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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is revealing its plan for Technocracy

Please Share This Story! The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is revealing its plan for Technocracy, which is predicated on digital identity for all humans on Earth. Climate and energy have nothing to do with it. The 850 million people who have no identity (in poorer countries) are hardly the cause of global warming. Nevertheless, […]

All mRNA injections, including cancer vaccines, may accelerate the development of cancer

BY RHODA WILSON ON MAY 1, 2024 • ( 9 COMMENTS ) Four days ago, The Guardian reported that there was “excitement among patients and researchers” in the UK as “personalised mRNA vaccines” for cancer entered their phase 3 trial. On Monday, In Your Area published an article about a personalised mRNA skin cancer vaccine that may also be effective against lung, bladder and kidney cancer. However, patients […]

Modified RNA in COVID Vaccines May Contribute to Cancer Development: Review


Leaked EU Files Reveal ‘Fast Vax’ In Development For ‘Next Pandemic’ Caused By ‘Disease X’

The European Union (EU) has admitted it is urgently developing a cutting-edge “fast vax” in anticipation of “pandemics on the horizon” including the mysterious “Disease X” which has been included on a list of “analyzed […] The post Leaked EU Files Reveal ‘Fast Vax’ In Development For ‘Next Pandemic’ Caused By ‘Disease X’ appeared first […]

Contraceptives May Slow Brain Development And Increase Risk-Taking Behavior In Teens, Study Suggests

Authored by Megan Redshaw via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Synthetic hormones used for birth control may slow brain maturation and disrupt the development of an area of the brain responsible for impulsivity, according to new research.   (Andrus Ciprian/Shutterstock) Adolescents commonly use hormonal contraceptives despite the unknown effects on brain and behavioral maturation, prompting scientists […]

Massive Oil and Gas Reserves Discovered Under Gaza – Israel Grants Development Licenses

Since the war started, Israel has already awarded a dozen oil and gas exploration licenses in Palestine to six different Big Oil companies, including BP. We should know by now that when both political parties […] The post Massive Oil and Gas Reserves Discovered Under Gaza – Israel Grants Development Licenses appeared first on The […]

Nanotechnology to be used to realize 13 out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030: the Science was Presented in 2007!

From OUTRAGED HUMAN @ Substack, posted by Dr Ana Mihalcea MD PhD“This is one of the most important whistleblowing research articles I have read to date. I have downloaded every link provided, and so should you. Outraged human has given us a systematic reveal of how nanotechnology is part of the 2030 Agenda – one […]

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are not about sustainability, they’re tools to facilitate the implementation of a One World Government

From Note: many of us have been saying this for a very long time … dismissed by the masses as conspiracy theory. Now conspiracy fact. EWNZ The Rise of the Global Police State Story at-a-glance Digital ID- UN Sustainable Development Agenda 16 VIDEO LINK HERE At this point in time, it’s crucial to realize […]

The UN Development Program Urges Governments To Push Digital ID

The UN development agency (UNDP)has published its governance framework for digital public infrastructure that it hopes all of its 190 plus members will align themselves with. So again, another UN body has come up with […] The post The UN Development Program Urges Governments To Push Digital ID appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Stanford Cow Studies confirm development of Clathrin GQD was completed through a global coordinated effort.

In 2010, Vitaliano backed Clathrin studies at Stanford. Protein in Cow Brains Holds Promise for Alternative Energy. Cow Brain Protein May Hold Alternative Energy Promise. The Heilshorn Group : Members who ran studies. So there must have been news articles on what they were doing in 2010, Stanford was key. They were figuring out how […]

Sustainable Development Goal 16: Part 2 — Enforcing Digital Identity

The United Nations claims that the purpose of Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG16) is to promote peaceful and inclusive societies and to provide access to justice for all. Hiding behind the rhetoric is the real objective: to strengthen and consolidate the power and authority of the “global governance regime” and to exploit threats—both real and […]

Nobel Prize In Medicine Awarded To 2 Scientists For Enabling Development Of mRNA Vaccines

Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman won the prize for discoveries that enabled the development of effective mRNA vaccines against COVID-19. Source

BRICS Nations Are Dropping the Dollar & Ushering In “Sustainable Development”

BRICS: A Window to the Light? Or the Latest Make-Believe Deception? “Multipolar Nonsense”. Is De-dollarization a Pipe Dream? By Peter Koenig Global Research, September 26, 2023 Theme: Global Economy Translate WebsiteShqipአማርኛالعربيةՀայերենAzərbaycan diliEuskaraБеларуская моваবাংলাBosanskiБългарскиCatalàCebuanoChichewa简体中文繁體中文CorsuHrvatskiČeština‎DanskNederlandsEnglishEestiFilipinoSuomiFrançaisქართულიDeutschΕλληνικάગુજરાતીKreyol ayisyenHarshen Hausaעִבְרִיתहिन्दीHmongMagyarÍslenskaIgboBahasa IndonesiaItaliano日本語Basa Jawaಕನ್ನಡҚазақ тіліភាសាខ្មែរ한국어كوردی‎КыргызчаພາສາລາວLatviešu valodaLietuvių kalbaМакедонски јазикMalagasyBahasa MelayuമലയാളംMalteseTe Reo MāoriमराठीМонголဗမာစာनेपालीNorsk bokmålپښتوفارسیPolskiPortuguêsਪੰਜਾਬੀRomânăРусскийSamoanСрпски језикSesothoShonaسنڌيසිංහලSlovenčinaSlovenščinaAfsoomaaliEspañolBasa SundaKiswahiliSvenskaТоҷикӣதமிழ்తెలుగుไทยTürkçeУкраїнськаاردوO‘zbekchaTiếng ViệtCymraegisiXhosaיידישYorùbáZulu  60  25 47  138 All Global Research articles can be read […]

Exposing the Sustainable Development Goals

sept 22 2023 We are halfway through a plot to seize control of the world. It may seem like a conspiracy theory, but it’s placed awfully prominently, and everywhere, to be such a thing. The United Nations Agenda 2030 is a sweeping program to take control of our entire world. It launched in 2015 with […]

TCCIMA trade development committee outlines plans for next 2 years

TEHRAN – The second meeting of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture (TCCIMA)’s Trade Development and Facilitation Committee was held on Saturday during which the members of the committee discussed their programs for the next two years. Source

Development of renewable power plants accelerating in Iran: official

TEHRAN – The development of renewable power plants in Iran has accelerated since the current government administration took office in August 2021, an official with the country’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (known as SATBA) said. Source

Destructive Weapons for Sustainable Development

  We will destroy your neighborhood in order to build low tech cities with low quality, subsistence resources.     Interanl Environment:  Sustainable Robotoids.  A plea from Karen Kingston: KAREN KINGSTON death threatened? (   Stay tuned to EFR for the latest technical information on the Jew world Order The post Destructive Weapons for Sustainable […]

Canada to stop provision of development assistance to Niger over coup

August 6, 2023 Canada will stop providing Niger with direct development assistance due to the military coup that took place in the central African state. Canada is suspending any direct development assistance to the government of Niger due to the Nigerien coup d’etat, Global Affairs Canada said Saturday. “In response to the attempted coup d’état […]

Here’s What’s Really Behind The Global Reset And Sustainable Development Agenda 2030

Authored by Chris Macintosh via, Captive in the so-called 15-minute cities, eat bugs and no meat, immerse in the metaverse, and a never ending feed of pharmaceuticals, and all that by force, otherwise your universal basic income (UBI) gets cut off. Energy? Dirty. Lower motorway speeds and driving ban in plan to tackle oil […]

Western development finance institutions: The misuse of aid to Ukraine risks serious consequences

In May this year at a meeting in Japan, the G7 development finance institution (DFI) decided to create the Ukraine Investment Platform. At the heart of the idea is a good cause – to help rebuild Ukraine. If you look at it from the outside, there is no problem, the development banks, including the European […]

Parliament to put forth special package for development of relations with Pakistan: MP

TEHRAN – A senior Iranian lawmaker has said that the Iranian parliament will table a special package for the development of relations between Iran and Pakistan.  Source

Sustainable Development is just a land grab in disguise

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch Repost Update (4 March 23): hopefully folk now realize that the ‘sustainable’ term really doesn’t add up. I noted recently organic oat milk imported all the way from Italy, and many other products like this. So what’s with the ‘carbon footprint’ carry on? This week in good old (not) clean and […]

Science and technology are cornerstones of development


The Tehran-Seoul Scandal: A New Development or a Rerun of the old?

During President Yoon Suk-yeol’s visit to the United Arab Emirates, a “diplomatic misunderstanding” (the wording of the ROK Foreign Ministry) occurred, which, according to Yoon’s political opponents, destroyed the sisterly relations between Tehran and Seoul. Since the days of Lee Myung-bak, South Korean special forces have been stationed in the UAE to train local troops. […]


My new book, The Great Racket: the ongoing development of the criminal global system, is a compilation of the more significant essays that I posted online during 2022, following the publication of my short philosophical book The Withway. Source

Iran sets up fund for tourism development

TEHRAN – Iran has set up a new fund dedicated to supporting private businesses and non-governmental enterprises that are active in the tourism industry. Source

GCC’s Global Relations Follow the Flow of Energy and Development

Saudi officials have confirmed that the Kingdom made investment pacts with China worth US$50 billion during the recently held China summit in Saudi Arabia. This is a pivotal moment insofar as it reflects the tectonic shift that has been taking place in the global system for the past few years, a shift that includes a […]

Egypt Joins the New Development Bank as IMF Twists the Screws

Recently, Egypt ratified its participation in the New Development Bank (NDB) founded by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) back in 2014. But interestingly, neither the New York Times nor any other mainstream western media outlet covered the news. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s cabinet finally ratified the agreement establishing the NDB and […]

HUGE Development at Twitter Headquarters

‘Great Barrington Declaration’ Co-Author Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Invited to Twitter Headquarters to Review Twitter’s Internal Slack Messages Regarding Content Modulation   Source

Development of the Taiwan problem

Since NEO published its last article on this issue the most significant development in relation to the Taiwan problem has clearly been the local elections, with their unexpected results. In terms of their implications for Taiwan’s foreign policy, the most important aspect of the election results is that they raise the prospect of a potential change […]

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