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Gōbekli Tepe: The Symbolism Of The Serpent And The Fox

Archaeological excavation and research at Gōbekli Tepe; that incredible ancient megalithic sacred site from an era of at least 12,000 years ago located in modern day Turkey Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

Are The Gōbekli Tepe Enclosures Giant Lunisolar Calendars?

Situated in southern Turkey near the upper Euphrates, Gōbekli Tepe has become famous for its surprisingly advanced megalithic architecture and symbolism, seemingly too early for the hunter-gather culture that built it.  Enclosure D at Gōbekli Tepe is dated to around 9500 BC, although it is obvious that Gōbekli Tepe’s origin must significantly predate this. How, […]

The Enigmatic H-Symbol Linking Gōbekli Tepe, The Priesthood And The Zodiac

Could the strange H-symbol on the tunics of first century Jewish high priests of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem resonate with the similar H-symbol, that was deemed sacred almost 10,000 years prior by the priesthood of Gōbekli Tepe, considered the first temple of humankind? In addition, at Gōbekli Tepe, the H-symbol is often bracketed by […]

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