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Wood museum to be established in Kermanshah 

TEHRAN – A museum dedicated to woodworks by local artisans is planned to be established in the western province of Kermanshah, a local tourism official has announced.  The museum will be launched in collaboration with the private sector and craftspeople from the province, Akram Tahmasebi said on Wednesday.  There are notable wood sculptors and artists […]

Merging of climate and covid narratives established at Russian forum

MOSCOW, RUSSIA—Rae Kwon Chung (L), United Nations Agenda 21 contributor and Chairman of the Global Energy Prize International Committee, at the first press conference by laureates of the 2019 Global Energy International Prize. He was advisor to eight U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and contributed as a lead author for an IPCC special report on […]

Nomadic tent hotel to be established in Ardabil  

Nomadic tent hotel to be established in Ardabil   – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – A nomadic tent hotel is planned to be established in northwestern Ardabil province, a local tourism official has announced.  Consisting of nomadic tents, which is the first of its kind [in Iran], the hotel will be launched in one of the agritourism […]

Mike Lindell Accuses TruNews of Being a ‘Fake News’ Front Established by Media Matters

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell hosted a three-day “cyber symposium” in South Dakota last week that he claimed would provide irrefutable proof that the 2020 presidential election was hacked by foreign actors and stolen from former President Donald Trump. Lindell was so confident that he boldly offered $5 million to anyone who could disprove the legitimacy […]

New FTZs are planned to be established by next March

New FTZs are planned to be established by next March – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – As announced by Secretary of Iranian Free Zones High Council Hamidreza Mo’meni, some new free trade zones (FTZs) are planned to be set up in the country in the current Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2022). Saying that new FTZs will […]

Emails Reveal How Influential Articles That Established COVID-19 Natural Origins Theory Were Formed

News Analysis The two most significant articles promoting the “natural origins” theory for the COVID-19 outbreak originated from scientists who were part of a response team of “experts” brought in by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine (NASEM), in response to a request from a White House official. These influential articles were used extensively […]

Specialized coin museum to be established in Kordestan

Specialized coin museum to be established in Kordestan – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Cultural heritage authorities of Kordestan province are slated to establish a museum dedicated to historical coins and currency.  Coins from different historical eras of Iran and other countries will be displayed in the museum in the city of Qorveh, the tourism chief of […]

Myanmar generals rule out envoy visit until ‘stability’ established

More than three months after Myanmar’s military staged a coup on February 1, the protests to restore civilian rule continue across the country. In the southern city of Dawei, hundreds of engineers, teachers, and university students marched peacefully on Saturday. In other areas, mass peaceful protests are still being broken up by force, while in […]

Tours established in India to learn about Jewish heritage

India presents visitors with a mouthwatering array of attractions and destinations: The shimmering palaces, distinctive cultures and multifarious delicacies make the subcontinent a tourist heaven. True, one has to cover vast distances to see the highlights, but a range of domestic flights makes it easy to get around. For the more intrepid traveler, the packed […]

With diplomatic ties established, Kosovo opens embassy in Jerusalem

PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) — Kosovo’s Foreign Ministry said on Sunday it has formally opened its embassy to Israel in the disputed city of Jerusalem. A statement said the move was made after the establishment of diplomatic ties with Israel on February 1 and a Kosovo-Serbia summit held at the White House in September. “The Ministry […]

Norway: No link established after post-COVID-19 vaccination deaths, says health authority

Norway’s Public Health Authority has stated that there was no link established between the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and the deaths of elderly people who had been vaccinated. In a report they also recommended a medical evaluation before vaccinating the elderly and very fragile. Since the start of the vaccination campaign in late December, the Scandinavian country […]

Petroleum museum to be established in southwest Iran

TEHRAN –A petroleum museum is scheduled to be established in the city of Gachsaran, southwestern Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province, the provincial tourism chief has announced.  The museum will be set up in an area of 12 hectares, and is planned to display the old tools, equipment, and objects related to the discovery and production of […]

Israel Allies Caucus No. 50 established in Honduras

Four new Israel Allies Caucuses were established this month, bringing the number of pro-Israel caucuses around the world to 50.The new caucuses were set up in Honduras, Central Africa Republic, South Sudan and Cameroon. Honduras agreed to set up the caucus on Tuesday evening.“If we look back 20 years, we cannot even imagine having these […]

‘The Flow of Japanese Companies and Investors to Israel Started Long Before We Established Ties With the Gulf States’

Main road of Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan. Photo: ElHeineken via Wikicommons. CTech – “Sompo launched its activity in Israel in 2018 and has since understood that it needs to expand,” said Yinnon Dolev, Head of Sompo Digital Lab Israel during an interview at the Mind the Tech TLV 2020 online conference. “Sompo is a big […]

Israel, PA join newly-established East Mediterranean gas forum

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Imam Khamenei: Sacred Defense Established Security in Iran, Enemies Will Pay Dearly If They Invade Country

By Staff, Agencies Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei says Iran’s decisively victorious defense against foreign-backed forces of Iraq’s former dictator Saddam Hussein proved that invading the country is a “very costly” undertaking. “When a nation shows that it has the diligence and power to defend itself and delivers a […]

Saudi Prince has established contact with the israeli lobby. Two evil, terrorist supporting states

As part of his tour in the United States, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman held meetings in New York with two rabbis: President of the Reformer Judaism Union Richard Jacobs and the head of the United Conservative Judaic Synagogue, Stephen Wernicke. Fear of Iran pushes Saudi Arabia to an alliance with Israel. The meeting […]

Secondary education was established to create “unity of thought”: Harvard, 1918

Inglis’ book reveals the true purpose of secondary education. Photo: Secondary school has become increasingly important in the modern world, and is viewed collectively today as a minimum requirement for success in terms of employment, life progression and development in society. When did this thinking start? Who came up with this system and what […]

Vatican’s Nazi German Fourth Reich established under the guise of the European Union

Posted by PRESS Core c-Europe, World news Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 A US Military Intelligence report known as the Red House Report (EW-Pa 128), is a detailed account of a secret meeting at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944. There, Nazi officials ordered an […]

In Shifting War, US Scrambles to Established Outposts in Western Iraq

Officials are loudly trumpeting the idea that, with the fall of al-Qaim in Iraq and Abu Kamal in Syria, ISIS is “defeated,” and has lost their “last” strongholds in both countries. In reality, ISIS fighters have been taking to the desert for weeks on end in both countries. U.S. officials seem to have been fully […]

Complete control established over Palmyra, terrorists suffered serious damage

     Complete control has been established over Syria’s Palmyra, the Russian General Staff said on Wednesday, adding that terrorists are suffering serious damage. “In a month and a half, the [Syrian] government forces <…> completely destroyed a Daesh terror group, advanced more than 60 kilometers and established complete control over Palmyra. The terrorists suffered serious […]

Puerto Rico Defaults

Puerto Rico Defaults May 2nd, 2016 Via: CNN: Puerto Rico is dialing 9-1-1 for any help it can get. The island was unable to make a $422 million debt payment due Monday. It’s another alarm bell of how bad the situation is getting on […]

‘Wait a few days before you waste any prayers’ – Prince’s final words to fans as his death is confirmed

From: Editor’s note: The record producers, the managers and everyone else involved in Prince’s career is going to make a LOT of money on Prince’s death. Just as they did with Whitney Houston & Michael Jackson, who some have speculated was “taken out”. CNN is doing wall to wall coverage, […]

Egypt, China to sign 5 agreements to boost bilateral cooperation

TCP : Egypt and China are expected to sign five agreements of cooperation Sunday during a meeting between President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and Liu Yandong, the Vice Premier of Chinese State Council, Youm7 quoted Education Minister Ashraf el-Shehy. Al-Sisi and Xi Jinping during Al-Sisi’s earlier visit to China. A number of programs will be tackled […]

GOP Candidates Compete Over Who Will Commit Most War Crimes Once Elected

GOP Candidates Compete Over Who Will Commit Most War Crimes Once Elected At a rally in New Hampshire on Monday night, Donald Trump was criticizing Ted Cruz for having insufficiently endorsed torture — Cruz had said two nights earlier that he would bring back waterboarding, but not “in any sort of widespread use” — when […]

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