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Maharashtra’s traditional wrestlers grapple with Covid impact

Traditional wrestlers at the Kushti Mahavidyalaya, Sangli, Maharashtra. (File photo courtesy: Kushti Mahavidyalaya, Sangli) Pune (Maharashtra): For decades, the second week of March has marked the start of the popular traditional wrestling season, that attract hundreds of participants and big audiences in the villages of western Maharashtra. Held as part of travelling fairs, that also […]

Instead Of Traditional Warfare, Chinese Military Will Now Be Trained To Shout Wrong Pronouns At American Troops

Instead Of Traditional Warfare, Chinese Military Will Now Be Trained To Shout Wrong Pronouns At American Troops BEIJING—The Chinese military has announced that they will no longer be investing in weapons, tanks, aircraft, or traditional warfare training techniques. Instead, the People’s Liberation Army will simply be trained to shout the wrong pronouns at U.S. soldiers, who […]

Persian handicrafts: traditional skill of making rings

TEHRAN – For millennia, metalworking is practiced in the Iranian plateau. And traditional ring making is amongst those.  There are different opinions regarding the history of wearing rings but what is certain is that the habit of wearing belongs to ancient times.  It seems that Egyptians were the first nation to make rings, but according […]

Why Protection of Traditional Wisdom in Agriculture is Extremely Important

It is well recognized that not all traditions are goods. Some widespread aspects of many traditional societies like discrimination and inequality  at various levels ( such as caste, gender and class) need to be rejected completely. However there are several other aspects relating to the wisdom accumulating over centuries regarding farming and allied activities, forestry, […]

Contribution of Farming to Checking Climate Change Can be Immense, and Traditional Wisdom Can Contribute Much

Keeping in view the importance of checking climate change , all sectors must contribute to he reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In this context the extremely important contribution which the food and agriculture  sector can make was underestimated initially but more and more research is now indicating that the contribution of this sector can extremely […]

Photo exhibit to resonate traditional glasswork 

TEHRAN –An online photo exhibit of traditional glasswork made by crafters in the city of Rey will be held on Thursday, Rey’s cultural heritage department director has said.  Entitled “The Art of Blowing”, the exhibit aims at reviving and promoting the field of handicrafts by showing its beauty to the visitors and encouraging them to […]

Pope cancels traditional pre-Christmas ceremony due to COVID-19

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis has canceled a ceremony that traditionally begins Rome’s Christmas season on Dec. 8 at the Spanish Steps because of coronavirus restrictions, the Vatican said on Monday.The pope customarily places a wreath of flowers at the base of a 12-meter column bearing a statue of the Madonna and blesses from a […]

The Allure of Blackened Teeth: A Traditional Japanese Sign of Beauty

Ohaguro (which may be translated as ‘blackened teeth’) is a practice in which people (usually women) dye their teeth black. While this custom is known to be practiced in different parts of the world, including Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and even South America, it is most commonly associated with Japan. It is undeniable that […]

Celebrations for the traditional Shoton Festival begin in Lhasa

China’s Tibet Autonomous Region marked the start of the Shoton festival on Wednesday with a traditional “sunning of the Buddha” ceremony. The days ahead will see Tibetan opera performances, horse riding events, a photography contest and a walking assembly, as well as a huge Thangka painting bearing the image of the Buddha, which is displayed […]


In Gaza Apr 28, 2018, Canadian journalist and rights activist Eva Bartlett visited the family, who showed her around their flat in a traditional Damascus courtyard house they’ve been living in for 80 years. Their home is one of many buildings, hit by strikes that so-called “moderate” rebel groups conduct in the Syrian capital, according to Bartlett, […]

Britain: Students Can’t Read Analog Clocks, Traditional Clocks, “Could Be a Cause of Unnecessary Stress”

Britain: Students Can’t Read Analog Clocks, Traditional Clocks, “Could Be a Cause of Unnecessary Stress” April 29th, 2018 Prediction: Students won’t be able to write, so they will need screens to take the exams. Via: Telegraph: Schools are removing analogue clocks from examination halls […]

Child Sacrifice, A Traditional Religious Practice in Ancient Israel?

Scholars continue to debate a number of important issues concerning the nature of human (child) sacrifices in the ancient Near East, including the origins of the rite, to whom these sacrifices were intended, and by whom they were performed. A number of books dedicated to the topic have appeared in recent years,[1] and many scholarly […]

Do You Wake Up At The Same Time Every Night? According To Chinese Traditional Medicine, Here’s Why

Next Story Many of us have trouble sleeping, whether that be difficulty falling asleep, not getting enough of it, or waking up in the middle of the night. The longer you suffer from one or more of these symptoms, the more you start to define a new “normal” for yourself and forget what a healthy sleeping […]

Cupping therapy from ancient Traditional Persian Medicine found to improve quality of life

(Natural News) Most healthy individuals hardly ever have to worry about improving their current quality of life. After all, being healthy is reason enough to celebrate, and people typically are only healthy if their lives aren’t causing them a lot of stress. But if one tried, would it be possible to improve […]

Western Science Is Finally Catching Up To Traditional Knowledge

Western Science Is Finally Catching Up To Traditional Knowledge Above Photo: A team of researchers in northern Australia have documented kites and falcons, “firehawks,” intentionally carrying burning sticks to spread fire: It is just one example of western science catching up to Indigenous Traditional Knowledge. James Padolsey/Unsplash Our knowledge of what the denizens of the animal kingdom […]

Trudeaus Slammed for Going Overboard with Traditional Indian Outfits

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family are on a week-long official trip to India, but it’s their outfits that have social media talking. The Trudeau family has been wearing traditional Indian outfits throughout the week and posing for seemingly choreographed shots — and some are complaining that Canada’s “first family” is going too […]

Photos: Fajr Festival of Handicrafts, Traditional Arts underway in Tehran

A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on January 29 Iran Front Page- IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Monday, January 29, and picked headlines… Source Article from 00

Canadian Community Works With Elders To Learn Traditional Remedies To Treat Cancer Patients

Next Story “When you take care of the land, the land will also take care of you.” — Melinda Laboucan Melinda Laboucan is the community cancer co-ordinator for Goba in Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories. Goba is a a group of volunteers for those who aim to raise awareness about cancer and traditional treatment methods. […]

Traditional cancer treatments cause inflammation, promoting aggressive tumor growth, according to study

(Natural News) Independent media leaders like Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and editor of Natural News, have long been vilified by the mainstream media for daring to insist that chemotherapy actually causes cancer. Time and again, Natural News has published articles based on scientific studies that prove the inefficiency and downright danger of conventional cancer treatments. […]

Here’s Why So Many Traditional Marriages Fail

Your true partner has already been decided; it is set above. It is already a commitment, without even knowing, it is an event set to happen by you. The cosmos knows. Your soul knows. Your gut instinct knows. You have been partners many lifetimes before. There is nothing ‘new’, it feels like you have been […]

Here’s Why So Many Traditional Marriages Fail

Your true partner has already been decided; it is set above. It is already a commitment, without even knowing, it is an event set to happen by you. The cosmos knows. Your soul knows. Your gut instinct knows. You have been partners many lifetimes before. There is nothing ‘new’, it feels like you have been […]

Traditional Depictions of Mothers to be Banned in Adverts Amid Ongoing War on ‘Gender Stereotypes’

Cooking, cleaning mums will be banned in advertisements across the UK from next year, following a study which claimed traditional gender roles are “harmful and outdated”. The decision to tighten regulation was announced by the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) this week, after a report published in summer identified gender stereotypes in adverts as a […]

The need for traditional nationalism against cultural marxism in Australia

A great nation under attack. Photo: API We can all see that our beloved nation is in deep trouble. Our political class have betrayed us to foreign powers. Our ruling establishment has been brainwashed by cultural marxist dogmas which teach our children to hate themselves, their culture and their heritage. Our economy has been handed over […]

Traditional Chinese medicine – How to heal the body naturally

(Natural News) Over the past few decades, the incidence of many chronic degenerative diseases including cancer, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and Alzheimer’s disease have all risen by an alarming rate – and Western medicine offers no cure. And, while conventional medicine continues to ‘treat’ every ill with a pill or surgery – the actual […]

In the Age of Amazon, Are Traditional Shopping Malls Dead?

USA Meg Mall in Seattle, WA (Source: Bynyalcin @Wikicommons) 21st Century Wire Traditional U.S. retailers are staring out at the abyss with massive layoffs expected to continue into the next quarter of 2017, according to a report by MarketWatch. In the last four years, traditional retailers have cut more than 200,000 jobs.  In contrast, Amazon is set to create 100,000 new […]

Traditional Icelandic Folk Culture

The Nordic people have an epic story, rich in visual beauty and musical magnificence. It is being erased and lost. I cannot tell you if all of the scenes in this video are accurate representations of Nordic ways in Iceland, but I know it’s beautiful, as well as the music. If you want even more […]

Monsanto and Big Ag Colonizing Africa, Criminalizing Traditional Seed Exchanges

Alex Pietrowski, Staff WriterWaking Times  Of the many concerns surrounding the dominance of agrichemicals companies and GMO foods, the most frightening dimension is that corporate manufactured seed is wiping out global biodiversity in food crops and creating a punitive legal framework for our total dependence on these companies for food. Monsanto, Syngenta and other […]

Basil al-Araj, now a martyr, unites Palestinian youth in rejection of traditional politics

Less than two months after his death, the image of Basil al-Araj, clad in a red checkered keffiyeh loosely wrapped around his neck and thick black-rimmed glasses settled over a thoughtful expression, has become iconic. Palestinian youth have swapped their profile-photo-selfies for the slain leader’s image across social media circles. The image appears on local […]

Britain Is Now A One Party Political System

By Gilad Atzmon The contemporary British political system can be easily defined. Tories are committed to big money. They believe that whatever is good for big money is good for the Brits. The Labour alternative presents middle class politicians who claim to know what is good for the working class while failing to recognize that […]

Iran’s coverage: WB forecasts 4.7% economic growth for Iran In 2018

Daily look at Iran’s late-breaking news and upcoming events:   World Bank forecasts 4.7% economic growth for Iran The growth of Iran’s GDP is projected at 4.7 percent in 2018, a World Bank report forecasted.   Iran, Russia, Syria to discuss military cooperation – Ifax Defence ministers from Russia, Iran and Syria will discuss ways […]

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