ZOG is a bit of a mess at the moment. The Hamas attack on Israel has forced them to divide their attention between the Ukraine war and now the Israel war.

NATO which is just a ZOG organ is scrambling to divide support between the two.


Another $200 million in weapons was just dumped into the Ukraine.


They’re talking about combining US aid to both the Ukraine and Israel in a single package.


The Biden regime was also talking about getting Congress to approve $100 billion more for the Ukraine as soon as the House Speaker situation is sorted.


This is all totally ridiculous. It is a mass looting of the American taxpayer for unnecessary and stupid Jewish wars. Neither the Ukraine or Israel should get a single cent of American taxpayer money, but since Jews control the US government, the interests of Jews come before any individual American.

If there is any good news it is that political support for these Jewish wars is not high. They are also unsustainable efforts. I do not believe the ZOG system is capable of managing all of these things at once.

Comment:  America is soon to collapse due to all these wars for Empire.  We Will See.