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China boasts its relationship with Russia is ‘rock solid’, slams Western sanctions

    Beijing’s friendship with Moscow is still very strong, China’s foreign minister said today, following signs it was wavering in the wake of devastating international sanctions put on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. Wang Yi also offered Beijing’s help in mediating peace between the two countries, and backed ties with Moscow despite international […]

White House Boasts Joe Biden ‘Leading’ Opposition Against Vladimir Putin ‘Behind the Scenes’

The White House on Monday emphasized that President Joe Biden was uniting Europe against Russian President Vladimir Putin behind the scenes. “He is somebody who has been leading this effort behind the scenes for months,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during the daily briefing when asked about the president’s low public profile over […]

UK Culture Secretary boasts about shadowy “anti-disinformation” unit; “daily we have contact with the online providers”

The UK Government’s “disinformation” unit is “working,” the Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said, after she was challenged by the Labour party who said the shadowy unit shut down last year. In the UK, both the Conservative and Labour governments support more online censorship. “It’s not the case, it’s not true; it is there, it is […]

CNN Boasts They Haven’t Had An Employee Sex Scandal All Year

ATLANTA, GA—CNN President Jeff Zucker announced today that the company’s new strategies for preventing workplace sexual assaults appear to be working. “We’re proud to announce that there hasn’t been a single sex scandal at CNN this year,” he said. “After the 879 scandals we had last year, that’s some serious progress!” The network got serious […]

Rasta Pasta Boasts a Lot of Flavor With Little Effort

Rasta pasta isn’t just a fun recipe name—it’s a bridge between classic Jamaican cooking and Western influences widely shaped by the diaspora of Caribbean peoples. I didn’t grow up with this recipe, but I did grow up with jerk chicken, jerk seasoning, and my mum’s jerk fish stew with rice and beans. When I was […]

Belgian Prime Minister Boasts New Variant Heralds Arrival of ‘COVID-21’: We’re NEVER Going Back to Normal

The Prime Minister of Belgium has boasted that the new mutant variant of coronavirus is so potentially deadly that it should be called ‘COVID-21’. No, this is NOT satire. Alexander De Croo made the prediction during a press conference after international markets plummeted in response to the news that the ‘Nu’ variant of the virus […]

Fauci Boasts “Heck, no, I haven’t been vaccinated”

Dr. Killshot won’t take the killshot, but you would?September 17, 2021 Dr. Fauci: “Heck, no, I haven’t been vaccinated” By Michael Baxter -September 14, 2021The Deep State’s primary Covid-19 vaccine peddler, Dr. Anthony Fauci, boasted to colleagues at the NIH that he has not taken and will not take the Covid jab, said a former NIH employee who […]

Biden Boasts RINO Mitch McConnell ‘Loves’ Democrats’ Big Government Agenda

President Joe Biden boasted Wednesday that Sen. Mitch McConnell is hopelessly in love with the Democratic Party and their far-left Big Government agenda. “Mitch McConnell loves our programs,” Biden said in response to a comment in Illinois about the “tough fight” ahead regarding the trojan horse infrastructure propsal. “Did you see what Mitch McConnell said?” […]

On its 73rd Independence Day, Israel boasts 9.3 million citizens

Browse > Home / News / On its 73rd Independence Day, Israel boasts 9.3 million citizens April 15, 2021 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) released its traditional statistics report on the citizens of Israel in honour of Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day, which is celebrated […]

Iranian minister boasts about significant rise in oil exports despite US sanctions

Iran’s petroleum minister has bragged about the country’s rising oil exports in the face of US sanctions, as the nation claims that its international petroleum sales have hit record highs. Iran’s Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zanganeh did not publicly release detailed figures but said crude oil exports have risen “significantly,” even though the US ramped […]

China Will ‘Drive America to Its Death’ – Chinese Sociologist Boasts

China is on the brink of overtaking the United States as a superpower and eradicating the Western nation for good, according to a Chinese sociologist. Dr. Li Y made the chilling prediction at a forum in Shenzhen. “Chinese sociologist Dr. Li Yi said in an October 16, 2020 speech delivered at the Shenzhenwan Dialogue Forum […]

Super ZIONIST Cabal Member Trump Publicly Boasts and Brags About Political Assassinations

20 Sep, 2020 12:00Get short URL FILE PHOTO: Donald J. Trump and Jim Mattis during a meeting with members of his Cabinet, in the Cabinet Room of the White House March 8, 2018 in Washington, DC ©  Getty Images / Michael Reynolds-Pool Follow RT on By Rachel Marsden, columnist, political strategist and host of an independently produced French-language program […]

Jewish Supremacist Boasts on Israeli TV – AIPAC Rules America

When they are speaking frankly in Israel, jewish supremacists have a habit of actually telling the truth. No matter who wins our elections, Israel never loses. Source Article from

New Secretary of State Pompeo Boasts About Killing "a Couple of Hundred Russians in Syria"

     Former CIA director and Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo boasted about killing “a couple hundred Russians” in Syria, saying the move was one of the Trump administration’s key actions to counter Moscow, triggering a social media storm. “The list of actions that this administration has taken – I’m happy to walk through each […]

Creepy Biden Boasts About Destroying Ukraine

Former Vice President Joe Biden has highlighted his role in helping to destroy Ukraine by forcing Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin to resign.   Speaking at the Council of International Relations, Biden admitted he bribed the Kiev leadership with vast sums of cash so that they would fire the Prosecutor General. reports: Biden said that during one of […]

Kim Jong-un boasts N. Korea can withstand a century of sanctions

The communist state’s leader praised the country’s technology and economy developments, vowing to withstand any difficulties, state-run KCNA agency reported. Boombastic: N. Korea salutes 2017, promises more tests in 2018 “Thanks to the foundation of self-supporting national economy, scientific and technical forces trained with our own efforts and their clear heads, there are no difficulties […]

George Soros Boasts Of ‘Nationwide Riots’ If Mueller Drops Investigation

George Soros has boasted about plans to roll out nationwide riots across the U.S. if Mueller drops his Trump Russia probe. The Soros funded radical left group has warned it “will begin hours after news breaks of a Mueller firing,” according to a post on its website: Donald Trump is publicly considering firing special counsel […]

‘Proud Anti-Semite’: New York Driver Boasts On Bumper Sticker

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Man sues Texas sheriff’s dept. after officers choked him for grinning in his mug shot

     Sometimes it’s beneficial to have resting b*tch face. Unfortunately for one Texas man, he wasn’t blessed with “RBF,” as it’s also known. Instead, Christopher Johnson smiles on camera, which he says led sheriff’s deputies to choke him while taking his mug shot. Now the 38-year-old is suing the Harris County Sheriff’s Office over the […]

Police operation & evacuation in Brussels, snipers & deminers called in – report

The police searched a building in the area, a Reuters journalist at the scene said, adding that forensics experts were seen entering the building. The building’s resident were also reportedly evacuated. Emergency services have been seen in the area, Belgian RTBF TV channel reports. RTBF reported that at 1.30pm local time (11:30 GMT) the deminers […]

Collapse of Roman Republic: Will the EU repeat history?

     According to historian and professor at the Free University of Brussels David Engels, the EU is currently facing a system change comparable with that in the late Roman Republic. In his book On the Way to Empire, he draws historical parallels between the current changes in the EU and the fall of the Roman […]

Russia Say CIA Agent Was Killed On Dubai Plane Carrying Millions Of Dollars

A Russian investigation into the FlyDubai Flight FZ981 crash has revealed that the Dubai plane had been carrying a top CIA official who had an estimated $27 million in his possession.  The CIA agent was travelling on a forged British passport under the name of Larisa Allen. reports: According to this report, this FlyDubai […]

BREAKING: What They Just Found in Cali KILLER’S Bank Account Has Obama In PANIC Mode

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – President Barack Obama delivered a prime-time address on Sunday night where he attempted to convince Americans that the California slaughter by Muslim jihads was an isolated incident and downplayed the probability of there being more people involved than the husband and wife duo. We all know, Obama will do […]

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