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Nolte: Weekend Box Office Shows the Movies are Back … Almost

Memorial Day weekend, the official start of the summer movie season, is so far looking pretty good at the box office. Faced with a gusher of terrible economic news, two weeks ago, His Fraudulency Joe Biden, the corrupt federal government, and the  disgraced CDC finally caved to science and common sense by lifting most of […]

Iranian movies pulled from London Global Kurdish Film Festival over separatism policy

TEHRAN – Three Iranian movies were withdrawn from the 12th Global Kurdish Film Festival in London on Monday over its alleged policy of promoting separatism. In statements published by the Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) and Mohsen Sakha, the producers of “Sky Sun, Tile Sun” and “Children of the Night” and “Car Wash”, said […]

Holocaust movies: 21 must-see films beyond Schindler’s List

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Movies from Iran line up for Taos Shortz Film Fest

TEHRAN – Nineteen movies by Iranian filmmakers will be screened at the Taos Shortz Film Fest in the United States. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 edition of the festival was postponed indefinitely, however, it was never was organized. Consequently, the organizers have decided to combine the 14th and 15th editions, which will be held […]

My 2020 Movie Tally: The Year The Movies Died

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the blog I get most excited about writing each year, the stories I try to tell about all of those wonderful theatrical movie experiences, the people I enjoyed spending those few hours with, sharing popcorn, whispering into their ears during previews, discussing what we watched when […]

Movies from Iran line up for Malaysian festival 

TEHRAN – A lineup of four Iranian films will be competing in the 4th Malaysia International Film Festival. The festival was originally scheduled to run from December 5 to 10, 2020, however, it was postponed to January 2021 due to the pandemic. The lineup includes “A Man without Shadow” by Alireza Raisian, “Just 6.5” by […]

Hanukkah shows and movies for kids that are worthy the tough search

 “Arthur’s Perfect Christmas,” the 2000 TV movie, begins with Arthur sitting at the piano in his jammies singing about how this Christmas is going to be magical — the best one yet. It’s clear what holiday is center stage in Arthur’s world. But it’s the B plot about the show’s Jewish character Francine that speaks […]

Hanukkah Entertainment: Celebrate Virtually with Movies, Music and Other Events

In this pandemic year, staying safe and apart from loved ones makes for a less festive Festival of Lights, but if you have an internet connection, there are fun ways to celebrate Hanukkah virtually. The Jewish and Israeli streaming service ChaiFlicks is hosting its first Hanukkah Film Festival, offering its subscribers eight days of specially […]

Liberty at the Movies: Thor: Ragnarok

Liberty at the Movies: Thor: Ragnarok By ns_admin This weeks box office will be dominated by Marvel Infinity Wars, the latest Avengers movie and the culmination of everything Marvel has been building up to in the last decade. Since the film is setting records for pre-opening ticket sales, you might find it difficult to get […]

Liberty at the Movies: Detroit

Liberty at the Movies: Detroit By ns_admin Another great movie to watch in Black History Month is Detroit, which focuses on the Aliers Hotel incident that took place during the riots of 1967. The riots started after Detroit police raided an unlicensed, after hours club on the office of a local civil rights organization. The […]

Liberty at the Movies: Marshall

Liberty at the Movies: Marshall By ns_admin Looking for a good movie to commemorate African-American history month? Try Marshall. Marshall is a story from the life of Thurgood Marshall, before he became a national figure as the lead attorney in Brown’v Board of Education and the first African-American Supreme Court Justice. The events of Marshall […]

Liberty at The Movies: Mother! and Justice League are the Worst Movies of the Year

Liberty at The Movies: Mother! and Justice League are the Worst Movies of the Year By ns_admin Mother! is not just the worst film of the year, it may be the worst film ever. This film is a pretentious, disjointed mess that, according to the director, is an attack on the religious beliefs of millions […]

Who and What Was Behind ‘The Exorcist’ Movies?

By Russ Winter When I watched the movie “The Exorcist” as a young man in 1973, it scared the heebie jeebies out of me. At the time, I lived alone in a modest apartment and hardly slept all night. This was a new film genre, and it kind of traumatized me. The other film that hit […]

Liberty at the Movies: Best of 2017

Liberty at the Movies: Best of 2017 By ns_admin Here is my list of the top ten movies of the year: Get Out Horror comedy that pays homage to the classic movies like The Stepford Wives and Rosemarys Baby while making a statement about race relations in America. The bad guys are not what you […]

Liberty at the Movies: Wonder Woman

Liberty at the Movies: Wonder Woman By ns_admin Woman is the latest super-hero blockbuster and is one of the best “comic book” movies ever. It is certainly the best DC movie — and, yes, I am including the Christian Bale Dark Knight trilogy and the early nineties Tim Burton-Michael Keaton movies in that comparison. The […]

Liberty at the Movies: Kong: Skull Island

Liberty at the Movies: Kong: Skull Island By ns_admin Skull Island, the latest cinematic incarnation of the legendary big ape King Kong, is not just a thrilling monster movie, but an anthology of the follies of military intervention. Set in the early seventies, the movie takes place in the backdrop of the end of the […]

What Gentiledom is up against–‘The Top Nine Holocaust Movies to Watch on the Ninth of Av’

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FOIA Docs Show CIA/Pentagon Made 1,800 Movies, TV Shows to Make America Love War

Renegade Editor’s Note: I just want to remind people of the ethnic make-up of the people running Hollywood, who happily shill for ZOG’s war machine. As Marlon Brando told Larry King in 1996: Hollywood is run by Jews. It is owned by Jews, and they should have a greater sensitivity. They should have greater sensitivity […]

U.S. Military and Intelligence Agencies Involved in Over 1,800 Movies and TV Shows

U.S. Military and Intelligence Agencies Involved in Over 1,800 Movies and TV Shows July 5th, 2017 A few of you might remember, The American Culture Bomb from just over a decade ago… Via: Medium: We have recently acquired 4,000 new pages of documents from […]

Liberty at the Movies: Get Out

Liberty at the Movies: Get Out By ns_admin Out has been the surprise hit of the winter. A low-budget horror movie, it has grossed almost $200 million at the box office. The film is an excellent horror movie, which pays homage and makes good use of numerous horror-movie standards — from the soundtrack complete with […]

The West Spreading New Wave of Feel-Good Movies and False Hopes


Liberty at the Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Liberty at the Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 By ns_admin a sequel to a movie loved for its uniqueness must be both the easiest and toughest job in Hollywood. On the one hand, you have a roster of beloved characters and situations. On the other hand, an audience that embraced the first move […]

Liberty at the movies: Do Not Resist

Liberty at the movies: Do Not Resist By ns_admin who doubts that America is well on its way to becoming a police state should watch Do Not Resist, a new documentary available for free download at Do Not Resist examines the militarization of police. Like the best documentaries, Do Not Resist makes its points […]

President Assad stays firm against imperialist-backed terrorists as the war on Syria continues

In a recent address to Parliament, Syrian President Bashar Al Assad reaffirmed his commitment to eradicating terrorism from Syria. Since as early as 2006, and climaxing in 2011, Syria has been embattled in a proxy war sponsored by the imperialist countries. Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, and the US have all provided the logistical support necessary for […]

Cardiologist on Dietary Guidelines Promoting Low-Fat Foods: ‘Perhaps the Biggest Mistake in Modern Medical History, Resulting in Devastating Consequences for Public Health’

And billions of dollars in profits for the ghouls behind the scam. Via: Guardian: Prof David Haslam, chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said: “As a clinician, treating patients all day every day, I quickly realised that guidelines from on high, suggesting high-carbohydrate, low-fat diets were the universal panacea, were deeply […]

Iran president urges new chapter in ties with Romania

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urges the opening of a new chapter in enhanced relations with Romania in all sectors in the shortest possible time. “Tehran and Bucharest should open a new… chapter in the strengthening of relations and political, economic, cultural and regional cooperation,” Rouhani said in a meeting with Romania’s Foreign Minister Lazar Comanescu in […]

Blast destroys front of building in Belgian town

Witnesses have posted numerous photos on Twitter, which showed three floors of the building had been damaged. Some users suggested there might have been a gas explosion. At least 14 people have been injured in the incident, the RTL TV channel reported, adding that firefighters are currently working at the scene. “The neighboring houses were affected. […]

Storm Clodagh batters Britain with 70mph gales and huge waves lash coastline

     Met Office issues weather warnings for whole of England and Wales as storm brings severe gales and Environment Agency warns of flooding Britons are braced for more lashing rain as flood warnings were issued for parts of the country as Storm Clodagh wreaked havoc. Flights were diverted, trains delayed and traffic held up on […]

Court Rules TSA Must Establish Rules For Virtual Strip Searches

The TSA has been conducting virtual strip searches on airline passengers for seven years with absolutely no rules or oversight governing their invasive body scanning process. In July, a coalition of civil-liberties groups including the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Rutherford Institute filed suit in the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals in D.C. to […]

‘Killer’ Robot Bee Developed To Replace Natural Bees

A frightening new robotic bee has been developed named ‘RoboBee’ that has been designed to replace natural bees in pollinating crops and spraying other insects with pesticides. reports: Harvard University originally developed the prototype RoboBee with the following future purposes in mind: autonomously pollinating a field of crops; search and rescue (e.g., in the […]

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