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Ancient rituals, bread-making skills win cultural heritage status

Ancient rituals, bread-making skills win cultural heritage status – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – A total of eleven cultural elements passed down from generation to generation in Fars province have been registered in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage list. The Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts on Saturday announced the inscriptions in a letter to the […]

Heritage Action: Arizona Election Integrity Bill ‘Will Go into Effect Immediately After Passage, Not in 2026’

Heritage Action said on Wednesday an Arizona election integrity bill that will “clean up the state’s early voting list and remove registrations that have been inactive in two consecutive election cycles,” will go into effect immediately, and not in 2026, as State Sen. Kelly Townsend (R-16) said in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on […]

Plans to list the Goulburn Jewish Cemetery on the State Heritage Register

Browse > Home / News / Plans to list the Goulburn Jewish Cemetery on the State Heritage Register April 12, 2021 by J-Wire Newsdesk Read on for article The Heritage Council of NSW called on submissions to consider listing the Goulburn Jewish Cemetery on the State Heritage Register. Photo of the cottage for caretaker, with […]

The Holocaust is my heritage: Bearing the scars and stories of survivor grandparents

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Tours established in India to learn about Jewish heritage

India presents visitors with a mouthwatering array of attractions and destinations: The shimmering palaces, distinctive cultures and multifarious delicacies make the subcontinent a tourist heaven. True, one has to cover vast distances to see the highlights, but a range of domestic flights makes it easy to get around. For the more intrepid traveler, the packed […]

Indigenous food skills in southwest Iran made national heritage 

TEHRAN – The skills of making three local dishes, which are popular in the southwestern Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari province, have been added to the National Intangible Cultural Heritage list, a local tourism official has said.  The expertise of making Kardin Ash, which is eaten as breakfast in the spring, as well as the skills of making Tamnideh […]

One historian saves North African Jewish musical heritage

(JTA) — The package from Estonia arrived the other day. More precious items, from Malta and Tel Aviv, are still in transit. As he waits for them in his apartment in Montreal, Chris Silver is stalking certain sellers on eBay or plotting a return to his favorite Parisian flea markets and Casablanca emporiums. In this […]

Washington Wizards to host Jewish Heritage night

The Washington Wizards basketball team has announced that it will celebrate a Jewish Heritage Night on March 4, before a game against the Los Angeles Clippers.Before the game starts, Israeli singer Kobi Aflalo will sing the National Anthem, and will also be featured on the team’s Israeli Instagram page to discuss his performance.Israeli star Deni […]

Walnut Kuku added to Iran national heritage list

TEHRAN – Walnut Kuku, a kind of herbal frittata enriched by walnuts mostly served in Iran’s Tuyserkan county, has won a national cultural heritage status. Kuku is a traditional Persian dish, full of fresh herbs and vegetables mixed with eggs and a balanced spice mix that is a little different for each variety—it is a […]

Qajar-era ice storage turns into heritage museum 

TEHRAN –A Qajar-era (1789–1925) traditional Yakhchal (mudbrick ice storage) in the north-central city of Garmsar, Semnan province has been turned into a museum.  Yakhchal-e Qatul was used to supply ice slabs to the neighboring towns and villages for decades, the provincial tourism chief has said.  As the museums play a big part in introducing and […]

NY’s Museum of Jewish Heritage to offer Holocaust educational courses

The Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York will be offering adult Holocaust education courses digitally for students amid the coronavirus pandemic.The courses are aimed at deepening the understanding of life before, during and after the Holocaust.The first course, taught in three parts, “A Coat of Many Colors: Jewish Life in Europe Between the Two […]

Heritage: 11 Myths About the Transgender ‘Equality Act’

The Heritage Foundation exposed 11 of the most revolutionary demands in the Democrats’ so-called Equality Act, which would force Americans to accept the transgender ideology’s far-reaching claim that each person’s legal sex is determined by their inner feelings of “gender identity,” not by their measurable biology. Heritage reported: The proposed Equality Act of 2021 (H.R. […]

Italo Servi, 98, soft-spoken heir to rich Italian Jewish heritage

When Italo Servi donated an amulet that had been in his family for two centuries to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts five years ago, his children had no idea the object even existed. Servi received the amulet from his mother during a visit home in 1949 while studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Following […]

Mysterious monolith pops up near Turkish World Heritage site

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Pursuing normalization with Iraq, Israeli digital diplomacy plays the heritage card

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Ancient rituals, elements  added to Iran’s intangible cultural heritage list

TEHRAN – Ancient rituals dedicated to water thanksgiving, and Eid al-Adha (Eid Qurban), along with four other cultural elements, all practiced in the western province of Kermanshah, have been registered in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage list.  The Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts on Wednesday announced the inscriptions in a letter it submitted […]

Pfizer CEO Dr. Bourla to join Jewish Heritage Museum in virtual event

The Chairman and CEO of Pfizer, Dr. Albert Bourla will join the the Jewish Heritage Museum – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust – which is hosting a live zoom event with him on February 18th as a part of the museum’s new series “Legacies”, which highlights notable people who share a connection to Jewish […]

Centuries-old Persian carpets, paintings added to national heritage list

TEHRAN – A total of 25 handmade rugs and carpets along with three oil paintings have been added to Iran’s cultural heritage list. “Variety in texture, colors and patterns as the characteristics of these [handwoven] carpets, which date back to the 10th century AH, the 13th century AH, and the 14th century AH,” said Parham […]

Our Heritage – How DNA tests led to a Holocaust family discovering lost past

‘Memories can be beautiful,” croons Babs, “and yet, / What’s too painful to remember, / We simply choose to forget.” But sometimes even Barbra Streisand gets it wrong. Moshe Ehrenberg, a retired ophthalmologist now living in Jerusalem, has had to recalibrate some childhood memories deliberately skewered by his parents, to shield him from a truth […]

Iranian artists, heritage enthusiasts sign petition demanding salvage of masterpiece in Iraq

TEHRAN – Hundreds of Iranian artists, architects, and cultural heritage enthusiasts have signed a petition demanding an urgent restoration of Taq Kasra, a Sassanid masterpiece of architecture, which was collapsed partly in modern Iraq earlier this month. Source 00 Hits: 0

AOC condemns Confederate flag raised outside Jewish Heritage Museum

Within her statement, the Democratic representative called out white supremacists directly for the crimes committed on Thursday, while firming a call to stand by her Jewish constituents and neighbors Source 00 Hits: 0

Amid Capitol riots, confederate flag found on Jewish Heritage Museum door

A Confederate flag was tied to the front door of the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust on Thursday night.  The museum released a statement connecting between “these horrific acts of emboldened antisemitism” and the events that unfolded at the US Capitol earlier this week, which included far-right activists and […]

Inverted tulips, juniper trees added to Iran’s national heritage list

TEHRAN – Inverted tulips in the city of Mahneshan as well as two juniper trees in Tarom, northwestern Zanjan province have recently been inscribed on the national heritage list, IRNA reported on Thursday.  Each year in the spring, hillsides and surrounding meadows of the city are teeming with colorful flowers, particularly inverted tulips. Inverted tulips […]

30 Years of Plastic Age Relics Overshadow Iron Age Heritage Site

The Plastic Age is a term some scholars suggest we use to refer to the modern, plastic dominated times in which we live. Plastic usage and littering is also linked to  the Anthropocene  – the unofficial, current geological epoch marked by the impact humans have on the Earth’s geology and ecosystem. Regardless of one’s perspective […]

Book on Mahan’s cultural heritage unveiled

TEHRAN – A book containing rare manuscripts and other cultural heritage of Mahan, a historical town in southeast Iran, was unveiled during a ceremony at Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman on Tuesday. The ceremony was attended by provincial officials, university professors, scholars, calligraphers, and cultural heritage experts, provincial tourism chief announced.    The book represents […]

225 research projects conducted on Iran’s tourism, cultural heritage within year 

TEHRAN – Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Research Center have carried out 225 research projects on tourism and cultural heritage of the ancient country over the past year, an official with the center announced on Sunday.  A total of 225 research projects have been done from the mid-December last year until this year’s Research Week, […]

Millennium Seed Bank celebrates 20 years of preserving plant heritage

The Millennium Seed bank is celebrating 20 years of saving rare and threatened plants. It’s been dubbed the Noah’s Ark for plants and has a collection of more than 2.4 billion seeds. Scientists there have collected and stored seeds of more than 39,000 plant species. Michael Way, the Conservation Partnership Co-ordinator at Kew Millennium Seed […]

Did You Know Trump Created a Hispanic Heritage Month?

Trump thinks he has his base (patriotic White Americans) all locked up, so he has recently been making moves to appeal to the “minorities” of America. For example, he recently came out with the Platinum Plan for Blacks. What I had failed to catch was that Trump recently created a Hispanic Heritage Month, which is […]

The Enigmatic Zenigata Sunae – A Majestic Heritage of Feudal Japan

Japan is full of countless intriguing places and monuments from its rich and vibrant past. From centuries of rich, evolving history, to the devastating effects of the Second World War, Japan has certainly remained one of the most enigmatic cultures in the world, and, as such, it always offers new and unique details to be […]

Rio Tinto Mining and the Destruction of Aboriginal Juukan Cave Heritage. A Loss to Humanity

Counter Information Global Research, September 22, 2020 The Anglo-Australian multinational company Rio Tinto – the largest iron ore mining company in the world – demolished two 46,000-year-old Aboriginal rock shelters in May. What is particularly disturbing about this event is that Rio Tinto was apparently acting entirely within the law, which is to say that […]

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