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Japan makes big steps towards a cashless society

US tech giant PayPal has shut down multiple accounts associated with the Free Speech Union (FSU), a UK group that protects those who are at risk of being penalized for exercising their right to free speech, and its founder, Toby Young. Young said PayPal started “initiating closure” of his personal account, the account for his […]

The Creepy Line – Full Documentary on Social Media’s manipulation of society

[embedded content] 815K subscribers The Creepy Line reveals the stunning degree to which society is manipulated by Google and Facebook and blows the lid off the remarkably subtle – hence powerful – manner in which they do it. Offering first-hand accounts, scientific experiments and detailed analysis, the film examines what is at risk when these […]

UN experts condemn Israel’s attacks on Palestinian civil society

This movement needs a newsroom that can cover all of Palestine and the global Palestinian freedom movement. The Israeli government and its economic, cultural, and political backers here in the U.S. have made a decades-long investment in silencing and delegitimizing Palestinian voices. We’re building a powerful challenge to those mainstream norms, and proving that listening […]

Our government is actively working to harm us, to dismantle modern society and enslave all people in a digitally-controled totalitarian world

It’s the inability to believe it’s happening that really stops people objecting when they should, when the evidence is unmistakable but has not yet quite reached their door, their family. Joel Smalley Sep 2 2022 From my friend, Mike Yeadon. I believe Mike, not just because I’ve looked him straight in the eyes and trust […]

Ever Notice How The USA’s Woke Mutual Adoration Society Always Give The Most Dangerous Cultural Marxists and Closet Communists ALL The Awards!

Obama Wins Emmy for Narrating Netflix Documentary Source

Ever Notice How The USA’s Woke Mutual Adoration Society Always Give The Most Dangerous Cultural Marxists and Closet Communists ALL The Awards!

Obama Wins Emmy for Narrating Netflix Documentary Source

After destroying American society, the CDC admits natural immunity works better than COVID jabs

(Natural News) After two and a half years of weaponizing public health messages and destroying the very fabric of society, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has decided that natural immunity works better than the COVID jabs. The CDC is now promoting an “anti-vax” message that they aggressively censored, disparaged and attacked since 2000. The […]

Vatican Chief Defends Calling Abortion Law ‘Pillar of Society’

ROME — The president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, has defended his statement on Italian television that Italy’s 1978 law legalizing abortion is a “pillar of society.”

Atty. Tom Renz: Fauci funded the creation of the “most dangerous virus” to global society – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Ohio attorney Tom Renz blamed White House Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci for helping create and fund the most dangerous virus to global society in human history – the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). “Maybe not the most dangerous virus to people as we all know that it’s gotten 99 plus percent recovery rate most […]

The “Gantz Doctrine” declares war on Palestinian society itself

The recent assault on Gaza and raids on Palestinian NGOs reflect an emerging Israeli policy of preemption, or what might be tentatively called the “Gantz Doctrine.” Source

Cops Shut Down 8-Year-old Girl’s Lemonade Stand to Protect Society from Unlicensed Lemonade

Police were dispatched to an Ohio city, not for a robbery or murder, but for an 8=year-old girl selling lemonade without a permit. Source

EU states express support for Palestinian civil society, reject Israeli ‘terror’ designation

Nine European Union states announced their support for the Palestinian civil society organizations that were arbitrarily deemed “terrorist institutions” by the Israeli government last year. The EU states rejected the Israeli designation, citing lack of proof. Source

Nothing More SAVAGE Than the Way the U.S. Gov’t Has Treated NATIVE Americans! F__K the [Secret Society] Pedophiles Who Run the U.S. Gov’t![0]=AZW0uqZjMHBQoTh8ynxVzjoOsAbH5HinDD-k-87684MTos1knsHqj05_e8Uxa2InAkhVkIHRwW5iMip0YcIEboNXL5Zr3amzIjstb65knk-FJtgrQX2X0xqgpirrLRU5Tw4zjOuwVyM6MRIOon9cF_T-p_9UzXObC8AkrpeOWC-lMDKe0Xub332i5NiOdbpjE8g&tn=-UC%2CP-R I hate the word “Savage” because I know the dehumanizing and racist connotations that it has. However, during this Fourth of July weekend, I can’t help but be proud to be considered a descendent of the people that the Declaration of Independence describes as “merciless Indian savages.” If welcoming new people to the land […]

The disintegration of Western society – visible to the naked eye

July 02, 2022 Source by Guilherme Wilbert While we notice the closest integration among emerging countries, we notice a certain disparity among the richest, first-world countries, because they may not seem like it, but they also have internal problems that cannot always be fought. And the most recent of these is inflation, with an unprecedented […]

We’re living in a Totalitarian Society – Here’s the Proof

27TH JUNE 2022 On Saturday 25th June 2022 I was due to talk to Professor Dolores Cahill on her show on TNT radio. I was looking forward to it very much indeed. I telephoned the studio number in Australia and I spoke to the engineer. All was going perfectly well. But I was cut off […]

Kasaragod’s civil society stands against the proposed K-rail project

The Kerala government’s proposed K-rail silver line project has created an uproar amongst the civil society of Kasaragod district, with it being the last junction as per the route map. Recently, in the last week of May, eminent citizens of Kerala’s Kasargod came together for a four-day walking protest alongside the proposed K-rail route in […]

Secret Society CIA Creates & Uses MKUltra’s For Assassinations VIA TORTURE & Drugging; MKUltra’s Are Raped, Tortured, Drugged & Murdered

MKUltra Programming Via Extreme Torture & Sexual Stimulation Done By Bush, Sr., Carter and Bill [email protected] BY ADMIN · JANUARY 14, 2020 MKUltra programming Via Extreme Torture and Sexual Stimulation: This is part of the actual Programming done to Randy Turner as a teenager. This occurred in the late 70s Jimmy Carter was president at the time. George […]

USA is a Secret Society Run Death Cult or Murder, Inc. and Media is RUN By Death Cult Cabal As Are Biden, Politicians, Local City Councils, School Boards, Hollywood, Judges, Courts, ETC.

Musings, meanderings, and thoughts about life and current events from Peace Mom, Cindy Sheehan The USA is a Massive Death Cult Where cries for help are rarely heard, and even more rarely answered. Cindy SheehanMay 26 Some High Priests of the Death Cult I have a 4th grade grandson. He is filled with life, is […]

Time to Arrest the Criminals of the Syndicate Ruining Our Countries (Secret Society CREEPS) [Cocaine Addict] Zelensky Tells Davos That He Needs $5 Billion a Month (Milking the DAVOS Crowd For Money) By infostormer -May 23, 20220 Billions of dollars have been funneled into the illegitimate Jewish government of Ukraine, but that still isn’t enough for the Jewish homosexual lunatic and cocaine addict Zelensky. He spoke to the Davos crowd […]

Unedited Story of Hunter Thompson Secret Society Member Who Knew About Child Kidnapping and Sex Slavery Using Children

Comment: Pictured are Users of Child Sex Rings. ARCANE MYSTERIES, CULTURE CREATION INDUSTRY, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, ORIGINAL ARTICLES Fear and Loathing: Hunter S Thompson, Sadism, Snuff Films and Ritual Murder JUNE 11, 2018-POSTED BY NCDANGER By Nick Danger Cult status American journalist and author, Hunter S. Thompson, has had quite the hedonistic reputation for guns, booze and illegal narcotics.  However […]

[Secret Society] ThiefaHolics Run the U.S.

Order of the Pug: Catholic Secret Society Initiates Wore Dog Collars

Secret societies are characterized by rituals, customs, and teachings that are concealed from the general public. It is no wonder the 18th century secret society known as The Order of the Pug kept their rituals a secret – its members were forced to crawl around on all fours and kiss a pug dog’s backside to […]

[Secret Society] G.W. Bush Resembles This Chimp Being Nailed to a Cross in Israel Doesn’t He?

George W. Bush Claims Jew Zelensky is Churchill of Our Time G.W. Bush belongs to the ULTRA Secret Society Skull’n Bones.

Hong Kong’s Zero-COVID Fight Takes Mental Toll on Society, Experts Say

HONG KONG—Hong Kong resident Yeung waited for 13 hours outside a hospital in the city’s eastern district in cold, rainy weather with his 3-year-old daughter, who had a high fever, before they could be admitted for COVID-19 treatment. By the time they could enter, her fever had gone down and she didn’t require medical attention. […]

Ahnenerbe: Nazi Secret Society and their Reinterpretation of History

Few know of the Ahnenerbe organization, a secret society created in 1935 by Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Wirth and Richard Walter Darre, even though the names may sound familiar. Herman Wirth was a Dutch historian obsessed with Atlantis, while Walter Darre was the creator of the Nazi Blood and Soil ideology, as well as the head of the Race and Settlement Office. […]

Congress & Presidents Are Big Pimps For Big Pharma & as Secret Society Members All In For Secret Society Agendas

Comment: Trump Flashes Secret Society Hand Signals showing Who He is Loyal to. Tuesday, December 21, 2021 by: Mike AdamsTags: Bubble, Inflation, insane, Joe Biden, Money Printing, pandemic, risk, spike protein, stock market, Trump, vaccine side effects, vaccine wars, vaccinesBypass censorship by sharing this link: Copy URL27KVIEWS (Natural News) Trump’s public speech on the vaccine has become indistinguishable from Fauci’s. In a recent event in Dallas, Texas, Trump sat […]

Greek Immigrants’ Stories Sought for Maine Historical Society Archives

Members of the Greek Community of Bangor visiting the village of Vamvakou in Greece in 1947. These immigrants to the US returned to visit their ancestral village in 1949. The group included Nikos Niarchos, a member of the Niarchos shipping family, on the left. Credit: Public Domain Courtesy St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Bangor, Maine. With […]

Unjabbed ‘Must Really Think About The Damage They Are Doing To Society’ Says Sajid Javid

UK health secretary Sajid Javid has lashed out against those who have chosen not to have covid jabs for the damaging “impact” he says they are having on their fellow citizens. In an attempt to gult trip the unjabbed he said they “really need to think about the damage they are doing to society”…. Javid […]

The “New Normal” & the Civil Society Deception

Representative democracy is quietly being phased out to be replaced with a “new normal.” This “new normal” is a nascent form of governance being referred to as “civil society.” It is founded upon the principles of communitarianism and it is being offered to us as an illusory replacement for representative democracy. The Global Public-Private Partnership […]

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