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The Legendary Hyperborea and the Ancient Greeks: Who Really Discovered America?

In his story of Atlantis, written at around 360 BC, Plato mentioned a grand island or continent across the Atlantic, one larger than Libya and Asia combined. This continent was so enormous, he said, “it encompassed (wrapped around) that veritable ocean”. Is it possible that Plato was talking about the American continent and not that […]

The legendary Yucatan Hall of Records found at Yaxchilan? Strange Labyrinths and Edgar Cayce – Part I

The ancient Maya city of Yaxchilan rises on the Mexican shore of the mighty Usumacinta river, across from its rival city of Piedras Negras, some 35 kilometers (21 miles) downstream on the Guatemala side. Even to this day, the only access to Yaxchilan is by boat, along the river. Far from the crowds of Palenque […]

The Legendary Mug Ruith: Irish Wizard, Sun God, Or Ancient Astronaut?

The Irish Celtic heritage is filled to the brim with unique and wondrous characters. From the tales of ancient and venerable High Kings, to their colorful pantheon and powerful wizards, Irish history is full of characters and events that are so outlandish they seem often hard to grasp and explain. Luckily, thanks to the early […]

ACH (1583) Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson – His Legendary Trilogy On Khazaria – Part 2

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1583) Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson – His Legendary Trilogy On Khazaria – Part 2 Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on August 18 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson for a show entitled, […]

ACH (1563) Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson – His Legendary Trilogy On Khazaria – Part 1

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1563) Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson – His Legendary Trilogy On Khazaria – Part 1 Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on July 21 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson for a show entitled, […]

Legendary Irish Hero Cúchulainn Depicted as an African on Irish TV

You may have read the stories about Cúchulainn here on Renegade Tribune, but your idea of the legendary figure might be a little different than that of Irish TV. This is from a few years ago. I am glad I was able to find this video again. It makes my Celtic blood boil. Link Share […]

Atlantis: Examining the Legendary Tale of Plato

Around 360 BC, in his dialogues of Timaeus and Critias, the Greek philosopher Plato introduced an incredible story, a tale of an enigmatic island civilization which has since captivated the imagination of every generation that followed. This was the story of Atlantis, thought to be one of the most advanced societies of the ancient world, […]

A decade after legendary Nasser Hejazi’s death

TEHRAN – 10 years ago today, Iran and Esteghlal legendary goalkeeper Nasser Hejazi left us. Iran’s football has not forgotten him as a person who made the nation proud in his footballing life. The custodian lost his battle with lung cancer on May 23, 2011 in Tehran at the age of 61. Hejazi was a […]

10 Legendary Lost Cities That Have Actually Been Found

10 Legendary Lost Cities That Have Actually Been Found by Universe Inside You There are many tales of lost cities and forgotten civilizations. Everyone knows the story of Atlantis – the advanced civilization that disappeared in the ocean. But not everyone is aware of the similar legends other cultures tell of their own lost cities […]

The Legendary Greek Priest Who Served Four Generations of Canadians

Father Nicholas Salamis. Video screenshot The story of Father Nicholas Salamis, a Greek Orthodox priest, is also the story of Greek Canadians themselves, from the time the first immigrants set foot on the land until today, where the Greek community has become an integral part of Canadian society. Father Salamis personally witnessed the arrival of […]

Homage to legendary Comrade Anuradha Gandhy on 13th death anniversary 

Today on April 12th we celebrate the 13th death anniversary of Comrade Anuradha Gandhy. Without doubt one of the greatest comrades in the annals of revolutionary history ever who till her last breath exuded spirit of revolution and was a crusader for liberation. None could illustrate better that to be a revolutionary one had to […]

Surprising Truths about the Legendary Scythians Revealed

New research into the lifestyle of the Scythians, the nomadic culture that reigned supreme on the  steppes of Central Asia in the first millennium BC, is questioning the long-held historic narratives about these ancient peoples. Rather than the traditional image of Scythians as terrifyingly fierce nomadic warriors, this research of burial remains in multiple locations is […]

Five Legendary Lost Cities that have Never Been Found

The story of Atlantis is one of the most renowned and enduring tales of a lost city, said to have been swallowed up by the sea and lost forever. Yet, the story of Atlantis is not unique, as other cultures have similar legends of landmasses and cities that have disappeared under the waves, been lost […]

Remains Of Legendary St. Mary’s Fort Finally Found in Maryland

Archaeologists associated with the preservation organization Historic St. Mary’s City have just announced a major discovery, which they recently unearthed at one of the most heavily explored sites in North America. At the location where Maryland’s first colonial capital (St. Mary’s City) was founded in 1634, the archaeologists have excavated what was for them the […]

Legendary Olympic Athlete Takes Over Tokyo Games Following Sexism Backlash

TOKYO (AP) — Seiko Hashimoto has appeared in seven Olympics, four in the winter and three in the summer — the most by any “multi-season” athlete in the games. She made even more history on Thursday in Japan, where women are still rare in the boardrooms and positions of political power. The 56-year-old Hashimoto was […]

Larry King, legendary Jewish-American talk show host, dies at 87

Legendary talk show host Larry King died on Saturday at 87, a month after being hospitalized with COVID-19. His exact cause of death at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles had yet to be announced at press time.King was considered the king of interview talk shows, having conducting by his count over 60,000 interviews in […]

‘Eddy’s World’ Documents the Inspirational Story of a Legendary Toymaker

The chattering wind-up Yakity Yak teeth that made you giggle as a kid and iconic playthings like Stompers, KerPlunk, Baby Beans, Bubble Gun, Shark Attack! and over 800 other iconic toys all come from the very inventive mind of one man: Eddy Goldfarb, now the subject of the short documentary “Eddy’s World.” Lovingly made by […]

Legendary Claddagh Rings: What are the True Origins of these Symbolic Irish Wedding Rings?

The Claddagh ring design of two hands holding a crowned heart is a recognizable symbol of Ireland and enduring love. It is hugely popular as a fashion accessory and a symbolic gesture. While everyone seems to know the rules of the Claddagh ring that lead up to it being worn as a wedding ring, few […]

Iran to unveil stamp in honor of legendary wrestler Takhti

TEHRAN – Iranian Wrestling Federation secretary general Jalal Askari has announced that legendary wrestler Gholamreza Takhti’s new stamp will be unveiled on Wednesday. The stamp will be released to honor the 53rd death anniversary of Takhti, Askari said. “Due to coronavirus restrictions, the fans are not allowed to participate in the anniversary at the Ebn-e […]

Legendary Comrade Sunder Navalkar of Mumbai turns 100

A landmark of one of the most remarkable activists of our land who at even at 100 illuminates spark of Liberation Comrade Sunder Navalkar turning 100 on September 16th this year  was truly a landmark in the Indian Communist revolutionary Movement. It was symbolic of a spirit burning like an inextinguishable light, traversing the most […]

WATCH: Iowa State Coach Matt Campbell Has Legendary Sideline Meltdown

Iowa State gave Oklahoma an unforgettable fight in the Big 12 championship game on Saturday. And though their efforts fell short, no one will soon forget the legendary meltdown by Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell. On 4th & 2 from the Oklahoma 34-yard line, the Cyclones attempted to draw the Sooners offsides. When the […]

The Romulus Riddle: Did the Legendary First King of Rome Really Exist?

Recent excavations in Rome have re-ignited the debate over whether the legendary first king of Rome, Romulus, was a historical character or just a fanciful work of fiction. In fact, earlier this year, archaeologists unearthed  an alleged shrine to Romulus  that dates from around 2,600 years ago. Beyond this find, archaeologists over the past decades […]

The Kaiadas Cave: Legendary Spartan Pit of Death

The Spartans of ancient Greece were always known as fierce warriors and determined fighters. Much of what we know about them is related to their military history and equally militarized society. Many of their cultural traits were focused on physical and mental prowess, on athleticism, and on Spartan supremacy over other Greek city-states. Often enough, […]

Let’s remember the passing of legendary soccer star—Diego Armando Maradona.

The sheer brilliance and artistry of Diego Maradona’sfootball can only be experienced, not told in words. [embedded content] American Patriots need to watch Maradona get knocked down and get right back up; and knocked down again and get back up; and fall again and quickly get back up … to win the day.  He not […]

‘In My Heart, I am a Palestinian‘: Palestine Mourns Legendary Footballer Diego Armando Maradona

November 25, 2020 By Palestine Chronicle Staff The 20th century’s greatest footballer, Diego Armando Maradona, died in San Andrés, Argentina, at the age of 60. The Argentine Football Association reported that the cause of death was cardiac arrest. Maradona has been struggling with various health crises in recent years, the most recent of which was earlier […]

Hereford Mappa Mundi: Legendary Cities, Monstrous Races, and Curious Medieval Beasts

A large calfskin canvas was secreted away beneath the floor of an English cathedral, featuring what, at first glance, appeared to be a map of the world. Once recovered and repaired, the map which is now known as the Hereford Mappa Mundi was found to date to 1285. While a myriad of cities and towns […]

Locating Legendary Paititi: Long-Lost Last City Of The Inca

A nearly five-hundred-year-old secret lies deep within the Peruvian Andes . The desire to know this secret impassioned the hearts and minds of many explorers from all different time periods and backgrounds. As the jungle thickened its veil, curiosity only grew stronger. This secret is the location of Paititi, the legendary last city of the […]

Legendary economist Thomas Sowell warns US is approaching the ‘point of no return’

   Conservative economist and American treasure Thomas Sowell has a warning for Americans: The 2020 elections could be a “point of no return” for the United States. Sowell delivered the grim news Sunday during an appearance on conservative commentator Mark Levin’s Fox News Show, “Life, Liberty and Levin” — and appearance that came against a […]

Going Underground – Ep. 620: Legendary Don Letts on Political Music, Windrush Scandal & Social Change

Going Underground – Ep. 620: Legendary Don Letts on Political Music, Windrush Scandal & Social Change Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we go to the old Camden Palace now KOKO in Camden Town, to speak to celebrated DJ, director and Clash videographer Don Letts about 50 years of Trojan Records, political music […]

Can Dreams Predict The Future? A Legendary Professor Who’s Done The Research Tells It Like It Is

Next Story The world of dreams is a mystery to all. We dream every night when we go to sleep, though sometimes we remember our dreams and sometimes we do not. It can be a lot of fun to relay your dreams to friends and coworkers the next day, but often their significance is only […]

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