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Bringing Transhumanism Down to Earth, Part 1: Military Intelligence Operations Cloaked in the False Promise of Transcendence

With the coordinated global release of the Covid-19 narrative in late 2019 and the subsequent illogical demands of governments — allied with transnational organisations and pharmaceutical giants — many people around the world began questioning the hasty, unprecedented, and sweeping technological and technocratic changes being made to societies in the name of a highly marketed […]

More and more U.S. hospitals are bringing back mask mandates

(NaturalNews) Despite several studies proving that they are ineffective, more and more hospitals across the U.S. are bringing back mask mandates, claiming that the… Source

Release of Apple Vision Pro “mixed-reality” headset bringing society “one step closer to dystopia”

Release of Apple Vision Pro “mixed-reality” headset bringing society “one step closer to dystopia” It has been about a week since tech giant Apple unleashed its new Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, and society is already witnessing the makings of a tech-driven dystopian nightmare in the streets. One Apple Vision Pro early adopter, seen in […]

The Best Messenger Bags (for Biking, Traveling, and Bringing Over a 6-Pack)

Whether you’re spending the weekend at Lollapalooza, stealing CDs from a Sam Goody at the shopping mall, or just riding your bike around town a lot, messenger bags are an essential accessory for many. For one, bags with cushy, padded straps allow you to transport your gear—be it clothes for a special sleepover or a […]

Klaus Schwab Announces He’s Bringing Forward the End of Car Ownership

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab has officially announced the end of car ownership while speaking at the World Government Summit in the Middle East. Speaking before an audience of Arabs and Chinese globalist bureaucrats, […] The post Klaus Schwab Announces He’s Bringing Forward the End of Car Ownership appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

AOC Downplays the Invasion of America by Bringing Up Ellis Island – “It’s Nothing”

I usually don’t care what AOC has to say, just like most other political puppets, but this one Source

Bringing the ocean to your garden (Wally Richards)

The first thing too realize is that plants will take up any minerals or elements that are in the growing medium along with any chemicals. For instance you avoid growing vegetables next to an older house as there is a likelihood of lead in the soil from lead paints used in the past on the […]

UK: GP Practices Start Bringing Back Face Masks Rules

Some GP surgeries have decided to bring back face mask rules for patients as concerns grow about the latest variant. Here we go again…. A practice in Leicester reinstated the guidance last week, telling people to mask […] The post UK: GP Practices Start Bringing Back Face Masks Rules appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Atlanta College Bringing Back Mask Mandates, Canceling Parties, Despite Zero “Covid” Cases “Caused” By A “Virus” Not Proved To Exist

A college in Georgia is joining the now-growing chorus of institutions and agencies arbitrarily bringing back mask mandates. Having spent a lot of time in colleges and the military both, I have come to a conclusion. The officer core in the military is a social welfare program to keep thousands of college graduates from standing […]

Storm Franklin Nears Haiti And Dominican Republic Bringing Fears Of Floods, Landslides

Tropical Storm Franklin is roaring toward the island of Hispaniola and bringing fears of deadly landslides and heavy flooding. Source

Bringing down the WHO

28 july 2023 Who else have you heard say, “We will bring you down!”? MEP Christine Anderson Issues Stark Warning to World Health Organization: “We Will Bring You Down!” “We are here today to tell you WHO globalitarian misanthropists. We are here today to tell you — you picked this fight! You wanted this fight. […]

Girl wounded in Belgrade school attack dies, bringing death toll to 10 in Serbia mass shooting

The shooting happened in an elementary school in central Belgrade when a 13-year-old boy took his father’s gun and opened fire Source

Alice Rothchild on bringing the Palestine story to young adult fiction

Alice Rothchild talks to Phil Weiss about her new young adult novel, Finding Melody Sullivan. Source

Russians bringing flowers to Turkiye, Syria embassies in Moscow

Russians, Tuesday, are bringing flowers to the Turkish and Syrian embassies in Moscow and lighting candles in memory of people killed in powerful earthquakes that struck Turkiye and Syria on Monday. People offer condolences and ask diplomats to convey words of support to relatives of people killed and injured in the earthquake, Anadolu News Agency […]

Bringing an Ancient Japanese City to Life in an Immersive Virtual World

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there was a parallel world in which the ancient Japanese Edo period existed today, where the modern world and the Shoguns could converge?  Read more Section:  News General Read Later  Source

Roundhouse Rises from the Ashes Bringing Medieval Age to Life

Three years ago, arsonists in Ireland destroyed a recreated medieval roundhouse. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Israeli election results: Netanyahu stronger than ever, and he’s bringing the far-right with him

Israeli exit polls indicate a decisive win for Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc which will bring the Jewish Power party’s fascist leader Itamar Ben Gvir into the ruling coalition. Netanyahu is now poised to lead the most extreme and fundamentalist government in Israel’s history. Source

jewish Think Tank CEO: Bringing Jobs Back Is Just Another Ploy To Help White Males

Harvard-educated Biden donor economist Adam Posen thinks that the focus on reviving domestic manufacturing is nothing more than a “fetish for keeping white males with low education in the powerful positions they are in,” journalist Matt Stoller reports. Source

Nidhogg, the Chaos Bringing Dragon of Ancient Norse Mythology

A dark dragon, feathered, with corpses strewn about its body. An ancient evil that nibbles away at the structure of the universe itself. The “curse-striker.” A beast constantly engaged in a battle of wits with eagles, communicating with them by… a squirrel? All this and more is part of the mythology of Nidhogg in Norse […]

Bringing workers’ rights into a Constitution? An innovative state ballot proposal could offer a new path for labor

A Nov. 8 referendum will give Illinois voters the opportunity to enact a “Workers’ Rights Amendment” to the state constitution.

Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen in Jenin, bringing 2022 child death toll to 16

Alawneh was was shot in the abdomen and hand, and was pronounced dead on Sunday afternoon,  making him the 78th Palestinian killed by Israeli forces this year, and the 16th Palestinian child killed by Israel since the start of 2022.  Source

Exclusive: Biden’s Border Operates as ‘DMV for Ukrainians,’ Bringing Hundreds to U.S. Every Day

The United States-Mexico border, under President Joe Biden’s direction, is currently operating like a “DMV for Ukrainians,” a source told Breitbart News, as hundreds are paroled into the U.S. interior on a daily basis. 

Independent media is hard at work bringing you the truth. You are helping and we appreciate it. Thank you readers of | You are truth warriors!

Dylan Eleven | | March 12 2022. Independent media is hard at work bringing you the truth. You are helping and we appreciate it. Thank you to all readers of You are all truth warriors! We have right and the truth on our side. We will win in this war against the cabalists. […]

Palin: ‘Fake Feminists’ AOC, Kamala Harris Bringing ‘Women’s Movement Back So Far’

Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) said Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox Primetime” that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Vice President Kamala Harris were “fake feminists.” Rachel Campos-Duffy said, “I’m sure you agree with me being the outsider. Donald Trump actually was probably harder. He had a much harder time with the press than Kamala or AOC or certainly […]

BIDEN’S TROJAN HORSE: Biden is Bringing Unvetted Military Age Men from Around the Globe Into the US

Reminds me of this Oldie but Goodie…… Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists ……but now it’s the yankees being targeted. ( Just substitute the word, ‘Biden’ for the word ‘Lincoln.’ ) Unfortunately for USA Inc., karma does have a way of biting evil in the ass. Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man […]

Alien Bringing Message of Peace And Unity

» ‘Stick Your Vaccine Mandate Up Your A**’ Anthem SpreadsYesterday at 10:07 pm by bs4ever » Anti-aging vaccine appears to work… in miceYesterday at 1:19 pm by PurpleSkyz » Hospitals Regret Firing Workers for Resisting Tyranny & Are Now Hiring Them BackYesterday at 12:16 pm by PurpleSkyz » Alien Bringing Message of Peace And UnityYesterday at 11:15 am by PurpleSkyz » EUDRA Adverse Reaction […]

Bringing History to Life: Immense Pictish Fort is Reconstructed in 3D

Scottish archaeologists have released a mind-boggling 3D reconstruction of the largest royal Pictish fort ever discovered. Burghead Fort was the largest settlement of northern Picts in what is today Scotland, located on a promontory in the Moray Firth at the modern village of Burghead. According to, in the 19th century archaeologists unearthed the foundations […]

Pornography: Doing the Worst to Women, Bringing out the Worst in Men

[This is an expanded version of testimony delivered to the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Commercial Sexual Exploitation, November 2, 2021.] My thesis: The pornography industry does the worst to women and brings out the worst in men. Let me explain this claim. I am a retired University of Texas professor who began studying the […]

National Hellenic Society: Bringing Young Greek-Americans Closer to Greece

A group of Greek American students at the campus of the American College of Greece in Athens during a recent trip. Credit: National Hellenic Society The National Hellenic Society (NHS), an association of Greek American leaders, visionaries, and philanthropists, is at the forefront of efforts to keep the next generation of Greek Americans engaged with […]

‘Let Them Stop Us if They Dare’ – Why Hezbollah is Bringing Iranian Fuel to Lebanon

Posted by INTERNATIONALIST 360° on AUGUST 24, 2021 Radwan MortadaThe Iranian fuel tanker set to shortly deliver oil to Lebanon will break the US-imposed embargo on the country. The chokehold on Lebanon has grown even tighter, thanks to the embargo imposed against it by the United States and its Arab allies in the Persian Gulf. This comes at […]

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