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Train collision in Tempi: Mourners leave candles and flowers at Larissa station

With tears in their eyes, a crowd of people left flowers and candles at the OSE Larissa station for the victims of the train collision in Tempi. Everyone held a white flower in their hand, while they formed with candles the date of the tragedy: 1-3-2023. Approximately 15 minutes before the tragic accident, the passenger […]

Brawl in Vilnius after flowers placed on destroyed Russian tank

Lithuanian police are investigating a series of incidents of Russian sympathisers bringing flowers to a destroyed Russian tank on display in the capital. Source

Kids, Showers, Love, and Flowers: Verses for March and the Coming of Spring

Spring is the unlocking time, the greening of fields, forests, and lawns, the season of mud puddles, sunshine, and gentle rains when the last hard edges of winter melt away and the days are soft again. Spring figures in several Western religions. To the ancient Greeks, the season meant the release of Persephone, goddess of […]

Flowers, ornamental plants produced on 90 ha of greenhouses in Mahmoud-Abad

TEHRAN- There are 90 hectares of greenhouses for growing flowers as well as apartment and ornamental plants in Mahmoud-Abad coastal county, in the northern Mazandaran province, the governor of Mahmoud-Abad announced. Mentioning the activity of knowledge-based companies in the field of cultivating flowers and ornamental plants in greenhouses in the county, Ruhollah Alizadeh said that […]

Don’t Get Dumped—Get Last Minute V-Day Flowers for 30% Off

Roses are red, violets are blue, you need a Valentine’s Day gift ASAP, you fool. As the clock ticks down on one of the most high-pressure holidays on the calendar, flowers are probably the easiest thing you can snag in a pinch without looking like you definitely forgot to order something in time. As fellow […]

Russians bringing flowers to Turkiye, Syria embassies in Moscow

Russians, Tuesday, are bringing flowers to the Turkish and Syrian embassies in Moscow and lighting candles in memory of people killed in powerful earthquakes that struck Turkiye and Syria on Monday. People offer condolences and ask diplomats to convey words of support to relatives of people killed and injured in the earthquake, Anadolu News Agency […]


Pollination can be a problem for gardeners when it does not occur naturally. Various plants use different modes of pollination from attracting insects such as bees to move the pollen to air movement or vibration. Often we think of the honey bees as the main pollinators, which for a number of plants and crops they […]

The Meaningful Details Behind The Flowers On The Queen’s Coffin

The queen’s coffin was decorated with the Imperial State Crown, the sceptre and the orb along with a special bouquet on the day of her state funeral. The arrangement was just one of the personal touches the royal family placed throughout the momentous occasion. Advertisement Buckingham Palace revealed that King Charles III had requested that […]

I’m planting flowers…

Image from SACREDECOLOGY with thanks … very pertinent right now Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

NBC News Edits Footage Of Michael Myers To Make It Look Like He’s Just Handing Flowers To The Townspeople

NBC News Edits Footage Of Michael Myers To Make It Look Like He’s Just Handing Flowers To The Townspeople NEW YORK, NY—NBC News has been caught editing footage of notorious murderer Michael Myers to take out his bloody knife and make him appear much less threatening. The news station appears to have edited the knife […]

Down on the organic farm with Instagram and electric flowers

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

With artillery guns and flowers, Britain salutes Prince Philip – Watch

Gun salutes were fired across Britain on Saturday to mark the death of Prince Philip as tributes flooded in for a man who was a pillar of strength for Queen Elizabeth during her record-breaking reign. Members of the public laid flowers outside royal residences, paying their respects to the 99-year-old prince who spent more than […]

A “Survivor” Tells of Arriving in Auschwitz to Flowers and Music

Why have we not seen movies where Auschwitz is filled with flowers and live music? I think it would paint a slightly different picture of the “death camp”. WorldTruth link Share now! Source

Kew Gardens to Tell Visitors How Racist Its Plants Are: ‘These Flowers Are White Supremacist’

Kew Gardens in London is going to begin informaing visitors about how racist certain plants are. No, this is NOT satire. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use. The Royal Botanic Gardens, funded by the UK government, is set to “change display boards for plants such as sugar […]

Magic Flowers of U.S. Dream Trippers Found at California’s Pinwheel Cave

When you think of psychedelics and the United States, famous psychonauts like Timothy Leary, Gerry Garcia and Jim Morrison come to mind. In the 1991 movie, The Doors , Jim Morrison got seriously stoned and wandered out into the New Mexico desert experiencing the full optical range of nature. But a new study suggests he was only […]

Etruscans Transported Bees by Boat to Reach the Best Flowers!

The discovery of an ancient Etruscan honey harvesting workshop at Focello in Italy, and the analysis of charred remains unearthed at the site, has let archaeologists to propose a remarkable hypothesis. Of all the Etruscan techniques, skills, and social norms discovered to date, Etruscan bee boats are a unique beekeeping and honey manufacturing system and […]

Candles lit and flowers laid at scene of Vienna shooting

Austrian authorities continued their investigation into a radicalised man who killed four people and injured at least 22 in Vienna as residents mourned the victims of November 2 attack. Austrian police had raided several homes of people close to the attacker, who was identified as Austrian-North Macedonian dual national Kujtim Fejzula. Two men and two […]

Plants and Flowers in the Worship of the Generative Powers

By Thomas WrightFrom The Worship of the Generative Powers [1865] Plants and flowers were, indeed, intimately connected with this worship. We have seen how constantly they are introduced in the form of garlands, and they were always among the offerings to Priapus. It was the universal practice, in dancing round the fire on St. John’s […]

Where Have All The Flowers Gone???

by Julie Telgenhoff My heart has been weighing heavily lately.  I was thinking about how we Americans are being told that we’re going to make America great again and how many believe that somehow this is going to happen, yet I don’t see many people taking the necessary actions for us to be […]

Władysław Czachórski’s Academic Paintings of Fine Fabrics, Flowers & Females

Władysław Czachórski (1850 – 1911) was born in Lublin, Poland and studied at the School of Fine of Arts in Warsaw. He then went to Germany to study at the Dresden Academy and then Munich Academy, with Munich then becoming his home. He would go on to travel around the art capitols of Europe, become […]

Wilhelm Menzler’s Paintings of Flowers and Female Beauty

Wilhelm Menzler (1846-1926) was a German artist who painted portraits and genre scenes, often incorporating flowers into his works. He lived in Munich, where he studied with van Lerins, and then went on to exhibit in Vienna starting in 1891. Currently many of Menzler’s pieces can be found in museums and galleries in Budapest and […]

Woman solves mystery of who left flowers at her 12-year-old brother’s grave for nearly 70 years

     A mystery man who left flowers at a 12-year-old boy scout’s grave for nearly 70 years has been revealed to be a childhood friend who was with him just before he died. Ronald Seymour-Westborough, 84, has been visiting the grave of Karl Sharp, who died in 1947 on a Scouting trip, since he was […]

Rally For Zero At Nuclear Summit

Print Friendly Above photo: Tell world leaders at the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit: 15,000 nuclear weapons ≠ security! Washington, DC – On March 31, world leaders will gather for the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C. to take steps to prevent an act of nuclear terrorism. Their approach is focused solely on securing nuclear material. The […]

Heron of Alexandria’s Mechanical Television

Youtube link Around 2000 years ago the great inventor Heron of Alexandria essentially invented computer programming. One invention automatically rolled out onto a theater stage, opened up, and showed a play with scene changes and sound effects. To learn about more of Heron’s inventions, here is a full documentary about them. Source Article from

D19: The Billion People March

Print Friendly In the wake of the failed climate talks, Ad Busters has called for mass global action. Here is their call . . . Hey all you wild cats, dreamers and redeemers out there, It’s been awhile since Occupy Wall Street came and went. Now the revolutionary spirit is stirring again. We’re building a […]

China search giant Baidu sees lift from travel deal

Chinese search giant Baidu said Thursday it expects a new travel services partnership to help drive future revenue as the country’s middle class grows, after it reported better-than-expected third quarter earnings. Nasdaq-listed Baidu, often portrayed as the equivalent of Google, dominates search in China and is looking to move into online-to-offline services, such as food […]

Cop Ruthlessly Beats Dog, Picks Animal Up and Rams Its Body Into the Ground

It is little wonder that advocacy groups have turned their attention to the Ramsey County sheriff’s office of late. October 22 is the National Day of Protest against Police Brutality. However, these campaigners are seeking justice for a member of law enforcement – a German Shepherd named Boone that […]

Retiree watering flowers for neighbour is threatened by police with Tasers after being reported as a burglar

  Daily MailOctober 14, 2011 Good neighbour Patricia Cook was only too happy to look after her friend’s house and garden while she was away on holiday. The 67-year-old and her daughter Louise dutifully  visited to water the plants and pick up windfall apples. Suddenly they were confronted by police wielding powerful Tasers after they […]

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