8 British Things That Should Have Been Dumped Into Boston Harbor Instead Of Tea

The Babylon Bee does have some humorous things at time.
I have noticed however they are infected with the British Cromewllian

Zionist Zombie Virus transplanted to yankeeland when the “puritans” lost in England and a whole bunch of Cromwellian Zionist Zombies were going to be executed for the huge mountain of crimes against God and humanity.

When some women in yankeeland refused to be ruled cradle to grave by hypocritical evil communistic ass holes, the ass holes claimed they were witches, gave them sham trials and murdered them

Specially against the Irish who they tried to Holocaust out of existence.

When the Southern States legally succeeded from the Volunteer Union they had Voluntarily joined, the Zionist zombie “puritans” gang raped little children, pregnate women and minister’s daughters to death while stealing and burning everything.

I have to admit my cousin’s George Washington, George Patton and I all agree the British are like unto a cancer on the posterior of humanity, but on the opposite cheek there is a cancer called the yankee puritans.

But a point by point commentary on the Babylon Bee’s

“The Boston Tea Party was a totally based political protest that took place on December 16, 1773 as a way of speaking out against taxation without representation — but let’s face it — the tea got the raw end of that deal. We enjoy a good tea every now and then!”

Here’s what we should have dumped in Boston Harbor instead:

#1:Earl Grey the person, not the tea: That guy was the worst.

[Couldn’t care less.
I am a Southerner, not a thieving zionist zombie child gang raping yankee.
No self respecting southerner would drink hot tea.
Just inbred Brits and their spawn the yankee puritans.]

#2: Those smutty Canterbury Tales: Believe it or not, this trash is still available in school libraries.

[On this one we are in agreement.
Thomas Becket was a Church of little boy raping priest Roman slave religion ass hole who was giving my great grandfather King Henry the 2nd a hard time, so my great grandfather type King Henry had my great grandfather type, Knight, Hugh the assassin go kill his ass on his own alter.

BECKET needed killing and certainly was no saint.]

Tales of Caunterbury is a collection of twenty-four stories that runs to over 17,000 lines written in Middle English by Geoffrey Chaucer between 1387 and 1400. It is widely regarded as Chaucer’s magnum opus. The tales (mostly written in verse, although some are in prose) are presented as part of a story-telling contest by a group of pilgrims as they travel together from London to Canterbury to visit the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral.]

#3: Fries that are called “chips” and cookies that are called “biscuits”: You are the author of confusion, King George!

[I always give the devil his due.
Some of the best damn fish and chips (fries) I have ever eaten were English and Australian.
Damn yankees learn how to properly cook fish and make fries I might even eat some of theirs.]

#4: The extra “U” the British keep sticking into words: What the heck is a “colour?” Are you having a stroke?

[Ignorance alway has offended me.
The English MADE the English language

When the little child gang raping to death yankees got to “New England”, the control freaks decided only they knew how to spell right, adulterated the spelling of the whole language and put it all in a “dictionary” cobbled together by Noel Webster.

When the yankee control freaks invaded and occupied the South, they forced their control freak adulterated spelling on their betters.

Don’t matter to me cause I like my cousins general George Washington and general George S Patton can not correctly spell in either version.
I always chuckle when I recall when Patton wrote his favorite nephew a letter and stated most people spelled a word the same way every time, but more adventurous and intelligent folks like him found a new way to spell it every time they wrote it.]

#5: Aristocratic titles: If you like nobility and sophistication so much, get some Kardashians!

When the Americans tried to make Southerner George Washington king he refused, but the yankee Ben Franklin kept and used his British aristocratic title his whole life]

#6: That evil guy from The Patriot: If he was thrown into the harbor Heath Ledger would still be alive today.

[If Cousin George Washington and my several great grandfather types who were his winter soldiers, who were not always deserting and switching sides like the yankee scum, could see what a shit hole the yankee has made of America, I do believe they would have just drank some good Southern sipping whiskey, BBQed a damn goat, pissed on the fire, gone home to their wives and just paid that Fake fat king his tax on his tea.]

#7: Inferior British knockoffs of great original American products: Like The Office and the English language.

[already covered the adulteration of the English language by the witch burning pedophilic control freak yankees]

#8:Prince Harry: Don’t tread on me, you fop!

[Fake “prince”.


He is the Bastard son of an inbred British army officer who Di had a sexual fling with as No Chin Charlie was too busy hanging with his bestiist buttie serial child and dead person raper who furnished children to FAKE Brit “royalty” and politicians to rape, BBC presenter Jimmy Savile:

Know why FAKE British “royalty and politicians wear skirts?
Children and sheep can hear zippers

But it would not matter if No Chin Charlie was his sperm Donner daddy, he would still be a FAKE “prince” as both Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed were sired by Commoner Sperm donors the real Prince’s slut wife was banging like a bunny rabbit every time the Real Prince’s back was turned.

This means EVERY British “king”, “queen”, “prince”, “princess” from 1440 AD onward have been FAKES, PRETENDERS, COMMONERS PUTTING ON LIKE THEY WERE REALLY SOMEBODY.]

And that’s it, patriots. If all these things were cast into the sea the world would be a much brighter — and less British — place. USA! USA! USA!


[A yankee is a Northern degenerate who is from yankeeland.

A Damn yankee is a Northern degenerate who is from yankeeland who comes South and refuses to leave!]



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One Response to “8 British Things That Should Have Been Dumped Into Boston Harbor Instead Of Tea”

  1. Euddav322AD says:

    You must learn to identify your enemy; the “British”.
    We Britons who have been living in Britain these last four thousand years are not your enemy: we are the Britons.

    Your true enemy is the “British” (anything) which was created 1st. May 1707AD and refers only to the forming of a political DOCUMENT “state”.

    That political DOCUMENT “state” was (and still is) the joining of two parliaments, Scottish and English, into one and became known as the “British” parliament.
    This new adjective “British”, referred only to State, Document and Parliament. (It still does).

    It has nothing to do with any people who live in Scotland or England or Wales or Ireland. We true Britons are not your enemy.

    A colossal amount of MONEY was paid 1st. May 1707AD to the old Scottish parliament treasury by the old English parliament treasury in order to bring this about; of course, it was tax-payers’ money therefore our English ancestors were robbed blind and opressed just as they are today.

    “Their Bank in England” was established in 1694AD (a Rothschild corporation) and it handled the colossal MONEY payment.

    So please remember that we true Britons are still Britons and not “British”.

    The so-called British state, British document, British parliament are false creations: they are the true enemies of the Americans and the Britons.

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