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Macron pays homage to Soviet-affiliated Grand Orient Lodge of France on its 250th anniversary

French President Emmanuel Macron (L) shakes hands with Grand Master of the Freemasonic organisation, the Grand Orient de France (GODF) Guillaume Trichard during a meeting with the leaders of France’s Freemason organisations during the 250th anniversary of the Grand Orient of France in Paris, on November 8, 2023. (Photo by THIBAULT CAMUS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) […]

A decade of a hesitant “We”: A homage to friendship

Abdaljawad Omar on the decade of youth movements that attempted to reshape Palestinian politics: “I choose to believe that despite all that has passed, and all that remains impassable, the relics of an obscure ‘we’ endures. There is at least a ‘we’ that lives within me, until perhaps another ‘we’ emerges yet again.” Source

Minute of silence in London’s Piccadilly Circus in homage to Prince Philip

A military gun was fired to signal the start of the solemn tribute, which was observed in shops, railway stations and at sporting events across the country. The ceremony with just 30 mourners took place entirely behind the castle’s stately walls, with the public urged to stay away because of the pandemic. The famous advertising […]

Homage to legendary Comrade Anuradha Gandhy on 13th death anniversary 

Today on April 12th we celebrate the 13th death anniversary of Comrade Anuradha Gandhy. Without doubt one of the greatest comrades in the annals of revolutionary history ever who till her last breath exuded spirit of revolution and was a crusader for liberation. None could illustrate better that to be a revolutionary one had to […]

Thousands pay homage as Serbia’s Patriarch is laid to rest after dying of COVID-19

Thousands of mourners paid homage on Sunday to the leader of Serbia’s Orthodox Christian Church who died of COVID-19 last week. Ninety-year-old Patriarch Irinej tested positive for the virus soon after presiding over the funeral of his number two, who also fell victim to coronavirus, at a ceremony in which basic safety measures were neglected. […]

Spanish police arrests three over homage to deceased ETA member Belen Gonzalez Penalba

nsnbc : Spanish police arrested three people on March 20 in the northern Basque Country and Navarra for paying homage to the former, deceased […]

In homage to Ernst Zündel

By ROBERT FAURISSON                                              This newsletter No. 6,000 salutes a prestigious hero of revisionism, Ernst Zündel, born in Germany in 1939. Those who, given their relatively young age, do not know just who this […]

From the Islamic Resistance in Arsal to Father Jacques Hamel… A Homage of Brotherhood and Loyalty

From the Lebanese Arsal outskirts, are Resistance fighters who offered their most precious in the battle of victory for just and humanity against Takfiri terrorism.As Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah offered the victory in Arsal outskirts to both Christians and Muslims, the unjustly slain Father Jacques Hamel had his share of the […]

Top 5 Guns to Get Before an Election

Top 5 Guns to Get Before an Election July 6th, 2016 I’ve got three honorable mentions. 1) SIG 556 Classic Swat 2) FN PS90 3) FN M249S *chortle* Via: Iraqveteran8888: […]

Israel asks for deal with Hezbollah to return Iran’s abducted diplomats

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior member of the Iranian parliament disclosed on Tuesday that Israel has relayed a message to Hezbollah declaring that it would cooperate with the Lebanese resistance movement on the issue of the Iranian diplomats who were abducted in Northern Lebanon in 1982 in the format of a deal. “Hezbollah has prisoners of […]

Hillary Clinton’s Back-Handed Apology For ‘Superpredator’ Remark

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Co-Founder, Legacy Bio-Naturals   The trouble for Hillary Clinton began long before the hashtag #WhichHillary started to trend on Twitter, but that is where it might end. Thanks to social media a video of Ashley Williams, a Black Lives Matter activist, interrupting Clinton’s […]

The North Dakota Crude Oil That’s Worth Less Than Nothing

Oil is so plentiful and cheap in the U.S. that at least one buyer says it would need to be paid to take a certain type of low-quality crude. Flint Hills Resources LLC, the refining arm of billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch’s industrial empire, said it would pay -$0.50 a barrel Friday for North […]

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