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Pennsylvania Collaborates With DHS and CISA To Monitor Online Election-Related Speech

Pennsylvania’s Democratic Governor, Josh Shapiro, announced last week that, in an effort to address perceived “threats” to electoral procedures, the state is launching an initiative in partnership with various state and federal agencies. These partners include the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and, notably, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), an organization long accused of aiding […]

Bill Gates Partner GAVI Vaccine Alliance Targets Online Memes

The group says memes are “health disinformation super-spreaders” and complains that they can “evade fact checkers and content moderators.” Source

U.S. Government is Exposed Funding AI Tools to Permanently Establish Mass Online Censorship Regime

By  thepoliticsbrief  February 7, 2024 The U.S. government is providing taxpayer funding to universities and non-profits to develop AI-powered tools to permanently establish a mass online censorship regime. The House Judiciary’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government Committee on Monday revealed the U.S. government is funding Artificial Intelligence (AI) censorship technology through […]

New Documents Provide More Insights on Moderna’s Online Speech Monitoring Efforts

Controversies originating from those who gained the most from the pandemic – most visibly, Big Pharma – refuses to go away. One of the leading (and among the earliest) producers of Covid vaccines was US-based Moderna. We know for sure that the vaccine worked for Moderna – turning it from the verge of collapse into […]

The American Psychological Association Wants (More) Federal Funding To Curb Online “Misinformation”

Another organization getting on the speech control bandwagon. Source

Media Outlets Are Already Calling for Online 2024 Election Censorship

The page has only just been turned on 2023 and already the narrative that much policing of online speech will be vital for 2024, an election year, has already stirred. Source

Oh Goodie! Now Scammers Are Impersonating Me Online!

Public service announcement: online scambots are now stealing my name and likeness to entice people to email them (at a gmail account, no less!) for financial advice. NEWSFLASH: I don’t hang around comments sections asking people to email me for financial advice. It’s a scam. Don’t fall for it. By the way, were you aware […]

Casino Guru The Ultimate Information To The Online On line casino World

Slots are fingers down a number of the most popular casino games, with players sinking tens of millions of dollars into slot machines every day. Right here, you may see the steps to follow to register and play at an internet casino site. If you adored this article therefore you would like to collect more […]

Which are the best microgaming casinos online?

Nov 8 (Reuters) – MGM Resorts International beat market estimates for third-quarter profit and revenue on Wednesday, as the casino operator benefited from easing pandemic-related entry restrictions in its key markets. Nov 20 (Reuters) – Workers at MGM Resorts International’s Detroit casino have rejected a tentative five-year labor contract and will continue with their month-long […]

Do online casinos offer as much as regular casinos?

According to Casinos Online there are 3 casinos online that people most prefer: Miami Preferred Casino is #1 in the United Sates; #1 in the UK is Royal Vegas Online Casino; and the #1 Euro casino is Euro Grand. Although the wild symbol is familiarly shaped like a crown, other symbols include recognizable characters from […]

Which websites have baccarat to play online?

It can help you make a lot of money if you play your cards right (pun intended) 5- Online Gambling I don’t think many people would have thought of this activity, but it’s worth a shot if you’re looking for something unique – something you may have never experienced before. In short the answer is […]

How many online casino video games are out there?

Black smoke boiled into the air as orange flames leapt beneath the Resorts sign. and was driven by strong winds, Evans said. The fire burst through the boardwalk’s slats at around 4 p.m. The casino was accessible through a secondary Boardwalk entrance as well as side entrances near parking areas, Giannantonio said. The Food and […]

Brief Story: The reality About Instant Online Payday Loans

Some payday lenders may require borrowers to deliver a copy with their credit report or another financial information to be able to approve the money. Borrowers ought to be prepared to offer this documentation as a way to qualify for a payday loan. Borrowers that are considering a payday loan should carefully review the stipulations […]

5 Ways To Prepare for the Online Privacy Crackdown

The internet is about to change. In many countries, there’s currently a coordinated legislative push to effectively outlaw encryption of user uploaded content under the guise of protecting children. This means websites or internet services (messaging apps, email, etc.) could be held criminally or civilly liable if someone used it to upload abusive material. If […]

UK government is monitoring teachers’ online activity and recording criticism of government policies and Ofsted

From A startling revelation indicates that the UK government has substantially amplified its surveillance of the social media activity of educators. Ranging from leading education experts to teaching assistants and librarians earning modest salaries, the magnifying glass of surveillance closely monitors posts criticising education policies. The discovery was made by The Observer, revealing that the […]

How To Stop Playing Online Pokies?

Online casino game developers suggest games with new themes, top-notch graphics, and audio quality so that the players would love to keep playing online pokies for many hours. Excessive play of online pokies can lead to psychological disorder financial strain, and risk of losing everything to chase wins or prove a point. Online pokies refers […]

Report Details How Ron DeSantis Lost Online War to Donald Trump

A New York Times report published Saturday detailed how Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R-FL) presidential campaign lost the online war to former president Donald Trump, which has coincided with his drop in the polls.  Source

China Launches ‘Global A.I. Police’ To Monitor What Users Say Online

China on Wednesday unveiled it’s “Global Artificial Intelligence Governance Initiative” which the communist regime say will be tasked with policing what users say online. China’s state-run Global Times promoted the A.I. police force as a “stark […] The post China Launches ‘Global A.I. Police’ To Monitor What Users Say Online appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

UK Conservatives Vow To Protect Free Speech, Days After Passing Online Censorship Law

It seems the UK’s Conservative Party would like to sit on two chairs when it comes to some key, and very controversial policies – at once appearing to support people’s right to free speech, but then also actively undermining it. Source

German Authorities Jail 87-Year-Old Granny Who Criticized Liberal Ideology Online

Authorities in Germany have arrested and imprisoned an 87-year-old grandmother for the crime of speaking out against far-left ideology online. According to reports, the woman was sentenced to prison for posting her criticism of leftist […] The post German Authorities Jail 87-Year-Old Granny Who Criticized Liberal Ideology Online appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Dissenting views CRIMINALIZED in the U.K. under new Online Safety Act, which gets you ARRESTED if government doesn’t like what you say

(NaturalNews) An independent journalist based out of England has been arrested for sharing “malinformation” about Ukraine.In accordance with the new Online… Source

PARENTS BEWARE: Satanic group 764 preys on minors online

(NaturalNews) Authorities have uncovered a disturbing Satanic pedophile extortion group, known as 764, that preys on minors online.They stumbled into this… Source

UK Government PASSESS the Online ”Safety” Bill

The 19th September 2023 was a sad day in history as the UK government finally passed the highly controversial ”Online Safety Bill”, marketed to protect children on the internet. Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the internet wrote-”It’s time to recognise the internet as a basic human right. That means guaranteeing affordable access for all, ensuring […]

Rumble Could Be Banned In UK Under New Online Safety Laws

From is constantly under threat of closure … remember Kiwis JA is still intent on the same censorship push going forwards, shutting down truth by calling it hate speech. This is global … remember the lockstep. The ‘safety’ term is laughable. Like the ‘safe & effective’ that isn’t … EWNZ The article: “Rumble, […]

Online Gambling Industry Is Using Big Tobacco’s Playbook, Health Experts Warn

Online gambling has become big business, gaining record numbers of users over the pandemic and becoming a common sight on Twitch. Now, an international group of public health experts have accused the gambling industry of employing the same tactics used for decades by Big Tobacco in an attempt to steer the public and academic debate […]

As always, the UK leads the way with draconian online censorship laws designed to stifle the truth, especially the most politically incorrect TRUTH.

READ HERE: UK quietly passes “Online Safety Bill” into law   Source


UK Gov’t Order Police To Begin Arresting Citizens Who Get Fact Checked Online

The British government has ordered law enforcement officials to begin arresting and prosecuting citizens who share non-mainstream opinions online that fact-checkers disagree with. Following the passing of the Online Safety Bill this week, UK authorities […] The post UK Gov’t Order Police To Begin Arresting Citizens Who Get Fact Checked Online appeared first on The […]

U.K. passes Online Safety Bill in latest attack targeting online free speech and privacy in Britain

(NaturalNews) The U.K.’s House of Commons recently passed the Online Safety Bill, which represents the country’s latest and most damaging attack to online free… Source

WEF Granted Backdoor Access To Regulate Hate Speech Online

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is being granted backdoor access by various government’s to police social media platforms for so-called ‘hate speech’ and ‘misinformation.’ The WEF says the move will allow them to regulate online […] The post WEF Granted Backdoor Access To Regulate Hate Speech Online appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

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