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Rothschild Criminals & British Empire Crime Syndicate

Demand REPARATIONS from the Rothschild dynasty for Crimes against Humanity

The Deep State/British Empire Plan:

Step 1: Create a Food shortageStep 2: Baby Formula CrisisStep 3: Release MonkeypoxStep 4: Kill Innocent KidsStep 5: Media Fear CampaignStep 6: Lockdowns and Loss of LibertyStep 7: New VaccinesStep 8: Use Dead Kids For MandatesStep 9: World Population DeclinesStep 10: One World Government Comment: Don’t Go For It!


Today we are very familiar with the two-faced language of power, which is constantly deployed to hide unpalatable truth from the public. Whether in the form of corporate greenwashing, warmongering “humanitarian interventions” or censorship disguised as “fact-checking”, this cynical misuse of words has long since surpassed the satire of George Orwell’s mendacious Ministry of Truth.

The Empire’s Ukraine War

The Empire is currently fighting a war – a partly-proxy and partly direct war – in Ukraine. The war between capitalist interests whether identified as ‘bipartisan unity’ in a country or ‘oligarchs’, is basically with the same bourgeois interests. Ukraine, once a part of the Soviet Union, is now controlled by the US and Western […]

The empire’s new clothes

But here’s the truth of our moment: the larger picture of American (in)justice has become far more damning than any case could be.

The Sena Empire: Rise and Fall of the Last Hindu Kings of Bengal

The kings of the Sena Empire, who were part of the Brahmin top-echelon caste in India, originally came from Karnata in southern India before they moved to the Bengali region.  Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Asia History Famous People Read Later 

The Royal Bloodline Of The Hittite Empire

Tainted by regicide, usurped, regained, inspired by gods and goddesses and even cursed, the royal bloodline of the Bronze Age Hittites flowed through the plains of Anatolia, as the kings expanded and contracted the borders of their mighty empire.  Read more Section:  News History Read Later 

The Antonine Plague and the Downfall of the Roman Empire

The Antonine plague, which happened between 165 and 180 AD, was a disastrous pandemic deemed so catastrophic that many historians have argued that it was the first major event to usher in the decline of the Roman Empire.  Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Europe History Important Events Read Later 

Meet Ghislaine: Heiress to an Espionage Empire

Despite being found guilty late last year for her role in sex crimes against minors, Ghislaine Maxwell, the “madam” and chief accomplice of the intelligence-linked pedophile and sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, may soon walk free. A juror in the case, Scotty David, subsequently took credit for the jury’s decision to find Ghislaine Maxwell guilty and […]

Have You Ever Watched An Empire Die-Pull Up A Chair, You Have a Front Row Seat-New Home Sales Unexpectedly Tumble In February As Mortgage Apps Crash

I not only understand reincarnation, I know who and where my former lives were lived. I have seem many Empires die. Nasty business. People starve, decay sets in, sex and life are sold dirt cheap. Told the wife the other day as we were looking at her new gas efficient vehicle she got because the […]

The Immortals: Elite and Formidable Army of the Persian Empire

The first Persian Empire (550 BC – 330 BC), called the Achaemenid Empire, is known for having an elite force of soldiers. Named the “Immortals” by Herodotus, Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Asia History Read Later  Source

SO MUCH BULL SHIT, SO LITTLE TIME LEFT TILL THE COLLASPE OF THE USA EMPIRE-“Democracy Is At Stake” – Dems Urge Americans’ Shared “Sacrifice” Over Soaring Gas Prices

There have been three different ‘governments” known as the United States. The first was the united States from 1776 till 1789. It’s Constitution was the Articles of Confederation with a very weak “central” government which was subservient to the Individual countries known as States. which joined together for mutual defense and advantage. It was not […]

The Casualties Of Empire

The Casualties Of Empire Above Photo: Stand with Ukraine rally at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, Feb. 20. Victoria Pickering / Flickr. Diabolic methods of propaganda and perception management are at work now that have no precedent. This is war waged in a new way — against domestic populations as well as those declared as enemies. […]

The American Empire Self-Destructs

The American Empire Self-Destructs Above Photo: Phil Dolby. But Nobody Thought That It Would Happen This Fast. Empires often follow the course of a Greek tragedy, bringing about precisely the fate that they sought to avoid. That certainly is the case with the American Empire as it dismantles itself in not-so-slow motion. The basic assumption […]

Endless War Is The Empire’s Last Dance

Above Photo: Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin summit meeting. As the U.S. threatens endless war with Russia over Ukraine, confidence in China surges. This moment of history will be remembered for the massive shift in global relations currently underway. On one side stands the forces of peace and multipolarity led by China, Russia, and their […]

German Military & People Declare WAR On ZIONIST-British Empire Mafia Politicians; Germany is an Occupied Country Since U.S. Bases Installed After WW2

US Army Recruiting Station Grafenwoehr, Germany Facebook (5) · Armed forces branch Save Share More DirectionsNearby Book online Bldg 621 · 92655 Grafenw\u00f6hr, Germany+49 9641 839208goarmy.comClosed · Opens Mon 9 AM Comment: Isn’t it time for the American People to join with humanity AGAINST the oppressors instead of fighting wars Against Everyone to keep the Oppressors in […]

US Empire Seizes UK’s National Health Service

Above Photo: Headquarters of NHS England. Lad, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons. It is safe to say that, far from being overstated, the Americanization of the NHS is very nearly complete. One of the recent roles of the Parliamentary Healthcare Committee has been to reassure the British public that any claims regarding the ‘Americanization’ of […]

“Summit for Democracy” – Enhancing Empire, Not Defending “Democracy”

The very first “Summit for Democracy” will be held in early December 2021. Organized by the United States, it will include “leaders from government, civil society, and the private sector,” all unilaterally picked by the United States who, by implication, has unilaterally declared itself arbiter of which nations are deemed “democratic” and by process of […]

The British Empire Strikes against Palestinian Resistance Group Hamas

November 22, 2021 By Iqbal Jassat The British government’s discredited Home Secretary Priti Patel has once again emerged as Israel’s leading in-house lobbyist. Though her credibility was severely dented when as UK Aid Minister she had to resign in 2017 following her scandalous unauthorized meetings with senior Israeli officials, Patel has made a comeback to yet […]

Roman Empire’s Eastern-most Aqueduct Found Half Finished in Armenia

“The most easterly arched aqueduct of the Roman Empire” was found in the Hellenistic royal city of Artashat-Artaxata, the large, commercial capital of ancient Armenia between the 2nd century BC and the 2nd century AD. The excavations which took place, under the aegis of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster and the National Academy of Sciences […]

Our Degenerate Elites (Anglo-Dutch or British Empire/ZIONISTS Cult)Are Losing Control & Lashing Out in Desperation

-Our Degenerate Elites Are Losing Control And Lashing Out In Desperation-If you want to know how well our elites are managing to control the discourse, consider this: a pair of “Let’s Go Brandon” anthems shot to the top of iTunes chart rankings this week.Political News MediaSend message Political News Media Otacltob1er 16n2181 saft 181:306 AM2  · -Our Degenerate Elites Are Losing […]

ZIONIST British Empire Gov’t of Canada’s Death Camps For Native Children-Thousands Died!

[embedded content] CIA & Canadian Intelligence Services Used These Children For Their Evil Mind Control Torture Experiments…..Very Dark Shit! Kevin Annett, below, has been fighting alone to expose this for 25 years. He has uncovered very dark and dirty deeds. [embedded content] [embedded content] Source

US empire drags Lebanon towards civil war – #29

Seven people were killed on Thursday in Lebanon, as an unarmed protest was ambushed by snipers in a Beirut suburb. The protest had been organized to call for the removal of the judge investigating the horrific Beirut port explosion last year. The protesters say that the investigation has been politicized by judge Tariq Bitar. Share […]

Empire Eats Its Own-Navy Seals to Pay Cost of Their Training If They Don’t Get Kill Shot

By Jim HoftPublished October 16, 2021 at 12:59pm1511 CommentsShare(2.5k)TweetShare to GabTelegramShare This is what Democrats think of the military’s finest. Joe Biden imposed a mandatory vaccine mandate on the US military. A growing number of Navy SEALs are seeking a religious exemption to the government’s vaccine mandate. Now the US Navy is threatening to fire the SEALs and […]

War Criminal Who Lied About “Weapons of Mass Destruction” For Evil Empire Dies By Empire Vaccine

By infostormer -October 18, 20213 We finally have some good news to report. The fully vaxxed war criminal Colin Powell is fully dead. They are saying he died from the coronavirus, despite him being vaxxed. This is another case showing that the vaxx is neither safe nor effective. If the vaxx was safe and effective, Powell would […]

Pedophilia & Empire

Comment: He mentions CIA & Other 5 Eyes INTELLIGENCE Agencies Involved in Child Trafficking For British Empire. Comment: “Decent People” are not allowed IN this group. This is what goes on in D.C. and Hellywood. SEAN STONE INTERVIEWS JOACHIM HAGOPIAN ON HIS BOOK: PEDOPHILIA & EMPIRE 2021/08/03 Earth IntelligenceShare 522 Tweet 0 Massive Death Wave Coming […]

Illuminati Celebrity Questions VAXX and Gets Attacked By Empire Puppets For Telling People to Think For Themselves

By infostormer -September 16, 20211 Nicki Minaj is asking more questions about the vaxx agenda. She even posted a clip of Tucker Carlson on her Twitter feed. She also said that she was temporarily suspended from Twitter as a result of her asking questions about the vaxx. She did a livestream on Instagram last night about the […]

Building an Empire – The Vanguard Group

BY RHODA WILSON ON SEPTEMBER 9, 2021 • Listen Now  Along with BlackRock and State Street, Vanguard is considered one of the “Big Three” index fund managers that dominate corporate America, and ultimately the world. “If historical trends continue, a handful of giant institutional investors will one day hold voting control of virtually every large U.S. corporation,” said Jack […]

9/11 and the ineffable innocence of US empire

I watched and listened to a lot of broadcast coverage of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and it was appalling: There was zero reflection on Why they hated us. I thought that after 20 years people in the mainstream would speak openly of the political motivation of the attack. No, everyone talked about […]

Gorgan Wall Work Reveals Minutiae of 7th Century Sasanian Empire

Excavations have been ongoing on at the Sasanian Empire’s Great Wall of Gorgan, a 125-mile (200-kilometer) long defensive fortification built across Golestan Province in northern Iran in the fifth and sixth centuries AD. During the most recent round of explorations, a team of archaeologists discovered new and fascinating facts about the lives and lifestyles of […]

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