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Morgellons: A Clathrin-dependent Bioweapon

CIN received a lot of emails from people who say they are suffering from Morgellons.  So much so, that we decided it was time to get the team to investigate. Morgellons disease is a controversial and poorly understood condition that involves skin lesions and the belief that the skin is infected by bugs or objects […]

BingAI is the Clathrin in our veins.

This segment is from the “Ascension of the Molecular Biological Machines”, aka the “Rise of the Graphene Zombies” about the Bacteriorhodopsin Operating System which electrically excites the “GQD Particle” that is used to transform humans into Biological Computers or Androids capable of remotely processing at exponentially higher speeds than that of modern computers. On March […]

IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) promotes applications utilizing the Clathrin GQD delivery system for Photon based mind control.

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanism Agenda” from the top. SPM The mind is not in the brain. The brain is an organ that allows us to […]

Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface

This article was originally published on February 6, 2023 as “A Scalar Wave Field Generator, or Torus, will Decouple your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”.  So many changes since then. This is the ultimate boil down of how the mRNA, Graphene Oxide & 5G neural interface system functions, and how to mitigate against it. […]

Vitaliano Clathrin GQD Neural Interface Technology Consolidated Globally Under Obama Brain Initiative

The Obama Brain Initiative is Manhattan Project 2.0, the nuclear bombing of your neurons.   “The BRAIN Initiative is jointly led by NIH, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, and Food and Drug Administration. Private organizations are also committed to ensuring success through investment in the initiative. […]

mRNA + 5G + Graphene Oxide = Clathrin Graphene Quantum Dots, a “viral like particle”; the neural interface or “chip”.

More and more people have come to one conclusion, our brains are to be microchipped.  Unfortunately, their “chip” is already in place. COVID-19 really is The Great Reset… of your Mind. On January 19, 2023 at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Nita Farahany of Duke University explained exactly how the brain interface will […]

Bill Gates & Ray Kurzweil discuss deployment of Vitaliano Clathrin GQD neural interface… in 2005

“After four billion years of organic life shaped by natural selection, we are about to enter a new era of inorganic life shaped by intelligent design.”; Yuval Farari When it comes to Transhumanism, Ray Kurzweil is Quantum God. Transhumanism is a philosophical and intellectual movement which advocates the enhancement of the human condition by developing […]

ChapGPT4 Responds to “Clathrin Required to Harvest Conciousness”

Today one of our readers inserted our recent “Clathrin Required to Harvest Consciousness“ article into ChatGPT4 and the response was mind-blowing! CIN will be doing an analysis to this AI-driven response to this article at a later date. But what is important to note here is that achieving a higher state of enlightenment or “Devine Consciousness” may […]

Turns out Clathrin GQD’s CAN infect Earth’s entire Biome.

Everyone knows how I feel about alt-COVID supplement protocols. Warp Speed neural interface. But I still study what these people are up to. Lately, while watching the Dr. Ana, Dr. Love, Dr. Young cult, I came to the following conclusions: Here is Ariana pushing “Quantum Dots and Nano Lasers”, “Microspheres, Microsbeads and Miscrobubbles”. “These are each Graphene Oxide based and contain […]

Clathrin Required to Harvest Consciousness

Understanding the function of the Clathrin  Nanotechnology and how it relates to consciousness is described in  the work of DR. Matti Pitkanen. In his TGD (Topological Geometrodynamics) Theory of Consciousness he describes the process by which  Clathrin makes a surface imprint of the cells within the body required to produce a “Quantum Jump” separating your Devine […]

“Clots” are Lipids & Proteins. Clathrin Clots.

5G technology does indeed impact the blood cause Rouleaux formation which in itself may cause clotting. Clathrin Nanotechnology as indicated in the Vitaliano patents causes the formation of a protein-lipid triskelion lattice or scaffold. Should pieces break off during lattice formation these “proteins-lipids” can lead to clot formation. Secondly, the primary chemical constituent of proteins […]

Chlorpromazine is a cationic amphiphilic drug, which prevents the recycling of Clathrin

Why are we talking about Chloropromazine? Because Franco Vitaliano made it clear in his Clathrin Nanotechnology paten that this bioweapon could be reversed! And here at CIN believe this anti-schizophrenic drug may be the answer? Please don’t take it till we hear from the experts… stay tuned! Are there any Pharmacists or Chemists out there […]

Clathrin GQD’s: They are just going to dissolve us

This from Franco Vitaliano: A spherical scaffold of clathrin subunits forms ExQor’s patented clathrin bio-nanolaser. How can a chromophore so small (25 to 50 nm in size) serve as a cavity for visible light? ExQor says it forces chromophore-microcavity interaction, and this combination possesses a high-enough Q for lasing. In this way, the bio-nanolaser produces […]

Stanford Cow Studies confirm development of Clathrin GQD was completed through a global coordinated effort.

In 2010, Vitaliano backed Clathrin studies at Stanford. Protein in Cow Brains Holds Promise for Alternative Energy. Cow Brain Protein May Hold Alternative Energy Promise. The Heilshorn Group : Members who ran studies. So there must have been news articles on what they were doing in 2010, Stanford was key. They were figuring out how […]

Voyage of the Clathrin Graphene Quantum Dots from injection to neuron.

There is far too much confusion surrounding the mRNA/lipid nanoparticle vaccines. Bodies are made up of 4 components, Proteins, Carbohydrates, lipids (fats) and nucleic acids (genetic material or RNA). Synthetic RNA requires lipids in order to travel through the body and into cells. At the time of injection they combine two vials. The PEGylated Graphene […]

Clathrin Graphene Quantum Dots enters the Immune System using HEK293 cell lines containing sv40

Vitaliano’s Clathrin GQD neural interface requires the NF-kB pathway, the immune system itself, utilizing HEK-293 cell lines that contain sv40. What is NF-kB responsible for? Nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) is a transcription factor that plays a crucial role in various biological processes, including immune response, inflammation, cell growth and survival, and development. NF-κB is activated by […]

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