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‘Health’ the intended pathway to dictatorship

Our Congressional breakfast symposium was a huge success Watch the entire 3 hour event. This is probably the first time a single event has linked various ways that global governance and control is being attempted MERYL NASS NOV 9 READ IN APP Epoch Times streamed the entire event, which can be watched below. This is […]

British BLM Activist Jailed For Blowing €36,000 In Donations Intended For Youth Charity On Uber Eats & Clothes

By Thomas Brooke via Remix News A prominent Black Lives Matter activist in the United Kingdom who used Source

Scholars’ ‘Apartheid’ letter is intended to crack ‘rock of silence’ in Jewish institutions

Shira Klein, a chief drafter of a letter attacking Jewish support for “apartheid,” saysThe list of signers of an Israeli scholars’ letter attacking Jewish support for “apartheid” reveals “the absolute fear” inside the Jewish community — many are afraid to sign the letter lest it damage their careers. Source

Ex-Pfizer VP: COVID Vax Push A ‘Supranational Operation’ Intended To ‘Maim And Kill Deliberately’

Ex-Pfizer VP Dr. Michael Yeadon, while attending a Truth be Told Rally in London, said that the COVID vaccine push is a ‘supranational operation’ intended to ‘maim and kill deliberately’. Source

Circus Politics Are Intended to Distract Us. Don’t Be Distracted

It is easy to be distracted right now by the bread and circus politics that have dominated the news headlines lately, but don’t be distracted. Don’t be fooled, not even a little. We’re being subjected to the oldest con game in the books, the magician’s sleight of hand that keeps you focused on the shell […]

Bogus report on Syria intended to serve Israel: Nour News

TEHRAN- Nour News, a news outlet close to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), on Saturday dismissed a bogus report by Saudi-owned publication Asharq al-Awsat that Russia has urged Iran to withdraw its soldiers from western and central Syria after the Israeli regime conducted multiple air raids on the Arab country. “According to the information […]

China Starting To Worry TikTok Has Made Americans Even Dumber Than They Intended

BEIJING — Sources at the CIA have determined it is in the best interest of the United States that they publicize intercepted recordings of a high-profile meeting among China’s top government officers, proving that China is worried TikTok has made Americans even dumber than they intended. Source

NY Times: Democrat Runs Ad ‘Intended to Help’ Doug Mastriano Win Pennsylvania GOP Gubernatorial Primary

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D), who will face a Republican opponent in the gubernatorial election in November, is currently running an ad to boost GOP primary candidate Doug Mastriano based on the perception that he would be the easiest to defeat, the New York Times reports. 

FNC’s Carlson: ‘Energy Inflation Is a Direct and Intended Result’ of Biden Policies — ‘Whole Point’ Is to Make It Impossible to Use Fossil Fuels

Friday, FNC host Tucker Carlson said that despite the messaging campaign to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine for the spike in energy prices, the culprit is the Biden administration. The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host told his viewers that because of Biden policies done in the name of the environment, energy prices have […]

Lebanese Independence at Stake as Parliamentary Elections Intended to Make Major Political Change

Jan 2 2022 By Mohammad Youssef The US administration, ‘Israel’, and many pro-America Arab countries are harboring hopes that the next parliamentary elections in Lebanon in mid May 2022 will be a landmark as it will bring a new majority that will lead the country in their direction, as they all assume. Many plans are […]

COVID shots intended to reduce world’s population by poisoning ‘billions’: South African doctor 

‘The deaths that are meant to follow the vaccinations will never be able to be pinned on the poison. They will be too diverse, there will be too many, and they will be in too broad a timeframe for us to understand that we have been poisoned,’ said Dr. Shankara Chetty.  Dr. Shankara Chetty PatrickDelaney […]

Exclusive— Tom Cotton: High Gas Prices ‘Intended Effect of Joe Biden’s Energy Policy,’ It Is Not ‘Some Accident’

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) told Breitbart News exclusively he believes President Joe Biden and other Democrats are deliberately causing gas prices to hike to record highs on purpose to push their leftist environmentalist agenda on unsuspecting Americans. Cotton, who campaigned last week for Republicans in Iowa ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, told Breitbart News […]

Iran’s delay in resuming talks not intended to reach nuclear breakout: expert

Iran’s delay in resuming talks not intended to reach nuclear breakout: expert – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — An expert on international affairs says Iran’s delay in resuming the Vienna talks is not to reach a “nuclear breakout” time, noting Iran is sending a clear signal that it is not seeking “negotiation for negotiation” and rather it […]

The US Never Intended to Create a Self-Reliant Afghan Government

The Western media talks about the “shocking” developments in Afghanistan, as a government the US spent two decades “building up” is swept from the country in mere days. The Taliban (banned in Russia) have even entered Kabul, occupying the offices and meeting rooms of former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani and his administration who have already […]

R PUB v Hancock & Others 2021 | Public Notice of Intended Prosecution


A lesson from history: Principals’ hearing was intended to deter all Israeli educators

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved

Learn the scope of the ‘plan’ – the intended destination for you (Catherine Austin Fitts)

An excellent & intriguing interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. Learn more by following the links below. EWR Truth Matters 36K subscribers This sit down interview with Catherine covers the spectrum of the current situation we find ourselves in. It was conducted as apart of the full length documentary. We are releasing the full interview for […]

George Will: Founders Intended to Count Illegal Aliens in Congressional Apportionment

Washington Post columnist George Will says America’s founding fathers’ “original intent” was to count illegal aliens in congressional apportionment. In a column titled “Republicans are arguing against the Framers’ original intent,” Will claims that the framers of the United States Constitution intended for illegal aliens to be counted in congressional apportionment counts that decide how […]

Mosque gunman intended to blow up mosques, attack a third, New Zealand court told

The white supremacist who slaughtered 51 worshippers at two New Zealand mosques had intended to burn down the mosques afterwards, a prosecutor said in court on Monday, while describing two of those praying as making heroic efforts to stop the mass shooting. New details about the March 2019 attacks were outlined during the first day […]

1947 Declassified CIA Report Predicted Israelis Intended To Take All Of Palestine For Themselves

Wow, what a surprise! To think that Zionist and their Jew sayanim in the West have been lying all the time about their real plans for Palestine, which continue this day, unabated and with no push-back from the West. Recently declassified documents from the CIA written at the time of the original partitioning of Palestine […]

‘The Economist’ Polls Readers On Support For Open Borders, Doesn’t Get Intended Results

Renegade Editor’s Note: Globalists = jews, but you should already know that by now. By Chris Menahan Establishment mouthpiece The Economist posted a poll Tuesday on Twitter to get Americans jazzed about our “#OpenFuture” with open borders — it backfired in hilarious fashion. The Economist’s poll asked, “Overall, what effect do you think migration has on your […]

RED ALERT: We are all being set up… The gun grab is INTENDED to start a civil war, followed by UN occupation of America

(Natural News) You are watching one of the darkest chapters of history unfold by the hour, complete with a Nazi-style fascist “Hitler Youth” uprising, totalitarian censorship by the techno-overlords and an irrational, anger-fueled nationwide call for government to confiscate all the guns from American gun owners, even if they have to kill […]

At least 78% of humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians ends up in Israeli coffers

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Surgery patient overdosed when accidentally given 10x the intended dose of anesthesia – doctors didn’t notice anything until it was too late

(Natural News) The Mayo Clinic recently came under fire as a male senior patient suffered a ketamine overdose following a medical error, the Daily Mail reported. According to the report, the patient who is in his 60s had an overdose after an anesthesiologist accidentally took a more concentrated bottle of ketamine to sedate him. The patient […]

The Alt-Right’s Cabbalistic Sacrilege and Its Intended Effects

Christopher Jon Bjerknes A true Christian would never refer to any man other than Jesus Christ as a “God Emperor”. Only a communist would do that. Indeed, Korean communists refer to the Kim Dynasty as if gods. But calling a man “God Emperor” is a curse, as Robespierre discovered when Catherine Theot declared herself the […]

The Plant that Stops Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Makia Freeman, ContributorWaking Times Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have become an out-of-control problem in our world, as doctors and leading health officials know too well. For over 100 years, Western Rockefeller Medicine and Big Pharma have been conjoined twins attached at the hip; you cannot have one without the other. Western medicine has fully embraced the drugs, radiation and […]

Feminist Palestinian legislator’s letter from an Israeli jail on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated across the globe today, March 8th, and is most commonly associated with advancements for the role of women in the workplace and workers’ rights and protections. In the West Bank, leading feminist and imprisoned Marxist-Leninist politician Khalida Jarrar released a statement from jail to mark International Women’s Day. Jarrar was […]

Lifting the Veil on Our Debt Slavery

“Everything you think you own has a hidden lien on it, and the banksters own the lien.” Our currency takes the form of IOU’s to the central bankers.  Why are the bankers creating a police state?  Do they plan to call in their IOU’s?  “You are no longer a sovereign citizen with inalienable rights to life, liberty,  property […]


-Eva Bartlett, Global Research On December 28, 2015, the United Nation’s OCHA made its first express Twitter mention of two northern Syrian villages, al-Foua and Kafarya (also transliterated as Kafraya). The belated December mention is in spite of the fact that the two villages of around 30,000 people have been locked under siege by terrorist factions […]

Catholic Bishops’ Message To The People Of Gaza

Catholic Bishop’s Message To The People Of Gaza: “You live in a prison; the Israeli Confiscation Of Land Is In Violation Of International Law, You Are Not Forgotten” By Martin Here is one story you probably won’t see on CNN! Every January, an international contingent of Catholic Bishops meet in the Holy Land. They […]

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