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Lying Demons: Faces of Evil

Satanist scum must be put down. Source

‘Climate: The Movie’ (2024) – Full Film

By Ben Kew A devastating new film by British documentary filmmaker Martin Durkin has obliterated the climate change scam in just 80 minutes. Durkin, a former revolutionary communist turned staunch libertarian, exposes the climate change scam by interviewing a cast of world renowned academics and researchers who calmly break down how the earth’s climate has always […]

Genetically Modified Society – Full Movie

In this special report: A documentary covering the topics of Genetically Modified food (GMO’s) , and Weather Modification. Featuring interviews with: Dr. Louis Uccellini – Director of the National Weather Service (NWS) Dr. Russell Schneider – Director of the Storm Prediction Center (SPC / NOAA) Tom Vilsack – US Secretary of Agriculture (USDA) Michael Levi […]

Human breath fueling ‘climate change,’ warns new study (seriously)

We kid you not. Thanks to Warren for the link …Cars too. (Not jets for jetting to Davos by you know who) … Into the 15, 10 or 5 minute cities you go peasants… Humans are contributing to global warming by breathing, warns a new study. British researchers looked at 328 breath samples from 104 […]

Russia’s friendliest bank will help BRICS implement the “climate agenda”

From Edward Slavsquat @ substack The 28th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, better known as COP28, is heating up in Dubai. As expected, the conferencegoers are in unanimous agreement that renewable energy scams are very good and carbon is very, very bad. Sorry for stating […]

Undoing the Doubters of the Climax Hoax

The indoctrination of the climate change hoax has been so well prepared, and for so long, and with billions and billions of dollars  by professional social and mind engineers (i.e., the UK-based Tavistock Institute) and with the collaboration of the entire UN system – it is virtually impossible to convince the smartest, most educated, and […]

Netherlands’ Land Grab: A new documentary records the Dutch farmers’ struggle against a regime that is attempting to seize their land

Comment: of course it is not about the fake climate change narrative … anybody who still thinks it is is greatly duped. EWNZ [embedded content] A couple of weeks ago,  Big Picture released the documentary ‘NITROGEN 2000: The Dutch Farmers’ Struggle’ to watch for free. NITROGEN 2000 is a 45-minute documentary on the Dutch Farmer […]

Climate Change Hoax

Climate Change Hoax Same satanic tribe that are heating the planet, are crying climate change. Even Texas Government admits to Chemtrails. But they prefer to call them Cloud Seeding or Weather Modification instead.. sounds way better. This is how the zio nazis in Australia create the floods. Scotland’s wind turbines have been secretly using […]

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