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Greeks, Cypriots of Australia Call on PM Morrison to Recognize Genocide

Greeks, Armenians, and other Christians were the victims of genocide carried out by the Ottomans in the period 1913-1923. Public Domain The Greek and Cypriot communities in Australia urged Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday to recognize the genocide carried out against Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks and other Christian minorities by the Ottomans in the early […]

Ancient Greeks Did Not Practice Infanticide Widely, Says Latest Study

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth,” is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. One such lie has been the notion that Ancient Greeks regularly practiced infanticide by killing off weak babies, the disabled, the lowborn, and the sickly. Now, a new study published in JSTOR’s Hesperia […]

Greeks of Ethiopia Remain Calm Despite Conflict in the North

The Greek Community of Ethiopia celebrated OXI Day prior to an advisory issued by the Greek Foreign Ministry. Credit: Meta/FaceBook/Archdiocese of Aksum Ethiopia The Greeks of Ethiopia remain calm but on alert should evacuation be necessary as the armed conflict in the northern region of the country rages for more than a year. In early […]

Greeks hold peaceful march on deadly uprising anniversary

Some 20,000 people marched peacefully through Athens on Wednesday to mark the anniversary of a bloody anti-dictatorship uprising in 1973, police said. More than 5,000 police were deployed to keep order, as violence involving anarchist demonstrators has often marred the annual march to the U.S. Embassy. The event went ahead despite restrictions related to the […]

The Proud Greeks of Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The Greek community in Tashkent celebrates the 200th anniversary of the War of Independence. Credit: Greek Cultural Center Tucked away among Central Asia’s rolling deserts and sand dunes, in the eastern part of Uzbekistan is a small community of people, vestiges of Cold War politics, the Greeks of Tashkent. By Christianna Kontou A Greek diaspora […]

Registration on Electoral Lists of Greeks Residing Abroad Begins

The platform for Greeks residing abroad to register for the Greek elections is now open. Credit: Ministry of Interior Greeks who reside abroad but have lived in Greece for two years in the last 35 years can register to vote in national elections via an online platform activated recently, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday. […]

The Greeks of Venezuela in the Era of Maduro

The crisis in Venezuela began during the government of Hugo Chávez and has continued with his successor Nicolás Maduro. Credit: Wikimedia/Барвенковский/CC-BY-4.0 Living in Venezuela today is not easy. The country, once the richest in Latin America, but today is undergoing a great crisis, the largest and most devastating on the continent in many years, affecting […]

The Hellenic Initiative Offers Cash Prizes to Greeks Making a Difference

Credit: Nenad Stojkovic/ CC BY 2.0 The Hellenic Initiative, or THI, is offering support to Greek entrepreneurs hoping to make a positive impact on the world through their second annual Venture Impact Awards (VIA). Last year, during the first iteration of VIA, the Initiative’s newest program, THI offered cash prizes amounting to $250,000 to 14 […]

The Legendary Hyperborea and the Ancient Greeks: Who Really Discovered America?

In his story of Atlantis, written at around 360 BC, Plato mentioned a grand island or continent across the Atlantic, one larger than Libya and Asia combined. This continent was so enormous, he said, “it encompassed (wrapped around) that veritable ocean”. Is it possible that Plato was talking about the American continent and not that […]

Chaotic Scenes in Athens as Greeks Protest Tyranny

    On Sunday, protesters in Athens clashed with police against mandatory vaccination measures that go into effect on Sept. 1. Police estimate about 8,000 people attended the rally in Syntagma Square, the central square of Athens, chanting anti-vaxx slogans and demanding government officials reverse mandatory vaccinations for all health workers that begins Wednesday. At […]

The Day the First Greeks Arrived in Australia

Greek immigrants on their way to Australia in 1953. Credit: Public Domain It was a day much like any other, on August 27, 1829 when the first-ever recorded Greeks set foot on the continent of Australia. They were seven convicted pirates who had plied their trade on the Mediterranean Sea and had been forced to serve […]

Creating a Virtual Community of Greeks in Japan

Tokyo with Mt. Fuji in the background. Credit: Morio/Wikimedia Commons/ CC BY-SA 3.0 Japan is one of the most populated countries in the world, with a population numbering over 126 million. Increasingly, immigrants have flocked to Japan, including many Greeks. Forming a new life and community in a foreign country often proves very difficult, and […]

Ancient Greeks Used Moveable Stage in Messene Theater!

Moveable theater props and three stone tracks have been discovered at the ancient Greek Messene Theater in the Peloponnese region of  southern Greece . These  new findings  related to ancient Greek entertainment bring this 2,000-year-old site into line with similar findings at the  theaters of Sparta and Megalopolis. Ancient Greek theaters consisted of the orchestra and […]

Antonio Taquis: A Story of Greeks in Panama

Panama City, Panama. Credit: Greek Reporter Panama is home to a significant community of Greeks whose members, such as businessman Antonio Taquis, have strong ties in the Central American country. The first Greeks went to Panama in the late 1800s, many due to the construction of the Panama Canal. There were just a few families […]

Constantinople Greeks: The Cosmopolitans of the Byzantine Capital

Arnavutköy was one of the biggest Greek sea-side villages in Bosporus. Credit: Özgür Okkalı, CC BY-SA 2.5/Wikipedia by Matthew John Hadodo, PhD* Most people are aware of the song “Istanbul was Constantinople” and perhaps no better than the Greeks of Istanbul themselves. Although at the turn of the 20th century they numbered hundreds of thousands, […]

Calabrian Greeks: Pocket of Hellenism in Italy has Survived Millennia

Gallicianò, Calabria: The only remaining original Greko-speaking settlement in the Aspromonte Mountains. Locals have not been forced to move or resettle on the coast like other Greko settlements. Credit: John Kazaklis There exists today a tiny enclave of Calabrian Greeks, Greek-speaking people in the Aspromonte Mountain region of Reggio Calabria that seem to have survived […]

How did the Greeks Measure the Earth’s Circumference?

It is considered obvious today that Earth is roughly a sphere and that it can be measured like any spherical object. Scientists technically call it an oblate spheroid, but it is still sphere-like in its shape. In the ancient world, this was not as obvious. The idea that Earth is spherical only became common knowledge […]

The Turbulent Story of Greeks in South Africa

A group of Greeks in South Africa posing together sometime in the first half of the 20th century. Credit: Antonis Chaldeos Despite being persecuted and discriminated against for decades, Greeks in South Africa managed to rise socially and prosper, with several of them becoming very successful and wealthy. Today, they remain one of the most […]

Greeks Honored in New Australian National Monument to Migration

The National Monument to Migration in Sydney, Australia. Credit: J Bar/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0 Greek philanthropists have banded together to commemorate Greek migrants on the new National Monument to Migration in Sydney, Australia to recognize the 200th anniversary of Greek independence. The Welcome Wall at the Australian National Maritime Museum was recently named the National […]

The Greeks of Utah: History Spanning More than a Century

The Greeks of Utah. Courtesy of The Hellenic Cultural Association Museum/Library The Greek Community of Utah is both typical of Greek communities in the US and elsewhere, but also, due to the uniqueness of Utah, is quite distinctive itself. It is rather difficult to write about Utah, because it is my home state, and the […]

I knew Hanukkah was about defeating the Greeks. Then I moved to Athens.

JTA — When my wife and I arrived in this capital city on Sept. 1 to serve as rabbinical emissaries to the Jewish community, I have to admit I was very excited about what the prospect of spending Hanukkah in Greece might be like. With nearly 90% of the Jewish Greek population wiped out during […]

Ancient Greeks Discovered America Thousands of Years Ago

Carthaginian coins from circa 310–290 BC. Representational image only.

Ancient Greeks Discovered America Thousands of Years Ago Read Later  Print A new book by Italian physicist and philologist Lucio Russo presents the controversial claim that the ancient Greeks discovered America long before Christopher Columbus set foot on American soil in 1492. Russo, who currently teaches probability at Tor Vergata University of Rome, says the […]

Mycenean Greeks in Pretani (Britain)

Mycenean Greeks in Pretani (Britain) November 15, 2018 Published in Myths & Legends Rillaton Barrow, an ancient burial mound on Bodmin Moor, close to the village of Minions in southeast Cornwall The Mycenaean civilization was an early Greek civilization flourished during the period between 1600 BC, when Helladic culture in mainland Greece was transformed under […]

Judas effigy turned into raging inferno by Greeks celebrating Easter (VIDEO)

The celebration is part of the Easter calendar in Greece, with Orthodox Christians honoring the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On Sunday, 40 days of fasting came to an end with hundreds of people from Tolo, situated on the Peloponnese peninsula, celebrating by destroying a giant sculpture of Judas. According to the Bible, Judas Iscariot, one […]

Sunday’s Athens Rally a Moment of Truth for Greeks under Thumb of EU-Imposed Austerity

ATHENS, GREECE (Analysis) – Hundreds of thousands of Greeks took to the streets of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, on Sunday, January 21, in a mass rally opposing a compromise on the part of the Greek government regarding the Macedonia name dispute with Greece’s northern neighbor, temporarily recognized by the United Nations as the “Former Yugoslav Republic […]

Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, Jews and Greeks

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The War at Hanukkah was Between Jews and Jews, not Jews and Greeks

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Did Ancient Greeks Worship Earthquakes? Sacred Sites Built on Fault Lines

The ancient Greeks may have worshiped earthquakes, purposely building temples and other important structures directly above fault lines. But the same natural phenomenon they exalted could have also destroyed them. According to the University of Plymouth, it’s not an entirely new idea that earthquakes played a role in the lives of ancient Greeks: “Scientists have […]

Myanmar’s Government Plans Inclusive Dialog With Armed Ethnic Groups

nsnbc : The government of Myanmar invited armed ethnic groups that have not yet signed a ceasefire agreement to participate in the inclusive political dialog framework next week. A ceasefire with most of the armed groups was reached under the former government. The government’s chief peace negotiator and chairman of the 21st Century Panglong Conference […]

Secret mission: 730 pounds of plutonium being shipped to South Carolina on an armed British ship

An armed British ship carrying 730 pounds of weapons-grade plutonium left a port in Japan Tuesday, destined for a secret mission to South Carolina. Authorities have declined to say anything about the trip, citing security concerns. But Kyodo News has reported that the shipment is part of a 2014 agreement Japan struck with the U.S. […]

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