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Kim Dotcom Warns of US Financial Collapse as I Have Been Warning of For YEARS! When BRICs Nations Dump Dollar We Will Feel It With Exploding Inflation! US Must Join BRICs. Kim Dotcom Warns of US Financial Collapse By infostormer -May 15, 20220 Kim Dotcom has posted a Twitter thread describing the upcoming financial collapse of the United States. It has garnered a great deal of attention. For those of you who don’t know who Kim Dotcom is, he’s a tech guy who has gotten into past […]

The Rockefeller Plan for the BRICS New World Order, in Their Own Words

Decades before President George H.W. Bush introduced the “New World Order” (NWO) into the American vernacular, the Rockefeller family and their minions were making plans to expend America’s post-World War 2 power to bring about such an order. In the course of researching Laurance Rockefeller for my last entry, “The Rockefellers Are The Founders Of […]

BRICS to make up ‘new emerging world order’: Ryabkov

Russian President Vladimir Putin holds a press conference at the end of the 10th BRICS summit (acronym for the grouping of the world’s leading emerging economies, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) on July 27, 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The BRICS logo at this conference depicts Nelson Mandela making the communist fist […]

BRICs Nations Believe in Nuclear Energy; U.S. is a Dying Empire

™ An “Almost Daily” Web Page Summary of the Dirty Lies, Glaring Omissions,Half Truths & Globalist Bias of The NY Times Headlines “We read and rebut their vile crap so you won’t have to!” *AUGUST 27, 2021 NY Times: Is There a Nuclear Option for Stopping Climate Change? BY SPENCER BOKAT LINDELLREBUTTAL BY The “paper of record” […]

United States Must Join the BRICs×280&!1&fsb=1&xpc=HSOj59gVH0&p=https%3A// BRICS – Objectives, Summits, Need and Disparities About BRICS – BRICS is a acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa– Originally called as BRIC as South Africa was not included till 2010.– The term “BRICS” was coined in 2001 by then-chairman of Goldman Sachs […]

BRICS countries bet on digital technologies to boost development of small and medium-sized businesses

   Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development has held an online roundtable discussion on the support and development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) within the five-member BRICS trade alliance. The video conference was attended by government officials and representatives of public and business structures. They exchanged experiences and best practices on using digital technologies for […]

BRICS Planning Its Own Gold Trading System

As the US and its E.U. partners continue to levy punitive sanctions on Russia, the BRICS are responding with new financial initiatives to help their members break-out of the US and European financial trading monopoly. Currently, both China and Russia are surging ahead as the world’s top Central Bank buyers of gold, further consolidating their […]

Expanding Horizons Key to BRICS’ Second Golden Decade

The Real BRICS Bombshell

Escobar Exposes Real BRICS Bombshell: Putin’s "Fair Multipolar World" Where Oil Trade Bypasses The Dollar

Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times, Putin reveals ‘fair multipolar world’ concept in which oil contracts could bypass the US dollar and be traded with oil, yuan and gold… The annual BRICS summit in Xiamen – where President Xi Jinping was once mayor – could not intervene in […]

In Blow To US Dollar, BRICS Considers ‘Sanctions-Proof’ Cryptocurrency

The Head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev has stated that the BRICS may opt to create their own cryptocurrency for the purposes of global commerce. A cryptocurrency is a digitally based means of exchange wherein the value of said currency is not determined by a central-bank. Most cryptocurrencies can be converted […]

CrossTalking – BRICS Talk 2017 with Peter Lavelle

CrossTalking – BRICS Talk 2017 with Peter Lavelle By BRICS Talk 2017: A group discovering its mission.With western global leadership fading, the BRICS countries have finally found their stride. In Beijing representatives of all five countries discuss the road ahead, highlighting many of the opportunities, as well as challenges facing the world order. Representatives […]

BRICS Ready to Challenge US Dollar Says Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia is ready to join forces with its partners to counter the excessive domination of the limited number of reserve currencies. Putin made his comments in his article published in the run-up to the BRICS summit. Russia Insider reports: “We are ready to work together with our partners […]

Working Together to Usher in the Second “Golden Decade” of BRICS Cooperation

BRICS: Towards New Horizons of Strategic Partnership

South Africa welcomes Iran in BRICS: Speaker

IRNA – South Africa is interested in Iran’s joining the emerging economies association, South African Parliament Speaker Baleka Mbet said on Saturday. In a visit by South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma to Iran, the issue of Iran’s joining to the association of five major emerging national economies-Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa- was put […]

BRICS Forms a Route

Christopher Jon Bjerknes If you examine a map of the BRICS nations Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa; it becomes immediately apparent that they form a route encircling the Eastern and Southern regions of Western Europe, the USA and Canada, as well the oil producing nations of the Middle East. Combine this map with […]

Ancient oracle to Apollo discovered in Athens

     Archaeologists working on behalf of the German Archaeological Institute at Athens have found an ancient well, believed to be at least 1,800 years old, which could be the first oracle devoted to the Greek god Apollo ever discovered in that country’s capital and largest city. According to Haaretz and Ancient Origins, the well is […]

Human Shield Of Prayer Interferes Dakota Access Pipeline Construction!

Print Friendly Above Photo: Oceti Sakowin water protectors before they cross the Missouri River to create a human shield against Dakota Access pipeline construction. Today, in opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline and the illegal start of  its construction in North Dakota, a human shield of prayer has moved in front of the construction site northeast of […]

BREAKING: First Degree Murder Charge for Cop Who Shot Innocent Citizen to Death

Officer said, “Going to kill this motherfucker!” moments before shooting the man to death, according to reports. Joe Harris | Courthouse News Service ST. LOUIS (CN) — City prosecutors charged a former St. Louis police officer with first-degree murder for a 2011 shooting after a traffic chase. Jason Stockley, […]

Hillary Clinton Holds $100,000-a-Head Fundraisers, Including One at Rothschild Residence

Hillary Clinton Holds $100,000-a-Head Fundraisers, Including One at Rothschild Residence May 15th, 2016 Via: Wall Street Journal: Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is ramping up her fundraising schedule, attending a number of fundraisers this week that cost donors six-figures to attend. The former secretary […]

World’s Largest Coal Company Files For Bankruptcy

Print Friendly Above Photo: Traders work at the post where Peabody Energy is traded on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) March 16, 2016. REUTERS/BRENDAN MCDERMID Note: This is part of a structural change in the economy. It is like blacksmiths going out of business with the arrival of the car, but the […]

Here’s 5 Things You Need To Know About Attacks In Brussels

Print Friendly Above Photo: John Barker/ Flickr Today’s terrorist attack in Brussels is an unspeakable tragedy, and the victims should never be forgotten. However, seeking vengeance through a militarized response will only create more terrorists. As a citizen of Belgium and activist in Brussels, there are 5 things everyone should bear in mind: 1. A massive amount […]

Tips for taking charge after a disruptive event

     “Oh no! Now what? A disruptive event has just occurred in my area and what do I do? I know that I have prepared an emergency kit and can survive for a week or two but what do I do now? I am confused and can’t think. Help me!” Although this is a fictional […]

Sott Exclusive: Strange sounds are back: ‘Sky trumpets’ heard in the Netherlands, the UK and Morocco

     In the last couple of weeks, Dutch citizens have reported hearing strange sounds in the sky. Martijn Mastenbroek from Pijnacker, a town in the Dutch province of South Holland, was at home on the evening of January 10th when he suddenly heard a peculiar sound. “It sounded like trumpets,” he recalls. “It lasted about […]

The Biggest Justice Movements Of 2015

Print Friendly Above Photo: If we learned anything in 2015, it was that activists of all ages and backgrounds are up for the challenges that lie ahead. (a katz / Note: RH Reality Check is a daily publication providing news, commentary and analysis on sexual and reproductive health and justice issues. Follow them at If […]

2,200-year-old duck-shaped incense shovel discovered in Israel

     An elegant 2,200-year-old Hellenistic bronze incense shovel found this summer could help determine how and when Judeans settled the hills near the Kinneret The tapered head, flattened bill and graceful curve of the neck are unquestionably that of a duck. The bird’s head decorates a small, 2,200-year-old bronze incense shovel found during this summer’s […]

‘We want to be safe’: Calais engulfed in tensions, locals & migrants feel threatened by ISIS

Some residents are opting to move out rather than put their loved ones at risk. A local family with three children have recently left their home, a neighbor of theirs told RT’s Polly Boyko. The man, who didn’t disclose his name, added that he thinks the events in Paris and Calais are parts of the […]

NLD and Suu-Kyi close to Myanmar Election Victory – But

nsnbc : Myanmar’s National League for Democracy led by Aung San Suu-Kyi lacks some 38 seats to claim majority in the country’s post-election parliament while more results from the ballot counts are trickling in.  Militant pseudo-monks and Wirhatu endorsing Suu-Kyi’s populist approach towards Myanmar’s Rohingya issue. As of Thursday afternoon the electoral commission in Myanmar’s […]

Europe Rallies Against 3rd World Invasion

Tens of thousands of Germans, Italians, Czechs, Russians, Slovaks, and Swiss have taken to the streets over the past few days to demonstrate their opposition to the Third World invasion, with  rallies in Berlin, Bologna, and the German-Czech border, all organized by growing opposition parties and alliances. On Saturday, November 6, a crowd of […]

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