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WATCH: Comedian JP Sears and filmmaker Mikki Willis tag-team the Health Ranger and force him to accept “the SCIENCE”

WATCH: Comedian JP Sears and filmmaker Mikki Willis tag-team the Health Ranger and force him to accept “the SCIENCE” Yesterday at the Brighteon studios in Texas, comedian JP Sears and filmmaker Mikki Willis tag-teamed me to force me to accept “the science” regarding life preservers. Apparently, life preservers must be worn at all times because […]

Making Movies Outside of Hollywood: Actor–Filmmaker John Schneider Blazes His Own Trail

Hollywood loves a “fish out of water.” Put a poor family from the Deep South into a posh, Los Angeles suburb and you have “The Beverly Hillbillies.” Put a New York City lawyer and his Park Avenue-loving wife on a rural farm and you have “Green Acres.” Put a hardboiled, Philadelphia detective into an Amish […]

‘The Need to Grow’ Filmmaker Tells RFK, Jr.: Industrial Ag Is Killing Our Soil — Regenerative Farming Is the Answer

‘The Need to Grow’ Filmmaker Tells RFK, Jr.: Industrial Ag Is Killing Our Soil — Regenerative Farming Is the Answer Rob Herring, producer of the film, “The Need to Grow,” told RFK, Jr. on the “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” healthy soil has a “cosmic galactic level of microbial activity happening right under our noses.”by […]

Filmmaker hospitalised after violent attack by anti-vaxxers captured on film

A man who describes himself as an advocacy journalist claims he was assaulted by anti-vaccine protesters in Los Angeles, resulting in injuries that required his hospitalisation. Vishal P Singh claimed he was attempting to help another person who was assaulted by the protesters when they turned on him. “I was just severely injured by a […]

54-year-old Australian filmmaker Dead 2 Months after first AstraZeneca shot

Home » Australia, Health, Movies » 54-year-old Australian filmmaker Dead 2 Months after first AstraZeneca shot     A 54-year-old Australian filmmaker and businessman is dead despite acknowledging all the dangers surrounding the COVID-19 “vaccines” and having pre-existing conditions. Mr. Peter Spann received his first dose of experimental AstraZeneca viral vector on March 25, according […]

Palestinian filmmaker wins BAFTA award for best short film

“The Present,” a Palestinian short film depicting a day in the life of a father and daughter in the West Bank, won a BAFTA award for Best British Short Film on Saturday. Farah Nabulsi, a British-Palestinian filmmaker, accepted the award virtually during the 74th annual British Academy Film Awards, which were streamed from London’s Royal […]

Filmmaker Creates Mini-Series Asking Jews with Disabilities ‘What Do You Pray For?’

Emerging filmmaker Ben Rosloff is taking what he learned at his time as a Jewish Inclusion Fellow in RespectAbility’s National Leadership Program, by creating a 16-part short videos series featuring Jews with disabilities. The series asks the question, “What do you pray for?” The series, created during the pandemic, centers on the universal nature and themes […]

Oxford student officials condemn invitation of anti-Israel filmmaker

Marie van der Zyl, Board of Deputies president penned a letter to Prof. Judith Buchanan, Master of St Peter’s College at Oxford University, condemning the educator for extending an invitation to anti-Israel English filmmaker Ken Loach to lecture her students.Van der Zyl called the decision to invite the filmmaker “entirely unacceptable,” and called for the event […]

Court Rules Palestinian Filmmaker Must Pay Damages To Israeli Soldier Who Took Part in Massacre

By Miko Peled Source “Jenin, Jenin” documents a deadly Israeli assault on a Palestinian refugee camp that left hundreds of civilians dead and over fifteen hundred wounded, and its release has caused an uproar in Israeli society. In a particularly draconian decision, an Israeli court has ruled that the documentary film “Jenin, Jenin” will be […]

‘Soul-crushing’: Filmmaker captures ‘slow, painful death’ of starving polar bear (VIDEO)

The emaciated bear was filmed just “hours or days” from death as it searched for food on the barren and iceless Baffin Island – Canada’s largest and the fifth largest in the world. The heartbreaking footage was captured by the conservation group Sea Legacy while filming a documentary over the summer. READ MORE: Alaska problems: […]

Filmmaker With Links to Al-Qaeda Made CNN Syria Documentary, But Network Pretends He Doesn’t Exist

Radio Sputnik’s Loud and Clear spoke with Alternet’s Ben Norton about the documentary, where CNN sources its handlers, and how this speaks to the bigger issue of deep hypocrisy within the mainstream media concerning US foreign policy. Norton co-wrote a recent article with Max Blumenthal entitled “CNN Hired Top al-Qaeda Propagandist for Award-Winning Syria Documentary and Wants to Cover Its Tracks,” which told […]

Palestinian filmmaker Hala Gabriel seeks support for documentary on ’48 destruction of Tantura

Readers of Mondoweiss may recall two interviews that I conducted with freelance film director Hala Gabriel, who for the last seven years has been working on a documentary about the Palestinian fishing village of Tantura, the massacre that took place there in 1948, and the subsequent experiences of the survivors, most of whom found refuge […]

Rouhani banks on small businesses to generate big growth

TEHRAN, Iran — To achieve its target of 5% economic growth this year, the administration of President Hassan Rouhani is seeking to revive small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by continuing to focus on attracting foreign direct investment into slumbering industrial estates. Yet, in spite of the injection of $1.8 billion worth of foreign direct investment into SMEs in the […]

Top 5 Guns to Get Before an Election

Top 5 Guns to Get Before an Election July 6th, 2016 I’ve got three honorable mentions. 1) SIG 556 Classic Swat 2) FN PS90 3) FN M249S *chortle* Via: Iraqveteran8888: […]

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Enters Orbit Around Jupiter

NASA’s Lockheed Martin built Juno Spacecraft successfully entered an elliptical polar orbit around Jupiter on Monday. The 12 foot wide spaceship traveled through 1.7 billion miles of space in a five year journey to reach the solar system’s largest planet.  RTT News reports: Jupiter is the solar system’s largest planet, and is more than two-and-a-half […]

Israel asks for deal with Hezbollah to return Iran’s abducted diplomats

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior member of the Iranian parliament disclosed on Tuesday that Israel has relayed a message to Hezbollah declaring that it would cooperate with the Lebanese resistance movement on the issue of the Iranian diplomats who were abducted in Northern Lebanon in 1982 in the format of a deal. “Hezbollah has prisoners of […]

John McAfee Weighs in on Apple vs FBI Fight

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Europeans contradict themselves speaking in public & in private – Lavrov

“Sometimes the things they say from a podium contradict what they tell you in one-on-one talks, when nobody can overhear them,” the minister told Zvezda TV channel. “Alone most of EU members tell me things I find quite sensible, said Lavorov: that it was wrong to confront Russia over Ukraine, which, in fact, fell victim […]

India seeks preferential trade deal with Iran

India says it is interested in signing a preferential trade agreement with Iran when sanctions are lifted against Tehran, a press report says.  “We have a good relationship with Iran. It is a good market for us in the long term,” the Economic Times newspaper quoted a “senior” commerce department official as saying. The official […]

Zionism, anti-blackness, and the struggle for Palestine

This article was originally published at Savage Mind noting “This essay is a very important anthropological contribution to the renewed U.S. Black-Palestinian solidarity sweeping the academy and beyond.”  The author offers her “full support for the Resolution put forth by the Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions. Please note that the resolution explicitly calls for the boycott […]

Police Officers Face 2nd Degree Murder Charges For Shooting 6 Yr Old Boy

Two police officers in Louisiana have been arrested and face second-degree murder charges for allegedly killing a six year-old boy and seriously injuring his father during a shooting on Tuesday. The state’s police chief  has called the incident the most disturbing thing he has ever seen.” RT reports: Six year-old Jeremy Mardis, who was autistic, […]

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