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Friends, not Masters: Can Zelensky Offer Sanctions Relief to Russia?

In the spirit of apparent “reconciliation and multilateralism” defining the Biden administration’s approach to conducting international diplomacy, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken handed over the “power of attorney” to the Ukrainian president to offer Russia relief from international sanctions in exchange for ending its military offensive in Ukraine. On Sunday, April 3, confirming in […]

State Department will offer ‘X’ gender marker for U.S. passports

The news of the State Department’s “X” gender marker comes after the department announced last June that it would begin allowing U.S. passport applicants to self-select their gender as “M” or “F,” and that it would no longer require medical certification if an applicant’s choice did not match the gender on their other documentation. The […]

Denmark To Offer 4th Covid Jab To ‘Vulnerable’ Citizens

Denmark is set to offer a fourth Covid-19 jab to those considered to be at high risk from the virus. This makes Denmark the first country in Europe to do so despite a regulator’s warning that there is not enough data to know if the policy will help. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get […]

WHO: ‘No Evidence’ UK’s Booster Policy Will Offer ‘Any Greater Protection’ To The Healthy

A senior official at the World Health Organization is questioning the British government’s decision to provide the entire adult population with Covid booster jabs. Dr. Mike Ryan, head of the agency’s emergencies program, cautioned that there was “no evidence” that this measure would offer “any greater protection” to the healthy. He also noted that this […]

World Health Organization Says “No Evidence” Booster Jabs Would Offer “Greater Protection” to the Healthy

The World Health Organization has questioned the UK government’s decision to roll out hundreds of millions of booster jabs to its population, asserting there is “no evidence” they would offer “greater protection” to the healthy. UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid’s says the country has secured an additional 114 million vaccine doses for 2022 and 2023 […]

Exclusive — Rep. Chip Roy: ‘Forcing Vaccines’ on Kids and ‘Vax Mandates’ Offer ‘Possible Crossover’ Between Parties

Opposition to vaccine mandates is a possible bridge for some bipartisan consensus, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) estimated on Wednesday’s edition of the Breitbart Daily News podcast with host Alex Marlow. “A lot of people — even moderate Democrats, independents, people who just aren’t that politically engaged — are fired up because they don’t want the […]

UK Government To Offer Booster Jabs to Everyone Over 18 By The End Of January

British prime minister Boris Johnson said that the government is planning to offer booster jabs to everyone over the age of 18 by the end of January. During a briefing on Tuesday, the prime minister said the rollout of the booster programme will go in age order, and that over 1,500 community pharmacy sites in […]

The Salvation Army Wants You to Offer a “Sincere Apology” for Your Racism

The Salvation Army is a prime example of Christian cuckoldry. It is so committed to “social justice” that it is pushing BLM, CRT, and related anti-White ideologies while seeking donations, even if it turns away long-time donors, who argue for a slightly less cucked idea – color-blindness. Newsweek reports: As The Salvation Army launches its […]

Video translation: US/oil cartels blocking Russian offer to resolve Lebanon’s electricity crisis: Report

OCTOBER 07, 2021 Original link: [embedded content] Video link: Description: A news report surrounding a Russian offer to help resolve the long-standing electricity problem of Lebanon, which has devolved into a severe crisis in recent months. The electricity problem in Lebanon is a highly politicised and controversial issue. This report suggests that it is the […]

Sudan accepts Turkey mediation offer to end disputes with Ethiopia

Sudan accepted Turkey’s offer to mediate between Khartoum and Ethiopia, Anadolu reported. Sudanese Foreign Minister Mariam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi announced that Sudan accepted the Turkish government’s offer to solve the border dispute. “During the visit of Sudan’s head of Sovereign Council Abdel Fattah al-Burhan to Turkey last month, he accepted an initiative from the Turkish leadership […]

COVID-19: UK to offer antibody tests to people who test positive

The United Kingdom will roll out a national surveillance programme to measure antibodies in people who test positive for COVID-19 to better understand people’s response to an infection. The NHS will send antibody tests to anyone who tests positive for the virus if they decide to opt into the programme. It’s meant to measure the […]

The US has Little to Offer to Southeast Asia

In his recent visit to Southeast Asia – the Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore – the US Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, outlined what can be called the blueprint of US re-engagement with the region after a lull of few years. One thing that becomes strikingly clear is that the US needs China to survive in Southeast […]

US Offer On Assange Is New Evidence, Should Have Been Rejected

Above Photo: David Castor/Wikimedia Commons Writing on his blog two days after District Court Judge Vanessa Baraitser on Jan. 4 in London denied the U.S. request to extradite WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange (on the grounds of his health and U.S. prison conditions that put him at extreme risk of suicide), former British diplomat Craig Murray made a prescient remark […]

UK Govt To Offer 3rd Covid Vaccine Dose To Vulnerable & Over 50s From September

The British Government is planning to offer a third covid vaccine dose to the ‘vulnerable’ and over-50s alongside flu jabs from September. Authorities claim “we will need to ensure protection against flu as well as maintaining protection against Covid-19” as the winter starts. Breitbart reports: The over-70s, care home residents, frontline healthcare and social care […]

Compromise: In Lieu Of Eucharist, Priest To Offer Biden Non-Blessed But Delicious Nilla Wafer

Compromise: In Lieu Of Eucharist, Priest To Offer Biden Non-Blessed But Delicious Nilla Wafer WASHINGTON, D.C.—After Catholic bishops stirred bitter controversy this week by asking people to repent of murder, Father Brian Shannon has offered President Biden a tasty compromise: replacing the Eucharist with a ‘Nilla wafer. “While as Catholics we must object to unifying […]

Neolithic Fingerprints In Orkney Offer ‘Unparalleled Glimpse’ of Life

The Neolithic fingerprints of two young male potters have been identified on a 5,000-year-old fragment of clay discovered in Orkney. In April this year The Press and Journal announced that archaeologists excavating at the Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site discovered a “5,000 years old” finger print on the surface of a clay vessel. […]

Lavender Festival Will Offer Lavender Chocolate-Chip Cookies and Lemonade

VACAVILLE, Calif.—A field of lavender sways as a fresh breeze passes. Busy bees hover between sticks of purple and white that protrude from a green bush, like pins on a pincushion. At Soul Food Farm in Vacaville, many varieties of lavender are blooming as the farm’s U-pick lavender festival begins. The owner, Alexis Koefoed, told […]

Georgia Judges Offer Sentence Reductions To Offenders Who Get Covid Vaccine

Some local judges in Georgia have pledged to cut sentences in half if the convicted get their covid vaccinations. In a desperate effort to increase the number of vaccinated adults, Georgia’s Hall and Dawson counties are offering this ridiculous new incentive through the legal system: People who are or will be performing community service as […]

France holds global talks to offer debt relief for Sudan

French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday the cancellation of Sudan’s $5 billion debt to France as part of efforts to help the country in its transition to democracy. The announcement was made at a Paris conference gathering African leaders and international creditors. The conference aimed at marking Sudan’s reintegration into the international community after […]

Governments Around The World Offer Extravagant Bribes In Desperate Effort To Increase COVID Vaccine Uptake

While indigenous communities in Mexico are rejecting the COVID-19 shot, the international effort to convince the public to take the jab is in full effect. In early March, CNN reported that “Whole towns are refusing Covid-19 vaccines in Mexico”, profiling two of more than a dozen municipalities which have rejected COVID-19 shots for one reason […]

New South Wales to Offer Vaccinations to Those in Their 40s

Around a million people in NSW aged between 40 and 49 could get a Pfizer COVID-19 jab at the new purpose-built vaccination hub at Sydney Olympic Park within weeks. Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced the “exciting” development at the opening of the government-run Homebush hub on Monday. “People aged 40 to 49 can register their interest […]

Iran Says US Has Yet To Offer Enough Sanctions Relief

Above photo: Officials from the six countries still party to the nuclear deal held preparatory talks. EPA. A US official said the Iranians have made ‘unrealistic demands’. The fourth round of talks aimed at reviving the Iran nuclear deal kicked off in Vienna on Friday. Iran’s top negotiator said he believes the US is “serious” about returning […]

EU, UK and US offer support as COVID-19 ‘swallowing’ people in India

The European Union, UK and the United States have pledged to help India as the country battles a devastating surge of COVID-19 infections. For the fourth straight day, India on Sunday set a global daily record of new cases, spurred by an insidious new variant that emerged here. The surge has undermined the government’s premature […]

They’re making an offer you MUST refuse

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Airlines Offer Free Flights To Minneapolis For Travelers Who Use Code ‘ANTIFA’

Airlines Offer Free Flights To Minneapolis For Travelers Who Use Code ‘ANTIFA’ U.S.—To promote more travel as COVID restrictions begin to lift, Airlines such as Delta, United, and Frontier are now offering free trips to Minneapolis for anyone who uses code “ANTIFA” at check-out.  “This is simply a standard promotion and is in no way […]

Elon Musk’s Starlink To Offer Alternative High Speed Internet to Rural Australia

Rural and regional Australia may soon have high-speed internet after Elon Musk’s newest venture, Starlink Beta—the early stages of SpaceX’s satellite broadband program—came online in Australia, providing select remote and regional parts of the country with access to its high-speed satellite internet. The service, currently in beta testing mode, is only available in rural areas of […]

Yale to offer beginner Yiddish courses to fulfill language requirements

Yale will launch beginner Yiddish classes in the fall that will allow students to fulfill their language requirements, according to the Yale Daily News. Yiddish studies now offered at the Ivy League university focus on reading for translation and research purposes rather than on spoken Yiddish. The courses did not count toward its language requirement, […]

German offer to rebuild Beirut port comes with ‘strings attached’ for Lebanon’s politicians

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US to Offer Compromise to Iran, Hoping to Kick-start Nuke Talks

The White House intends to offer Tehran a compromise – partial compliance with the nuclear deal signed in 2015 between Iran and a number of world powers for partial sanctions relief, Politico reported on Monday. The proposal marks a shift from US insistence that Iran return to full compliance with the nuclear accord before any […]

Marlboro To Offer Free Carton Of Cigarettes With Proof Of Vaccination

RICHMOND, VA—In a major public health initiative, Marlboro is offering a free carton of cigarettes with proof of vaccination. Every day in 2021, you can go into any convenience store and get a full carton of cigs by showing your vaccination card.  “We want to promote public health, so we’re going to make sure people […]

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