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Welcome to Mixed Reality: A Fake Place Where Fake People Are Trapped Forever

“Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.” —Frank Herbert Source

Time & Reality

Someone sent me a link to a very long article with much about the Roman bible, race, culture and such. Above is a photo of a broken watch which will not run with no hour hand and a ball point pen. This hangs in the midst of swords, battle axes from ancient cultures up till […]

Release of Apple Vision Pro “mixed-reality” headset bringing society “one step closer to dystopia”

Release of Apple Vision Pro “mixed-reality” headset bringing society “one step closer to dystopia” It has been about a week since tech giant Apple unleashed its new Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, and society is already witnessing the makings of a tech-driven dystopian nightmare in the streets. One Apple Vision Pro early adopter, seen in […]

 How Information Control Shapes Reality

Welcome to the not-so-secret garden of modern data feudalism, where your every swipe could be another petal in the bouquet of Big Tech’s grand scheme—and boy, do they have a green thumb. Chris Martenson Jan 31, 2024 So, what’s the big deal with data nowadays? Well, it’s like we’ve struck oil in our backyards, but […]

Dismantling the Illusion: How Information Control Shapes Reality


Vanishing clinics: The stark reality of abortion access in post-Dobbs America

The closure of 65 independent reproductive care clinics since June 2022 leaves 14 states entirely without abortion clinics. Source

The Reality of Being in a YouTube Prank Family

Open YouTube on any given day and you’re likely to be confronted by bad ideas, people going crazy, and pranks. “STEALING A WOMAN'S BABY IN FRONT OF MY FIANCE PRANK!! *HE GOES CRAZY*”. “Wearing My PERIOD BL🍩🍩D As A FACE MASK To See My Fiance's Reaction! *HE GOES CRAZY*”. “PIERCING MY ENTIRE FACE & SURPRISING […]

NATO Chief Warns The West To Prepare For ‘Bad News’ About Reality in Ukraine

Western powers must prepare for “bad news” about what is really happening in Ukraine, according to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg who suggested the western media has been misleading the public to ensure they continue to […] The post NATO Chief Warns The West To Prepare For ‘Bad News’ About Reality in Ukraine appeared first on […]

Israel’s Open Secret Of Palestinian Organ Theft & The Reality Of Israel’s Illegal Settlements

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (11/28/23). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Brief Story: The reality About Instant Online Payday Loans

Some payday lenders may require borrowers to deliver a copy with their credit report or another financial information to be able to approve the money. Borrowers ought to be prepared to offer this documentation as a way to qualify for a payday loan. Borrowers that are considering a payday loan should carefully review the stipulations […]

12 Year old enlightens us on the reality of banking. From Gordon.

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Years of mainstream media neglect of Palestinian reality means that truths come as shocks to most Americans

The tweet above, by the distinguished writer Sarah Schulman, went viral recently. Anyone who follows Israel/Palestine even reasonably closely may be just as surprised as Schulman was that a college student was stunned at seeing Gaza called “an open-air prison.” You don’t have to even agree with the characterization to at least recognize that it […]

Israel Ignores UN Res. To Pause Gaza Fighting, Calls It “Disconnected From Reality”

Authored by Kyle Anzalone via, AFP via Getty Images The UN Security Council passed a resolution earlier this week (Wed) that called for a temporary pause to the fighting in Gaza. Tel Aviv said the call for a short peace was a decision “disconnected from reality and holds no significance.” The resolution passed the UN’s most powerful body […]

Pediatricians in US Can Earn Over $300 Thousand by Vaccinating Children – Virtual Reality Now Used to Increase Vaccine Uptake in Victims

Comments by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News Greg Reese has just published a report showing how pediatricians earn $400 for every vaccine injected into children under the age of 2, where the average pediatrician in the United States can earn over $300 thousand per year, which is usually more than their salary. Insurance companies are […]


Last weekend, Israeli newspaper Local Call leaked an official Israeli government document recommending what Palestinians have been saying Israel is already trying to execute with its war on Gaza — the forcible transfer of Gaza’s 2.3 million Palestinian population to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office acknowledged the Intelligence Ministry’s proposal exists. Still, it dismissed […]

Germophobia Therapy: Reality Check Edition

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Fear of a Microbial Planet: How a Germophobic Safety Culture Makes Us Less Safe. When my sister goes into a hotel room for the first time, she takes a container of disinfecting wipes with her, and wipes down every surface that could have conceivably come into contact […]

Elon Musk Calls Remote Workers “Detached From Reality”

Elon Musk Calls Remote Workers “Detached From Reality” Tesla CEO Elon Musk went on a crusade against the remote work crowd during the company’s earnings call with investors on Wednesday evening. This is not the first time Musk has blasted remote work, calling it “morally wrong” and “bullshit” earlier this year. Here’s where Musk begins […]

Neural Reality – The Ultimate VR – Could Answer The Fermi Paradox

Neural Reality – The Ultimate VR – Could Answer The Fermi Paradox Authored by Ross Pomeroy via RealClear Wire, Scientific skepticism is Dr. Steven Novella’s bread and butter. As president of the New England Skeptics’ Society, his mission is to promote science and critical thinking. Novella casts the light of evidence on a range of […]

The collapse of reality is coming closer

Warning : Reality Is Escaping Out The Back Door his needs to be released to the world as a stark warning: The total collapse of reality may be at hand. We have already witnessed mass formation during the Great Panic of 2020, where large swaths of the world seemingly lost touch with reality. That was just […]

Warning: Reality Is Escaping Out The Back Door

Warning: Reality Is Escaping Out The Back Door Authored by Patrick Wood via,  The total collapse of reality may be at hand. We have already witnessed mass formation during the Great Panic of 2020, where large swaths of the world seemingly lost touch with reality. That was just a foretaste of what is about […]

People Experience ‘New Dimensions of Reality’ When Dying, Groundbreaking Study Reports

Scientists have witnessed brain patterns in dying patients that may correlate to commonly reported “near-death” experiences (NDEs) such as lucid visions, out-of-body sensations, a review of one’s own life, and other “dimensions of reality,” reports a new study. The results offer the first comprehensive evidence that patient recollections and brain waves point to universal elements […]

Former NHL Player Nic Kerdiles Dead at 29 — Reality TV Star Ex-Fiancee Pays Tribute

Former NHL player Nic Kerdiles, the onetime fiancé of reality TV star Savannah Chrisley, died on Saturday. He was 29. The ex-Chrisley Knows Best star confirmed his passing as his cause of death was made public. Source

‘Hope over reality’: Global diplomats gird themselves for Trump 2.0

NEW YORK — The European official looked terrified as I pointed outside the window at the gleaming black building a block away: Trump World Tower. “Wow. He’s right there! He’s literally looming over you!” I said, genuinely astonished. Moments later, he moved my interview to a different room — one without the view of the […]

Thirty years after the Oslo Accords: facing a reality of apartheid

After 30 years of Oslo, the only remaining alternative to apartheid is one democratic state with equal national and civil rights, including the right of self-determination for the Palestinian people. Source

Economic growth in G7 versus BRICS: a reality check

Like rose-colored glasses, anti-systemic glasses make economic problems appear less dangerous, narrower, and more limited in effects than they actually are. Source

Myth Vs Reality

If you get past the little boy raping Roman priest slave religion bible, the fallen angels are not referenced as the Sons of the Creator God, but the sons of the gods. I doubt anyone on this rock has the unadulterated history of how this all went down, but it was something like this. An […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Denying Reality

Jared Holt @ The Daily Beast: Right-Wing Influencers Deny Reality by Claiming Neo-Nazis Are ‘Feds.’ Joe Jervis: Loony Laura Loomer Accuses Anti-Defamation League Of Organizing Yesterday’s Neo-Nazi Rallies In Florida. Angry White Men: Nick Fuentes Boasts That Right-Wing Pundits Are Spreading His White Supremacist Message. David Edwards @ Raw Story: ‘I’ve never been in debt […]

Four Billionaire Technocrats Are Creating An Alternate, Autocratic Reality

On your short-list for books this year: The End of Reality:How Four Billionaires are Selling a Fantasy Future of the Metaverse, Mars, and Crypto. Author Jonathan Taplin strikes the hammer to nail Technocracy and Transhumanism to the prime actors: Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Marc Andreessen. These billionaires represent the tip of the […]

The WHO, the UN, and the Reality of Human Greed

The World Health Organization (WHO) is not plotting to take over the world. We need to remember what it is; an organization of fairly ordinary people, not especially experts in their field, who have landed jobs and benefits that most of us would envy. Not intrinsically nefarious, the organization is just being obedient to those […]

Alienated from reality

Alienated from reality On August 6, 2023 By Ridzerd The whole public judgement by mankind is not formed out of a sense of reality, but actually out of abstractions, out of abstract theories. And when something appears which is not made up of abstract theories, such as the social threefolding, something which is taken from […]

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