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Montgomery Toms and freedom activist Nacho hit the rush hour tubes

April 27 2024 This treaty must be stopped! If you like our work please consider to donate: Donate Crypto _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over If you are a doctor or medical professional and you are reading this and aware of what is happening, the time for you to stay silent on account […]

David Mixner, LGBTQ+ activist and Bill Clinton campaign adviser, dies at 77

NEW YORK — David Mixner, a longtime LGBTQ+ activist who was an adviser to Bill Clinton during his presidential campaign and later called him out over the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer personnel in the military, has died. He was 77. Mixner died Monday at his home in […]

Anti-White Activist Arrested After Body Parts Found in His Freezer

Home » Crimes, North America » Anti-White Activist Arrested After Body Parts Found in His Freezer     A prison reform activist who complained on the Joe Rogan podcast that he had been a victim of “systemic racism” has been arrested for dismembering a man and storing his severed head and other body parts in […]

‘Prison Reform Activist’ Arrested for ‘Dismembering Man, Storing Body Parts in Freezer’

Prison reform activist Sheldon Johnson, who Joe Rogan featured on his podcast last month as a victim of “systemic racism,” was arrested on Thursday for dismembering a man and storing his severed head and other body parts in his freezer. Source

NFL to host LGBT ‘Pride Night’ with radical activist group GLAAD ahead of Super Bowl

READ HERE: A petition launched by a Catholic organization condemning ‘Pride Night’ as a ‘sin of scandal’ has garnered more than 43,700 signatures. Source

The Pro-Censorship Activist Group Pressuring Big Tech To Censor “Climate Conspiracies”

Legacy media have a new target designated for tighter censorship – those they call “wellness influencers.” The usual starting point of discrediting an individual or generalizing a group of people unpalatable to the ruling narratives is there right away – the pandemic, and associated “misinformation.” Source

Arizona GOP Names MAGA Voter-Challenge Activist Gina Swoboda New Chair

The Arizona Republican Party elected Gina Swoboda its new chair on Saturday. Swoboda, the director of election day operations for former President Donald Trump in 2020, replaces Jeff DeWit, who resigned last week after being targeted by MAGA Senate candidate Kari Lake. Swoboda’s bid for state party chair was promoted by Lake and endorsed by […]

As WEF Prepares for 54th Annual Meeting International Activist Movements Offer Alternative Vision of 2030

After 54 years of gathering, the World Economic Forum has greatly influenced the direction of the world. Now, people from all walks of life are rejecting their top-down, technocratic vision for the future. On Monday January 15th, the World Economic Forum will begin their 54th Annual Meeting as hundreds of heads of government, representatives of […]

U.S.-supported Ukraine activist groups held a pro-Nazi rally outside White House

(NaturalNews) On Nov. 11, Veterans Day, bypassers were able to observe a group of protesters picketing outside the White House as they bore Nazi-inspired… Source

Palestinian activist Munther Amira tied up, beaten, and arrested by Israeli forces in Aida refugee camp

Israeli forces raided Aida refugee camp and detained activist Munther Amira after attacking his family. With Amira’s fate inside Israel’s military court system unknown, his family recounts his traumatic arrest and calls for international solidarity. Source

Conviction of leading animal activist could ignite a populist revolution

Here’s a disturbing fact: Prosecutors in the United States charge more penalties for the activists who reveal animal cruelty crimes than they do for the factory farms that commit them. This trend is a glaring miscarriage of justice, and it must be reversed. And here’s the latest miscarriage, involving a high-profile activist: On November 2, […]

Sarah Sanders Appoints Christian Nationalist Anti-LGBTQ Activist to Arkansas Library Board 

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders has appointed Jason Rapert, a Christian nationalist activist and former state senator to the state library board. Rapert was a zealously anti-LGBTQ and anti-choice lawmaker who ran for lieutenant governor last year but was defeated in the Republican primary. Earlier this month, Rapert tweeted a long angry rant against the Democratic […]

Trans Activist Owner Of Miss Universe Pageant Goes Bankrupt One Year After Purchase

Get woke, go broke strikes again?  A year ago the Miss Universe Pageant made headlines after a Thai business tycoon, transgender activist and biological male named Jakapong Jakrajutatip purchased the organization for $20 million.  The CEO is the biggest shareholder of JKN Global Group and was made popular after appearing on Thai versions of television […]

Anti-Choice Activist Janet Porter Now Claims Passage Of Issue 1 Changes Nothing

In 2010, radical religious-right activist and conspiracy theorist Janet Porter lost her radio program when her network became concerned about her ties to the Dominionist movement. Porter, a longtime anti-choice activist, eventually resurfaced in Ohio, where she spent the last decade organizing a series of stunts and rallies aimed at pressuring the state legislature to […]

British BLM Activist Jailed For Blowing €36,000 In Donations Intended For Youth Charity On Uber Eats & Clothes

By Thomas Brooke via Remix News A prominent Black Lives Matter activist in the United Kingdom who used Source

Black Lives Matter Activist Jailed for Fraud After Spending Charity Donations on Herself

A Black Lives Matter activist from Bristol has been jailed for fraud after using donations intended for a children’s charity on herself. Source

Coca-Cola CUTS TIES with Black Lives Matter over activist group’s support of Hamas

(NaturalNews) The Coca-Cola Company has cut ties with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement over the latter’s support of the Hamas terrorist group that attacked… Source

Israeli-American Peace Activist Killed by Hamas Saved 3 Others

An Israeli-American, who was murdered by Hamas terrorists, ended up saving three people, including two young children. Source

“Snowflake” friends of murdered NYC activist run fundraiser – not for his funeral but for their “work time-off expenses” while they grieve

(NaturalNews) Tammie Marie David and other friends of murdered New York City left cult advocate Ryan Thoresen Carson recently created a GoFundMe page, where they… Source

Professor Tells Sex Worker Activist to Start a ‘Mass Movement’ as Part of ‘Children’s Liberation Vision’

By Melanie Wilcox A university professor told a self-described ‘sex worker activist’ at the Socialism 2023 Conference in Source

Jailed Iranian Activist Narges Mohammadi Wins Nobel Peace Prize

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize was chosen by a panel of experts in Norway from a list of just over 350 nominations. Source

Zoleka Mandela, Activist And Granddaughter Of Nelson Mandela, Dead At 43

Mandela’s life was tangled up in addiction, a battle with cancer and the loss of two young children before she embraced her grandfather’s legacy. Source

Canada Expels Top Indian Diplomat As It Probes Sikh Activist’s Killing

Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a strong supporter of an independent Sikh homeland, was gunned down in June outside a Sikh cultural center in British Columbia. Source

Dove’s ‘Fat Liberation’ Activist Partner Felt ‘Threatened,’ Called Cops After Interview Request

Zyahna Bryant, the Black Lives Matter and “fat liberation” activist who partnered with Dove, felt “threatened” and called the cops after the Daily Mail requested an interview with her. Source

The Pentagon is the elephant in the climate activist room

We can’t keep ignoring its enormous “bootprint.” Source

Republican activist stabbed to death in his New Hampshire home under suspicious circumstances

(NaturalNews) Authorities are trying to piece together what happened to a Republican activist who was found dead in his home in Durham, New Hampshire over the… Source

Netanyahu ejects party activist over Holocaust mockery at judicial protest

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the ejection on Sunday of an activist from his Likud party who mocked the Holocaust while heckling anti-government protesters, in remarks that suggested ethnic tensions beneath a constitutional crisis, reports Reuters. Video circulated on social media showed Itzik Zarka cursing and spitting at demonstrators at a traffic junction near […]

Transgender Activist Arrested After Video Calling for Feminists to Be ‘Punched in the Face’

A notorious transgender activist, who has previously been jailed for kidnapping and attempted murder, has reportedly been arrested for incitement to violence at a London Trans Pride parade last week. Far-left transgender activist Sarah Jane Baker has reportedly been arrested after being filmed at a London Trans Pride parade appearing to call for violence against […]

DOMESTIC TERROR: Internal Chats Show Activist Group ‘Organize Against Transphobia’ Plotting Murder of Police


Jailed Palestinian activist denied chance to hug daughter by Israeli police

Jerusalemite activist Ramzi Abbassi has been held without charge since 02 April 2023, has been unable to see his family and was denied legal advice for months. Israeli police even stopped his excited daughter from hugging her father when she caught a glimpse of him before a court appearance. Source

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