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Managers complain: Gen Z lacks “soft skills,” has “unrealistic” workplace expectations

(NaturalNews) A new Harris Poll has found that most managers, around 82 percent, are having trouble with the “soft skills” of their new Generation Z hires.Most… Source

Walmart to offer managers company stock as compensation

The country’s largest retail store will now hand out stock grants to store managers as part of compensation packages. Walmart announced the change Monday, adding to an increase in salary made earlier this month. Store managers can now see stock grants as high as $20,000 per year for the largest stores, with smaller store managers… […]

Managers Are Already Trying to Bust eBay’s First Union, Organizers Say

Workers at eBay-owned trading card seller TCGPlayer filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge on Friday, claiming that management at the company had for the past two weeks been violating federal labor law. The charge comes just two days after workers at the company filed to unionize with the Communications Workers of America with a proposed […]

St Basil’s managers lose fight against giving evidence at an inquest into COVID aged-care deaths

Seniors managers of a Greek nursing home where dozens of people died after a catastrophic COVID-19 outbreak will be forced to give evidence in a coronial inquest after losing an appeal in Victoria’s highest court. Key points: The coroner is investigating the deaths of 50 people at St Basil’s Aged Care Home in  Fawkner in 2020. Kon […]

Ten Times Empire Managers Showed Us That They Want To Control Our Thoughts

The single most overlooked and under-appreciated aspect of our society is the fact that immensely powerful people are continuously working to manipulate the thoughts we think about the world. Whether you call it propaganda, psyops, perception management or public relations, it’s a real thing that happens constantly, and it happens to all of us. And […]

There’s a Lot More to Investigate than Just Zombie Risk Managers in the Archegos Hedge Fund Blowup

The Swiss mega bank, Credit Suisse, lost $5.5 billion in late March and early April from the highly-leveraged, highly concentrated stock positions it was financing via tricked-up derivatives for Archegos Capital Management, the family office hedge fund of Sung Kook “Bill” Hwang. Archegos blew up on March 25 after it defaulted on its margin calls […]

Harvard won’t host joint campaign managers event with Trump aides

On Saturday, there will be a “look back” discussion, but only featuring one half of the 2020 campaign: the Democrats. But a parallel effort to invite former aides to Donald Trump for a separate event is foundering over scheduling problems, amid internal worries of a backlash over hosting allies of the former president. Saturday’s invitation-only […]

Ted Cruz Slams Hyocrite Democrats, Asks Impeachment Managers If Kamala Harris Incited Riots From BLM Protests

Senator Ted Cruz blasted Democrats as ‘hypocrites’ for their second impeachment push against Donald Trump saying they ‘cheered on BLM and Antifa’ while accusing Trump of inciting the riot at the US Capitol.  ‘We have had Democrats for a year, cheering on — we have seen violence all of the country, we’ve seen riots all […]

Ted Cruz Asks Impeachment Managers if Kamala Harris Incited Riots from Black Lives Matter Protests

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) submitted a question during the fourth day of the Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump asking if language Vice President Kamala Harris used in 2020 regarding Black Lives Matter protests is considered incitement given the impeachment managers’ “proposed standard” for incitement. Cruz’s question began, “While violent riots were raging, […]

Cassidy: Trump Team ‘Disorganized, Random,’ House Managers ‘Did a Much Better Job’

While speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) explained why he voted that the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump is constitutional after previously voting that the trial would not be constitutional by stating that the Trump legal team did a bad job presenting their case and the House’s impeachment managers “did […]

House Democrats Gush over Impeachment Managers’ Cherry-Picked Montage: They ‘Brought Receipts!’

House Democrats rallied on social media after House impeachment managers kicked off the first day of the Senate impeachment trial with a montage of cherry-picked footage from the January 6 Capitol protest and concluded that former President Trump must be barred from running for office ever again. “What will the January exception mean to future […]

Leaked Audio of Wall Street Hedge Fund Managers After Reddit Rally 🤣

GetFit posted this in the comment section yesterday and I thought it was pretty funny. Even though there are definitely some jews benefiting from the Reddit rally, it is great to see Wall Street kvetching about how unfair it is for everyday people to manipulate stocks, which is what hedge fund managers do every day. […]

Australia takes big step on road to Maccabiah 21 with team managers and coaches inductions

December 15, 2020 by Michael Puterflam Read on for article Maccabi Australia has taken a big step forward in their preparations for the 21st Maccabiah Games in 2022 with the Australian management recently conducting induction sessions for team managers and coaches in Melbourne and Sydney. After a thorough and professional recruitment process, the induction session […]

Rise of the machines: A.I. technology could soon be taking over the jobs of supermarket managers

(Natural News) The idea that robots will replace entry-level workers in places likes supermarkets has been around for quite some time now. As a matter of fact, an online retail giant has already gone ahead and implemented the idea in its own experimental stores called Amazon Go, where customers can walk in, […]

The War on Weed: Monsanto, Bayer, and the Push for “Corporate Cannabis”

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