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First Greek-speaking Adventist Church established in Cyprus

Although the Seventh-day Adventist Church has had at least one church group in Nicosia operating for many years, three language groups meet separately to worship each week in the Cypriot capital despite there being no building in which to meet. On the members’ behalf, reported ANN, the Trans-European Division (TED) received the 13th Sabbath overflow… […]

Canada waging war on Dr. Charles Hoffe for speaking out publicly against covid “vaccines”

(Natural News) One of the first medical professionals to be targeted and hunted down by the medical establishment for using a D-Dimer test to prove Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” damage, Dr. Charles Hoffe is once again speaking out about the dangers of getting covid injected. The southern British Columbia-based emergency room and family doctor says […]

UK doctors are speaking out.

Everyone in the world should watch this video **NOW** before it is censored. Especially if you are in the UK! UK doctors are speaking out. It’s so damaging to the narrative that even Twitter won’t let post it. from thefreeonline by Steve Kirsch on 20th January 2023 Executive summary..343 comments below UK doctors speaking out about […]

Australian GP Sues Medical Regulators over Registration Suspension for Speaking Against COVID-19 Vaccines

An Australian general practitioner who was suspended for saying COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous has taken court action against the country’s medical regulators to regain his registration. North Brisbane GP registrar William Bay got his registration suspended on Aug. 17 after he interrupted a national Australian Medical Association conference in late July and told the doctors […]

WEF Police Lock Up Swiss Cardiologist for Speaking Out Against COVID Mandates

A cardiologist with a doctorate in immunology and virology who has held a private practice for 24 years has revealed that the WEF-aligned Swiss state forcibly placed him in a psychiatric institution to be examined […] The post WEF Police Lock Up Swiss Cardiologist for Speaking Out Against COVID Mandates appeared first on News Punch. […]

ACH (1965) Dr. Patrick Slattery And Mark Dankof – Boomercalifragilisticexpialidocious #10 – The Consequences Of Speaking Out

In today’s show originally broadcast on November 9 2022, Andy presents “Boomercalifragilisticexpialidocious” with his co-hosts Dr. Patrick Slattery and Mark Dankof for a show entitled, “The Consequences Of Speaking Out.” We discussed: Mark’s new RBN show “The Dankof Report” that airs for an hour every Friday at 2PM Central; the difference between live radio broadcasting […]

ACH (1960) Frank Raymond – Speaking Truth About The Powers That Be: Courage To Speak Or Slavery…

In today’s show originally broadcast on November 4 2022, Andy broadcasts a BitChute video by Frank Raymond entitled, “Speaking Truth About The Powers That Be: Courage To Speak Or Slavery…” Click Here For Frank’s Sweet Dreams And Terror Cells – The Politically Incorrect Book Of The Century Click Here For Frank’s “When Giants Break The […]

Zelensky Caught On Video Speaking In His Secret Underground Bunker


Midshipman Cut Off From Speaking About Personal Decision Not To Get Killer Jabbed

The USA does not want military leaders, real generals and admirals.The US service academies teach how to suck dick, take it up the ass, betray their country and be yes men to treasonous political whores who have been selling out Americans and American souls for generations. The Last real flag officer America had was General […]

The Anti-White Agenda Is So Obvious That Even Bill Maher Is Speaking Against It

I am in no way promoting Bill Maher here. I just want to show you all the zeitgeist of the day, where our ideas have spread so far and wide that media talking heads like Bill Maher have to express some of them to appeal to the audience. Source

A further interview with the NZ Funeral Director speaking out about what he is seeing (Liz Gunn)

Recently we posted another interview with this brave and honorable Funeral Director Brenton Faithfull … his interview with Doctor Matt Shelton from NZDSOS. This interview with Liz Gunn follows up on his experience since the hit piece published by He is simply asking the questions MSM is not asking, nor is our government and […]

Speaking at the UN, NZ’s PM Ardern Has Called For A Global Censorship System

This is not a new idea. Ardern has been saying for a good while now, since the plandemic in particular, that she and her government are our single source of truth. She is serious about that. At one point she even told Kiwis not to speak to their neighbours. This all of course flies in […]

Miss Universe Organization Calls for ‘Inclusive Language’ When Speaking About Periods

The Miss Universe Organization on Tuesday called for people to use “inclusive language” when discussing periods.

George Soros Buys Up Spanish-Speaking Radio Stations Across America Ahead of Midterms

George Soros has begun quietly buying up Spanish-speaking radio stations across America ahead of the upcoming midterm elections this fall.

Johnny Cash Was Censored & Backlashed For Speaking Out on the Plight of Native Americans; He Was a Hero!

Alyssa Milano Shames Other Hollywood Celebrities for Not Speaking Up for ‘Reproductive Justice’

Alyssa Milano is attempting to shame and guilt-trip her fellow celebrities who haven’t spoken out about “reproductive justice” — aka abortion — in the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court leak showing the high court is prepared to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Speaking of the seven-week war in Ukraine ignited by USA Spending 5 Billion Tax Payer Dollars To Overthrow The Duly Elected Ukrainian Governmnent

“-Speaking of the seven-week war in Ukraine ignited by Vladimir Putin, Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is warning us to expect a war that lasts for years. “I do think this is a very protracted conflict … measured in years,” Milley told Congress. “I don’t know about a decade, but […]

Speaking Out! 

How is anyone responsible for being born where he/she has been and the identity attached to his/her personality primarily because of his/her birth? Whatever is any person’s identity, why is any bias being practiced towards him/her primarily because of this? But this is still happening at this very moment. Prospects of this inhumane trend coming […]

Trump Shills Vax And Boosters to Boos During Speaking Tour, Says ‘You’re Playing Right Into Their Hands’ If You Doubt Shots

By Chris Menahan Former president Donald Trump, who just four months ago said boosters were “crazy” and a “money-making operation,” told Bill O’Reilly on Monday that he got his booster shot to boos from a crowd and said “you’re playing right into their hands” if you doubt the shots. From Business Insider: “Look, we did […]

Every Media Outlet Is Speaking About War Or Is It Just Propaganda Again?

9 DECEMBER 2021 By Sonja van den Ende Source Every regular media outlet in the world is speaking about the upcoming war, Russia will invade Ukraine they say, without mentioning the other threats or wars still going on. It seems the whole world is focused again, on Russia and the threat, that they might invade […]

Biden Unsure Why Winnie The Pooh Keeps Speaking Chinese

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After being bathed and fed by staffers, U.S. President Joe Biden was led to a table facing a large TV screen, according to reports. The President’s face lit up when one of his favorite Disney characters appeared on the screen, then showed confusion as Winnie the Pooh began speaking Chinese. “Come on, man, why […]

Hebrew-Speaking Jews Know Why Mark Zuckerberg Renamed Facebook ‘Meta’ — But Do You?

(Forward) On Thursday, when Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new name for Facebook — Meta — to mark its transition to what he calls “the metaverse,” he raised a few eyebrows among Hebrew-speaking Jewish communities: While the word, now applied to such narratively self-aware works as “Adaptation” and “Deadpool,” derives from the Greek prefix meaning “after” […]

Doctor Says Physicians Are Being “Hunted” For Speaking Out by Press & Medical Boards

The View host Joy Behar says black people should drop their hesitation about getting the vaccine because “the experiment has been done on white people now.” Yes, really. Behar made the comments during a discussion about how only 46% of black Americans have received at least one shot of the coronavirus jab as of October […]

Rothschild Israel Gets Our Money Cuz Rothschild’s Control Our Gov’t-Bravo to This Girl For Speaking Out! Israel is Terrorist and Did 9/11 Too as Well As Bombing the Liberty Knowing They Would Kill American Sailors.

Student accuses US of funding “ethnic genocide” by Israel in front of VP Harris “Americans are struggling because of a lack of health care, public health care, lack of affordable housing and all this money ends up going to Israel..” the student said at an event on VOTING RIGHTS! — Press TV (@PressTV) September […]

Joy Behar Calls George W. Bush ‘Very Patriotic’ For Speaking Out Against His Own Party

Joy Behar thinks that former President George W. Bush was “very patriotic” after he spoke out against his own party during his speech at the 9/11 memorial service. Bush was comparing the January 6 Capitol protesters to the terrorists that attacked America on Sept. 11, 2001. Behar made her comments during “The View” on Monday. […]


September 3rd, 2021 The most prominent and respected doctors in Ireland speak out about the dangers of injecting children with the Covid 19 vaccine. _______________________________ If you like our work please consider to donate : Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

Absolute must watch – Israeli MD who treated Trump speaking out on the VX Chembuster 28159 subscribers EVEN ATTACKS BY MEANS OF NEGATIVE REVIEWS CANNOT STOP THE TRUTH TO BE EXPOSED================================================================================ENGLISHDr. Zelenko 90% Will Die! Dr. Tom Cowan: The PCR Tests Are Being Replaced With Something Even Worse! RELATED: A warning from Israel about V passports Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

Beware a fraudulent ‘copy cat’ website opposing the NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS) website (links included)

Posted by the Health Forum NZ page @ Facebook This is just a “heads up”… Many of you are looking for and sharing the website for the NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS).Tonight someone has sent me a fraudulent website set up to clearly confuse people and sabotage the work of this organisation of […]

12 Virologists Are Blacklisted, Censored And Banned From Speaking On Any Mass Media About Covid-19 ‘Vaccines’, Pandemics, Or Viruses

12 Virologists Are Blacklisted, Censored And Banned From Speaking On Any Mass Media About Covid-19 ‘Vaccines’, Pandemics, Or Viruses – Where Does That Leave Democracy, Human Rights, Freedom Or Journalism? Top 7 Lies About Health And Safety WHAT ARE THE TOP SEVEN MYTHS THAT MOST US CITIZENS BELIEVE TODAY AROUND HEALTH AND SAFETY AND WHY […]

NZ MD, DR ALLISON GOODWIN speaking about the CV VX

Featured by the Health Forum NZ @ facebook On a rainy grey Saturday when our Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDOS) are the subject of a media “hit woman”….it seems a good idea to take a look at what their stance is… Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

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