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Israel and the crime of apartheid, what’s new?

On April 27, Human Rights Watch released the report “A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution.” In over 200 pages of rigorous research, the authors establish why, under the 1973 Convention against Apartheid and 1998 Rome Statute, the race-based order through which Israel governs the Jewish and Palestinian population between […]

Israel is not South Africa! is liberal Zionist response to HRW’s ‘apartheid’ charge

We were bound to talk endlessly about the April 27 Human Rights Watch report accusing Israel of the “crime of apartheid” — but the news justifies us being a broken record. The report is getting a lot of attention in ways that earlier apartheid findings have not, including in the New York Times, and it […]

In Wake of HRW Apartheid Report, Israeli Propagandists Launch Global PR Offensive

NEW YORK — A recently released bombshell Human Rights Watch (HRW) report has made waves around the world. For the first time, the New York-based non-governmental organization has categorized Israel as an apartheid state guilty of “crimes against humanity.” The 213-page study goes into detail about a range of racist laws and policies carried out […]

Quibbling Over Cruelties: Human Rights Watch, Israel and Apartheid

Criticism of Israel’s policies towards Palestinians has always induced a defensive rage from its defenders and advocates.   A Threshold Crossed, a report by Human Rights Watch, lit several fires of rage and disapproval.  Israel, according to the authors, is responsible for apartheid policies. The word, and the application of its meaning, is immemorially nasty.  This […]

Israel Is An Apartheid Regime According To Mainstream Human Rights Groups

last Tuesday, leading human rights organisation, Human Rights Watch (HRW), became the first major international human rights group to declare that Israel was committing the crime of Apartheid against the Palestinian people. HRW released a lengthy report, which may now lead to further action being taken against Israel. The 224 page document, released last Tuesday, […]

Israel cast its fate–‘Apartheid’ –with Nation-State law and dismissal of Palestinian state, says Human Rights Watch

For many years anyone going into the occupied territories came out saying they’d seen apartheid– separate roads for Jews and Palestinians, crippling checkpoints for Palestinians, township areas to which Palestinians were confined and moved. “Apartheid on steroids,” the former chancellor of Brown University said in 2011. “Worse” than apartheid South Africa, a South African told […]

‘NYT’ coverage of the Human Rights Watch ‘Apartheid’ report is a game-changer

Having grown up in a secular liberal Jewish family in and around New York City, I’ve been reading the New York Times daily since I was a kid – take it from me, that’s a long time. Since I started speaking out about the Israeli oppression of Palestinians after Operation Protective Edge in 2014, I’ve come […]

‘Disgraceful’ ‘antisemitic’ ‘hatchet job’ — HRW’s ‘apartheid’ report draws blood from Israel lobby

The bombshell Human Rights Watch report that came out yesterday accusing Israel of committing crimes of apartheid and persecution toward Palestinians in many areas of its governance follows in a long tradition of such charges, including from a leading Israeli human rights groups in January, B’Tselem. Yet the HRW report is clearly different. It is […]

The ‘NY Times’ article on Human Rights Watch ‘apartheid’ report is largely an attack on the finding

Normally, the New York Times trusts Human Rights Watch and relies on the organization often. This April alone, for instance, the Times has already cited the group 12 times, using its expertise on rights violations in places as varied as Myanmar, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. But the Times’s respectful view disappeared suddenly yesterday — after Human […]

‘Human Rights Watch’ will accuse Israel of ‘crime of apartheid,’ rightwing site reports

A leading American human rights group will declare this week that Israel is committing the crime of apartheid, according to a rightwing pro-Israel publication. The apartheid finding by Human Rights Watch has been rumored for weeks, including on our site. Yesterday Algemeiner said that the report will be published tomorrow and is titled, “A Threshold […]

End Medical Apartheid from the US to Palestine: a call to action

Like all people, Palestinians have the right to live in health and safety. But while the Israeli government rolls out the COVID-19 vaccine to millions of Israeli citizens, Israel is denying the lifesaving vaccine to Palestinians living under its military occupation. We must be clear: the Israeli government is obligated under international law to provide […]

No, Israel is not an Apartheid

On February 9, 2021, the University of California Irvine (UCI) student government passed a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) resolution against Israel in a vote of 19-3. The resolution touted the libel-filled reporting of the Israeli NGO B’tselem, which makes use of demonstrably false terms such as “apartheid” and “Jewish supremacy” to describe Israeli actions. […]

Videos showing Palestinian experience of violent apartheid deserve an American audience

In January the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem declared that Palestinians face an “apartheid… regime of Jewish supremacy” in all the lands under Israel’s control, including the state of Israel, but the declaration has gotten very little attention in the U.S. The media, politicians and liberal Zionist organizations have all sidestepped it because it contradicts […]

Medical Apartheid: Structural racism, not race

When the COVID-19 pandemic first reached the United States a little over one year ago, grassroots organizers as well as many health providers, especially of color, immediately noted that even though the virus itself is an “equal opportunity” one it will impact different communities differently, exacerbating rather than minimizing the health disparities created by different […]

Dr. Fauci, don’t accept Israel’s prize and legitimize apartheid

April 8, 2021 Dear Dr. Fauci, In a letter to you on March 1, 2021, the Jewish Voice for Peace Health Advisory Council urged you to send a powerful message and improve public health for many thousands of people by donating some portion of your one million dollars in money from the Israeli Dan David Prize to buy vaccines […]

Thomas Friedman ignores ‘apartheid’ label, says Israel is ‘idealistic’ just like the U.S.

Thomas Friedman just wrote a column about Israel for The New York Times that says the Palestinian issue doesn’t matter. “[T]he Arab-Israel conflict for Israel… has largely disappeared,” he says. Israel is in the same boat as the U.S., building a diverse “idealistic” country in the face of rightwing trends. This approach by the leading […]

Faced with ICC Investigation, Apartheid Israel Asserts Moral Superiority Over The Victims of Its Terror

March 29th, 2021 By Miko Peled Source Having created enemies by its own criminal behavior, Israel then claims the right to protect itself from the very people it alienated through these criminal acts. TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — Israel’s army chief of staff, General Aviv Kochavi, recently commented on the International Criminal Court (ICC) decision to investigate Israel for […]

Medical Racism: The New Apartheid

Medical Racism The New Apartheid documentary from March 2021. Looking into the medical tyranny involved in the black population from the past to the present day covid abomination. Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source 00 Hits: 0

Former MP George Galloway Confirms Anti-Apartheid Movement In South Africa Was Led Entirely By Jews

During a 2003 speech at Oxford Union, former Labour MP and out-spoken critic of Israel, George Galloway, was interrupted by Jewish protesters who waved the Israeli and accused him of “racism” against Jews — which prompted him to defend himself by revealing his activism in South Africa with the Jews who led the anti-Apartheid movement […]

Leading rabbi condemns ethnic cleansing, apartheid and state-sponsored religion for an hour — everywhere but Israel

A Reform Jewish leader gave a one hour talk to the American Jewish Committee about religious persecution of religious minorities around the world and while he expanded on the ethnic cleansing of ethnic Muslims in Myanmar and persecution of Uighurs and Tibetan Buddhists and crimes of apartheid South Africa, he thoroughly avoided Israel’s treatment of […]

Israeli apartheid can, and will, be dismantled

This week marks Israeli Apartheid Week, where students and people of conscience join together in a global protest against racism and discrimination. Across the UK, student communities are holding film screenings, webinars, and rallies, bringing attention to the racist system of Israeli rule Palestinians continue to live under. Since its foundation in 1948, Israel has […]

South Africa’s chief justice confronts the apartheid analogy

March 14, 2021 by Ben Cohen – Read on for article As of this writing, South Africa’s Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng was on day seven of a 10-day deadline to publicly apologize for a speech he made last year in which he offered a full-throated defence of Israel, and still, he stood fast—no apology […]

Israel-Palestine: Two elections, under the burning sun of Apartheid

Many people think there will be an election round in Israel this spring (March 23rd). But that’s only half the story, because there will actually be two election rounds: one in so-called ‘Israel proper’, and one in the Palestinian territories which it has occupied for the past 53 years (May 22 Palestinian general elections). The […]

An open letter to the NYT on landmark ‘apartheid’ report

Palestinians are wondering why, after seven weeks, the New York Times never published reports of a leading, well-respected Israeli human rights organization’s January publication, “A Regime of Jewish Supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is Apartheid.”  As papers of record, the Times’ readers deserve to learn of B’tselem’s report, its argument, […]

Progressives Push Biden To End ‘Vaccine Apartheid’

Progressives Push Biden To End ‘Vaccine Apartheid’ Above photo: Sanjoy Karmakar/Shutterstock. In an early test of Biden’s trade policy, advocates are calling on the White House to buck Big Pharma. Last Friday, three days before a crucial meeting of the World Trade Organization, progressives in the trade, faith, labor, consumer, and human rights communities sent […]

Palestinians and Israelis deserve a vision beyond apartheid

Across the international community there is a growing awareness that what has been happening on the ground in Israel-Palestine is morally unacceptable. In a recent position paper the prominent Israeli human rights group B’Tselem clearly stated the sad reality: Israel, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, has become an apartheid state. Those who […]

Israel’s vaccine apartheid

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Covid Jabbing Apartheid in Israel

Covid Jabbing Apartheid in Israel Stephen Lendman / Stephen Lendman Covid Jabbing Apartheid in Israel by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) No one of sound mind and judgment should go near hazardous, experimental, unapproved mRNA technology for covid that’s not a vaccine — or just as high-risk real ones. They don’t protect […]

Global Solidarity Is Needed During The Pandemic To End Medical Apartheid

Some of the truths the COVID-19 pandemic is exposing about the United States are its racial disparities in health and access to health care. Black and Indigenous people are more likely to be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 than white people. They are two to three times more likely to be hospitalized and […]

Picnic video exposes both faces of Israeli apartheid

A short video taken by a family as they picnicked in the West Bank this month may be the best field guide yet to Israel’s complex apartheid system of state-sponsored Jewish supremacy. In the clip posted to Facebook, armed Jewish settlers arrive unexpectedly to break up the picnic of a Palestinian family – including grandparents […]

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