap into your chakras but to examine the energy at […]

This Brilliant Animation Exposes The ‘Shadow Government’ That Controls Our Society (VIDEO)

Next Story It’s so often said “the people who really run the world.” But what does that mean and look like exactly? Recently, even in the mainstream, the word Deep State has come to mass attention as the governing body that ‘lurks in the shadows’ that secretly runs our world. Beyond presidents and their administrations, […]

Bitter Harvest: A Brilliant Film on the Ukrainian Holodomor

By Bryan Christopher SawyerThe Occidental Observer, 24 Oct 2017 With an endnote by LD “This particular film was extremely important to me, and it felt almost like a mission. I wanted to bring knowledge about the famine genocide, the Holodomor, to the Western world, and that’s why I did it.”        Ian Ihnatowycz, Bitter Harvest Producer […]

Boss’ Viral & Brilliant Response To Employee Asking For Mental Health Day Off

Next Story Asking for a day off isn’t exactly praised in the Western work force. We’ve been taught that working long hours and never taking breaks is the best way to climb the ladder to the top. But what if you don’t want the top? And what if, even if you do, you don’t think […]

Baalbek — Ancient Temple and Landing Spot For Otherworldly Visitors

Would it be wise to believe that a primitive society erected one of the most mysterious cities, thousands of years ago, using nothing more than early Bronze Age tools? If not, who helped them carve and transport the largest stones in the world? by EWAO In Lebanon, 4,000 feet above sea level, lies the mythical […]

Fragile infrastructure: Michigan declares energy emergency as gas shortage looms over holiday weekend

     Michigan is rolling out a convoy of gasoline trucks as the state braces for a possible fuel shortage over the upcoming holiday weekend. The governor has declared an energy emergency, extending truckers’ work hours to ensure gas supplies. “We want to make sure the fuel Michiganders need for their travels to work, school or […]

Will “The Reichstag” of the Capitol Building in DC be torched by sicko commie JEWS, as a precursor to the reign of God’s choice of Donald J. TRUMP?

Will “The Reichstag” of the Capitol Building in DC be torched by sicko commie JEWS, as a precursor to the reign of God’s choice of Donald J. TRUMP? Burning of the Reichstag in 1933 . Fire In The Reichstag By Peter Wainwright By the early 1930s, the situation in Germany was becoming highly explosive. A third […]

Time for NATO’s Breedlove to be dragged off the stage before he kills us all

NATO’s supreme allied commander General Philip Breedlove, known in some circles as “that crazy guy who keeps mumbling about protecting his precious bodily fluids“, has concocted a truly brilliant scheme to create “additional intelligence collection platforms” in the fight against a “resurgent” Soviet Union/Russia/whatever: The U-2 spy plane, one of the most emblematic aircraft of […]

Historic Study on Benefits of Cannabis Proves Those Who Keep it Illegal to Be Criminals

Last December we reported on a landmark study that made history at the annual meeting of the American Epilepsy Society. The study found that a cannabis extract called cannabidiol (CBD) has dramatically positive effects for children with seizures. by Justin Gardner Clinical trials are continuing to confirm that CBD is likely a far better treatment […]

‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"

“The Life of Adam”… The New Sandy Hook Documentary

Here it’s!!! The long awaited Sandy Hook documentary “The Life of Adam”. Brought to you by Independent Media Solidarity (IMS), the same group who did “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” which came out last December and received millions of views. ~ Documentary These guys are TRUE patriots who poured themselves into this project, […]

Shark Attack Forces Man To Go To Hospital….Unexpected Discovery Doctors Make Leaves Him Thankful For Attack

A Massachusetts man is crediting a shark attack for saving his life after doctors discovered a cancerous tumor as a result of his trip to the hospital. “The shark was a real message to me,” Eugene Finney told WBZ-TV. Finney was on vacation in California swimming near Huntington Beach when he felt something make contact […]

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