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Trump’s Promises ‘Quantum Leap’ for a New America

Former President Donald Trump has revealed his dream for a new America ahead of the 2024 presidential race, promising to bring back the country’s boldness “in a very big way” and heralding a “quantum leap” in living standards. “Past generations of Americans pursued big dreams and daring projects that once seemed absolutely impossible. They pushed […]

AI Helps Crack NIST-Recommended Post-Quantum Encryption Algorithm

The CRYSTALS-Kyber public-key encryption and key encapsulation mechanism recommended by NIST for post-quantum cryptography has been broken using AI combined with side channel attacks. The CRYSTALS-Kyber public-key encryption and key encapsulation mechanism recommended by NIST in July 2022 for post-quantum cryptography has been broken. Researchers from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, used […]

Scientists discover new type of quantum entanglement

Scientists discover new type of quantum entanglement By T.K. Randall January 6, 2023  What advances will the discovery make possible ? Image Credit: Pixabay The weird world of quantum physics has become weirder still thanks to a new breakthrough by researchers in the US. If there’s one area of quantum physics that is likely to […]

Scientists achieve mind-bending ‘quantum time flip’

Scientists achieve mind-bending ‘quantum time flip’By T.K. RandallDecember 8, 2022  The achievement could help to solve some of the most enduring mysteries of the universe. Image Credit: Pixabay / PlacidplaceIn a world first, physicists have successfully made light appear to move backwards and forwards in time simultaneously. The physics of time can be mind-bending to […]

The Quantum Field and Memory

DNA and Consciousness Amazing story:  Watch until the end.  The presenter does an excellent job of being fair and impartial Memory is a quantum field phenomenon:  Sabine is not quite accurate when she limits consciousness to a brain function.  The reality is that our dna is a transceiver that processes information between the etheric world […]

Lie Detectorist Reveals Plants Have Senses, Can Read Minds—And Quantum Entanglement Could Explain How

Originally published as two parts in a series, this article has been compiled here into one, with some minor edits and updates from the original. Part 1. There exists a body of research poised to rend apart our modern paradigms—revealing consciousness in places we might not have expected it, and connections between lifeforms that might […]

Quantum Computing as Important as the Atomic Bomb: Expert

Chinese tech giant Baidu is developing its own quantum computer to compete with the United States in the race toward next-generation information processing. The computer does not outperform rivals currently being developed in America but, according to one expert, signals dire competition over the future of data security. Arthur Herman, a senior fellow at the […]

Dr. Love: Quantum Dots, DNA Barcoding, Nano-Razors & The Israeli State

In my latest interview with Stew Peter’s, I brought evidence confirming that Dr. Andreas Noack, the good doctor who risked his life to warn humanity of the extreme dangers of the death jab, is in fact deceased. Days after Dr. Noack’s mysterious death, a video was leaked revealing Graphene Hydroxide nano-razors inside the Pfizer death jab, under […]

Watch “graphene hydrogel Quantum dot GMO post-human biosynthetic involuntary metadata processing bionodes” on YouTube

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Can quantum physics explain consciousness ?

Can quantum physics explain consciousness ? Posted on Sunday, 25 July, 2021 What is consciousness and how does it come about ? Image Credit: Pixabay / geralt Some scientists have speculated that consciousness could be the product of quantum processes.Professor Cristiane de Morais Smith – a theoretical physicist at Utrecht University in the Netherlands – […]

The Many Worlds of the Quantum Multiverse

Here’s where all this falls down: Think about the double slit experiment, where they fired a photon (particle of light) from a sufficient distance and that light particle appeared to transit thru both slits simultaneously. Now think about shining a torch from a distance at the same 2 slits. From the back of the slit […]

Iran opens National Center for Quantum Technology 

TEHRAN— Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, was present at a ceremony opening the National Center for Quantum Technology. He talked about progresses made by the Iranian scientists in this field. Calling quantum technology “a very important field”, he said, “Today we experience quantum in the fields of computers, biology, […]

Panconsciousness: A Quantum Leap To Ancestor-Simulation-Program

Panpsychism holds that the universe is a web of consciousness – an empty stage in which everything that exists has somehow come into being in order to act out the great drama of life. Panpsychism may soon be replaced by Panconsciousness, if a new paper written by a team of scientists from the Los Angeles-based […]

New Quantum Receiver the First to Detect Entire Radio Frequency Spectrum

A new quantum sensor can analyze the full spectrum of radio frequency and real-world signals, unleashing new potentials for soldier communications, spectrum awareness and electronic warfare. Army researchers built the quantum sensor, which can sample the radio-frequency spectrum—from zero frequency up to 20 GHz—and detect AM and FM radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other communication signals. The Rydberg […]

Scientists observe ‘quantum sense’ which may EXPLAIN HOW animals ‘see’ magnetic fields for first time

Scientists from the University of Tokyo claim to have observed a reaction showing quantum physics directly impacting biochemistry, which they suspect explains how certain animals can perceive the Earth’s magnetic field. Researchers have long suspected that some part of various animals’ visual systems, including migratory birds, allows them to perceive the Earth’s magnetic fields, affording […]

Luciferase Quantum Dot COVID-19 Vaccinations – The Bill and Melinda Gates Satanic Agenda

Luciferase Quantum Dot COVID-19 Vaccinations – The Bill and Melinda Gates Satanic Agenda Prepare For Change / Derek Knauss Original Article:

Solstice Quantum Shift 2020 – And How you Can Be a Part of It

December 4th, 2020 By Open Contributing Writer for Wake Up World We’re drawing to the culmination of 2020, a year of unprecedented change within society. A great awakening accelerates across the planet, which, in the name of the bogus pandemic, the shadow state controllers are working to shut down. In the guise of the 4th Industrial Revolution, […]

From Near Death to Quantum Living | It’s time to get angry – and focus this emotion in a pro ductive way; the instigators of these draconian mandates need to be held accountable for committing crimes a gainst humanity. This includes media; without their collusion, coverups, and deceptions this massive hoax wo uld not have been possible.

From Near Death to Quantum Living Prepare For Change / Derek Knauss Words from Chris Pratt Author: Dear Concerned Citizens, From Near Death to Quantum Living As we navigate these difficult times, know that we can always choose how we react to every moment. If I do not like how I was a moment ago? […]

Does Consciousness Influence Quantum Mechanics?

We are having a Full Moon in Taurus on October 31st for the majority of the world, and in the early hours of November 1st in New Zealand and some Australian time zones. It will appear the brightest on the night of the 30th for most of the Americas, and on the night of the […]

5D Shift: No Quick Sprint, But a Marathon of Quantum Opportunity

September 16th, 2020 By Open Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Things are changng quickly on the planet right now, the old 3D reality is terraforming. The old normal is thankfully long gone – it was only ever a charade anyway. The controllers cling desperately to the reins as a new 3D/5D hybrid state takes shape. But there will […]

Quantum Financial Reset to a 3D/5D Hybrid State Ahead

August 26th, 2020 By Open Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Since the beginning of the Plandemonium, society has been changing in unprecedented ways and not necessarily as the controllers would have it. The ongoing, catalytic and unravelling Ascension of Consciousness is wildly free and unpredictable, with maverick rebellious souls and movements popping up all over the place. That […]

Space Is Not Empty, It’s Actually Full of Energy: The Quantum Vacuum

“And upon the Earth are animals and men, some in a middle region, others (elementals) dwelling about the air as we dwell about the sea; others in islands which the air flows round, near the continent; and in a word, the air is used by them as the water and the sea are by us, […]

20 Signs Your Soul Is Getting Quantum Upgrades

Activation has been set off! Lightworkers, volunteers, and earth warriors have to embrace, activate and integrate these upgrades. They have to march on, be themselves, embody their truth and unite as one. If you experience any of these 20 signs your soul is getting necessary Quantum Upgrades so you can become the Lightworker you were […]

A Dialogue From 400 BC of Plato Describing Quantum Physics – The “Ether”

Next Story “And upon the Earth are animals and men, some in a middle region, others (elementals) dwelling about the air as we dwell about the sea; others in islands which the air flows round, near the continent; and in a word, the air is used by them as the water and the sea are […]

A Quantum Dialogue on the Meaning and Purpose of Existence

Julian Rose, Contributor Waking Times  Dialogue between a master A and his pupil B: B: The Universe, or what is referred to  as ‘space’, seems to be a kind of ethereal void, populated here and there by stars, planets, occasional meteors, comets and such like. A: The Universe seems like a vast and mysterious […]

Quantum Consciousness — Body Scan Meditations for Clarity and Clearing

April 27th, 2018 By Ethan Indigo Smith Contributing writer for Wake Up World There are many meditation practices and many reasons to meditate. Meditation comes in many variations because there many originations, many starting points, and many different phases of our spiritual journey — all of which can help us to reach peace and clarity. If we […]

How Quantum Entanglement May Be The Key To ‘Long Distance’ Space Travel

Next Story It’s called quantum entanglement, it’s extremely fascinating and  counter to what we believe to be the known scientific laws of the universe, so much so that Einstein himself could not wrap his head around it. Although it’s called “quantum entanglement,” though Einstein referred to it as “spooky action at a distance.” Recent research has taken quantum […]

Microsoft Edges Closer to Quantum Computer Based on Elusive Particle

Microsoft Edges Closer to Quantum Computer Based on Elusive Particle March 29th, 2018 Disclosure: I am long Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL). — Via: Bloomberg: At Microsoft Corp.’s Dutch research facility at the Delft University of Technology, several large cylindrical metal tubes hang from the […]

The Quantum Vacuum: How ‘Empty’ Space Is Actually The “Seat of the Most Violent Physics”

 The quote above comes from Paramahamsa Tewari, Inventor of what’s called the Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG). What he says above has been the subject of discussion within the realms of physics and astronomy for decades.  At the turn of the nineteenth century, physicists started to explore the relationship between energy and the structure of […]

Beyond Quantum Physics: The Next Giant Leap For Science Is Approaching Really Fast

Next Story  The quote below  is a great example that lets the reader know one thing; that new information and evidence which challenge long held beliefs about our world are always met with harsh criticism. Remember when we found out that the Earth wasn’t flat? Human history shows the same pattern, especially if we look […]

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