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They KNEW: Federal officials who worked on COVID outbreak dumped stocks ahead of market-collapsing pandemic

(Natural News) There are many instances of blatant scandal stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic involving federal government officials, but none so aggravating as findings reported this week by The Wall Street Journal. It seems that as federal officials who worked on the pandemic were first getting word of some ‘new virus’ spreading across the globe after… […]

Thousands of U.S. cattle buried, dumped at Kansas landfill

 Top U.S. cattle feeding companies sent 1,000-pound carcasses to a Kansas landfill, where they were flattened by loader machines and mixed with trash, after a June heatwave killed thousands of cows, documents seen by Reuters show. Source

8 British Things That Should Have Been Dumped Into Boston Harbor Instead Of Tea

The Babylon Bee does have some humorous things at time. I have noticed however they are infected with the British Cromewllian Zionist Zombie Virus transplanted to yankeeland when the “puritans” lost in England and a whole bunch of Cromwellian Zionist Zombies were going to be executed for the huge mountain of crimes against God and […]

World’s Most ‘Dangerous’ Anthropologist Of Aryan Culture Dumped By Followers After He Is Outed As Jewish

(The Jewish Chronicle) It turns out that Robert Sepehr, the popular self-styled historian and anthropologist on YouTube, who promotes the idea that most — if not all — advanced civilizations across the globe were founded by Aryans, has been ostracized by some of his followers after his own Jewish ancestry came to light: Robert Sepehr […]

Warning Shot: DeSantis Plans to Use Funds to Bus Illegal Immigrants Dumped in Florida to Biden’s Delaware

No one has “done more to help the cartels” than President Biden with his embrace of radical open border policies, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said on Wednesday, noting that Americans are “bracing” for the administration’s repeal of Title 42 and warning that his administration plans to bus illegal immigrants dumped in Florida to Biden’s […]


[embedded content]… [embedded content]… #CarlosMarin‘s Covid-19 death on the 19th, 67 days after his birthday (19th prime), is the latest Covid-19 201 ritual. Recall, Event 201 was the coronavirus outbreak simulation just before it happened. [embedded content]…Carlos Marín was in hospital with an undisclosed illness.Carlos Marin was vaccinated against Covid in Mexico. Marín died on […]

BREAKING – Wikileaks just Dumped ALL of their Files online

BREAKING – Wikileaks just Dumped ALL of their Files online ~ December 13, 2021 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~BasilY’all prolly know that the British just gave the American government the authority to extradite Julian Assange, bring him over here and try him for being a bad boy. The powers that shouldn’t be do not like journalists who divulge their […]

Hipster Climate Change Protesters Dumped 120 TONS Of Rubbish In London

Claims that White House Climate Envoy John Kerry arrived at Barack Obama’s birthday bash via a private jet have been denied by the State Department, despite a photo being published showing Kerry exiting the plane. “Secretary Kerry lives on Martha’s Vineyard, he did not travel there for a party. He took a ferry to Martha’s […]

At least 2 feet of snow dumped on parts of Maine and New Hampshire

     The latest nor’easter has dumped at least 2 feet of snow in some areas of Maine and New Hampshire. Light snow was still falling Wednesday morning, with snow showers expected to continue through the night. Most places in northern New England could see up to an additional 3 inches, with up to 6 inches […]

Trump confidant dumped millions in steel-related stock last week

Billionaire investor and longtime Trump confidant Carl Icahn dumped $31.3 million of stock in a company heavily dependent on steel last week, just days before Trump announced plans to impose steep tariffs on steel imports. In a little-noticed SEC filing submitted on February 22, 2018, Icahn disclosed that he systematically sold off nearly 1 […]

Leaked Equifax documents provided to US Senate reveal that they dumped all our drivers’ licenses, too, but Equifax says it’s OK, so…

Equifax seems to acknowledge that drivers’ licenses were included in the breach, but claims that its failure to mention this up until now does not present any kind of problem, as its disclosures to date were “not exhaustive” — a self-evident statement, in retrospect.   Equifax spokesperson Meredith Griffanti told CNNMoney […]

Why Jim Carrey Dumped His Facebook Stock, Deleted His Page & Is Calling For A Facebook Boycott

Next Story Facebook has been under fire all year as a new change to their algorithm will again take pages and businesses out of the newsfeed and replace them with more ‘friends’ posts. A move that apparently users asked for even though Facebook has provided no proof of that. In fact, Facebook is the only […]

Rothschild Just Dumped Massive Amounts Of US Assets, Sending An Ominous Signal

In what is a sure signal to oligarchs across the globe, Lord Jacob Rothschild, founder and chairman of RIT Capital Partners, has substantially minimized his exposure to what he views as a risky and unstable U.S. capital market. In the half-yearly financial report for RIT Capital Partners, Rothschild explained the company’s aggressive moves to significantly reduce […]

NSA-Leaking Shadow Brokers Just Dumped Its Most Damaging Release Yet

Above Photo: Enlarge / A computer screen displaying Eternalromance, one of the hacking tools dumped Friday by Shadow Brokers. Windows zero-days, SWIFT bank hacks, slick exploit loader among the contents. Important Update 4/15/2017 11:45 AM California time None of the exploits reported below are, in fact, zerodays that work against supported Microsoft products. Readers should read this update for further details. […]

Police Murder Because They Are Trained To Murder. The Militarization of Law Enforcement

Australia wants to cash in by becoming the world’s nuclear waste dumping ground

(NaturalNews) Australia is mulling over the construction of a gigantic nuclear waste storage facility in the southern part of the country, according to a Royal Commission report that was published this week. South Australia is sparsely populated, and houses one of the biggest uranium deposits on the planet. Nuclear advocates feel it is […]

Jamaica To Legalise Cannabis And Fire The Queen

Jamaica have announced plans to fire Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state, and legalize cannabis, in a radical new constitutional amendment. Lawmakers are discussing the plans as part of the new government’s 2016-2017 legislative agenda. The proposals would see the Queen being replaced with a Non-Executive President, Governor General Sir Patrick Allen announced to Parliament […]

French President Says Dissidents Can Stay In France … For Now

French President François Hollande has reluctantly agreed to allow dissidents to remain French citizens for the time being, amid protests from parliament and the public.  Hollande had originally proposed a bill that would have revoked the citizenship for anybody he deems to be a ‘terrorist’ under the country’s strict new state of emergency laws which some […]

1st Scandinavian women-led mosque opens in Denmark

“We have normalized patriarchal structures in our religious institutions. Not just in Islam, but also within Judaism and Christianity and other religions. And we would like to challenge that,” Sherin Khankan, the project’s founder and one of the imams who will be leading prayers at the new mosque, told AFP. Khankan told Politiken daily that […]

1st Scandinavian women-led mosque opens in Denmark

“We have normalized patriarchal structures in our religious institutions. Not just in Islam, but also within Judaism and Christianity and other religions. And we would like to challenge that,” Sherin Khankan, the project’s founder and one of the imams who will be leading prayers at the new mosque, told AFP. Khankan told Politiken daily that […]

‘Let’s not overdramatize’: EU downplays Polish govt state media seizure

The new amendment to the country’s media law, President Andrzej Duda believes, will make the media “impartial, objective and reliable.” According to presidential aide Malgorzata Sadurska the law was signed because Duda believes that broadcasters with no proper government control lacked “credibility.” “We see that very often subjective, personal opinion … replaces the objective information, […]

Is It Possible That ISIS Is The Saudi Arabia Army In Disguise???

For decades Saudi Arabia have financed terrorism to advance their agenda to acquire more wealth and oil for the royal family.  ~ Sean Adl-Tabatabai reports: In recent weeks one nation after another is falling over themselves, literally, to join the turkey shoot known, erroneously, as the war in Syria, ostensibly against the Islamic State […]

Mississippi’s Women Some of The Poorest. But We’re Getting Organized

Print Friendly Above Photo: Women from all backgrounds – educators, judges, lawyers, advocates, activists, social workers, students and struggling moms – from towns in the Mississippi Delta meet at a community center in Indianola, MS, to discuss their most pressing needs. In this breakout session, they explored policy solutions that could meet those needs. Carole Cannon/Mississippi […]

35 Bodies Dumped in Veracruz, Mexico

  Reuters September 21, 2011 The bodies of 35 people with suspected links to organized crime were dumped under a highway bridge in eastern Mexico on Tuesday, in a major escalation of violence in the once-quiet port city of Veracruz. The bodies were discovered near a shopping center in Boca del Rio, along Mexico’s Gulf […]

Israel Has Dumped 46 Percent of Its U.S. Treasury Bills; Russia 95 Percent

Terence P. Jeffrey CNS News Sept 20, 2011 Foreign ownership of U.S. government debt declined in July for the second straight month, according to Treasury Department data released Friday. Overall, foreign holdings of U.S. debt dropped from an all-time high of $4.5115 trillion in May to 4.4956 trillion in June and then to $4.478 trillion in July. In […]

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