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Oldest Inscription of ‘Odin’ Resets Beliefs About Norse Mythology

Archaeologists in Denmark are celebrating the discovery of the oldest inscription mentioning the god Odin. Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Writings News History & Archaeology Myths & Legends Europe Read Later  Source

“King of the Greeks” reads the inscription on Constantine II’s tombstone in Tatoi

On Sunday morning, the family of former King Constantine II attended the Trisagion held in his memory at Tatoi. The measures in the area were draconian, aligned with the wishes of the former royal family for the Trisagion to be held only for close family members. At the same time, the tomb of the former […]

Ancient Bullet With ‘Victory’ Inscription Uncovered in Israel

A lead sling bullet from the Hellenistic period with a Greek inscription proclaiming victory in battle, has been discovered in Israel. Dated to 2,200 years old, it was excavated in Yavne, and bears the inscription ‘Nike’ on one side and the names of the gods Heracles and Hauronas on the other. The directors of the […]

The Runamo Runes: The Mysterious Runic Inscription that Never Was!

Before the invention of paper, humanity often inscribed words, symbols, and images onto the living stone of the surrounding landscape. These images, often commemorating significant cultural events or telling ancient stories, are studied by modern scholars to piece together narratives of various ancient cultures. As is the case with all scholarship, however, there are those […]

Ancient Greek Inscription in Mosaic Reveals Birthplace of Apostle Saint Peter!

Saint Peter, one of Jesus Christ’s 12 Apostles and the first pope of the Roman Catholic Church is a crucial figure whose name appears throughout Christian theology. His birthplace has been a long contested and awaited find, and with it the lost ancient city of Bethsaida (literally meaning, “home of the fishermen”). Now, archaeologists from […]

Five-Letter Inscription Inked 3,100 Years Ago May Be Name of Biblical Judge

The ‘Jerubbaal’ inscription, written in ink on a pottery vessel, discovered at Khirbet el Rai. (Dafna Gazit, Israel Antiquities Authority) (The Times of Israel) — Inked 3,100 years ago during the era of the biblical judges, an extremely rare five-letter inscription discovered in the lush Judean foothills could be a missing link in the development […]

Christ Inscription Unearthed in Israeli Village

A 1,500-year-old Greek Christ inscription bearing the words “Christ born of Mary” has been discovered at an excavation at the ancient village of Taibe, in northern  Israel. This finding has not only revealed the first Byzantine church in the ancient settlement of Taibe, but it represents early evidence of  Christianity in the region. The Israel Antiquities Authority […]

Ancient Greek inscription discovered by chance near Nitzana in the Negev

Browse > Home / News / Ancient Greek inscription discovered by chance near Nitzana in the Negev January 7, 2021 by J-Wire News Service Read on for article Who was Maria, who died on 9 February some 1400 years ago and whose burial stone has now been discovered in Nitzana National Park? A stone bearing […]

Roman Inscription Reveals That The Emperor Took Bribes And Lied

An ancient stone monument with a Roman inscription is revealing the truth about the corrupt politics of Imperial Rome. The find was discovered near a ruined Roman city in Bulgaria. The Roman inscription reveals a bribe paid to an emperor and a ‘political lie.’ This find is helping researchers to better understand Roman history at […]

The Enigmatic Inscription of the Praeneste Fibula – Was it Just a Hoax?

The earliest history of ancient Rome is somewhat clouded in mystery. Judging from its glorious past that spanned many centuries, you would think that it was well documented and crystal clear. But alas, time is ever a trickster. The archaic peoples of the Italian peninsula are still a source of much enigma and remain an […]

Missing Stone Inscription Holds Key to Almazán Skeletons Enigma

Archaeologists in Almazán Spain are boxed into a corner with a double-edged mystery in which a missing carved stone holds the answer to why eleven bodies were buried beneath a massive medieval village wall, and by whom. Spain’s Soria province, in the Castile and León region, features many medieval villages with horse-worn stone streets shadowed […]

6000 year old inscription with Greek letters

stone column, approximately 30x20 cm with engraved letters of the Greek alphabet

6000 year old inscription with Greek letters November 23, 2018 Published in History stone column, approximately 30×20 cm with engraved letters of the Greek alphabet An amazing discovery was brought to light by archaeologists in excavations of prehistoric Pella’s Archondikon, a few days before closing the excavation period (summer 2011). Discovered in the lower layers […]

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