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Russian and Turkish intelligence find “substantiated evidence” linking Ukrainian nationals to the Moscow terrorist attack

Russian and Turkish intelligence find “substantiated evidence” linking Ukrainian nationals to the Moscow terrorist attack U.S. and NATO leaders continue to ship weapons and ammunition into Ukraine, including anti-tank and air defense systems, drones, tanks and fighter jets. This is a conflict that could have been ended before it ever escalated. Instead, the stakes continue […]

Facing 50,000-plus lawsuits linking Baby Powder to cancer, Johnson & Johnson mulls a third bankruptcy filing 

BY JEF FEELEY AND BLOOMBERG October 26, 2023 Johnson & Johnson has talc cases set for trial everywhere from Pennsylvania to California between November and December 2024. JUSTIN SULLIVAN/GETTY IMAGES Johnson & Johnson faces at least 18 jury trials over the next year tied to claims of tainted talc in its iconic baby powder, prompting the company to […]

Lebanon Constructs Road Linking Kfarshuba to Occupied Shebaa Farms in Response to Israeli Provocations

July 20, 2023 Al-Manar TV correspondent in South Lebanon, Ali Shoeib, reported on Thursday that the locals in Kfarshuba town constructed a sandy road that links the area to the occupied Shebaa farms. The Israeli enemy had erected a cement fence on the withdrawal line, rejected by Lebanon which confirms that Kfarshuba hills are occupied […]

Health Officials Delayed Report Linking Fluoride to Brain Harm

Health Officials Delayed Report Linking Fluoride to Brain Harm by Dr. Joseph Mercola April 2, 2023   Story-at-a-Glance The release of the National Toxicology Program’s (NTP) systematic review of fluoride’s neurotoxicity was blocked by government officials and concealed from the public since May 2022 Fluoride Action Network’s lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) […]

Report Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children Made Public After CDC, HHS Tried to Block It

Report Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children Made Public After CDC, HHS Tried to Block It The National Toxicology Program on Wednesday released a draft report linking prenatal and childhood fluoride exposure to reduced IQ in children, after public health officials tried for almost a year to block its publication. By   Brenda Baletti, Ph.D. […]

Tepe Hissar: a cultural gem linking Mesopotamia and Central Asia

TEHRAN – Tepe Hissar is one of the first systematically excavated Bronze Age settlements in the northern Iranian plateau. Source

Australian Bank Begins Linking Customer Transactions to Carbon Footprint

Green social credit score scheme accelerates. Source

The Enigmatic H-Symbol Linking Gōbekli Tepe, The Priesthood And The Zodiac

Could the strange H-symbol on the tunics of first century Jewish high priests of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem resonate with the similar H-symbol, that was deemed sacred almost 10,000 years prior by the priesthood of Gōbekli Tepe, considered the first temple of humankind? In addition, at Gōbekli Tepe, the H-symbol is often bracketed by […]

How much more evidence do you need? Here is a list of 860 scientific studies and reports linking COVID vaccines to hundreds of adverse effects and deaths

How much more evidence do you need? Here is a list of 860 scientific studies and reports linking COVID vaccines to hundreds of adverse effects and deaths El colectivo de Uno / The Collective of One 860 scientific studies and/or reports on the dangers associated with K0 B1T injections related to blood clotting, myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombosis, […]

Video: Senior Cardiologist Warns Study Linking COVID Vaccines To Massive Increase In Heart Attacks Is Being Totally Ignored

A leading cardiologist in the UK has warned that a colleague of his is finding it impossible to get research published because it definitively links COVID vaccines to a massive increase in heart attacks. Appearing on GB News, Dr. Aseem Malhotra related how he was contacted by a researcher from a prestigious British Institution who said […]

Canada Revenue Agency Discloses Long-Withheld Documents Linking High BC Home Prices to Millionaire Migrations

A secret study that connects high home prices in Vancouver to millionaire migration and possible tax cheating has finally been disclosed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)—five years after a freedom-of-information request was made. The access to information and privacy (ATIP) request was made by the South China Morning Post on Aug. 30, 2016, and received a […]

Google Quietly Scrubs Evidence Linking SPLC To Far-Left Mass Shooter From Search Results

Google has been caught red-handed scrubbing evidence linking the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to a far-left mass shooter from its search results. At the time of publishing this article, any user that searches for the title of independent journalist Mike Cernovich’s report, “How a Convicted Terrorist used the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Website to […]

Judge Approves Unsealing of Documents Linking VIP Pedophile Pimp Ghislaine Maxwell to Clintons

Judge Approves Unsealing of Documents Linking VIP Pedophile Pimp Ghislaine Maxwell to ClintonsDate: July 2, 2021Author: Nwo Report  Source: Daily MailA federal judge has approved the unsealing of documents related to VIP pedophile pimp Ghislaine Maxwell and her ties to the Clinton family.The Daily Mail broke the news that Presiding Judge Loretta Preseka ordered the unsealing of […]

Protests against Pakistan Prime Minister’s comment linking rape to how women dress

Pakistan rights campaigners have accused the country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan of “baffling ignorance” after the former cricketer linked how women dress to cause a rise in rape cases. In a weekend interview on live television, Oxford-educated Imran Khan said an increase in rapes indicated the “consequences in any society where vulgarity is on the […]

Was Moses high? Was the original Eucharist psychoactive? Studies linking religion and drugs gain traction

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

Facebook Posts Back Up VAERS Reports Linking COVID Vaccines to Injuries, Including Death

As the number of reported injuries and deaths following COVID vaccines continues to climb in VAERS, the CDC’s official vaccine adverse event reporting system, social media users also point to Facebook posts by people who enthusiastically got the vaccine, but have since died. Facebook users have identified people who posted having a COVID-19 vaccination and then dying […]

Fox News host addresses shutting down Gingrich for linking Soros to violent protests

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Fox News Shut Down Newt Gingrich For Linking George Soros to Violent BLM Protests

Former GOP congressman Newt Gingrich was cut off by a Fox News host and a former CIA spokesperson on Wednesday after linking George Soros to violence at Black Lives Matter protests. Gingrich blamed George Soros for indirectly causing the recent rise in violence and property damage in some Democratic-run cities, claiming that a slate of […]

Iran intends build massive railway linking Persian Gulf to Mediterranean: MP

Source By News Desk -2020-07-26 Shiraz railway station, Iran BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:00 P.M.) – In a statement to the Fars News Agency on Sunday, Minister of Parliament, Mohebati Yousefi, stressed the need to quickly start implementing a project linking Iran, Asia and the Mediterranean Sea via Syria and Iraq, pointing out that this would reduce the duration […]

Araqchi: Linking JCPOA to Other Issues Not Possible

 May 22, 2018 Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi warns that if world powers try to link the joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to other issues they will lose the agreement. In a Monday’s interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Araqchi raised questions on EU commitment to the nuclear deal following withdrawal of […]


The Southern Poverty Law Center retracted a post that was written by a freelance journalist on their “Hatewatch” blog and apologized to several journalists who were inappropriately attacked. On March 9, SPLC, which is a legal advocacy organization that campaigns against hate groups, published, “The multipolar spin: how fascists operationalize left-wing resentment,” […]

Linking JCPOA to irrelevant issues unacceptable: Deputy FM

IRNA – Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Gholamhossein Dehqhani says that linking the 2015 nuclear deal, officially known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to irrelevant issues and threatening to leave it are unacceptable. Addressing a meeting of high-ranking officials of the World Disarmament Conference on Thursday, he added that non-compliance […]

Website linking cocaine scandal and Russian presidential plane gone offline

nsnbc : The Kremlin has denied reports that a presidential aircraft used by high-ranking state officials was used for smuggling cocaine from Argentine to […]

Gov. Scientist: I Had To Suppress Evidence Linking Fracking To Earthquakes

An Oklahoma seismologist claims that the U.S. government pressured him to suppress evidence that linked fracking to earthquakes. In a deposition taken on Oct. 11, Austin Holland, Oklahoma’s former lead seismologist, alleges that he was punished for publishing a peer-reviewed journal article connecting hydraulic fracturing to an increase in earthquake activity. reports: Holland said his decision […]

Senator Asks Doctor For “Reputable Peer-Reviewed Study” Linking Childhood Vaccines To Autism

Next Story Earlier this year, Dr. Alvin H. Moss, a physician and professor in the Centre for Health Ethics & Law Department at West Virginia University, testified at the West Virginia Senate Education Committee on the topic of childhood vaccinations. As most of you reading this probably already know, multiple countries and communities around the world are now implementing […]

Iran-Azerbaijan potentials must be tapped to serve both peoples/Linking rails and other north-south transit lines beneficial for region/Stressing the need to implement agreements quickly President Rouhani met with his Azerbaijani counterpart, Ilham Aliyev, and described relations between the two countries amicable and developing, saying: “The two countries have ample potentials for developing ties in economy, science, technology, research and trade and these potentials must be tapped to serve both nations”. In the meeting that was held on Sunday […]


Dilyana Gaytandzhieva Originally appeared at ZeroHedge A months-long investigation which tracked and exposed a massive covert weapons shipment network to terror groups in Syria via diplomatic flights originating in the Caucuses and Eastern Europe under the watch of the CIA and other intelligence agencies has resulted in the interrogation and firing of the Bulgarian journalist who first […]

Linking lone wolf killers to Islamic State magnifies the threat – and could inspire future attacks

Alan Greene (TC) : While the magnitude of the attack on people enjoying a Saturday evening out in London on June 3 was not […]

The Black Knight Satellite and Why Humanity May be Monitored by an Advanced Species of Extraterrestrials

The words “Black Knight” may not ring many bells in the field of science to a simple person with little access to forbidden knowledge. In our case, it is no literature reference, nor Monty Python’s famous Holy Grail quest. by Ewao This object of worldwide interest has quite a history of interacting with a few […]

Fracking activity turns river into raging FIRE in shocking video from Australia

(NaturalNews) An amazing and, if legitimate, shocking, video out of Australia that is going viral purports to show someone lighting methane gas on fire in an river near a fracking operation. The video (which you can see here) was reportedly shot in Queensland, where gas was reportedly bubbling up through the Condamine River. […]

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