Clathrin Graphene Quantum Dots enters the Immune System using HEK293 cell lines containing sv40

Vitaliano’s Clathrin GQD neural interface 1 requires the NF-kB pathway, the immune system itself, utilizing HEK-293 cell lines that contain sv40.

What is NF-kB responsible for?

Nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) is a transcription factor that plays a crucial role in various biological processes, including immune response, inflammation, cell growth and survival, and development. NF-κB is activated by various inflammatory stimuli such as growth factors and infectious microbes.

All process involving our immune system depend on the NF-KB pathway in the body that controls both the immune system and pro-inflammatory responses. It also helps to regulate the body’s “Master Antioxidant” Glutathione (GTH) that is responsible for eliminating inflammation.

If one uses drugs or supplements that inhibit or slow down this pathway you are basically interfering with the body’s NATURAL ability to repair the problem (inflammation or infection) on its own.

So what will you see? You will see inflammation and if not controlled you will see infection. With the immune system being suppressed, both the innate and acquired immune system, you will see even more infections; bacterial, fungal, viral and you will see cancer emerging. 2

Since your acquired immune system no longer works you will see infections you may have had in the past remerge; Epstein Bar Virus, Chicken Pox (Shingles), Pneumonia, herpes, E.coli (bladder infection).

How do supplement fit into this picture? Many supplements from NAC to Vitamin C, B2, Turmeric etc act to inhibit the NF-KB Pathway. So while they may help reduce the inflammation they are suppressing your body’s natural immune system and it’s pro-inflammatory respondes. 3 4

The problem is not entirely this, you see these supplement further act to reduce Graphene Oxide (GO) into its reduced form rGO which then builds up more rGO in your body. This may not have been a problem under 4G (Mega Hz) but under 5(Giga Hz), rGO is both electrical and causes the body to overheat. 5 6

These supplements that you are taking may provide temporary relief but in the long run are causing an accumulation of the rGO nanoparticles which are responsible for inflammation. To make matters worse the modalities being offered by conventional medicine to treat inflammation such as Steroids and NSAIDS also act to inhibit the NF-KB Pathway.

They are going from transitioning us from HUMAN to BIOLOGICAL ANDROID. 7

Furthermore, the rGO that is being produced will also inhibit the NF-KB pathway! 8 The HEK293 Cell Lines that were used to build their Clathrin Nanotechnology-BIOWEAPON also inhibits the NF-KB Pathway! These HEK293 Cell Lines contained the SV40 cancer-causing antigen on them. 9

GO damages the brain and nervous system while the Clathrin damages anti-inflammatory pathways. It doesn’t matter if you are vaccinated, unvaccinated, swabbed, unswabbed, infected or not, the EMFs and the graphene that they are spraying are making the environment uninhabitable. That’s why food sources are running out for the animals and coming into the city. The 5G towers and their graphene shit show will kill everything, no ones immune system will last.

There are other things in that vaccine. 29 glycoproteins, 4000 plus enzymes, 15 billion PEGylated GO nanoparticles. Things that damage the nervous system. While they are taking over our body, replacing it with Graphene, cancer will be everywhere. Many will die before this transformation process is complete.

Every time there is a huge burst of electricity a network is either being built or destroyed.

There isn’t a vaccinated vs unvaccinated, infected vs uninfected, swabbed vs unswabbed. 5G and Graphene Oxide is everywhere in our environment. In our food, vitamins, medications, and water. Everyone will be affected by this! EVERYONE!

The best way out that we can think of, is mitigation of 5G/EMF’s. 10

  1. Without 5G, there is NO functioning vaccine.
  2. With 5G, anything imaginable becomes fuel for the vaccine.

There are no “sides”, there are only “chips” and Quantum Enslavement. Use your own mind or die inside their hive.

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