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Australia’s Enigmatic Boab Tree Seeding The Out-Of-Australia-Theory

The Out of Africa Theory is the dominant – though not only – model for the geographic origins and subsequent migration of modern humans. While it has been tweaked over time to generally now encompass multiple migrations from the African continent, the arguably most significant of these migrations under the theory is thought to have […]

Local authorities target tourism boost for enigmatic Karaftu caves, Zivieh hill

Local authorities target tourism boost for enigmatic Karaftu caves, Zivieh hill – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Local authorities hope to boost travel to the enigmatic Karaftu caves and the neighboring Zivieh archaeological hill when the tourism sector backs on track in the post-coronavirus era.  “Tourism infrastructure of the Zivieh ancient hill and Karaftu caves in the […]

The Mythos Of The Enigmatic Prester John

Around 1165 AD a mysterious letter addressed to Manuel Comnenus, Emperor of Byzantium, began circulating around Europe. It was from a Prester John who claimed to “ exceed in riches, virtue and power of all creatures who dwell under heaven. Seventy-two kings pay tribute to me. I am a devout Christian and everywhere protect the […]

The Afro-Bolivians And Their Monarchy In Bolivia: An Enigmatic Kingdom

Bolivia is a land full of wonders and little-known facts. The majestic nature of the mountainous Andes and the adjacent tropical forests, and the illustrious capital city of La Paz, nestled high among the clouds, are not the only things to spark your curiosity. No more than a hundred kilometers outside of La Paz is […]

The enigmatic genetic footprint of Palestine

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source 00

Lakshmi: The Enigmatic Hindu Personification Of Mother Nature

It is no secret that the enigmatic Hindu pantheon can be quite unique and overwhelming to fully grasp. It is full of mythical gods and goddesses, of wondrous divine creatures, and deep, meaningful, and quite philosophical concepts. It is also filled with exotic and complex names and terms, making it special and inspiring. The messages […]

Latvia’s Enigmatic Virtaka Cliff and Mysterious Gauja River Petroglyphs

Petroglyphs, cave paintings , and different  rock carvings  are some of the earliest forms of expression of early man. In the Baltic, Pomeranian, and Scandinavian regions of Europe, petroglyphs have been utilized for various purposes for thousands of years in the lives of its inhabitants. Popular in the Paleolithic, Neolithic, and well into the Bronze and […]

The Enigmatic Inscription of the Praeneste Fibula – Was it Just a Hoax?

The earliest history of ancient Rome is somewhat clouded in mystery. Judging from its glorious past that spanned many centuries, you would think that it was well documented and crystal clear. But alas, time is ever a trickster. The archaic peoples of the Italian peninsula are still a source of much enigma and remain an […]

The Enigmatic Argimusco Plateau: A Glimpse into Sicily’s Distant Past

Sicily is well known for its rich and unique history. The largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, it hides a turbulent story and hosted some very distinctive ancient cultures. Before the age of antiquity and the rise of the Greek and Phoenician settlements on Sicily, this island was home to old megalith builder societies and […]

The Enigmatic Zenigata Sunae – A Majestic Heritage of Feudal Japan

Japan is full of countless intriguing places and monuments from its rich and vibrant past. From centuries of rich, evolving history, to the devastating effects of the Second World War, Japan has certainly remained one of the most enigmatic cultures in the world, and, as such, it always offers new and unique details to be […]

Edward Elgar’s Romantic and Enigmatic Compositions

You all will recognize some of the Enigma variations by Elgar. From Britannica: Sir Edward Elgar, in full Sir Edward William Elgar, (born June 2, 1857, Broadheath, Worcestershire, England—died February 23, 1934, Worcester, Worcestershire), English composer whose works in the orchestral idiom of late 19th-century Romanticism—characterized by bold tunes, striking colour effects, and mastery of […]

Meet The Enigmatic ‘Pre Flood’ Pyramids Beneath Lake Fuxian In China

At the bottom of Lake Fuxian—rising 1,720 meters above sea level and encompassing an area of 212 square kilometers—experts discovered the remains of a massive city, and several pyramids-shaped structures believed to be the remains of an advanced ancient pre-flood civilization Pyramids are a global phenomenon. For thousands of years, ancient cultures around the globe […]

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