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The Complexity Science of Medicine Requires Freedom

In 1971 I was a first-year medical student, and I was struggling. We were studying Gross Anatomy and I just couldn’t seem to understand anything. At the time, a “regional approach” to anatomy was all the rage. We started dissecting the “posterior triangle of the neck” on our cadavers. Let me quote from a recent […]

To Get US Residency Requires the Covid Jab

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL It’s helpful to think of a Covid experience as a never-ending house of horrors, with room after room of scandal and outrage, so much so that you never quite get through it. There simply are not enough researchers or column inches to cover it all.  In the past, any one […]

Aldi requires digital sign in via smartphone

So now in England in an Aldi store, if a person does not have a smartphone one cannot shop at there. What about if you’re an older person who does not have a technical grasp of technology or smartphone apps? PLENTY of those around! What about if you’re a younger person whose parents do not […]

Uploading Consciousness Requires An Act of Karmic Will. (“Permission”).

This article looks like it should have been published on the day it was created, July 1, 2023, although I did not understand this article until today. Twitter was still Twitter. We now know it as X. Elon Musk claims that due to the “extreme levels of data scraping,” unverified users of the platform will […]

The next phase of the globalist takeover requires surrender to a new CASHLESS society, complete with digital passes and IDs to engage in commerce

(NaturalNews) As the global financial system Ponzi scheme teeters on the edge of a collapse, the globalists are chomping at the bit to force everyone into a new… Source

Saudi Arabia: Middle East security ‘requires just solution to Palestinian issue’

Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal Bin Farhan Al Saud said on Saturday that Middle East security “requires a just solution to the Palestinian issue.” This came during his speech at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly. “Regional security requires a just solution to the Palestinian issue,” he said, stating that solution should lead to […]

The Dignity of Labor Requires Freedom and Truth

As I celebrated Mass for our parish on the morning of Labor Day, I was struck by the Gospel which coincidentally was given to be read for Monday of the 22nd Week in Ordinary time: Luke 4:16-30. Here we see the people of Nazareth respond favorably to Jesus’ declaration that He personally fulfills the prophecy […]

Realizing 7th NDP economic goal requires $160b of annual investment

TEHRAN – A former deputy at Iranian Finance and Economic Affairs Ministry has said the country requires $160 billion of foreign and domestic investment every year to realize the economic growth goal of eight percent set for the seventh National Development Plan (2022-2026). “To achieve eight percent economic growth, we need 60 billion dollars of […]


The SINGULARITY is about subatomic particle QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT; the merger of PHONONS (Sound) with PHOTONS (Light) and ELECTRONS (EMFs) to upload our CONCIOUSNESS into their QUANTUM COMPUTER! PHONONS (noise or infrasound) + PHOTONS (light or infrared) + ELECTRONS (electromagnetism) = QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT You need to disrupt one, to disrupt entanglement. ELECTRONS, EMF’s. CORONA: The COVID-19 […]

New Louisiana law requires digital ID to access online porn

(FOX News) — Conservatives celebrated on Tuesday the successful enactment of a new law in Louisiana that requires ID and age verification within the state to access online porn. The bill was originally spearheaded by Louisiana State Rep. Laurie Schlegel, R., earlier in 2022 and finally went into effect on Sunday. The new law states that websites […]

$1.7 trillion spending bill requires platforms to verify ID of those earning $5,000 revenue per year

And once that happens, it will bring into force proposed legislation introduced last year, INFORM Consumers Act, designed to regulate a sensitive segment of online marketplaces, delving deep into and disclosing sellers’ personal data under some circumstances. Source

Solving the climate crisis requires traditional ecological knowledge

Native study of the natural world is exceptionally deep and nuanced at understanding and protecting ecosystems. Source

‘Accountability requires action’: Shireen Abu Akleh’s family meets with Blinken

Family members of slain Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh met with Secretary of State Antony Blinken to reiterate their calls for an independent investigation into her death. Source

Delivery Guy Patiently Waits ‘Til You’re In Bathroom To Deliver Package That Requires Signature

U.S.—Shocking new research has revealed that delivery persons carrying sensitive packages will oftentimes hide in the bushes outside the delivery address until the intended recipient is in the bathroom, at which point they will jump out of their hiding place, ring the doorbell and courteously wait three seconds before leaving a note that the package could not be […]

Report: Celebration That Requires You To Stay Up Past Midnight Far Less Appealing Once You Turn 30

Report: Celebration That Requires You To Stay Up Past Midnight Far Less Appealing Once You Turn 30 U.S.—According to multiple, increasingly tired sources across the United States and around the world, the annual celebration that requires you to stay up past midnight is far less appealing once you turn thirty. Partygoers across the country in […]

Japan Places Myocarditis Warning on ‘Vaccines’ – Requires Informed Consent

Via: RAIR Foundation USA: Japan’s Ministry of Health of health website encourages citizens to receive the “vaccine”; however, they stress it is not mandatory, Although we encourage all citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, it is not compulsory or mandatory. Vaccination will be given only with the consent of the person to be vaccinated after the […]

 Auction of 88 coal blocks requires prior discussion and consent by the Adivasi Gram Sabhas under PESA And FRA

To Shri Anil Kumar Jain Union Coal Secretary Dear Shri Jain, I find from your Ministry’s portal that the enclosed list of coal blocks are being put to auction shortly. Most of these coal blocks are located in States such as Jharkhand, MP, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, AP and Telangana and many among the blocks are […]

Saving our planet requires systemic and behavioral change

The natural environment has been poisoned, vandalized and trashed in accordance with the demands and values of the all-pervasive socio-economic system, and as long as it persists it is impossible to imagine the steps required to save the natural world being taken. Economic considerations and short term self-interest will continue to be applied and the […]

Magical Text From 1801 Says the Devil Requires Bond Slaves to Be Injected

I was searching around for some obscure texts that could be of interest to our readers and found something rather “curious” and potentially very relevant. The quote comes from The Magus by Francis Barrett, published in 1801. The Magus is one of the primary sources for the study of ceremonial magic, and for a long […]

Lebanon Requires Huge, Serious Steps on Every Level Following Government Formation

September 25, 2021 By Mohammad Youssef After very long months of procrastination and political struggle, the Lebanese government has finally been formed. What we have been calling for and trying to help facilitate its birth came into existence. Now the hopes grow bigger that there is a possibility Lebanon could address its unprecedented crisis properly. […]

The Great Reset Requires Great Propaganda and the Rejection of Logic and Rationality

I’m infinitely fascinated by the mental gymnastics and head tricks the masses are employing in order to justify such widespread irrationality and illogic. In my practice as a self-mastery coach I help my clients to regain control of their minds and develop a natural immunity to the propaganda and conditioning out there, and I want you to […]

Turkey says Israel is a ‘Terrorist state which Requires Swift Action’

    Humanity should take “swift” action to resist Israel’s “aggression”, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said as Ankara reported that Turkish news agency journalists and UN-backed schools were hit by Israeli strikes in Gaza. “This terrorist state that tries to plunder a city like Jerusalem, which houses places that are holy for Muslims, Christians […]

The push for a free Belarus requires patience and endurance | View

More than eight months after the fraudulent elections that sparked massive pro-democracy protests, it is tempting to declare the Belarusian uprising a failure. Its dictator, Alexander Lukashenko, clings to power, while thousands have been arrested and the country now has 354 recognised political prisoners. The most recent attempt at a mass demonstration was thwarted with […]

New Gun Control Bill Expected to Pass Requires Background Checks to Purchase Ammo

(Support Free Thought) – South Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Connecticut US Senator Richard Blumenthal were given massive coverage in the media this week to push their new tyrannical gun control law. “The Ammunition Background Check Act of 2021,” would require all citizens who wish to purchase ammo for their already-legal firearms to undergo […]

The Crime That Requires a Republic in Kanata

The National Council of Common Law Assemblies  The Sovereign Republic of Kanata September 9, 2020 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++NCCLA PDFUpdated Republic & NCCLA Leaflet ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Crime that requires a Republic in Canada: Essential Background for our Common Law Movement There is no democracy in Canada for the same reason my people got wiped out. Whites or Indians, […]

Professors Push Program That Claims Math is Racist Because It Requires a Right Answer

Apparently being expected to give a right answer, rather than some drivel about intersectionality written in ebonics, is yet another aspect of White supremacy. At least that is what is being promoted by “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction,” a program developed by a number of professors from different universities, which seeks to “dismantle.. white […]

MLB Requires Photo ID to Pick Up Tickets Yet Blasts Georgia for Voter ID Law

Even as Major League Baseball continues its attack on Georgia’s requirement to show a valid photo ID to vote, the league has a photo ID requirement of its own for fans picking up tickets at the stadium. South Carolina Republican state Rep. Nancy Mace took note of this requirement and found it hypocritical. “Hey @MLB, […]

Controversial Georgia Law Requires Poll Workers To Check Voters For A Pulse

ATLANTA, GA—Republican Governor Brian Kemp has signed into law sweeping overhauls to Georgia’s election law, including a provision requiring poll workers to check for a pulse before allowing voters to cast a ballot. Voting rights advocates decried the controversial bill crafted by the Peach State’s Republicans as an act intended to suppress turnout of the state’s […]

Hezbollah: Russia serious about investing in Lebanon, but requires new govt.

March 28, 2021 Description: The head of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc, Mohammad Raad, sat down with RT Arabic and answered questions regarding the purpose of his visit to Moscow, this as Lebanon’s economic and political crisis continues to deepen. Raad was heading a delegation of lawmakers from Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement that travelled to Moscow last month […]

Physician: Informed Consent For COVID Vaccine Requires Full Disclosure Of Risk & Liability, And Here It Is | If you have read and understood this article, and the warnings in all the scientific studies linked, you can now see that taking the COVID injection is an act of extreme and reckless self-destruction. As a physician, I strongly advise against this vaccine, regardless of brand, for everyone, without exception

Physician: Informed Consent For COVID Vaccine Requires Full Disclosure Of Risk & Liability, And Here It Is… Tap News / Weaver POSTED BY: DR. COLLEEN HUBER, NMD MARCH 18, 2021 Dr. Huber’s article on TN, Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary Of The Science, has had millions of views and countless re-posts around […]

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