EXTREME SCENARIOS: Artificial intelligence could revolutionize tech sector forever – or wipe out the human race

(Natural News) At its current pace, the unrelenting development of artificial intelligence could add trillions of dollars to the global economy or wipe out the human race by the end of this decade. Strategists from the Bank of America noted that artificial intelligence could revolutionize the tech sector forever. (Related: Big Tech, globalist elites join forces […]

Appendix 200: NSA Routinely Shares Americans’ SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) Data With Israel! (2009, 2013, 2019 articles)

I. NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans’ data with Israel (9/11/2013) The National Security Agency routinely shares raw intelligence data with Israel without first sifting it to remove information about US citizens, a top-secret document provided to the Guardian by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals. Details of the intelligence-sharing agreement are laid out in a memorandum […]

We have put the world in danger with artificial intelligence, admits ChatGPT creator

OpenAI chief executive pleads for regulation as he raises prospect of ‘significant harm’ ByMatthew Field16 May 2023 • 8:22pm OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman faced questions from senators concerned about the dangers of AI bots CREDIT: JIM LO SCALZO/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock Tech companies are in danger of unleashing a rogue artificial intelligence that will cause “significant harm to […]

Destiny Rezendes Interview – The Military/Intelligence Hidden Hand Driving The COVID-19 Injections

Joining me today is Destiny Rezendes, here to discuss a recent investigation she conducted into the companies (or company) behind the manufacturing of Moderna’s COVID-19 injections. It appears (to the surprise of no one here) that there is an obvious military & intelligence overlap to the company tapped to manufacture Moderna’s jabs, a company called […]

Greece’s State Broadcaster ERT Uses Artificial Intelligence Presenter

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more widespread in various fields, including writing and editing, and now a virtual TV presenter named Hermes has made his appearance on Greece’s state broadcaster ERT. Hermes presented the news in a realistic human-like appearance and sound, which indicates the increasing level of realism of AI technology.… […]

Watch: Former Director Of National Intelligence Admits That Fauci Lied About Gain Of Function Research

Only two years ago numerous alternative media sources including Zero Hedge were accused of spreading “conspiracy theories” and false information relating to the origins of the Covid-19 virus. Specifically, anyone who dared to suggest that the Level 4 virology lab in Wuhan, China (right across town from covid ground zero) might be the source of […]

Origin of ‘online leak’ of highly classified Pentagon intelligence explained in detailed analysis

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The most likely origin for the leak of highly classified intelligence from the Pentagon has been explained in a newly published analysis at The Conservative Treehouse.”By now people are familiar with a New York Times (original source) story of a leak of sensitive classified information regarding U.S. operations in … [Read More…] Source

Alleged leak of Ukraine war intelligence documents triggers US investigation

The images of alleged US documents, widely shared on social media Friday and seen by Euronews, might have been tampered with, officials warn. Source

Last Stand – Sci-Fi Short Film Made with Artificial Intelligence

Last Stand | Sci-Fi Short Film Made with Artificial Intelligence ‘Last Stand’, directed by Hashem al-Ghaili is reportedly the first short film made entirely by Artificial Intelligence, which took care of writing the script, creating the concept art, generating all the voices, and participating in some creative decisions, as a demonstration to showcase the potential […]

The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein: One Nation Under Blackmail, Vol. 1

Exposes vastly underexplored topics compared to other media reports and books on Jeffrey Epstein. How did Jeffrey Epstein manage to evade justice for decades? Who enabled him and why? Why were legal officials told that Epstein “belonged to intelligence” and to back off during his first arrest in the mid-2000s? Volume one of One Nation Under […]

The Senate has unanimously passed a bill to declass all U.S. intelligence on the origins of COVID 19

Mar 1st 2023 Patrick Henningson absolutely NAILING Robert Malone here. There was no lab leak because SARS COV2 isn’t real! Covid was a FAKE pandemic where the flu etc was rebranded via false PCR tests. The China GARBAGE is to make people want to go to war with China which is the neocon dream. _______________________________ […]

Artificial intelligence ChatGPT program successfully passes Bar, medical licensing exams – are machines taking over the world?

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A recently released artificial intelligence (AI) program called ChatGPT is already taking and passing some of America’s most difficult professional exams, including the Bar exam for law and various medical licensing exams.What would take a human being years of diligent study to pull off is now being completed in an … [Read […]

Declassified U.S. Intelligence Documents Describe Taliban History with Illicit Narcotics Trade

On January 13 of this year, Hasibullah Ahmadi, head of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior’s counternarcotics department, asserted that drug trafficking from the country has dropped, but admitted this illicit trade continues in some provinces. These comments raise the question of the Taliban’s ties to the narcotics market and previous attempts to curb drug production. Source

Former Intelligence Official Who Signed Letter Attacking Hunter Biden Laptop Story Admits to Knowing ‘It Had to be Real’

A former intelligence official who signed the letter attacking the New York Post story on the Hunter Biden laptop as potential Russian disinformation has admitted to knowing much of the story had to be true and has no regrets about signing the letter at the time. Source

Libya: US intelligence demands Haftar to enable Dbeibeh government to operate in east

The Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), William J Burns, has demanded that the commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Khalifa Haftar, should cooperate with the Government of National Unity in Tripoli headed by Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh and enable it to operate in eastern Libya. This, said Burns, will preserve the principle […]

Artificial Intelligence generated code. Skynet 2.0 is now live

“Skynet” with reference to the Terminator film. Skynet is a fictional artificial neural network-based conscious group mind and artificial general superintelligence system that serves as the antagonistic force of the Terminator franchise. In the first film, it is stated that Skynet was created by Cyberdyne Systems for SAC–NORAD. When Skynet gained self-awareness, humans tried to […]

‘Unprofessional’ Practices Contribute To High Russian Casualty Rate, UK Intelligence Says

Moscow said 89 of their troops died after Ukraine struck a building in the Russian-held town of Makiyivka near the Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Source

Intelligence minister briefs lawmakers on recent developments

TEHRAN – Iran’s Minister of Intelligence, Esmail Khatib, attended a meeting with a number of Iranian lawmakers to brief them on a range of issues, particularly the recent wave of unrest.  Source

The NZ Security Intelligence Service has been advertising for Surveillance Officers and Contact Tracers

For those of you who have your eye on the ball so to speak, these are job opportunities not commonly seen in our ‘freedom loving democracy’ of NZ. Any items concerning surveillance are generally described as necessary for the safety of citizens. Not too many years ago this site and others were being watched by […]

Israeli Intelligence Warns Iran Is Mulling Terror Attack On World Cup-Meaning Mossad Will Probably Do A False Flag On World Cup

Mossad knew where and when it was going to happen ahead of time, did not “warn” US. Mossad said “Muslim Brotherhood” a Mossad run front did it. ‘ISIS Commander’ Arrested by Libyan Authorities Exposed as Israeli Mossad Agent Source

Rothschild’s UK Intelligence Plotted Crimean Bridge Bombing

red Russian Khazarian Communist KGB agent the Rothschild’s Putinister There is a game cops play when they are manipulating humans.Good Cop-Bad Cop.They pick roles, one plays the ass hole, one plays the “good cop” which tries to “defend” the human against the bad cop.Together they scare and herd the human through whatever slaughterhouse door they […]

UFO appears in official logo of US aviation intelligence office

UFO appears in official logo of US aviation intelligence office By T.K. Randall September 27, 2022 That’s definitely a UFO in the bottom-left corner. Image Credit: ODNI / DOD Social media was buzzing this week after the image of a flying saucer was spotted in an official intelligence office seal. While US intelligence officials have […]

Brennan: ‘I’m Sure that Mar-a-Lago Was Being Targeted by Russian Intelligence and Other Intelligence Services’

Former CIA Director John Brennan said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that he is “sure” former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate “was being targeted by Russian intelligence and other intelligence services” while discussing the Justice Department investigation into classified materials that resulted in a raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Trump ‘bragged for years he had intelligence on ”naughty” Macron’s sex life’-As I bet the Gay Rothschild Bitch Macaroni did on Trump

Macaroni and his older man “wife” Trump doing nasty things with his own daughter Young Trump in Drag at a Gay Party as the Date of a Known Khazarian Mafia queer pedophile.An acquaintance said Cohn did not consider himself a pedophile queer, he just like to F##K young boys up the a$$ Donald Trump bragged […]

Macron Insulted Africans’ Intelligence by Claiming That Multipolar Powers Manipulate Them

By Andrew Korybko Global Research, August 29, 2022 Region: Europe, sub-Saharan Africa Theme: Intelligence All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our home page (Desktop version). To receive Global Research’s Daily Newsletter (selected articles), click here. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to our Telegram Channel. Feel free to repost […]

Whitney Webb Interview – History Of Epstein’s Network, Intelligence Ties & Links To Today’s Agenda

Joining me today on Moving Target is Whitney Webb, here to discuss her new book and many of the important revelations within. We discuss the overlapping connections that span throughout both US political parties and how there was a concerted effort to keep this from view. We also discuss how much of this story directly […]


aug 16 2022 • Document lists perceptions of “government overreach” and “election fraud” as red flags. • “The threats we have observed, to date, underscore that DVEs [Domestic Violent Extremists] may view the 2022 midterm election as an additional flashpoint around which to escalate threats against perceived ideological opponents, including federal law enforcement personnel.” • […]

‘Climate Enforcement’: Trudeau Building Firearms Storage, Intelligence Suites For ‘Ministry of Climate Change’

Architectural plans for a new “Ministry of Climate Change” facility reveal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s sinister plans to weaponize the climate change agenda by following the World Economic Forum’s playbook. The Trudeau government’s plans […] The post ‘Climate Enforcement’: Trudeau Building Firearms Storage, Intelligence Suites For ‘Ministry of Climate Change’ appeared first on News […]

WEF’s “Global Intelligence Collecting AI” To Erase Ideas From The Internet

Unapproved opinions are becoming more popular, and online censors cannot keep up with millions of people becoming more aware and more vocal. Source

Head of Greece intelligence resigns following spyware scandal

The Greek Prime Minister's office announced on Friday the resignation of the head of Greece's intelligence service, Panagiotis Kontoleon, amid an alleged spyware scandal against a politician and journalist using the illegal surveillance malware, Predator. The Greek government's statement noted: "The national intelligence head submitted his resignation, which was accepted by the Greek Prime Minister […]

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